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The Side Hustle Gal, to us, is someone who works harder than anyone else we know. They're focused not only on their business, but also a myriad of other commitments that tug at their time. They dream of seeing their inspiration become reality and they crave deep conversation. This podcast, this space, is a place for us to be authentic and real. We're ready to chat about the gritty parts of business that make us cry. We're ready to talk about how the hell we handle the day to day when life gets hard. We're ready to challenge the idea that you can't be a successful Side Hustle Gal. Dive in, dig deep, and enjoy your journey. We're here for you, babe.

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Episode 311 | Natalie Arribeno of Nubia Natalie.

Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Natalie Arribeno of Nubia Natalie.. .We believe in accessible content and that anyone who wants to learn from this content should be able to. In order to support this, we’ve had every episode of Season 4 transcribed. The transcriptions are available at the bottom of every episode blog post.SHOW HIGHLIGHTS:The importance of managing your cash flow and knowing where the money is going.Realizing what self-care means to you!The power of carving out time to just take care of emails and planning the week ahead.GET MORE: Website | InstagramFOLLOW YOUR HOSTS: D Website | D Instagram // C Website | C Instagram Get the Side Hustle Starter Kit Episode Transcript Caitlyn Allen: [00:00:21] Hi guys, and welcome back to the side hustle gal podcast. We are so excited. Um, we are joined today by Natalie Arrabenue Benbenno. Oh man, I messed it up already. Let me just preface by saying it's actually a Spanish word and Caitlyn can pronounce it. So I'm a let Natalie introduce her last name. Tell us more about why she, um, identifies as a side hustler. Natalie Arribeno: [00:00:50] Yeah, no, thank you. Thank you. It's all good. It's, it's not. I'm very common Mexican. Last name. So my name is Natalie Aribeno  and I identify myself as a side hustler. It really, because I have. Three full time jobs, I guess you can say that. And then my own business.And um, I do that outside of my full time job. And ideally I would love my side hustle to be my main hustle. Right. and a little bit of background, I'm the founder and designer for my active wear line, which is Nubia and Natalie, which Nubia is actually my first name, but all my friends call me Natalie.Um, so yeah, that's how I identify myself as a side hustle. I really, it's just balancing active multiple things that I do. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:01:41] So talk to us about those three full time things cause that sounds insane.Natalie Arribeno: [00:01:50] Yeah, no. So, um, I'm a merchandise planner. And a fashion company. I also consult a startups that want to build their own fashion brands. I've always been in the consumer direct to consumer, um, business side of things. Um, and I have a lot of knowledge. I, that's where my background is from. And then, um, I also teach, so I'm a college professor a part time, and I teach fashion fibers and materials, which helps me with my own business.Um, and I do my business. After working hours. So I have an agenda. I, I'm very strict with my schedule and I do less is more. So I know it sounds like a lot, but I think it's doable. I mean, I, I always asking myself if I didn't do. My side hustle, would I regret it? And 1000% I don't think I was built to just do a nine to five because there's always that itch, you know that calling in your heart. So, um, and I'm young. I was like, if I'm going to do this, then I got to do it now. So. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:03:03] Yeah. I think both Caitlin and I resonate with that. That argument of now's the time. Like we have less obligations holding us back, less things that are barriers or would be detrimental to us trying to pursue this.So it totally makes sense. You said that you have an agenda. Caitlyn's a planner freak. I'm a Google calendar freak. Um, so talk to us about what you're planning in your time management looks like. Like, are you a black scheduler? Are you a squeeze it in where you can person? Like how do you manage your time?Natalie Arribeno: [00:03:35] So, um, first of all, I'm a paper and pen type of person. I love writing it and then putting it in my calendar, um, my digital, whether it be my Google or I-Cal um my rule  my rule is every Sunday I just block out an hour Late at night six seven whatever and I just looked through my schedule Um I try to wake up as early as I can Um so I I my and I'm going to give tangible um Recommendations because I hate when people are like Oh just use an agenda It's like well what does that really mean So I wake up at six um I do a lot of journaling and meditation so I don't really get to my phone or my emails until eight So my me time is really important in