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Roads Untraveled is a space for modified car culture to thrive and ignite in conversation. Marcus Vandenberg and Grayson Ruffo gather around a few of their car-crazy friends to chat about our collective automotive experiences, most of which stem from the videos we film for you guys on Youtube. Ever since our first opportunity to drive a truly fast and frightening car, we've been inspired by the big leagues of automotive video journalism (The Smoking Tire, Motor Trend, Everyday Driver, etc.) to push ourselves in bringing you the best automotive insight on cars we've always dreamed of driving. Coming from a place of youth, awe, and open eyes, every week we bring you an authentic conversation that, at any moment, can take a turn into an off-topic conversation we can all take something away from. Bottom line: we're just friends getting excited about cars! Everything from big-turbo Imports to Supercars, we've got you covered. Youtube.com/roadsuntraveledshow

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Cliff Jumps and Crispy Lamborghinis

Hey all! Welcome to another episode of the show. Today Marcus is joined in "studio" with friends of the show Jesse, Levi, and Alex. We gathered 'round the table to discuss street hockey, pier jumping, bad crabbing etiquette, cliff jumping, running around Arkansas in a couple Porsche 911s, and the worst GoFundMe stories. Enjoy! 

1hr 27mins

20 Jul 2018

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Turbos and Camshafts - #74

Marcus is joined by Ulrich today to discuss all things cars and engineering. Enjoy! :Dwww.youtube.com/roadsuntraveledshowwww.facebook.com/roadsuntraveledshowIG: @roadsuntraveled


15 Dec 2016

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Porsche 911s in the Middle of Nowhere - #123

Hey guys! This week on the show, Marcus and Sid sit down to discuss Porsche vehicles for almost a full hour, with a small break to discuss the many generations of Lancer Evolution… That’s about it. In the process, we break down what makes a driver’s car so enticing to own, and which 911 is the best 911 of them all. Enjoy!


6 Jul 2018

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The End of an Era - #100

We made it you guys! Episode 100 is here! Join us for a conversation over drinks on everything automotive and everything else, all rolled up into one disaster of a podcast: just how we like em' Enjoy! 

1hr 41mins

24 Sep 2017

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JDM, Euro, or Good ol' American Muscle? - #36

Marcus, Grayson, and Ulrich discuss their favourite manufacturers and styles from the last 50 years of automotive engineering and production. 


20 Apr 2016

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Turbo Spool and Film School feat. VodAttack - #81

What's up you guys?! This week I am joined by Matt and Ryan of VodAttack on Youtube to discuss everything that's not related to cars. We met in film school back in 2011-2012 and figured now would be a good time to chat about our experiences in the creative fields we all work in and how the internet is shaping content creation so rapidly in 2017. We chat about short films, the creative process, video games, movies, script writing, the occasional turbo spool, and also hand dryers. If you had a good time listening to this special episode of the show, feel free to subscribe to VodAttack on Youtube! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/roadsuntraveledhttps://www.facebook.com/roadsuntraveledshowhttps://www.instagram.com/roadsuntraveled VodAttack!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0i8kxCDjFliRRIs8gvm9mwhttps://vimeo.com/124733018https://vimeo.com/112559043

2hr 12mins

3 Feb 2017

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Pontiac Sunfire or C7 Corvette? - #3

This week on the Roads Untraveled podcast, we're joined by Marcus, Grayson, Adam, Jesse, and Erik. We discuss the Honda Ruckus, BMW i8, cupholders, the Mini Superleggera, and Foxbody Mustangs. Subscribe on iTunes on Youtube.www.youtube.com/roadsuntraveledshow

1hr 5mins

3 Nov 2014

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California Car Culture - #87

Hey guys! This week on the show it's just me! I recently went down to California and the Los Angeles area to drive and film a bunch of cars. Being from Vancouver, Canada, the main reason for heading down south is for the awesome weather and great driving roads. That, and what's not to love about California in general? It's relaxed, it's creative, it's meca for American car culture and it just happens to be my favourite place i've visited in my 23 years of being on this planet. I really hope you guys enjoy this solocast episode. As always, you can help us out by being a lovely human being and hitting that subscribe button on our Youtube channel (Youtube.com/roadsuntraveled) as well as leaving a rating on iTunes for our podcast! Enjoy.


9 Mar 2017

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Turbos are Taking Over - #10

In this week's episode, the first of 2015, Marcus, Josh and Ulrich talk about the new twin turbo Ford GT, the Acura NSX, cheap japanese sports cars, Porsche 911's, and drag racing. Subscribe on iTunes so stay updated on the podcast as well as Subscribe on Youtube where we regularily post automotive films, reviews, features, and news stories. www.youtube.com/roadsuntraveledshowwww.facebook.com/roadsuntraveledshowwww.instagram.com/roadsuntraveled


19 Jan 2015

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520 WHP Evo 9 E85 - A Conversation with a Tuner - #48

We've got a bonus podcast interview for you guys! We recently released a feature episode on our Youtube channel with Patrick and his 520whp Lancer Evo 9. We talk to him about where his obession with the Evo began, why he chose to go the E85 route, and what the process has been like in getting the car to where it is today. Enjoy!


