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Exploring stories of science discovery. Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Hosted & produced by Lindsay Patterson (science journalist) & Marshall Escamilla (teacher). Visit www.tumblepodcast.com for more information and educational content.

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The Science of Poop with Mary Roach

Everybody poops. But why? To find out, science writer Mary Roach takes us on a journey into the alimentary canal - that's the tube that runs from our mouth to our rectum. Along the way, we learn about pooping in space, and how someone else's poop might one day save your life!Have you been looking for an easy way to find more great podcasts for kids like Tumble? Or maybe you want a place for your kids to listen and discover podcasts on their own. We have great news for you! With Kids Listen, we’ve made the first ever listening app for kids at app.kidslisten.org. Go there and you’ll find all kinds of awesome shows by some of our friends like Brains On, Stories Podcast, and NPR’s new podcast for kids, Wow in the World. Check it out!Thanks to everyone who listened this season! Make sure to STAY SUBSCRIBED so you can get updates from us over the summer - especially on our journey to Barcelona! We're already getting started on episodes for the fall. Send us your science questions, your drawings and recordings!Do you live in Europe? Do you know of any cool scientists and science going on that we should check out? Let us know! We're excited to explore!As always, leave us a review on iTunes if you like the show. Email us at tumblepodcast@gmail.com, and check out our blog at sciencepodcastforkids.com. To support the show and get educational materials as well as an ad-free version of the show, pledge at patreon.com/tumblepodcast.Thanks for listening!


16 Jun 2017

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Tumble Presents: Young Ben Franklin

Recommended for listeners age 8 and up This week, we’re presenting a new show from our friends at Gen Z Media! It’s called Young Ben Franklin, and it’s a mystery-adventure series about the 14 year old kid who went on to become one of America’s most famous founding fathers. If you enjoy this show, you can find more like it at bestrobotever.com. Subscribe at Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts, so that you won’t miss an episode of Young Ben Franklin. The full series premiers on July 4. Independence Day! Younger listeners might want to skip this story, due to some dramatic situations and language. We’ll be back with more Tumble soon. Don’t forget, we’re in the middle of our Patreon pledge drive! Your support makes our show possible. Not kidding! If you value what we do, please consider making a donation at patreon.com/tumblepodcast. The first 10 fans to pledge will receive a Detective Dot megapack! Want another option? Review us on Apple Podcasts. It really helps other people find our show!


8 Jun 2018

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The Rise of the Dinosaurs

“What’s the oldest dinosaur?” “How did dinosaurs come alive?” We tackle two listener questions in one epic story of dinosaur domination. Scientist Jessica Whiteside takes us back in time to the dawn of the dinosaurs, 230 million years ago. The story involves fascinating fossils, intense lava eruptions, climate craziness, and dinosaurs doubling in size. We’re going to find out what happened, and how scientists discovered it all.Hear more from our interview with Jessica Whiteside and discover the bizarre ancestor of the dinosaurs! You can listen to our bonus episode (and many more!) when you pledge just $1/month or more to support Tumble on Patreon, at patreon.com/tumblepodcast.Learn more about dino-tastic topics covered in the show on our blog, at sciencepodcastforkids.com.


15 Nov 2019

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The Tale of the Hungry Koala

How does a koala eat eucalyptus leaves? Eucalyptus is toxic to most animals, but they’re a koala’s only food. In this episode, we look past the cuddliness to discover how koalas manage to chow down on the Australian tree species. Biologist Michaela Blyton shares the story of how she convinced some extremely picky koalas to try new foods in the midst of a conservation crisis. Spoiler alert: It involves starting a koala hotel, and inventing a pill with an unusual ingredient.Today’s episode is a longer one, in celebration of our first day back from a long break! But don’t worry, our next episodes will be back to our usual time.For more resources about koalas and the conservation crisis at Cape Otway, visit our blog at sciencepodcastforkids.comWant to hear more of our interview with Dr. Michaela Blyton? We have an exclusive interview episode for our Patrons! Just pledge $1/month (or more) on patreon.com/tumblepodcast. You’ll get these special bonus episodes for every interview we feature this season!