the morning And then from eight to five is just whether I'm at the office or whether I'm teaching or whether I'm my On the road So I blocked that out and then I get home and then I work from eight to 11 on my business Mmm And then I squeeze in I try to do 45 minutes of something physical even if it's walking outside um throughout the day Um so that's what I really try to do I try to be as consistent as possible I would love to wake up earlier than six but it's a challenge. So that's really what I do pen and paper helps And then a lot of post-its. Caitlyn Allen: [00:05:08] So the real question here is do you have like a significant other or anything like that that gets into your time way? Because girl I can't even imagine.Natalie Arribeno: [00:05:20] Uh no I do not And I am working really really hard to you have a dog Because I used to have a dog and I really would like a dog And Because of my schedule I think it would be so selfish to get a dog at this moment So ideally I would just like to do my side hustle And then one of the jobs. I self fund my company So that's where the need of um income is for me And I think that's very important for any side hustle gals out there to really understand that just because you have this great ideas keep your job because that helps your sanity because bills will still come Yes it's a juggling act of three jobs but financially I need it And then also it's questions for you to ask yourself do you want to be self-funded or do you want to get funding from outsiders That opens a different kind of warms. So for me right now this works for me So being self aware I think it's important when you start your side hustle as far as financials go cause you'll be surprised the money goes real quick. Caitlyn Allen: [00:06:32] That's that's so interesting that I mean man I think about your day and I'm like Ooh if I was that productive I don't even know But that's so true about the finance I think that we There's a lot of people who promote the Oh well you need to quit your day job and like bring your side hustle to like full fruition but are you actually funded enough to make that happen. That's a that's a great question to ask yourself before you decide to make that transition. So what do you think is going to make you make that transition or do you know when you hit a certain goal what it's going to look like?Natalie Arribeno: [00:07:14] I think right now and I'm actually just work on my 2020 goals And for me it would be being able um Nubia Natalie to be able to um delivers sales that will cover like at least my teaching job You know um if it can deliver those types of sales then I will walk away from one of the jobs And because it's also like no one's going to love the business more than myself. So if I'm able to accomplish all this and juggle all this what will the return of investments of my time will be in investing even more time on Nubia Natalie. So it's a two part Um That I continued to battle myself Um because I'm so new in the business and I'm still pivoting and learning I'm okay for it But um I have set a goal for myself from a year from now 2021 Um business ain't going to be sustainable if I really want to grow the business.Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:08:14] I love setting those milestones well in advance and understanding kind of the ramp and what it's going to take to get to those milestones Cause I think we there's nothing more frustrating than identifying that you want to do something but not giving it a deadline because without the deadline you aren't forced To do the work to figure it out So it's it's really cool to hear that you're like okay a year from now at least the teaching job will be gone Like I'm going to have more time and more focus that I can give to Nubia Natalie So I think that's really smart. You also just said that you've finished your 2020 goals Do you have a favorite goal setting tool like power sheets or the Natalie meal program or anything like that And then Ooh talk to us about it Talk to us about it.Natalie Arribeno: [00:09:05] I love setting goals and then I'm not the type of person I think like January like the time to set goals I set goals my year cause I do a vision board at the end of set uh end of September October's I did my 2020 goals back in 2019 October So I do a vision board So I do one whatever It gives me the calling of putting it on the vision board Then I just smart goals which I think a lot of people know Um they're very specific They're measurable um achievable Um if you look at the acronym on Google it's very smart So I hand write them and I put them in my in the beginning of my agenda I I actually only did four goals cause I want to um Accomplish three of them by September and December of this year. So um I did the smart goal uh process Like for example my goal was to sell through my inventory 95% of it right. So I broke it down even further by saying like if it's 400 units by September or there's a day a week