9 Jul 2016

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Malibu. - #113

Hey guys! We’re back with another episode of the podcast, coming to you live from Los Angeles, California with Marcus and Grayson on mic. We chat about everything that’s been going on over the past 3 weeks here in the city and more importantly, in the canyons! Enjoy.https://www.youtube.com/user/roadsuntraveledshowhttps://www.instagram.com/roadsuntraveled/?hl=en

1hr 10mins

15 Mar 2018

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Back to the Stone Age - #104

What's going on my friends?! This week on the show we've got Marcus, Grayson, Jesse, and Levi once again to discuss the Pontiac Aztek, yoga, drift vs. track, flat earth, dashcams, cold showers, recorded human history, ancient civilizations, pumpkin smashing, sport trucks, and Volvos. Just kidding, we didn't talk about dashcams, because that would be weird, right? Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram!https://www.instagram.com/roadsuntraveled/https://www.instagram.com/jesse.cross/https://www.instagram.com/leviweig/Support the show!https://www.roadsuntraveled.com/shop/

1hr 35mins

25 Oct 2017

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Twincharged - #93

Hey guys! We're back with another episode of the podcast, featuring Marcus, Grayson, Jesse, and Levi. We actually discussed all things cars today which I hope you all will enjoy!

1hr 14mins

3 May 2017

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Buckle Up, Buckaroo - #61

This week, Marcus is joined by Grayson, Ulrich, Jesse, and Levi! We discuss plenty of car and non car-related things such as how badly the room smells, the freshly paved Area 27 racetrack, broken Lamborghinis, driving a NIssan Skyline R33 GTR for the first time, and a quick lap in an SLS Black Series. In additon, we talk about our roadtrip this coming weekend and the first ever Roads Untraveled fan meetup in Penticton! Stay updated on our Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube pages for more info! Marcus also briefly went over his experience behind the wheel of the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991) on one of British Columbia's best roads, the Sea to Sky highway. We hope you enjoy this week's episode, we'll see you next week!If you have any questions for the show, you can send them to: roadsuntraveledshow@gmail.com with the subject line "podcast"Subscribe to our Youtube channel here! www.youtube.com/roadsuntraveledshow

1hr 8mins

20 Sep 2016

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M3 vs Skyline vs Supra - #37

On this week's episode Marcus, Grayson, Ulrich, and Adam discuss clutches, supercar names, and convertibles. Enjoy!


27 Apr 2016

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More Power, More Problems - #114

Welcome to episode 114 of the Roads Untraveled podcast! Where fuel ignites, tires burn, and jokes fall flat on the floor. No but seriously, thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy this very special episode, live from Los Angeles. Marcus and Grayson are joined today by good friends James and Oryna, proponents of all things power and speed, especially if it includes ripping out something stock and improving on it to no end. Enjoy! https://www.instagram.com/roadsuntraveled/?hl=enhttps://www.instagram.com/_oryna_/?hl=enhttps://www.instagram.com/dex_rp/?hl=enhttps://www.instagram.com/renick_performance/?hl=en

1hr 46mins

22 Mar 2018

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Supras, Summer, and Supercars - #23

This week Marcus is joined by Grayson, Ulrich, Jesse, and Adam to discuss Duane's 1,000hp Toyota Supra, Area 27, The Nurburgring, Smart cars, Supercars, Hot weather, practical vehicles, efficient engines, Back to the Future, other automotive Youtubers, and our upcoming plans for Roads Untraveled and it's future. Follow us![YOUTUBE] www.youtube.com/roadsuntraveled[FACEBOOK] www.facebook.com/roadsuntraveledshow[INSTAGRAM] www.instagram.com/roadsuntraveled

1hr 12mins

23 Jun 2015

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Chocolate Foam - #103

Get excited everybody! This is episode 103 of the Roads Untraveled podcast, coming to you live from the horsepower hall. Today on the show, Marcus, Grayson, Jesse, and Levi gather 'round to discuss all important issues in the world such as Grayson's recent encounter with an officer of the law, Marcus' encounter with the law itself, the Lotus Exige S1, gas mileage, the Ford GT, Formula 1, Russia, Atlantic salmon, Filet o' Fish, Ferrari SUVs, building vs. buying, sober October, sporting events, The Grand Tour, texting and driving, car sex, chocolate foam, smashing pumpkins, and then the podcast went downhill real fast from there... Enjoy!  Follow us on Instagram!@roadsuntraveled@jesse.cross@leviweig 

1hr 42mins

18 Oct 2017

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Stumbled Upon an Autozam AZ-1 In The Wild - #128

Today on the show, Marcus and Grayson discuss their 2,000km road trip from Vancouver, Canada, to Los Angeles, California and what videos you can expect in the weeks to come!SHOW NOTESTyler's Instagram (Autozam AZ-1) https://www.instagram.com/concubidated/Brave Auto International http://www.braveautointernational.jp/ https://www.youtube.com/user/BraveAutoIntJapanJesse's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jesse.cross/Charles' Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cw_unit/


17 Jan 2019

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Sid - RWB 911 Owner and Driving Enthusiast - #65

In this very special episode of the podcast, Marcus is joined by the usual suspects Grayson and Jesse, as well as a good friend of the show and overall car fanatic, Sid. Sid is the owner of RWB #8 in Canada which Akira Nakai-San built for him back in the spring. Sid originally invited us out to come and film his build which is how we originally met and now, as a good friend of the show, we stopped by his place to talk about his love for Porsche and classic cars in general. Sid owns a number of different cars that vary in origin, power, value, and purpose. He also has some great experiences behind some of the quickest cars on the road today. Everything from Aston Martin ownership, to the Porsche Idlers race in Japan, Sid lays down his humble opinion on what we find to be some of the most fascinating aspects of car culture, locally and abroad. Enjoy!www.youtube.com/roadsuntraveled

1hr 27mins

15 Oct 2016

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