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Episode 19 – The Port Washington Public Library

We took the podcast on the road into Nassau County’s Port Washington Public Library.  We spoke with Technology Libarian James Hutter & Dan Chuzmir Head of Community Relations.  We talked technology in libraries and discussed all the great things Port Washington is doing!  Join us for lots of laughs and we also play the game “Where in the World is Bob Johnson?”  .                                    .                               

29 Apr 2017

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Episode 66 Maxine Bleiweis – Makerspace Originator

We were excited to have on Maxine Bleiweis, retired Director of the Westport Library in Westport Connecticut. We learn about how the “Library of Things” got its start in the 1970’s, and how it evolved at Westport into arguably one of the first (if not the first) makerspaces in the United States. Although retired from her job as Director of the Westport Library, she also is a consultant and public speaker and you can see more about her current and future endeavors by visiting her website maxinebleiweiss.com. We laughed with Maxine and would love to have her back because her passion is contagious! Maxine’s Twitters

13 Sep 2019

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This is a special episode in light of the the Corona Virus crisis, we assembled a collection of librarians to talk about the crisis and how our libraries and organizations have responded, are functioning and how we bring the building back online. This episode voices all of our thoughts, fears and hopes for our “new normal”.

19 Mar 2020

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Episode 72 – Connie Ross – Rosebank College & Unconferences

In this episode, we talk with Connie Vassilopoulos. At the time of the recording she was a Library Technician, but has since transitioned to a librarian. She was a Library Tech at Rosebank College. We talked about the life of a Library Tech in a school setting, and all the things she has accomplished there. She also talks about her experiences working along side Rob Thomson, Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) State Manager for New South Wales and his nationally famous Unconferences. We covered so much ground! Connie’s Twitter


15 Mar 2020

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Episode 62 Librarians of Color Part 2

Here in Part 2, we continue the conversation with Dr. Lambert Shell, Stacey Smith-Brown, Kaysha Watson-Phillips, Carol Gilliam, Michelle Samuel, Salamah Mullen and my “on the spot” co-host for the day Syntychia Kendrick-Samuel. We continue the conversation about being a librarian of color here on Long Island. Much of the conversation will resinate no matter where you are from. The panel discusses the struggle to bring people of color into the profession, feelings of isolation at conferences, the perception of a person of color as a professional and the frustrations that accompany being a person of color in “Libraryland”. This having this discussion, we hope it moves you as much as it moved me speaking with this learned panel. The one thing that resinates, is our panel’s passion for what they do in spite of the adversities that they face and boy does this group love to laugh. . Remember, if you have not listened to Part 1, jump back to our podcasts page and check it out!

1hr 22mins

22 May 2019

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Episode 69 Lara Marshall – Hillingdon Branch – London Calling

Lara Marshall, Manager of the Hillingdon Borough of the London Public Library joined the podcast via Google Hangouts to talk about Hillingdon and the exciting things happening with coding and the Culture Bite Festival which is now a monthly occurrence. We had LOTS of laughs talking about all the wonderful things happening at Hillingdon! Lara MarshallTwitter Hillingdon Instagram Hillingdon Facebook Hillingdon Twitter


16 Nov 2019

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Episode 59 – Derek & Darla Teen & Childrens Coordinators/Super Heroes

Here is Suffolk County, New York, we have the Suffolk Cooperative Libray System which provides many services for the member libraries of the county. We were fortunate enough to have Derek Ivie and Darla Salva Cruz visit the podcast. Derek & Darla, as they are more affectionately known, provide services to children and teen departments for libraries of Suffolk. One of the biggest events that they coordinate is Battle of the Books which is an amazing competition centered around a group of books. Member libraries assemble groups of teams to read and study the books and a huge countywide “BATTLE” ensues! We also talk about Derek & Darla’s work with YALSA and their Teen Bookfinder App, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, ALSC’s Odyssey Award, Audie Awards and the Walter D. Myers Award. We also talked about what The Sachem Public Library looked like back in “The Day”. So listen to these “Super Heroes” talk Teen and Children’s services support! (AND don’t forget about the bananas and peanut butter!) Derek IvieFacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedin darla Salva-CruzTwitterInstagramLinkedin Sachem Public Library back in “THE DAY”

1hr 30mins

9 Mar 2019

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Episode 64 Tyler Byrd Library Figures Podcast

Tyler Byrd is the host of the podcast “Library Figures” a great podcast about libraries and marketing (something that some libraries are great at and others not so much). Tyler is also the owner of Meet Piola, a web development company that helps libraries enhance their digitial content by building a digital branch. Tyler was a great guest talking everything library marketing. Give his podcast a listen (as well as this episode) because there is always so much to learn about digital marketing in this ever changing digital world we live work and play in! http://piola.libsyn.com

22 Jul 2019

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Episode 70 LILRC Annual Conference Part 3 Christopher Jelley from North Merrick Public Library