Know like I made it so specific that it's digestible for me to tell it to somebody else Um I think very sexy goals I think as long as they're uh therefore you and I don't even call them goals. I call them my North star because like okay what what are my marching orders What's my North star that helps me with my Focus.Caitlyn Allen: [00:10:43] Okay So you have talked about your planner that you use twice now So give us the scoop. Which planner do you you use in your business?Natalie Arribeno: [00:10:54] Okay so I use this planner that I just started using And it's in Spanish and it's by this woman Um her name is Mia Astra I can send you the link. I am very spiritual so it has a lot of beautiful quotes and it has like astra, astrology in there Um and it's broken out by hour and um  for each day which helps me cause each day it's a little bit different based on like My three jobs so I use that and then um she has really amazing like notes or that's where I have all my goals So I I I it helps for me Every time I open it it's there It's on my it's in my face.Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:11:43] It sounds like probably a more beautiful version of Danielle LaPorte's desire map planner Maybe Yeah it sounds very cool Yeah so you have all of these systems that you're using in your in your business. You sound very process oriented like Caitlyn I'm curious how you get your like analog your paper planning and your digital planning and goal setting to work together? I'm a pen and paper note taker but a digital planner in terms of my time and sometimes I struggle To keep those two in sync at all times.Natalie Arribeno: [00:12:21] I know it is a struggle and I've I know what you're saying cause sometimes I'm like okay I just wrote everything on my calendar Now I'm going to go to my uh I Cal and do it all over again is just a lot of work honestly because I've I sent myself but like every Sunday Right That's what I do Um and I don't only just do it for my business I do it for my friends and family Like that's the day where I I blocked out time just to organize myself for the next two weeks And then from there um when I do that I'm also reading all my emails and replying on all my emails so that I am jotting down like okay this I need to follow up on this person I do this and that I gotta pay bills. So it's like the Sunday routine is what has really helped to take control on my emails my calendar my to do and I broke it And I have like notes where I have like Nubia Natalie. I have like my personal where all my bills getting my nails done Do you know those are things that I have to plan out I can't just randomly. Stop by and get my nails done because I already kind of schedule myself it's hard because there's not a lot of flexibility at times but for me it helps to know what to do I need to get done And obviously I also I'm a believer of balance so I need to put in some self care within my schedule whether it's me going to a book club for this weekend and next weekend I hang out with friends with brunch And you know it's just kinda like that And like I say every dollar has a home Every minute has a home for me So that's that's key. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:14:09] I think that's so smart I also like you glossed over this as if it was normal and it should be normal But I want to talk about this You talked about self care as going to a book club or going to brunch and it wasn't what we traditionally hear of self care which is like massages or getting your nails done or um so, What is what does self care mean to you? I love that it's not that traditional stuff that can be really expensive Natalie Arribeno: [00:14:39] Yes It's yes Uh thank you for bringing that up Yes Because again I'm working a lot because of the financial needs for my business But at the same time the more successful you are the more self care you need that I know that Um one you need to recognize What is that for you. I've gone through a lot and I've learned that for me self care means I have to meditate in the morning I have to do a couple of like a meditation and I mean like five minute Headspace Uh meditation Uh I need to be with people So then I need to be with my friends too for brunch Um I like to learn So then and I like to learn from other people So then book club for me is important So I um I've also like to go to the museum by myself too. Like I get inspiration like that So for me self care is also like I have to watch my money right Like I can't be spending and getting my hair done and getting my now like that's great But as an entrepreneur like if you don't learn how to manage your cashflow now when you're getting started once you become big that that's going to be like a major thing for you as it of what you like and what self care is for you Um then that's going to be that tremendous I've been grown to the speed that I thought I was going to go because I am pivoting and learning what's the right thing