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The Wealthy Contractor Podcast shares interviews with home improvement industry insiders, giving you the tools and insights to achieve greater success, wealth and freedom. Get your FREE copy of The 7 Secrets to Becoming a Wealthy Contractor (just pay shipping)at www.TheWealthyContractor.com

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5. The Wealthy Contractor | John Rogers

John Rogers, owner of Rogers Roofing, proves you can successfully be a premium priced, in-demand service provider, charge the RIGHT amount for each job and increase your profits.

16 Jan 2017

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9. How to Think Like a Marketer: The 3 Things You Absolutely Have to Understand to Generate Leads | Brian Kaskavalciyan

Join Brian Kaskavalciyan, Founder of gFour Marketing Group, as Joy Kilgore interviews him on How to Think Like a Marketer, including the 3 Things You Absolutely Have to Understand to Generate Leads.


14 Mar 2017

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The 4 Essential Strategies for Making (& Keeping) More Money In 2020

For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources go to www.TheWealthyContractor.com.According to recent industry research, many contractors have reported record sales in 2019 but did NOT report record profits! So what gives? So why is it that it is quite common for home improvement companies to knock it out of the park with sales and often NOT maintain and grow profits?That's what we'll explore in this important joint webinar with Tim Musch from MarketSharp.You'll learn about the 4 important strategies for not only making more money in 2020 but keeping more of your hard-earned money in 2020 and beyond.

26 Dec 2019

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81. You Don’t Need A $20 Million Business | Frank Farmer

For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources go to www.TheWealthyContractor.comThis week’s guest is Frank Farmer, President and CEO of American Metal Roofs in Flint, MI. Frank grew up in an extremely impoverished family with the unlikely dream of becoming a physician. Right before he graduated Michigan State University, he realized that being a physician wasn’t practical for him.He knew someone who was successful working within a window business and took a position in that industry. Working his way up, he helped grow that company to over $20 million before leaving to start his own company, American Metal Roofs.From his system-building methods to the interesting process he used to develop the morals within his business, there’s a lot to take away from this conversation, so you’ll probably want to listen to it more than once.

18 Nov 2019

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15. How To Be More Profitable | Dave Yoho

You work hard to earn an income in your business but how much are you keeping as profit? And, what if you could keep even more profit? Join us as Dave Yoho of Dave Yoho Associates shares his insight into profitability and the specific strategies you need to deploy in your business to keep more money as profit.


26 May 2017

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80. There’s No Magic To It | Megan McGuire

For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources go to www.TheWealthyContractor.comOn this episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast we’re talking with Megan McGuire, Marketing and Sales Director at Weather Seal of West Michigan.Megan got her start in marketing when she was just 17 years old as a telemarketer for vacation memberships. Now an expert at outbound home improvement marketing, she’s been a key factor in growing Weather Seal from a $1.7 million business to a $10 million, well-oiled machine. I urge you to go back and listen to this podcast a couple of times because when you hear Megan talk about how this business works, you’ll realize that it’s not rocket science. Everything that comes out of Megan's mouth is pure gold, so listen closely for nuggets.

4 Nov 2019

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11. The Top 3 Things Holding Contractors Back | Shawn Feurer

Join Shawn Feurer of Certified Contractors Network as he shares the Top 3 Things Holding Contractors Back AND how to overcome them so you can reach your full potential as a Wealthy Contractor.


10 Apr 2017

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79. How To Build And Nurture A Business Partnership The Right Way | John Gwaltney and Bryan Miller

For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources go to www.TheWealthyContractor.comOn today’s episode, we’re talking with partners Bryan Miller and John Gwaltney of Outback Deck, Inc. located in Woodstock, GA. Bryan has been in the construction industry for over 25 years, and 10 years ago he came out of a franchise business to join forces with John (who was a competitor) to launch Outback Deck. Together these business partners created systems and processes that built one of the largest outdoor living brands in the southeast.If you’re in a partnership or thinking about entering into one, be sure to listen extra carefully. For those of you not in a partnership, there’s a lot of useful information for you as well.

