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Dan Sullivan discusses how exponential technologies are creating massive opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world and the impact of hyperconnectivity on global innovation.

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Episode 93: Longevity Mindset: Part 3

Peter and Dan continue their conversation about the Abundance Platinum Longevity trip, where Peter and a select group of entrepreneurs, executives and investors spent five days learning from the top longevity and immunology experts in two of California’s top biotech hubs.In this episode:Peter talks about the importance of two technologies, vaccines and gene therapy, both with incredible medical benefits. In particular he mentions a company called Vaxxinity who is democratizing healthcare using vaccines against chronic diseases. Another company Gordion Biotechnology is using a gene therapy based discovery platform to radically improve therapeutic R&D for complex diseases of aging. Dan and Peter discuss the importance of having a longevity mindset in order to be on the content lookout for new technology breakthroughs that will allow us to live longer healthier lives. Peter gives a rapid overview of twenty companies and his biggest takeaways from his chat with the CEOs including technologies like brain computer interface, synalytic medicines for senescent cells and AI drug discovery.


8 Nov 2020

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Episode 49: Your Mindset is Everything

Peter and Dan discuss the Polak Game — a diagram with four perspectives on the world — and why they believe entrepreneurs share the mindset that the world is getting better and we have the ability to make it even better. In this episode: Peter discusses his practice of sharing three daily wins, and why he uses this method with his kids to reflect on the positives from the day. Dan and Peter describe confirmation bias and why they knowingly choose to see the world in a positive way.  Peter shares his belief that mindset is the most important asset, more crucial than wealth and knowledge, and that how you protect your mindset is critically important.


13 Feb 2018

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Episode 79: Free Zone Frontier

Peter and Dan discuss an effective strategy whereby entrepreneurs and established companies eliminate competition, not by overtaking competitors, but rather by building new partnerships through collaborative opportunities. In this episode: Dan defines and illustrates his concept of the “free zone frontier.” By establishing a partnership between two well-positioned capabilities, one party–the designated “simplifier”–provides a new solution while its counterpart serves as a massive “multiplier.”  Peter offers the example of Amazon’s open sourcing of its internal company software platforms, allowing competitors to use its services and, in turn, make them cheaper for Amazon. By purchasing Amazon fulfillment and customer service, for instance, firms gives Amazon far more data, improving their services while making them cheaper. Dan and Peter highlight numerous cases of entrepreneurs that provide value to clients without anything in return, and thereby validate the products of their business partners. This eventually leads to massive revenue streams and sustainable, trusted businesses.


3 Dec 2019

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Episode 47: Retirement the Ultimate Casualty

Peter and Dan give an update on the latest research in technologies extending the healthy human lifespan.  Peter and Dan agree that “retirement” is one of the leading causes of death, and that mindset is a major factor in the game of human longevity. In this episode: Peter explains how the human race is attacking the three major causes of death — heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease — and why entrepreneurship is a key to this success. Dan explores how the extension of human life will impact Social Security, retirement, and other large programs. Peter and Dan discuss the ‘number in your head’ that dictates when you will die, and how this mindset impacts your health. Dan describes a helpful tool to broaden your thinking and how his Strategic Coach clients have benefited.


5 Dec 2017

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Episode 48: Launching New Ideas

Peter and Dan discuss what it takes to earn acceptance of new products or ideas. How to make it go viral, how to launch it in a supercredible fashion, and understanding the desired outcome from the beginning are critically important. In this episode: Peter describes his rule of thumb that if something is 10x better, cheaper, faster, or easier, people will switch their behavior and change. Dan gives an example of Acceptance Momentum in history: when Thomas Edison brought the light bulb to market in New York City, and how he used it to light up a public square area to become a huge attraction. Peter describes his idea of supercredibility, and why the first time you hear about an idea impacts your acceptance and confidence.


27 Dec 2017

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Episode 46: Preparing for the Transportation Shakeout

Peter and Dan discuss the latest technologies in the transportation industry. Electric autonomous cars, Virgin Hyperloop One, flying vehicles like Airbus and Uber Elevate, and Elon Musk’s Boring Company and SpaceX rockets. In this episode: Peter compares today’s (2018 – 2022) transportation transition to early 20th century history, when mass-produced cars started to outpace the horse and buggy in 1908. Dan gives an example of the early adoption of autonomous elevators having an effect on the retail industry. Peter summarizes the implications of “car as a service,” which he believes will be 5-10x cheaper than owning a car because of the loss of car insurance, fuel, parking lots, not to mention fewer car accidents. Peter gives an update on Virgin Hyperloop One and a few companies creating autonomous flying vehicles. How does this change where you live? Where you work? As transportation becomes more agile, faster and cheaper, Dan and Peter discuss why humanity will spread out.