for myself because at then the business is that successful As well as I am Like if I'm in a good place then my business will reflect that.Caitlyn Allen: [00:16:32] Okay guys I need you to pause rewind for like three minutes and listen to that one more time because that is literally gold Like if you don't manage your cashflow you don't know where money is going then You can't do self care at the end of the day because you might not have money leftover. So being super cognizant of that and knowing the self care is important because if you're anything like me you don't do self care and then you get burnt out and then life is just rough. So figuring out as a as a side hustler when you're running your business that cashflow and what makes you happy And what Self care looks like for you is so so so so so important Um Natalie that was just that was such gold Um so I guess the last thing I wanted to ask was what are some of the um systems that you use for your business like online or I mean I guess you already talked about your planner but like online Natalie Arribeno: [00:17:38] Yeah I use asana a lot. Um that really helps And I do The board the lists gets me very um complicated Um it gets me very overwhelmed Like I like to see things Um on the board I use a lot of Post-its I used to have it in my kitchen I had like a big paper and then just bunch of posts colored uh I liked that Um and I write a lot of emails to myself I know that sounds weird. A lot of people like have notes I have notes too but creativity comes with you at any point in time So I always email myself. So that's why the Sunday day works out so well for me because on Sundays all of the emails I wrote to myself have a home and that's when I put them in my Asana or whatever I put them in my post-its So you know because it's like Oh I got an idea for packaging Well um I'm at work I can do it So I just shoot myself an email So here comes Sunday then on Sunday it has a home and it's on my Big idea. I like columns that I have in my Asana so that's how I kind of continue to you know it just because I'm not literally sitting on my desk Working on Nubia Natalie I'm always thinking about it and I think that's important for people to understand. You can still be at your full time job and then we'll be working on your business You can listen to a podcast and journal um get ideas That's what I used to do when I was um barely starting Um versus you just locking out two hours and being like today that's where I'm gonna work on my business Your business is Every day, 24, seven type of thing. And um, so that's one of the systems I've always been using. I'm emailing to myself. Asana and posted.Simple  is the key. Caitlyn Allen: [00:19:38] Awesome. All right, so where can we find you on the interwebs? Natalie Arribeno: [00:19:43] Yeah, so you can find me on Instagram at Nubia Natalie. So it's N, U, B, I,A. Natalie, N, A, T, A, l, I, E. And then on my um uh website it's nubianatalie.co Caitlyn Allen: [00:19:57] Awesome Thank you so much for being here Natalie Arribeno: [00:19:59] Thank you for having me This was very fun.


12 May 2020

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Episode 310 | Naphtali Roberts of Business Coach For Creatives.

Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Naphtali Roberts of Business Coach For Creatives. .We believe in accessible content and that anyone who wants to learn from this content should be able to. In order to support this, we’ve had every episode of Season 4 transcribed. The transcriptions are available at the bottom of every episode blog post.SHOW HIGHLIGHTS:How to thrive in your side hustle as an emotional person.Reigning in the want to fix too many things to the point of it being detrimental to you and your side hustle.The real and true power of journaling and goal setting.Combating the negative self-narratives we tell ourselves. GET MORE: Website | InstagramFOLLOW YOUR HOSTS: D Website | D Instagram // C Website | C Instagram Get the Side Hustle Starter Kit Episode Transcript  Caitlyn Allen: [00:00:21] Hey everyone. Welcome back to the side hustle gal podcast. We are so excited to be here today with Naphtali Roberts, uh, she is a business coach for creatives and I'm so excited to chat with her. Naphtali, can you tell us a little bit more about you. Naphtali Roberts: [00:00:38] I would love to. Thank you so much for having me. Yeah, so as you mentioned, I am a business coach and strategist with creatives, and it can be creatives in any way. I always like to clarify like creative is who you are in your heart. You could be doing multiple different things for to make the money, but I worked specifically with creatives at heart who are looking to make money consistently doing what they love without the hustle, bustle, burnout, all of those things.That makes it so you stop making money doing what you love and you stopped being the person who want to be. So that is what I do. I am also a mom to three children, seven