Chris and Bob returned to the Long Island Library Resources Council’s Conference on Libraries and the Future. This year we had some great guests and because there was so much to talk about, we are splitting this episode into 3 parts. In this third portion of the episode, we sit with Chris Jelley, the Information Technology Coordinator at the North Merrick Library, here on Long Island. Chris talked to the guys about so many topics that would make any technophile excited. A large part of the discussion centers around utilizing Raspberry Pi’s as OPAC’s and for other uses as well. Chris was a great guest and we hope he returns to talk more tech soon! Christopher JelleyNorth Merrick Public Library


30 Nov 2019

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Episode 61 – The Henrietta Public Library – Branding your Library

Assistant Director Jen Barth and Children’s Librarian Laura Lintz are from the Henrietta Public Library in Henrietta, New York (just south of Rochester). Jen and Laura joined us via Google Hangouts and although we were having some WiFi issues on both ends, we had a great time talking about how libraries can brand themselves and how to push out the message in the branding via social media. They also talked about some older methods of getting the word out that may be outmoded. We learn about some of their inspirations including Debbie Milman and Simon Sinek. But the best part is that we laughed and had a great time learning about Laura’s excellent vocabulary!! Jen Barth Laura Lintz

1hr 10mins

22 Apr 2019

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Episode 41 – Long Island Library Conference Mini Episode

This episode is a shorter episode.  We were on location at the Long Island Library Conference, in the front lobby.  We were visited by some old friends.  Ellen Firer, Director of The Merrick Library, Marisa Crowley, Assistant Director of the Merrick Library, Carol Ann Tack Reference and Readers Advisory Librarian and host of Top Shelf at the Merrick Library, Nick Tanzi, Assistant Director at the Mastic Moriches Shirley Community Library, Sally Stigleitz, Digital Learning and Instruction Librarian at Adelphi University and Jessikah Chautin, Youth Services Librarian and from the Syosset Public Library.  We chat about some of the programs that we were either attending or presenting.  We were recording in a crowded hotel lobby so there is a lot of background noise but it still sounds good!!  Thank you to the Long Island Library Conference for allowing us to record at their wonderful annual event!


18 May 2018

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Episode 65 Linda Hazzan – Library Marketing @ Toronto Public Library

In this episode we again head to Ontario virtually and speak with Linda Hazzan who is the Director of Communications, Programming and Customer Engagement at the Toronto Public Library. Linda spoke to the guys about marketing, reaching beyond the everyday library user and the Bridge Technology Services Assessment Toolkit which is a customizable web-based solution for libraries to capture and analyze performance and outcome data on technology services and informs decision-making on the use and outcomes of technology services offered by public library systems in Ontario. Linda Hazzan’s TwitterLinda’s email

1hr 8mins

17 Aug 2019

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Episode 42 – Podcasters talking Podcasting w/help from Down Under

This episode is a panel discussion.  We had a live studio audience at the Sachem Public Library and we discussed what it takes to build, maintain and fill content for a podcast.  The most fascinating thing is how we all get the audio out there, but our methods are all different.  We have a few good laughs in there too!!! Here is the cast of characters who attended along with their links (not including Chris and Bob): Chris Kretz, Librarian at Stony Brook University and host of “The Long Island History Project” & “The Radio Tower” Carl Jones & James Bender Hosts of “Marks4Life Podcast” Carol Ann Tack – Librarian at The Merrick Library and host of “Top Shelf at the Merrick Library” Michael Buono – Head of Adult Services at the Brentwood Public Library.  His gaming website is noordinaryobsession.com Charlene Muhr, Assistant Library Director and Ellen Druda, Technology & Internet Services Librarian at at the Half Hollow Hills Community library and co-hosts of “In the Stacks” Sally Turbitt, New South Wales State Manager for the Australian Library and Information Association and co-host of the podcast “Turbitt N Duck” Clare MacKenzie, Associate Director for Learning and Engagement at the University of Wollongong, in New South Wales, Australia.

8 Jun 2018

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Episode 62 Librarians of Color Part 1

This is a very special episode of the podcast. Chris traveled to the Roosevelt Public Library to speak to a panel of library professionals about their passion and what it is like today to be a librarian of color on Long Island. We spoke to Dr. Lambert Shell, the Director of the Roosevelt Public Library, Stacey Smith-Brown, Assistant Director of the Roosevelt Free Library, Kaysha Watson-Phillips, who at the time of this recording was a Youth Services Librarian and Supervisor of Circulation at the Freeport Library but has now transitioned to Assistant Director at the Baldwin Public Library, Carol Gilliam, Black Heritage Librarian at the Roosevelt Public Library, Michelle Samuel, Librarian and Head of the Children’s Department at the Oceanside Public Library, Salamah Mullen, School Media Specialist and part time Librarian at the Uniondale Public Library and my “on the spot” co-host for the day Syntychia Kendrick-Samuel, Head of Teen Services/New Adult Program Coordinator at the Uniondale Public Library and Library Journal Mover and Shaker. In Part I, we talk learn about our guests and what their passions are that drive them in the profession. Remember, Part 2 is a separate episode, so don’t forget to listen to our group speak about what it is like to be a librarian of color her on Long Island.


