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25+ year educator, Jeff West explores Ed. Tech. ideas, innovations, and integration methods from the "experienced old-dog" side of things. A high school band director for most of his career, Jeff will focus on integrating tech at all grade levels.

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April 21, 2019 ODNT Ep. 53 Four tech skills to help students and classroom tech integration

Closing out the year, I am looking at the things I wish would have gone better and the things that went great!  In this episode, I focus on 4 things that I should have made sure all students understood before trying to implement some technology.  These 4 are not the answer to every problem, but I found myself answering entry level "how to" questions instead of the advanced "how to".  You know, "how do I share a doc?" vs. "how does Beethoven's music differ from Mozart's?"   I found that I needed to do some learning gap closing before assigning deeper learning activities.  I think the skills highlighted in this episode may be useful to you and your students.   Enjoy the tech treat at the end.....yes a treat!!


22 Apr 2019

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