and under and wife to a creative entrepreneur and a lover of really great coffee. So if you get me talking about coffee and all things like why you should drink certain types of coffee, we may be here all day. That's who I am. Caitlyn Allen: [00:01:40] That's awesome. Actually fun fact, you can get, um, coffee here in Ajo. So I live down in the middle of the desert in Ajo, Arizona. Um, we have two places here in town that actually. God, what is it called? Not not burn. Uh, uh, if you burn the coffee, right, it's not, that's not great. Um, they roast their own coffee. We have two roasters here in town. Naphtali Roberts: [00:02:09] That's awesome. We, so my husband and I, we just own it. We're coffee snobs. Like, um, we, there's very few things in our life. We are snobby about coffee and hotels maybe, or our two. Um, and we just own it. We're just like, yes. We realize it's not what everyone needs to drink.We think they should, but. Um, and so we actually have a roaster down in San Diego. We live in Burbank, but California, but we love their coffee. And so we actually. Get our coffee delivered from them, like their beans. Cause we like, we're the people that like do the like grinding everyday and then we French press because like, then my husband can test the water temperature because it affects how the coffee makes. So, um, yeah. So that's us. But I actually, I'm going to have to check that out. Maybe they deliver. I like trying new roasts and beans and all the things. So. Caitlyn Allen: [00:03:01] Oh, I'll have to get your address afterwards and I'll just send you send you bag of beans. Naphtali Roberts: [00:03:05] Oh, totally. Take that all about trying new coffee.Caitlyn Allen: [00:03:11] Okay, Dannie. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:03:14] I was going to say, please be nice to me because I just bought really like nice single origin coffee, but it's Amazon fresh brand, so like, I don't know. Naphtali Roberts: [00:03:24] No, you know what? It's single origin, which I love. That's one of the other reasons we get our coffee from seventies coffee down in San Diego at single origin and I that  big important thing to me.And so I love it. I'm not going to judge you if you said, okay, I was on a podcast and I love this lady, dear friend. I was on a podcast and the first time we ever met, and. I was like, Oh, you love good coffee too, what you drink? And she said, Folgers. And I literally, yeah, that look that you just did. No one listening can see.But almost spitting your coffee out was like, uh, what? Uh, I don't know how to respond. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:04:05] And she's just like a self proclaimed coffee snob that drank Folgers. Naphtali Roberts: [00:04:09] Yes. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:04:10] That's so cute. Caitlyn Allen: [00:04:13] No. What's hilarious is the people I live with, he's like, I only like certain kinds of coffee, and then it's yuban and I'm like, I can't with you. All right. So now that we've talked about coffee, that's, that's always fun and let's be honest guys, we all need to stay caffeinated cause we are busy. I would love to hear more about, um, what coaching means to you. I feel like right now a lot of side hustlers are claiming to be coaches pretending to be coaches.Or are actually VA's and just think that they're coaching people through how to like start a process, but they're not actually coaches. If that's my, uh, my rant. Naphtali Roberts: [00:04:59] Great great question. So I'll give you a little history about me and that it definitely makes it so that I really do define it. That I am a coach, I'm a strategist as well, and I really do believe in the marrying of those two and that's what makes me unique. Um, so many, many moons ago. I'll actually just go back to my childhood. I am a fourth generation business owner, and so I really grew up around the business. Um, everybody else talks about sports at the table. We were not a sporty family, um, but we were a business strategist family.And so. When other people talked about who was going to the Superbowl, we talked about why that business was setting up their location there because they were never going to see it succeed there. So that was just kind of the environment in which my brain was grown. But as in many of our families, some people are told they're supposed to be the thing that the family does and some people are not.I was not. And I am a very big feeling sort of person, always been who I am, kind of the emotional black sheep of my family, have a great relationship with them, but like they do not. Really get my feelings. And so I took the path that any big feeler would feel, and I became a therapist. And so I spent a lot of years working with people on their goals and how to figure them out and really learning how the mind works in relationship to that.But on the back side of that, I was always like, I don't understand why people say it's so hard to own