4 Oct 2019

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The Secret Senses of Plants

“Do plants feel pain?” Jude’s question leads us to stunning discoveries about what plants feel, what they hear, and even what they talk about! Biologist Heidi Appel reveals how scientists learned about plants’ inner lives, and tells us the story of how she discovered “listening” plants. You’ll never look at plants the same way again. What can YOU observe about your houseplants? How do they react to changes in light, water, or other variables? Tell us -- and send in your science questions -- at tumblepodcast@gmail.com. Want to learn more about plant communication? Check out our blog at www.sciencepodcastforkids.com. Tumble is brought to you with help from our sponsor, GoGoSqueeZ! Find these yummy, healthy snacks in the applesauce aisle. Tumble’s Teacher Store is coming! We’re getting NGSS-aligned materials ready for your homes and classrooms! Science activities, graphic organizers, lessons, transcripts, and more will be available starting February 1st. Patrons who pledge $5 or more will have access for FREE! Pledge today at www.patreon.com/tumblepodcast, or www.sciencepodcastforkids.com/materials to visit the store.Thanks for listening!


26 Jan 2018

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The Puzzle of the Friendly Dog with Mia Cobb and Krista Macpherson

What makes dogs loyal? This question comes from Amalia, a sixth grade student. We ask two different dog scientists, and their answers will surprise you. We learn about an experiment that tests dogs’ loyalty - or does it? Get ready to get inside the head of a dog! We want to hear about your dogs! Email us at tumblepodcast@gmail.com, visit us at tumblepodcast.com, and like us on Facebook. Photo courtesy of Mia Cobb.


17 Mar 2016

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The Secret to Cheetahs’ Super Speed

How do cheetahs get their super speed? We talk to a cheetah scientist to find out why a spotted cat is the fastest animal on Earth. Cheetahs are literally built for speed! Anne Hilborn spent months scoping out cheetahs on the hunt in the grasslands of the Serengeti. We’ll discover how cheetahs’ incredible speed is linked to their survival - and what they do when being fast isn’t enough. **** On our special bonus interview episode - available to our Patreon & Castbox supporters - Anne shares the amazing story of how being photographed while dropping cheetah poop on herself became both her most embarrassing and her proudest moment. Photos on the blog! Pledge at patreon.com/tumblepodcast. Only $1/month gets you double the Tumble, and $5/month comes with a shoutout on the show, a birthday greeting, and opportunities to be on the show! Castbox is an awesome listening app, and we’ve partnered with Castbox to launch Tumble Premium, a channel on the Castbox app featuring every episode and all our bonus interview episodes too! It’s $1.35/month through the app, or $16/year. Want to learn more about cheetah science, and reputable conservation organizations? Check out our blog at www.sciencepodcastforkids.com.


8 Mar 2019

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The Puzzle of the Flipping Cats with Greg Gbur

Wonder why a cat always lands on its feet? It's a question that stumped scientists for over a hundred years. Some suspected that mischievous cats were breaking the laws of physics! Was it the catnip? Or was it a mystery of physics? Physicist Greg Gbur helps us break the case... with the first ever cat video. Check out the original flipping cat photos and film, as well as a video of cats weightless in zero gravity (!!) on our blog at sciencepodcastforkids.com. You'll also find visual explanations from Greg Gbur and YouTube channel Smarter Every Day.Want an ad-free version of Tumble? It’s only $1 each month. Pledge on Patreon to get access to this special podcast feed, including Marshall’s original music.Let us know how you use Tumble. Send us your questions and drawings!Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher. Thanks for listening!


7 Apr 2017

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The Science of Snot

Why do we have snot? Do animals get stuffy noses, too? We delve into the world of thick secretions with the help of Dani Rabiaotti, zoologist and author of “Believe it or Snot: The Definitive Field Guide to Earth’s Slimy Creatures.” You’ll find out why we make so much mucus, and meet the slimiest animals on the planet. Plus, you’ll discover why scientists study slime, even though it’s super gross. Want buckets more of slime info? We’ve got a BONUS EPISODE with Dani Rabiaotti! You can listen to our scientist interview (and many more!) when you pledge just $1/month or more to support Tumble on Patreon, at patreon.com/tumblepodcast.Learn more about slimey topics covered in the show on our blog, at sciencepodcastforkids.com.


29 Nov 2019

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Dinosaur Poop Part 1: Who Dung It?