18 Nov 2017

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Episode 76: Adding 30 Years to Your Healthspan

With the rise of exponential health technologies, Peter and Dan investigate newly available business opportunities using their “first order implications” framework. When biotech advancements turn sickcare into healthcare, and science adds an additional 20-30 healthy years to our lifespans, what new markets emerge (and which ones disappear)? Peter and Dan discuss the implications to businesses, customers, and society as a whole. In this episode: Dan delves into the social implications of people having longer professional lives, predicting that mandatory retirement will be moved back by at least 10 years. Peter discusses education industry transformations that will result from people having 2-3 careers. Similarly, once people begin to have far more free time, implications within the travel, tourism, and entertainment industries will unlock new challenges and business opportunities. Peter forecasts our increased food demand over coming decades as people live longer. Consequently, he and Dan project a surge in the lab-grown meat market, which will lead to better-tasting, lower-waste, and far more environmentally sound food production.


24 Sep 2019

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Episode 63: The Future of Real Estate

Peter and Dan discuss one of the undeniable human needs — shelter and a sense of safety — and how the real estate and property ownership industry will transform in the next decade as exponential technologies disrupt the “middleman.” In this episode: Peter describes technologies changing the real estate game, including aerial ridesharing and transportation-as-a-service, VR office headquarters, and 3D-printing personalized houses in days. Dan mentions that humans will always crave a sense of “home,” a place where you want to relax, and how virtual houses won’t be able to replicate this feeling. Peter described the process of buying a new house and why “Smart Houses” connected to the IoT, imbuing the house with intelligence and making it responsive, will change the way we interact.


11 Dec 2018

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Episode 57: Who, Not How

Dan explains why entrepreneurs struggle with procrastination and introduces a new method he uses to implement new ideas. Changing the thought process from “how to do this” to “who can do this” is a game-changer. In this episode: Peter explains using the “Who, Not How” method in his company, and why instead of creating a to-do list, he spends the year creating Impact Filters (a Strategic Coach client tool) explaining why the project is important, defining criteria for success, and then picking a point person to implement the task. Dan explains why first-time entrepreneurs start with how — because at the beginning, there’s no one else to delegate to — but as time goes on and the company grows, this becomes a bad habit. Peter gives an example of gaining back hundreds of hours of time, an Abundance of time, by delegating a project to his summer interns.


7 Aug 2018

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Episode 77: Eliminating Middlemen, When AI Replaces the Sales Agent

Peter and Dan discuss the first-order implications of artificial intelligence. As technologies like AR/VR, AI and blockchain converge to disrupt traditional business models and processes, countless tasks will become far easier, reducing business costs and time expenditures. In this episode: Peter discusses the latest breakthroughs in augmented reality, validating his belief that AR will become ubiquitous by 2030. Dan emphasizes the importance of skills training, and justifies why AI will transform the education industry. Peter projects AI’s trajectory of becoming more and more knowledgeable. As data explodes in both quality and quantity, middlemen will no longer be needed in most industries.


25 Oct 2019

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Episode 66: Living to 156 Years

Peter and Dan discuss Dan’s new book, “My Plan for Living to 156,” and their shared belief that mindset is critical to longevity. You’ll hear about one of the book’s key themes — “everyone’s got a number” — and learn why a longevity goal is extremely important in enabling a long, healthy lifespan. In this episode: Dan gives his biggest takeaways from the book (pick up your copy here), starting with a special tool he calls “The Lifetime Extender” and an idea to eliminate retirement. Peter discusses why purpose is fundamental to longevity, and why humans are purpose-driven animals. Dan and Peter describe your mindset as a skill like a muscle; just as you’d go to the gym to build muscle, you must always train your mindset. Reinventing who you are in the present when new technology comes online is critical for a happy, long life.


5 Mar 2019

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Episode 27: Evidence of Abundance

Peter took the stage at TED in 2012, when he delivered his talk about Abundance. In this episode, Peter and Dan take a look at ten charts with updated stats and data proving that the world is truly getting better. In this episode: Peter gives updated Evidence of Abundance charts, see visuals at Diamandis.com/data and in this blog. Dan explains why the 6D’s have helped him see the world through an Abundance lens. Peter and Dan discuss why the news media delivers 10x more negative news than positive.