a business. Like I was like, it's just so easy, like you should just do it now. It was the beautiful combo of the right left brain that I got going on. Anyways, flash forward, had kids stopped working, tried to be a stay at home mom.About two and a half years in, husband sat me down, said. Darling wife, you hate this. I fought him. He said, no, seriously, like you are not the person I married. I don't need you to make money, but I need you to go back to being you. So you either have to go get a job or you need to start a business. I don't care which figure out your stuff.And after some fighting because I don't like to be told what to do. I realized that he was correct and I was like, huh, okay. So I'll figure out how to start a business. So long story endless, started that business on part time so that I could still like hang out with my kids when I wanted to. And kind of like a side hustle business, like work really minimally like 10 to 12 hours a week.So really low and very much on my own Hyman. Within that and still when I kept seeing was like, Oh, I'm getting all these people in therapy, and really what is under it is that they're running their business, not so great, and I could coach them through this. I can like, and why are their kids coming to therapy?Oh, they're coming to therapy because their parents are burnt out because they're running their business based on really. Reactive strategy. Um, so this kinda kept going through my head and as a therapist, I cannot talk to you about business strategy. That is not within my scope of practice. So I was faced with the dilemma, okay, do I keep seeing people for $170 an hour when really let I know they need is just business strategy?In their parents. So after many,  debates with myself, because no one else cared what I did, I was like, I'm, I'm going to coach people on this cause like this is actually going to get to the heart of the problem. And so not with people I see in therapy, anyone in the state licensing board, it's a very, very different business.I do not have. Crossover here, but I was like, I'm going to do this. And so really I've been able to use those skills that I learned within my years doing therapy to understand what people need to do to be motivated and to gain an understanding. And then I used my very long interaction with  building businesses that I actually thrive and I married them together. And that's how we get to today. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:09:00] I love this so much. First of all, because I'm also an emotional person. I probably cry in one-on-ones with my manager at least once a month. Yeah. My manager is also like not an emotional man, and so you watch him like visibly get uncomfortableNaphtali Roberts: [00:09:25] It's just feelings, they just are there. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:09:28] Yup. And like as the sole Latina woman on the team, it's also vaguely that like black women are angry and Latina women cry thing.Um, but anyway, what I wanted to say is I love this intersection of. Therapy and business strategy because in a lot of ways what you're doing is career development for the entrepreneur, which is very therapy adjacent and like very like a well use purpose for your skills. And I'm curious in. In this space.You also run a business yourself, so you also have your own experience. We catch yourself wanting to like fix too many things, and how do you rein it in? And the reason I ask this question is because a lot of us get our fingers in too many pies and there's probably some lessons we can learn from how you . Let's take a step back. Naphtali Roberts: [00:10:36] Yeah. Oh my gosh. Um, and you know, it's a constant, a constant process, um, to really know like, okay, well, like what is within what I'm supposed to do? And for me it really has been understanding. So I to reign that in half to understand what my mission and then what, what that mission is like that key, like for example, this morning.I have had a week where I just  the to do list has felt bigger then maybe other weeks. Um, I have not had time to analyze why that is. I just can say that it is this week. Um, and it's Friday and I was like, uh, I'm not living the piece that I want. To live. That was my intention for the week, was to be peaceful.I was like, I'm not really doing that. So this morning I journaled and I was recognizing. Using that. I was trying to be too many things for too many people. And so I really had to, I, I, I'm trying this new practice, um, where I write out every single morning my mission, like it's already happened and I had done some, like.Oh, I'm reached my goals. I writing my to do list. I like, I've already done it, that stuff. But really this idea of writing my mission out, like I've  it's already happened. Like, so for me this year, his mission is to, um, impact. 