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Welcome to this podcast from Bobbie Houston, Co-Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church and Founder of The Colour Sisterhood and Colour Conference. Colour is a global movement of everyday women, with hope in their heart and “change” in their step. A twenty-four year journey has seen this diverse and fabulous host of women help multitudes of others. If making the world a better place resonates with you, you belong within this miracle story. To find out more, please visit www.bobbiehouston.com and www.colourconference.com and follow @BobbieHouston on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Safe & Sound (Part 1) - Bobbie Houston

"Safe & Sound (Part 1)" from Pastor Bobbie Houston - spoken at Hillsong Sisterhood on 20th June 2019. Sisterhood is no small thing! Connect with Bobbie and the Colour Sisterhood on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. @BobbieHouston @ColourSisterhood


5 Jan 2020

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