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Izzy Video Ideas Episode 1 - Trying Something New Here

I decided to try something new here. Take a listen… :)


2 Nov 2012

Rank #1

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Meet the Shooter: An Audio Interview with Art Adams, Director of Photography

Do you want to learn how a Director of Photography thinks? Want to know how they approach a scene, make decisions on lights, or tackle difficult problems on set? One of the best ways to find out is by talking to one. Once again I have something new to share with you. I recorded this audio interview with Art Adams, a knowledgeable Director of Photography. He’s brilliant and willing to share valuable information. If you have any interest in lighting, composition, working on set, moving the camera, and the cine side to video, I highly recommend you give this a listen:

1hr 7mins

13 Jul 2011

Rank #2

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17 May 2011

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Diffusion Panels for Outdoor Video Lighting

In this video, I demonstrate the effect of using different levels of diffusion for outdoor lighting. Diffusion panels are essential tools for shooting video outdoors.


17 Nov 2010

Rank #4

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How to Soften a Hard Light Source

In this video, I demonstrate several different ways to turn a hard light into a soft light source. Many people look best under a soft light, so it’s helpful to know how to create one.


13 Oct 2010

Rank #5