22 May 2019

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Episode 67 – Brentwood Public Library

The podcast went on the road to the Brentwood Public Library to talk to some amazing friends. Tara Kohles, Head of Youth Services, Michele Nevola, Teen Librarian, Maggie Utset, Head of Publicity and Outreach and Andres Posada Youth Services Clerk all welcomed us to Brentwood to talk about the Average Brentwood Teens podcast and how it has affected the lives of the teens that participate in it. We were also fortunate to have some of the teens with us to get their point of view. It is an uplifting episode!! And don’t forget to listen to Andres singing “Maria”

28 Sep 2019

Rank #15

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Episode 68 Rocco & Joe from East Meadow Library

Rocco Cassano, Assistant Director at the East Meadow Public Library and Joe Perito, the resident Information Technology guru joined the podcast via Google Hangouts (thank goodness we received a reprieve from Google keeping it alive!). We spoke to Rocco about what he has seen in his long career in Libraryland and we spoke to both about their tech innovations, including the LISA System, which is a portable circulation solution. Lots of laughs with this partnership, including the inside joke of blowing on a component to make it work! Rocco Cassano

3 Nov 2019

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Episode 45 – Carlos Galeana, Mover-Shaker Tech help Guru

Carlos Galeana, Spanish Regional Technology Coordinator at the Multnomah County Library, was named a Library Journal “Mover & Shaker” in 2017.  Although he is great at being a tech help expert, his real skill is communicating.  In chatting with Carlos, we learn about some of the other things that happen when you help patrons with their technology, including building relationships.  These relationships also build a sense of community within and outside the library.  There is so much more to learn from Carlos in this episode.  To learn more, visit his website!  Give it a listen! GCF Global

1hr 18mins

28 Jul 2018

Rank #17

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Episode 46 – Kathleen Russo Director of Stony Brook University’s Fellowship in Podcasting

In this episode, we travel to beautiful Southampton, New York and Stony Brook University’s Southampton Arts Building to speak with Kathleen Russo.  Kathleen is the Co-Director of the Stony Brook University’s Podcasting Fellowship, which is the first fellowship in podcasting in the Nation.  Kathleen also curates the Writer Speaks Wednesday Series and special events for the Summer Writers Conference at Stony Brook.  In addition, she produces the podcast/radio show Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin (WNYC production).  She has been a contributor to The Moth and This American Life.  Past producing credits include: two movies with Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh (Gray’s Anatomy, And Everything Is Going Fine).  Kathleen speaks with us about the development of the Fellowship, podcasting and even shares a story about how she started Alec Baldwin’s podcast.  She is a fascinating person who has some amazing stories to share and we are so excited to have her on the podcast!!


12 Aug 2018

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Episode 60 The Uniondale Public Library

Chris and Bob take the show on the road and visit with the awesome librarians at the Uniondale Public Library in Uniondale, New York. We spoke with Syntychia Kendrick-Samuel & Amanda Borgia from the Teen Department, Michelle Minervini, Deborah Kinirons & James Grzybowski from Children’s, Valerie French & Robert Weissfrom the Adult Department. We covered a lot of ground. Uniondale is doing a lot of great things. Syntychia and Amanda talk about the re-branding of Youth Services into a Young Adult Department and the resulting outreach partnerships with the schools. Teen also has a great Teen Talk blog and a YouTube channel. Michelle, Deborah and James talk about kids and mindfulness, STEAM related clubs, book discussions and they even hatch chicks and butterflies! Valerie, Robert and Deborah talk about tech appointments, book discussions, circulating technology, and multiple ESOL resources and classes and help for new Americans. Check out the library’s Instagram and Facebook and Children’s Facebook pages.

1hr 19mins

1 Apr 2019

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Episode 43 Matt Pfisterer Director of the Thrall Library

In this episode, Chris and Bob were joined by Matt Pfisterer, the Director of the Middletown Thrall Library in Middletown, New York which is in the heart of the beautiful Catskill Mountains.  Matt, originally from Long Island, spoke about transplanting to Middletown, briefly compared the various consortiums around New York State and talked about how important it is to continually lobby and meet with our representatives in New York State government to guarantee another year of state financial support.  Matt also spoke about the Lifesaving Librarians Act that Representative Sean Patrick Moloney sponsored in Congress, which would provide naloxone, commonly known as Narcan along with training to libraries free of charge.  With the opioid crisis, libraries are on the front lines and should be armed with this life saving medication.  Matt’s library was featured in the New York Times talking about the Lifesaving Librarians Act, shedding light on the crisis and what libraries can do to help. www.thrall.org 


23 Jun 2018

Rank #20