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Working On A Masterplan

There are tons of shows, blogs, books and people speaking about finding great relationships, right? Well, how about instead of focusing on finding 'the one', turn your focus to becoming 'the one'. First let’s answer the question of the hour, what is the masterplan? It’s your life. Everything you do, say and think affects the ever changing plan, which is how your life is playing out. To have a great dating life with others of quality, one must learn to live a fulfilling life while single. To master dating and relationships, you must understand that it is about connecting, giving, building and sometimes letting go. Once you understand these basic concepts you will know how to work on your own masterplan. The Working on a Masterplan show will guide you into finding your power, identifying your voice and creating a balance to allow you the opportunity to manifest meaningful and healthy relationships into your life. The host of Working on a Masterplan is author, host and dating expert LaTrina McDonald. To find out more information please visit www.workingonamasterplan.com.

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037 Are Women Empowerment Seminars Scams?

What qualifies a person to speak on a topic? Are people so gullible they buy into anything just because a celebrity or social media influencer speaks on it? Is the word empowered being watered down? Let’s talk about it!


11 Jun 2018

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036 Things I Wish I Knew In My 20’s

Dating is one of those things that no one quite perfects.However, there are certain things and experiences we must share to help the next person make the experience as peaceful as possible. This episode is a compilation of topics that really can help anyone, at any age but it can most definitely can help those … Continue reading "036 Things I Wish I Knew In My 20’s"


28 May 2018

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Mothers Day Special: Mom to Daughter,What To Expect in Dating

Happy Mothers Day! What would you have liked to know from your mom about dating and relationships? Do you think your experiences would have been different had you been a little more prepared? Let’s talk about it….


14 May 2018

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034 Woman to Woman

On todays episode the special cohost is my mom. We talk about everything from first date places to eat, cheap dates, ways of dating to dating while aging. Hope you enjoy! wwww.workingonamasterplan.com


30 Apr 2018

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033 Dating After A Divorce with Schahrzad Morgan

The cohost for today is life coach and author of What I Did For Sex, Schahrzad Morgan. We will speak about everything from personal reasons to marry, sex and dating after a divorce. www.workingonamasterplan www.thetreasurewithincoaching.com


15 Apr 2018

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032 Emasculation

Ladies, has anyone ever accused you of emasculating a man? If so, what was your reaction? Did you agree or was it a simple misunderstanding? Let’s talk about it!!!. www,workingonamasterplan.com


2 Apr 2018

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031 Online Dating & Speed Dating pt.2

Pt.2-How do you feel about online dating? What about speed dating dating? Let’s talk about it! www.workingonamasterplan.com


20 Mar 2018

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030 Online Dating & Speed Dating pt.1

How do you feel about online dating? What about speed dating dating? Let’s talk about it! www.workingonamasterplan.com


19 Mar 2018

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029 Dating Someone Who Is Married

Are you dating a married man/woman? Or are you considering dating a married man/woman? Let’s talk about it! www.workingonamasterplan.com


12 Mar 2018

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All designs available in multiple styles and colors. Visit www.workingonamasterplan.com for more information. See you all Sunday for an all new Single Life Diaries!

9 Mar 2018

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