22 Oct 2019

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10. Lift Your Prices, Profits & Knowledge | Arry Housh

Join Arry Housh of Arry’s Roofing as he shares business insights on how you can become more profitable by raising your prices AND how to gain more knowledge through mentorship.


27 Mar 2017

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67. Getting The Right People In The Right Seats For Massive Business Growth | Victor Smolyanov

For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources go to www.TheWealthyContractor.com.On this episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast is Victor Smolyanov, owner of Victor’s Roofing in southeast Michigan. When Victor climbed onto his first roof at age 13, he was instantly hooked. His father, Vladimir, was a roofer and put Victor to work to encourage him to take school more seriously and pursue a college degree instead of following in his footsteps. But that plan backfired because Victor loved every minute of it. He went on to build a business that focuses on residential roofing, gutters, and attic insulation and employs more than 50 people. After making a number of poor hiring choices, he shares the things he’s learned about employing the right people and having proper systems in place. Listen carefully as we follow his interesting journey to success and what he’s learned along the way that got him off the roof.

6 May 2019

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60. You Can't Teach Style You Can Only Teach Systems | Brian Smith

For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources go to www.TheWealthyContractor.com. On today’s episode, we’re talking with Brian Smith, a Senior Account Executive for Dave Yoho Associates,Brian provides business consulting, sales, lead generation, management and canvassing training to direct sales companies and home improvement manufacturers. Today Brian shares his real-world experiences and best practices for making the transition from sales representative to sales manager.

15 Jan 2019

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48. You Don't Get Rich in this Business by Accident | Joe Talmon

On this episode, we’re talking with Joe Talmon, senior account executive with Dave Yoho Associates. Joe is one of the smartest guys in the home improvement industry – definitely a guy you want to learn from!Joe has been in the home improvement business for many years. He has seen it all and done it all. He founded a specialty windows business in Ohio and spent 26 years growing it to one of the top home improvement companies in Ohio. A few years ago he was approached by investors and sold his interest in the business. Today, he’s on the road every week helping companies across the country to grow their businesses and make more money (and helping create a lot of Wealthy Contractors!!).You will hear us talk about a lot – specifically in the areas of profitability and sales. There is a TON of valuable information in this episode (you should plan on listening to it more than once) - we considered making this a two-part episode, but no, you get it all in one. Enjoy!


10 Aug 2018

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61. Goals Are Only Attainable If There's A Plan Behind Them | Charlie Gindele

For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources go to www.TheWealthyContractor.com. Today we’re discussing the topic of Planning for Growth, beginning with how to establish your goals and then outlining how to achieve them. This information-packed podcast is full of real-world examples that you can apply in your business.

13 Feb 2019

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82. How to Align Yourself With Your Perfect Customer | D. Scott Monday

On today’s podcast, we’re talking with Deren Scott Monday from Kitchen & Bath CRATE in Modesto, California. Deren’s business is a bit different from the other guests we’ve talked with.Deren and his wife were in one of those members-only big box stores and began joking about the fact that the store sold nearly everything except kitchen remodels. Deren’s story is unique in that he has done an amazing job of systemizing a business that's difficult to systemize. He became intentional in his actions and took a “profit first” approach to boost his business. Success leaves clues, so listen to this podcast two and three times so you don’t miss any of the valuable nuggets Deren shares.

2 Dec 2019

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72. 3 Easy Steps For Creating High Quality Summer Leads | Brian Kaskavalciyan

For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources go to www.TheWealthyContractor.com.Today I’m switching things up a bit. Instead of a regular podcast with a special guest, I’m sharing a webinar I recently did regarding how to get leads during the summer. In fact, the information can be used at any time of year when business slows down, including who you need to target first when that happens.The message involves many tried-and-true strategies including Dan Kennedy’s “Results Triangle” that every smart business owner should familiarize themselves with and then utilize in their business. In this webinar, I will also go over some very compelling sample offers you can tailor to use in your own marketing efforts.If you have any questions after listening to the webinar – or would like additional information regarding one or more of our products - I invite you to contact me.