22 Aug 2016

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Episode 29: What’s Most Exciting for 2017

With exponential technologies accelerating at warp speed, Peter and Dan discuss how convergences of these technologies will impact life in 2017. In this episode: Peter discusses which exponential technologies he’s most excited about in 2016 and 2017. Dan shares a story about individuals taking big risks to move technology forward. Peter and Dan mention the “First In Line” program for Strategic Coach members to fast-track their way into Abundance 360.


19 Oct 2016

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Episode 11: Problems Are Goldmines

In this episode, Peter and Dan discuss mindset and how problems can be the biggest business opportunities. In This Episode: Peter and Dan discuss mindset and how problems can be the biggest business opportunities. Peter explains why fixing one problem in an organization can completely change the culture from people complaining about problems to empowering people to fix them. Dan talks about the “irritation factor” and why people often times don’t know they are looking for a solution until it is created and presented to them.


19 Oct 2015

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Episode 53: Don’t Die From Something Stupid

Peter and Dan discuss takeaways from Abundance 360, Peter’s executive summit where four rockstar longevity CEOs summarized new capabilities in the healthcare industry. These cutting-edge companies, whose early experiments have produced amazing results, will have therapies and drugs on the market in the next one to five years. In this episode: Peter mentions Mark Allen, the CEO of Elevian, on the “young blood” research he’s commercializing. He also explains the research and early stage experiments to give GDF11 to humans in the next five years. The second company mentioned is Celularity, where CEO Bob Hariri, a pioneer in the stem cell business, has developed the best stem cells available to help rejuvenate the regenerative engine in your body. The next company is Unity Biosciences, a company backed by Jeff Bezos. This company has created the ability to identify and kill senescent cells, and are entering human trials in the next five years. The final company is Samumed, and its CEO Osman Kibar. Peter explains the company’s miraculous mission to regrow cartilage to a youthful state with a single injection and its wrinkle-eliminating cream.


13 May 2018

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Episode 9: How the Sharing Economy Can Disrupt Your Business

In this episode, Peter and Dan discuss how to keep up with the sharing economy and how it will affect your business. In This Episode: Peter explains the sharing economy and how it is impacting the world Peter and Dan discuss how to keep up with the sharing economy and how it will affect your business How your business will be disrupted if you don’t disrupt it first


21 Sep 2015

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Episode 4: Living a Longer, Healthier Life

In this episode, Peter and Dan discuss how you can live a longer, healthier life. In This Episode: Dan and Peter discuss how you can live a longer, healthier life Peter shares his mission and vision of making 100 years old the new 60 with Human Longevity  The truth about age: Why it is now negotiable and variable Dan describes how the world is moving towards life care that is custom-designed and individualized Why retiring is the worst action you can take if you want to live longer The #1 mindset that most determines your lifespan


30 Jul 2015

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Episode 52: When Everything Is Intelligent

Peter and Dan imagine a future when AI saturates everything in our lives and every object becomes intelligent with the ability to learn about you. In this episode: Peter shares stories from his recent trip to China, including his experience with $5 machine learning chips that transform any object less than $100 into an intelligent machine. Dan describes tasks that currently annoy him and his belief that annoyance is where innovation happens first. Peter and Dan discuss things they don’t want an AI to help with, and why certain things in life will stay analog to give humans pleasures.


8 Apr 2018

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Episode 28: Hiring “A” Players

If you want to create a successful, hyper-growth company, you’ve got to get one thing right: hiring. Peter and Dan discuss one of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur — attracting great people and recruiting them into the organization. In this episode: Peter discusses his takeaways from conversations with Jeff Holden (of Uber and Amazon Prime), including insights on the interview process and when to fire someone. Dan shares advice and lessons learned building Strategic Coach into an organization of over 120 people in three countries. Peter and Dan mention the Kolbe Corporation and why they give this assessment to all new hires. Read more about the test at kolbe.com.


18 Sep 2016

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Episode 22: What WON’T Change in 10 Years?

With exponential technologies exploding into the market place changing industries and the way we live, Peter and Dan discuss what won’t change in the next ten years. Regardless of technological change, it’s always courageous entrepreneurs bringing practical ideas into the marketplace. In This Episode: Peter and Dan look to the future and discuss what is NOT going to change in the next decade. Dan explains his model of stabilizers and accelerators and his belief that you can predict the major events in the news. Peter talks about the human need for connection and how interaction in society is changing from the local hangout in your town to digital connections with Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.


15 May 2016

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