50 creative entrepreneurs and help them thrive in their lives, in their businesses.That, so this morning I wrote that out and then I said, and what do I not believe? Why do I not believe that's possible? And I like did that. And I recognized the, some of the things that I'm getting my hands in are actions to try to prove to myself that I'm worth doing this or probably to prove to myself that I'm capable of doing it.So when I was able to go through my to do list. That I, it's self-imposed. I was like, Oh, some of these things I actually don't need to do. They're not actually within the scope of the agreements I've made with clients. They're not within the day to day needs of my business. They're my actions that I'm trying to decide, prove my fears, and so I really believe that.When we as  entrepreneurs, whether we're side hustling, full timing, it like doing one thing at a time, whatever we're doing, we got to look at the, the thoughts that are driving our actions because most of the time when we're doing too much, it's because we're scared that or not enough, and then we do more than we need to do.Caitlyn Allen: [00:13:05] That's so good. I feel like a lot of the actions we take in our business, and Dannie can attest, the, the startup of side hustles can be a coping mechanism, so to say for sure, things that have potentially gone wrong or you're not feeling sufficient in a certain area, so you start building your business. Um, I feel like we tell ourselves these.Narratives that aren't always true. Um, and then we get stuck in those mindsets. And so that's, that's just. That's gold right there because it's so true. Um, what are, I mean, I guess you're, you're a therapist, but you're also a business coach. Do you have any strategies for helping rewrite a narrative? Like, I don't have enough money or I'll never make enough money?Naphtali Roberts: [00:13:58] Yeah. Yeah. So I really love, I love self coaching, that idea. Um, I dunno if you guys have done it or anyone ever talk you through like that process, but it really is like looking at, okay, what am I believing? So like just call it out. Um, our, our brains. I love neuroscience. Um, and so like, and I love that.Like, as a coach, I get to like geek out about neuroscience all the time. Um, and so our brains, like, it's funny, anything we say within our brains or brain believes, um, our brains are not actually tuned in enough to like, recognize the difference between reality and distortion. Um, and so we can use that for our benefit, but if we're not careful, that derails us.And so. When I recognize , it should only when I recognize I'm feeling something, especially those feelings that don't actually feel like they're within me. I don't know if anyone else has ever felt like that. You're like, so I'm. Physically anxious. Right now my heart is racing. I have not had massive amounts of coffee, so I know it's not that checked in with myself on the coffee consumption or whatever, your caffeine boost of choice.Um, and then I'm like, so what? So what I've literally say is like, okay, I feel the tension. My heart is fluttering. My stomach's kind of that wobbly feeling that generally means I'm anxious, but my thoughts. What I believe are not anxious right now. But usually what I realized is I've already bought into a narrative so it believes so true.I don't even notice that it's there. And so I have to say like, okay, so what? What am I believing right now?  money is a really powerful one, right? We all have more money narratives. Um, and my husband is a very typical creative freelancer, gig to gig sort of person. And so we have had and continue to have journeys with money because never in our.Entire marriage. Have we known exactly where the next paycheck's coming from? Like we know now the ebbs and flows, but even those changes, this last year has been . Nothing has been the normal pattern. And so for me, I've had to recognize, okay, what is my money narrative right now? My money narrative right now is his job isn't stable, so I have to magically create all the money to fill in the gaps.Wow. That's a lot of power. Like a lot of pressure I put on myself. That wasn't actually true. So I had to recognize, and I still have to recognize, Oh, this feeling is happening. What is this feeling? Oh, I'm telling myself, no one, I'm on the brink of disaster and everything's going to go bad. Even though we've lived this way for nine years and we have never not, been able to keep living where we're living. We've never not been able to feed our children, but I believe my life is going to end. Hello person in the background. Um, and then we, so then what happens is like, I am like . okay. That's my narrative. So how am I gonna self coach myself through this?So this is the lie I'm believing. This is the feeling associated to this. This is what I normally do. I run around like a chicken with my head cut off. So if I want to change running around like a chicken with my head cut off chain filling with anxiety, I got to change the beliefs. We have to recognize what the belief is.And then just honestly, this sounds