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History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich and at King's College London, takes listeners through the history of philosophy, "without any gaps". www.historyofphilosophy.net

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HoP 075 - The Joy of Sects - Ancient Medicine and Philosophy

Hellenistic doctors discover the nerves and argue about method; Galen passes judgment


8 Apr 2012

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HoP 072 - Raphael Woolf on Cicero

Peter discusses Cicero's method and philosophical allegiances with Raphael Woolf


18 Mar 2012

Rank #2

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HoP 076 - R.J. Hankinson on Galen

Jim Hankinson tells Peter about the life, work and philosophical contributions of Galen


15 Apr 2012

Rank #3

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HoP 300a - The Relevance of Ancient Philosophy Today

Rachel Barney, Christof Rapp, and Mark Kalderon join Peter to discuss the importance of ancient philosophy for today's philosophers.

1hr 21mins

22 Apr 2018

Rank #4

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HoP 067 - The Philosopher King - Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius' Meditations are a classic of Stoicism written by the most powerful philosopher who ever lived


12 Feb 2012

Rank #5

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HoP 092 - King of Animals - Porphyry

Porphyry defends vegetarianism and the harmony of Plato and Aristotle


2 Sep 2012

Rank #6

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HoP 089 - On the Horizon - Plotinus on the Soul

For Plotinus, Soul is on the border between the physical and intelligible realms. Can he convince us to identify ourselves with its highest part?


15 Jul 2012

Rank #7

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HoP 080 - Delphic Utterances - Plutarch

Plutarch was a historian, a priest of Apollo, and a Platonist


13 May 2012

Rank #8

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HoP 066 - You Can Chain My Leg - Epictetus

Epictetus, greatest of the Roman Stoics, tells you how to set yourself free


5 Feb 2012

Rank #9

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HoP 087 - A God is My Co-Pilot - the Life and Works of Plotinus

Peter introduces Plotinus, the greatest philosopher of late antiquity and the founder of Neoplatonism


1 Jul 2012

Rank #10

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HoP 083 - Not Written in Stone – Alexander of Aphrodisias

Alexander of Aphrodisias writes the greatest ancient commentaries on Aristotle and tries to demolish the Stoic teaching on fate


3 Jun 2012

Rank #11

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HoP 338 - All About Eve - the Defense of Women

Refutation of misogyny in Moderate Fonte and Lucrezia Marinella.


15 Dec 2019

Rank #12

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HoP 339 - I’d Like to Thank the Academy - Florentine Platonism

The blossoming of Renaissance Platonism under the Medici, who supported the scholarship of Poliziano, Ficino, and Pico della Mirandola.


29 Dec 2019

Rank #13

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HoP 065 - Anger Management - Seneca

Seneca wields his rhetorically charged Latin to advance Stoic ethical theory


29 Jan 2012

Rank #14

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HoP 300b - The Relevance of Medieval Philosophy Today

Peter King, Catarina Dutilh Novaes, and Russ Friedman discuss their approaches to medieval philosophy, and its contemporary relevance.

1hr 13mins

6 May 2018

Rank #15

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HoP 293 - The Good Wife - Gender and Sexuality in the Middle Ages

Medieval attitudes towards homosexuality, sex and chastity, and the status of women. Authors discussed include Aquinas, Catherine of Siena, and Chaucer.


14 Jan 2018

Rank #16

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HoP 340 - Footnotes to Plato - Marsilio Ficino

Marsilio Ficino’s revival of Platonism, with a focus on his proofs for the soul’s immortality in his magnum opus, the Platonic Theology.


12 Jan 2020

Rank #17

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HoP 054 - Instant Gratification - the Cyrenaics

The Cyrenaics, the ultimate pleasure seekers of ancient philosophy


13 Nov 2011

Rank #18

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HoP 086 - Serafina Cuomo on Ancient Mathematics

How did the mathematics of figures like Euclid and Archimides relate to ancient philosophy? Peter finds out in an interview with Serafina Cuomo


24 Jun 2012

Rank #19

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HoP 082 - Lost and Found – Aristotelianism after Aristotle

Peter looks at the history of Aristotelianism up the time of the Roman Empire and the beginning of commentaries on his works


27 May 2012

Rank #20