Call it fossil feces, dinosaur dung, or preserved poo. This is the first of a two part series on dinosaur poop! We kick it off with the modern-day science of coprolites. Paleontologist Karen Chin shares how she cracked the case of a mysterious coprolite, and discovered a different dinosaur diet. STAY TUNED for the next episode in the series, about a pioneering female paleontologist and a very unusual family of scientists, who discovered that funny looking rocks were actually ancient dung. The Tumble Teacher Store is now open! Find curriculum packages, activities, graphic organizers, transcripts, and even music. Go to sciencepodcastforkids.com/materials to check it out. Want to support Tumble? Pledge to our Patreon campaign! It’s a huge part of how we keep the show going. Plus, you get awesome monthly rewards, like free access to everything in the teacher store when you pledge $5 a month! Go to patreon.com/tumblepodcast to pledge today.Oh, and here’s a new place you can find Tumble and three brand new podcasts for kids: bestrobotever.com Check out quiz show Pants on Fire, and fiction podcasts Six Minutes and The Mayan Crystal, from our partners at Gen Z!


9 Mar 2018

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The Quest for the Hidden Planets with Dr. Joel Green

Science fiction is full of adventures to distant planets outside our solar system. But it wasn't until 20 years ago that astronomers were able to confirm that they exist. Dr. Joel Green explains how astronomers discover and photograph planets in galaxies far, far away. Music in this episode is by Podington Bear.


10 Apr 2015

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What Would Happen If There Was No Moon?

What would happen if our Moon suddenly disappeared? Would we still have tides? It turns out that the Moon has a much bigger influence on Earth than you might think. Without the Moon, life as we know it would not exist! Rocket scientist Miquel Sureda explains what happened before the Moon existed, and how we know that the Moon is slowly moving away from us.Plus, we have a special treat for you - we made up a story about the Moon’s disappearance with our friends from What If World!For more information and resources about the science in this episode, check out our blog post.If you love Tumble, please consider pledging to our Patreon campaign. It makes a HUGE difference for us!Have you written a review on iTunes yet? This also helps more people find our show!Looking for more podcasts for kids, including What If World? Listen and discover on the Kids Listen app, a podcast listening app designed just for kids!


4 May 2018

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What Would Earth Be Like If Volcanoes Didn’t Exist?

A volcanologist imagines a world without volcanoes, and tells us how her recipe for homemade lava bombs might lead to discoveries about ancient volcanoes in outer space! It turns out that volcanoes do more for planets than create natural pyrotechnic displays. You’re guarenteed to be blown away by volcanologist Erika Rader’s EXTREME VOLCANO SCIENCE PROJECT. Spoiler alert: It involves a huge cauldron of molten rock, an aircannon, and a forklift.Tell Erika what YOU would do with a lava machine: Email us at tumblepodcast@gmail.com with a drawing or recording, and we’ll pass your ideas on!Join our Patreon campaign to hear more from our interview with Erika, on our ad-free podcast feed: patreon.com/tumblepodcastSpecial thanks to Rob Griffiths for his help with this episode! Check out his podcast, Bedtime.FM and Peace Out on the Kids Listen app - kidslisten.org.


28 Sep 2018

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Dinosaur Poop Part 2: The Coprolite Queen

This is #2 in a series on dinosaur coprolites, AKA fossilized feces! In the 1800’s, Mary Anning was known as the best fossil hunter in England. She made many great discoveries, including dinosaur poop. With help from our friend Kidosaurus and children’s science historian Melanie Keene, we dig into Mary Anning’s story and her place in the history of women in science.After you listen to this episode, check out our blog at sciencepodcastforkids.com/blog for books about Mary Anning and an amazing website where you can explore the stories of other pioneering female paleontologists. Find a new favorite and tell us why she’s awesome, at tumblepodcast@gmail.com!Make sure you listen to our first episode in the series, “Who Dung It?” featuring modern-day coprolite scientist Karen Chin.To hear more from Riley about dinosaurs, subscribe to Kidosaurus at kidosaurus.com. Or you could listen on theKids Listen app and discover other great podcasts for kids as well!Want to support Tumble? Pledge to our Patreon campaign! It’s a huge partof how we keep the show going. Plus, you get awesome monthly rewards, like freeaccess to everything in the teacher store when you pledge $5 a month! Goto patreon.com/tumblepodcast to pledge today.


