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The afternoon team of Amanda and Jesse from B105 in Cincinnati, OH like to keep things fun, and a little crazy. Listen daily for personal stories, fun contests like Beat the Bear, and chats with their favorite country stars!

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Tragic news for Granger Smith

We share the tragic news that Granger Smith's 3-year old son has died. Also, would you use a flip phone for a week for $1000?


7 Jun 2019

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Jesse explains the history of the mullet

Amanda wondered how and when the mullet was invented and Jesse found the answer. Also, Jesse randomly ran into a famous person in Chicago.


8 Oct 2019

Rank #2

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Sleeping with this can help with your sleep

Sleeping with this one thing can help with your sleep. What is it? We discuss. Also, a woman feels mislead after her boyfriend gave her a engagement ring that was cubic zirconia and not diamond. We talk about whether he did something wrong or not.


18 Apr 2019

Rank #3

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Jesse got emotional talking about his Grandma

Jesse's Grandma isn't doing well health-wise and he got to visit with her over the weekend. He shares the letter he wrote and read to her while visiting.


10 Sep 2019

Rank #4

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Jesse almost lost his wallet again!

Jesse tends to lose things a lot and this time he almost lost his wallet. Again. Thankfully, he had a tool that was able to help him find it. Find out where it was!


23 Oct 2019

Rank #5

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Amanda learned how to change a diaper

Amanda's meeting her baby nephew for the first time so we had a co-worker bring his baby in so she could learn to change a diaper for the first time. There was crying!


20 Nov 2018

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Roomate horror stories!

Amanda shares a story about a guy in the UK who has a lot of demands for the person who'll be his next roommate. Also, Jesse explains why he doesn't like being interrupted.


29 Nov 2018

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Here's all the answers in the 5 at 5:25!

In case you missed it, we had a winner on Friday's edition of the 5 at 5:25. After 6 months, someone answered all 5 country music trivia questions correctly and won $1190! Hear the answers now!


12 Nov 2018

Rank #8

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Here's all the answers in the 5 at 5:25!

If you missed it, here were all the answers in this latest round of the 5 at 5:25 (6/3/19). Also, Jesse has a dilemma on whether to buy a certain gift for his twin or not.


6 Jun 2019

Rank #9

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EXTRA: Our full conversation with David Lee Murphy

We talked to David Lee Murphy (Dust on the Bottle, Everything's Going to Be Alright) about his performance at Zoo Brew and even got him to play a round of "Beat the Bear" with us.


12 Oct 2018

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Amanda got frustrated at her husband because he couldn't find something she asked for

Amanda said she gave her husband clear instructions on how to find something she needed and still, he couldn't find it. Jesse says he's been guilty of this same thing too with his girlfriend.


18 Nov 2019

Rank #11

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Jesse gets scolded by his brother

Jesse did something that his twin brother Joey didn't like and he called him out for it. So, Jesse calls him to get his side of the story.


2 Oct 2019

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Whoa, Miranda Lambert got married?!

We talk about Miranda's surprise marriage and find out how long the newlyweds have known each other. Also, how many towels should a person have?


20 Feb 2019

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Jesse says he needs to stop going to this website

He says he wastes too much time on it every night. So he's going to try to stop going to it so often. Also, how much would it cost if you paid for ALL streaming services on TV.


20 Nov 2019

Rank #14

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Amanda gets sent home from work!

Amanda's all bundled up because she has the chills and body aches but she's not sure if she has the flu or not. Well, our boss found out..


12 Mar 2019

Rank #15

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Amanda's husband and his guy friends are obsessed with her little dog

Amanda's husband has some friends in town this week and they're all obsessed with Amanda's little 10 pound dog Beasley. Also, why has one man seen "Avengers: End Game" 112 times?


14 Jun 2019

Rank #16

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The interesting way Amanda's husband is spending his vacation

Amanda's husband is on vacation this week and he's spending it in an interesting way. Also, we talk about accidentally air-dropping photos to the wrong person.


12 Nov 2018

Rank #17

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Something scary happened to Amanda on her street

Something scary happened to Amanda while she was walking her dog the other day. Find out what happened and listen to what a Sheriff's Deputy suggests she do in the future. Also, black Christmas trees are now a trend?


12 Dec 2018

Rank #18

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We scared a bunch of co-workers with Amanda's saxophone

It was "National Have Fun" Day so that's exactly what we did. We walked around with Amanda's saxophone and surprised people with random "sax attacks." That's fun, right? :)


29 Jan 2019

Rank #19

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Guess what Jesse procrastinated on AGAIN?

Jesse always puts this one thing off every year and he did it again for 2019. Find out what it is! Also, we talk about how many close friends from childhood we still have.


10 Apr 2019

Rank #20