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IAPM61:Casting On Tweets

Prelude – Alanna Nelson is the force behind Tactile Travel and is planning to cast on for a trip to NH sheep and wool in the spring. Act 1 – Melesa Sundquist blogs about her life, knitting, and free form bras at her blog Stances and Stitches Music Break 1 – The Midnight Fog by … Continue reading "IAPM61:Casting On Tweets"


10 Mar 2009

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IAPM69 – Yarn Bombing

On today’s show Mandy Moore and Leanne Praine talk about there newly released book Yarn Bombing. It’s a guide to kntting graffiti and the very public world of knitting.


27 Sep 2009

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Episode 17: Brooklyn

PURL-WISE PORTRAITS: KNITTERS THAT STAND OUT NAME(AGE) Jared (24) OCCUPATION: Artist in NYC and an admissions officer at a college YEARS KNITTING: Learned as a child from his mother. Got serious about it two years ago. CLAIM TO FAME: Brooklyn Tweed FAVORITE LYS: Online shops CURENT UFO: He has many projects on the needles but … Continue reading "Episode 17: Brooklyn"


2 Oct 2006

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IAPM70 – Reaching Into The Back Of The Stash

On today’s show I have an interview with Kathy Elkins of WEBS America’s Yarn Store. She blogs and has a podcast about the yarn that comes into the shop and the many interesting people in the fiber industry.     Projects Little Bubbles (KnitPicks) Quincy (by Brooklyn Tweed) Common Cod Fiber Guild Make Mine Local … Continue reading "IAPM70 – Reaching Into The Back Of The Stash"


7 Oct 2009

Rank #4

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IAPM75: Stitches East 2010

On today’s show Kimberly Reynolds and I talk shop about Stitches East. She is a super social media mover and shaker working for XRX(which BTW has finally started to make their website user friendly). She is very excited about the upcoming events. Also, I am offering up an awesome haloween inspired project bag from my … Continue reading "IAPM75: Stitches East 2010"


26 Oct 2010

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On today’s show I sit down with Annissa at Stitch House Dorchester. Her store is the newest kid on the block in Boston. It’s a great space and a lot closer than I thought. The song I played is Don’t Loose Touch by Against Me. Finally, I am working with others on starting a Friday … Continue reading "iapm49:Dorchester"


13 Apr 2008

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Here is what WWKIP 2008 looked like in Boston: Behold, David Sedaris’s willy warmer This is swatchy Watch out for these guys when knitting in public Check out the birds dirty work Finally, I saw this later that day at Foxwoods and had to share: Here are some links from the show: Boston Hand Made … Continue reading "iapm52:WWKIP2008"


27 Jun 2008

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Knitting Out Loud NYC

Let me start by saying, I love Dee. She is an awesome force and I can’t wait to interview her… again… So I went to the NYC Knit Out and Crochet Too last weekend. Check out the new video podcast Lets Knit 2gether Going to New York by The Michael E. Thomas Band New York … Continue reading "Knitting Out Loud NYC"


24 Sep 2006

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Episode 19: Knitting Out Loud Boston

This week I am in Baltimore, next week I will go back to normal, I promise… Tommorrow I will update the links. :)


5 Nov 2006

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iapm50:Baby Boogy

First, many thanks to my special guest/co-host Susan B. Anderson. She is the wonderful author of Itty Bitty Hats and Itty Bitty Nursery. She is also one of the first people in the knitting world to trust me with a book review, even after listening to the show. I love her books and can’t get … Continue reading "iapm50:Baby Boogy"


23 Apr 2008

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In today’s show I show everyone why sound recording matters to me so much by recording on string out on the streets of Somerville/Cambridge. (I am sure that I corssed the border somewhere) I also have a great time with Linda at Northampton Wools. She fills me in on the knitting scene and how she … Continue reading "NOHO KNITS PART 2"


14 Dec 2006

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IAPM59:Annie get your Needles

Annie Modesitt talks to me about her books, her life and then I make her cry. Akward… Warning this show is very real and in your face which is the only way I think Annie knows how to be. So if you don’t want to connect with someone real, please move on. Go buy her  … Continue reading "IAPM59:Annie get your Needles"


15 Feb 2009

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IAPM60:Kim is my first name

Kim Werker joins me on the show to talk about her dream and where that has brought her. She is a major player in the online crocheting and fiber communities. She has written books and edited major magazines. But she still thirsts for more. ack… I totally appluad her for her ability to calmly move … Continue reading "IAPM60:Kim is my first name"


22 Feb 2009

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IAPM58: Stoked about 2009

Back on the mic, I am so excited about all the projects I am working on this year. I hope to hear from listeners about what they are up to and let me know if you would like to do a FiberCamp in your neck of the woods… Many thanks to those of you who … Continue reading "IAPM58: Stoked about 2009"


7 Feb 2009

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Late night Beseaching

Come check out the fun at @GuidoS Dreamy MS&W After Party I know this is last minute, and that is why I am asking all of you to help me… We need people to know this party is happening and to register this weekend ASAP. I am sure that you can blog/twitter/facebook/call someone you know … Continue reading "Late night Beseaching"


24 Apr 2009

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IAPM61:Walking and Talking

On todays episode I do a little catching up… I announce the winners of the Annie Get Your Needles giveaway. I review It Itches and Knitting for Good. I open a drawing to Get the word out about @GuidoS Dreamy Maryland Sheep and Wool After Party. If you post to a blog or twitter an … Continue reading "IAPM61:Walking and Talking"


25 Apr 2009

Rank #16

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I am in DC with IAN MAX…


4 May 2009

Rank #17

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IAPM66: Pirates and Designers

In this Episode my friend Jen shares some insite into the Design Copyright discussion. Jen also posted more about it here. I would love to hear you thoughts on this issue. Sadly, this show is very short. I am having a hard time finding my voice as I switch from an older computer setup to … Continue reading "IAPM66: Pirates and Designers"


8 Jul 2009

Rank #18

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IAPM64: Spinning through May

On the show I do some catching up with yall… and I have a great interview with Jacey Boggs of Insubordiknit. She talks about living through this economy as a spinner and her fun spinning DVD called Sit And Spin. My friends and I will be sharing our experience at TNNA here: http://drop.io/TNNAupdate I will … Continue reading "IAPM64: Spinning through May"


10 Jun 2009

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IAPM65:TNNA Updates with link love

I went to TNNA and all I brought you back is this lousy post… OK, this post and and two podcasts. Todays show is a quick overview of my weekend… secrets revealed… First, all the time below is GMT, so please subtract 4 hours for the real time. I put all the pieces together into … Continue reading "IAPM65:TNNA Updates with link love"


22 Jun 2009

Rank #20