23 Mar 2018

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The Meow of the Misunderstood Cat with Brains On

Are cats evil, or just misunderstood? That's what our friends at Brains On debate for a panel of kid judges. Find out what they decide in this special guest episode! Plus, Lindsay and Marshall weigh in on their conclusions.  What do you want to know about cats? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or email us at tumblepodcast@gmail.com. Support Tumble on Patreon, and you can have your name read on the show (and get more great stuff!) Pledge at patreon.com/tumblepodcast. Subscribe on iTunes and leave us a review! itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-tumble-podcast/id984771479


13 Aug 2016

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How to Become an Astronaut

How do you become an astronaut? That’s what Tumble listener Margaret wants to know. We go straight to the source to get an answer: A NASA astronaut! Dr. Serena Auñon-Chancellor shares her journey to outer space with us. Starting from being a kid watching shuttle launches, to her school’s Astronaut Club, all the way to NASA’s Astronaut Candidate program, and finally to the International Space Station. Serena also shares the surprising truth about doing science research in space. Join us on her path to the stars!Want to hear more from our interview with Serena about training to become an astronaut? Listen to our special bonus interview episode. It’s available when you pledge just $1/month on Patreon! patreon.com/tumblepodcastWe have resources to learn more about Serena and the NASA astronaut training program on the blog on our website, sciencepodcastforkids.com.


13 Dec 2019

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The Hurricane of the Future

Why are hurricanes so powerful? Every year, monster storms develop in the Atlantic Ocean from June until November. It seems like they come out of nowhere. But scientists are working to predict them months, years, and even decades before they start. We’ll discover what makes hurricanes so destructive, and why they might become even more intense in the future. Might it have something to do with gnomes that ride on hamsters? Listen and find out!To hear more from our interview with Suzana Camargo, listen on Patreon or our Castbox premium channel! It’s just $1 to sign up at patreon.com/tumblepodcast. New patron and birthday shoutouts will be coming at our $5 Patreon supporters all summer long, even while we’re on break, as well as special blogs and updates.We have free educational resources on the science of hurricanes on our blog at sciencepodcastforkids.com.Think others should know about Tumble? Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or spread the word any way you like!


3 May 2019

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The Animal Road Trip Adventure

Join us for a journey through Tumble's favorite animal episodes! Swim with whale sharks in Mexico, climb mountains with pikas, travel back in time to discover our earliest primate relatives, and more. Download two hours of stories of animal science discovery, and you'll be all set to turn your road trip into an animal adventure. For a collection of episodes about astronomy, check out The Road Trip To Outer Space. We'll be back January 11 with brand new episodes. Have a great holiday!

2hr 11mins

21 Dec 2018

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Journey to the Center of the Earth with Ta-Shana Taylor

What is the Earth made of? That’s the question at the core (pun intended!) of this episode. Geologist Ta-Shana Taylor shares the fascinating story behind a decades-long quest to drill into the Earth. You’ll be wanting to “Get Down to the Moho” after listening! Thanks to listeners Brody and Liam for sending in their questions. This is our first episode of Tumble, Season 2! We’ve got much more in store, including educational resources! Check out our blog at tumblepodcast.com and Patreon at patreon.com/tumblepodcast for additional information and a complete list of resources to stoke your curiosity! Like Tumble? Tell the world! Leave us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or share on social media. Your enthusiasm means EVERYTHING to us - and helps more people discover our podcast! And don’t forget to fill out our partner survey for Wondery at wondery.com/survey. In this episode, we mentioned that we love Stories Podcast. Check them out, and our other friendcasts, at kidslisten.org. It’s an organization we started to advocate for more high quality children’s audio! #kidslisten


13 Jan 2017

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The Butterflies of Paris

This is the last episode of Season 4, but stay tuned for our special summer lineup! We’ll be back for Season 5 in fall 2019.Why are butterflies so colorful? That’s what Zed, from The Petit Punk Podcast, wants to know. So we went on a family podcast field trip to the Museum of Natural History in Paris, where we met Zed, his mom Dana, and a butterfly scientist named Marianne Elias. Come with us as we visit the museum’s private “butterfly library,” and find out why some butterflies are toxic! Plus, we’ll learn why Marianne climbs trees when she’s not in her office. Also, a special original butterfly song from Dana & The Petit Punks!Love Tumble? Supporting us on Patreon is a great way to show it! Pledge at patreon.com/tumblepodcast. $5 a month gets you a shoutout and birthday greeting on the show, plus special messages from Lindsay & Marshall! Just $1/month gets you our bonus interview episodes featuring scientists on the show.Don’t worry, summer birthdays - we’d never forget you! (One of us has a summer birthday, so we know how it can be.) Listen for your shoutout airing across ALL episodes this summer.


17 May 2019

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