15 Jul 2019

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59. 4 Strategies For Making And Keeping More Money In 2019 | Brain Kaskavalciyan

For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources go towww.TheWealthyContractor.com.Welcome to 2019! Now that 2018 is in your rear view mirror, it's time for you to focus on what's ahead for this new year. In this episode, you'll discover the 4 critical strategies that will help you make more and keep more (NET profit) in 2019. In the end, it’s not how much we sell, it’s about how much we keep. In 2019, you MUST be more profitable than you’ve ever been, and in this episode, you'll discover why.Also, I've always been a proponent for continual learning and improvement - I am forever a student - and in this training, you'll find out where you can get in-depth access to the resources and tools necessary to help you implement these strategies for your business and yourself.

1 Jan 2019

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18. The 7 Secrets to Becoming A Wealthy Contractor | Brian Kaskavalciyan

Creating a growth mindset is one of the most beneficial activities in which we can engage. In this episode, Brian uncovers the Seven Secrets he consistently recognizes in wealthy contractors that you can adopt and use today. Success leaves clues. What are super-successful business owners doing that sets them apart? We can cultivate these traits to accelerate business growth and profitability. The information Brian shares in this episode can improve your business and personal life. Don’t miss it!

1hr 22mins

14 Jul 2017

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84. Your Real Job As A Business Owner | Dave Harrison

For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources go to www.TheWealthyContractor.comIn this episode, we’re talking with Dave Harrison, professor, consultant, and speaker. And, by the way, unknowingly (until recently) he played a major role in the early success of gFour Marketing.As a serial entrepreneur, Dave started a number of companies, but he eventually landed in the corporate world. And quite by accident, he began transforming large companies that were technically bankrupt into successful entities. He then took that talent and joined GAF Materials Corporation, where he became a Chief Marketing Officer.Dave knows that the key to success is delegating the major parts of your business and building a strong team around you. You’ll understand the importance of this when you’ve heard what he has to say. Pay close attention because there is an abundance of important success clues in this episode.

13 Jan 2020

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8. The Wealthy Contractor | Emily Lindus

Emily Lindus, co-owner of Lindus Construction, shares best practices from her journey of developing a $30 million business, including how you can successfully thrust your company forward into each new stage of growth.

27 Feb 2017

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47. Ruthless Management of People and Profits | Dan S. Kennedy

Today’s episode is a special one, because I’m talking with my longtime mentor, Dan Kennedy, a marketing 'guru' and champion for small business. I first met Dan in 1996 and initially bought his Magnetic Marketing® system. Since then, I have read every book he has authored, attended countless seminars both in person and via audio, became a member of his Mastermind Group and off-and-on worked with him as a private client. His No BS Newsletter has been my go-to source for information and inspiration for the past 22 years. On this episode we’re discussing the principles found in Dan’s book, No BS Ruthless Management of People and Profits, and its message: Solid People + Structured Programs = Massive Profits In a time when many business owners are having difficulty finding and keeping good people, this message is especially relevant. In this episode we’ll be discussing: How we’ve shifted to an employee-controlled market;The workplace environment that breeds winners;Why ruthless management is actually common sense management;Why structured programs - that everyone follows - are vital to your success;The importance of maintaining a long-term relationship with your customers and 3 metrics to measure the quality of yours. You shouldn’t be struggling in today’s economy - you should be thriving and preparing your business for long-term success through people, processes, customer relationships and sound finances. If you’re not, you’ll want to pay special attention to Dan’s advice in this episode.I would also recommend checking out all of Dan’s books and resources:www.NOBSBooks.com www.NOBSInnerCircle.comFor questions, comments, or a strategy session contact us: www.gfourmarketing.com/strategy | (305) 856-8788


3 Aug 2018

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