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Multiplier Mindset® with Dan Sullivan

Strategic Coach founder Dan Sullivan shares his wisdom and insights with entrepreneurs who want to multiply their freedom and success.

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How Successful Entrepreneurs Think

There's a distinction that can be made between entrepreneurs and very successful entrepreneurs. It begins with the way they think. Really great entrepreneurs, the true innovators, are excited, not by problem-solving, but by creating new capabilities.


23 Feb 2015

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Why Wanting, Not Needing, Gets Entrepreneurs To The Top

Dan Sullivan sees a clear line separating elite entrepreneurs from those who peak at a certain level of success. He explains why the latter are as successful as they need to be, while elite entrepreneurs are as successful as they want to be.


19 Mar 2015

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A “Make Or Break” Growth Lesson Most Entrepreneurs Ignore

Adrienne Duffy of Big Futures Inc. coaches big organizations and their leaders through the volatility and change of going for huge “moonshot” goals without decimating their company and culture — including a critical step most ignore at their peril.


9 Nov 2019

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This One Distinction Is The Foundation For 10x Growth

Entrepreneur Parker Carroll learned that two business roles that he considered one and the same (and wore both hats) are polar opposites. Why wrongly believing that leadership and management mean the same sets a finite ceiling on growth and success.


12 Oct 2019

Rank #4

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“What Am I Worth To My Clients?”

Once Betsy Helmuth packaged her services, her interior design business took off. But when it came to putting a figure on her expertise, she had a hard time acknowledging her worth. If you’ve ever questioned what you charge, check out Betsy’s story.


26 Oct 2019

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Why You Need To Let Go To Grow

For successful entrepreneurs, the weight of their past experience can feel like a burden. Lighten the load and get future-focused by being selective about what you bring with you from your past.


12 Jun 2015

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How Do You Motivate Yourself Using Childhood Dreams?

Dan Sullivan looks back to what fascinated and motivated him at the age of six, and shares why reconnecting with your childhood passions can create a new source of energy and excitement you can tap into to gain momentum.


28 Apr 2017

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What You Can Learn From Failure

Dan Sullivan notes that successful entrepreneurs have a certain mindset around their experiences in life that greatly contributes to their success and happiness. They see every experience in life either as a win or as learning.


7 Aug 2015

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The 3 Biggest Entrepreneurial Game Changers

Dan Sullivan believes that the only way to be one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs today is by cultivating the attitude that you’ll be the next Game Changer in the marketplace, fundamentally changing the way your industry operates.


18 Sep 2015

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How To Up Your Entrepreneurial Game

Use this strategic mindset to lighten the load of your past and brighten the path to your future.


23 Jul 2015

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How To Thrive In An Age Of Technological Change

Dan Sullivan says technological change demands that growth-minded entrepreneurs embrace technology’s multiplier capabilities to create the greatest value in their most important relationships.


30 Oct 2015

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What Equals Happiness For Top Entrepreneurs

Dan Sullivan shares the thinking that underlies a transformational concept from the Strategic Coach Program and why it’s the key to achieving entrepreneurial happiness in every area of life.


3 Sep 2015

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How To Guarantee The Best Hires

If you make it your mindset to give up the idea of employees as costs and start looking for great team players, the returns will be endless.


2 Oct 2015

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How To Keep Increasing Your Entrepreneurial Ambition

Dan Sullivan talks about ambition and the three types of entrepreneurs who have the potential freedom to increase their own ambition throughout their entire careers to create the future they want. Only one type of entrepreneur actually does this.


9 Dec 2015

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How To Strengthen Your Best Relationships

Dan Sullivan shares simple habits he’s practiced for 40 years to always have credibility with his most important relationships.


4 Feb 2016

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How To Measure Success

Dan Sullivan explores the idea that how you measure your progress on your goals can make or break your own personal perception of your success, with life-changing outcomes.


8 Jan 2016

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How A Bigger Purpose Takes Your Decision-Making To A Whole New Level

For entrepreneurs who want to hone their decision-making skills, top entrepreneur Lee Brower shares his strategy for making the right decisions to keep moving forward in a complexity-filled environment.

2 Feb 2018

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Why Thinking About Your Thinking Is The Key To Lifetime Growth with Joe Polish

The secret to growth doesn’t lie in great advice, but in great questions. That’s because questions allow you to look at — and change — how your brain is working. They help you think about your thinking. In this episode, Dan Sullivan speaks with long-time friend and Strategic Coach® client Joe Polish, who built the largest training organization in the world for his industry from the ground up, and has since spent the last 20 years seeking new perspectives to expand his mind (and business) in our workshops. And he just keeps on growing.


2 Aug 2018

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The Happiness Decision

Dan Sullivan explains why happiness is a choice — and why it’s especially important for entrepreneurs to make the “happiness decision.”


3 Mar 2016

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How To Think About Growing 100x

Do you want your life ahead to be incredibly more exciting, stimulating, and innovative than everything you've achieved so far? Then it's time to start thinking about your next big leap. In this episode, Dan explains the simple formula for thinking beyond 10x growth and shares an inspiring story of an entrepreneur who's making it happen!


6 Jul 2018

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