so simple, but this is how our brain works. If I tell myself the new belief, my brain can't actually tell if that's true or not. So if I just practice saying it, it actually changes the thought pattern. So many times all of us say this to ourself, we say, I don't believe that yet.I can't say that. I have to know what's true. Here's the thing. Our brain will never believe it until we start saying to ourself, consistently, our brain looks for danger. It it's just wired that way. It's not wired to think good. So we have to practice thinking well and healthy. In order to do it because we will never magically believe it's going to happen if we don't just practice it.Caitlyn Allen: [00:18:03] Okay. So my follow up question is  do you believe in using mantras, and if so, can you give us a couple of your favorites? Naphtali Roberts: [00:18:14] I do believe in using them now. I want to take the stance that I believe in using them because science supports them because they help us rewire our brain. So whether you think, Oh, I'm in the idea of manifestation or not, this is a practice you can use.Like it is not necessarily, some people would go to like, Oh, it's so spiritual and I'm not woo and I'm not, woo hoo either. I am. Pretty sane space with a little bit of what other people see as Woo that I believe is scientifically supported. So, um, I just always like to call that out because sometimes people get tripped up by it just because of that and they throw it out.So some of my favorite mantras really have to go with my core beliefs. So I have to know, like, my core belief is. I'm not going to be okay. And so I have to come up with a plan, and the plan always is me. And that leads to all sorts of sorts of unhealthy things. So for me, I have to say, , I know what I need to do today and I'm going to do that, and I am, or I'll say I am safe, or I'll say,There's never been a time that we, I literally say there's never been a time that we haven't been able to feed ourselves, feed our children, whatever that fear is, call it out and then just say the opposite. Mmm. There isn't like a magical, like these three words are going to make things better. It's just usually the opposite of whatever you're scared of.So figure out what you're scared of and then just say the opposite.Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:19:47] So I'm super curious for someone who has never had a good understanding of doing this, somehow has the ability to talk myself out of these affirming statements. Then what would you recommend? Naphtali Roberts: [00:20:05] So you're gonna, you're gonna. Record yourself saying one, it doesn't matter, it's the, it's whatever one you need.So let's say, tell me, tell me something you get scared of. Tell me something you feel this is easier if we just do it Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:20:19] I didn't do any talking myself out of it. Caitlyn Allen: [00:20:22] You trying to think of one right now? Yes. God.Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:20:28] I will pay off my debt this year. Naphtali Roberts: [00:20:31] Okay, so, and you don't believe as possible .Caitlyn Allen: [00:20:33] girl bye. That's an easy one. Come on. Do something that you know that you feel strongly about. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:20:40] If I leave Google, my identity changes completely. Naphtali Roberts: [00:20:45] There you go. Okay. Okay. And okay, I'm going to ask another question cause it's going to help us What type of identity, like your identity of success, your identity of security. What does the identity, Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:20:57] no, like my actual identity cause I identify as a Googler. Okay. The same way that I identify as having Brown hair and green eyes.Naphtali Roberts: [00:21:08] And being a, if you're not a Googler, what would that mean about you? Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:21:12] I probably still have a similar job. It's just not at Google. Naphtali Roberts: [00:21:16] I know, but what would it mean about you if someone is not a Googler, what does that mean about them? Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:21:22] They're an ex Googler and something must be wrong with them because they left Google. Naphtali Roberts: [00:21:27] Okay. So your, your belief then is if I leave Google, I means there's something wrong with me.It means I can't hack it. I can't cut it. I couldn't do it. So the thing that you have to change, the thing you have to believe your mantra is, I, you know what, it's defining what that thing is. So it's, you know, I.   when I leave Google. Yeah, I am. Justice successful when I leave Google. I will still be capable. It doesn't mean that there's something wrong with me when, so find that thing. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:22:02] I love this. This is gone from podcasts episode to therapy, but I like it. Naphtali Roberts: [00:22:08] Coaching. I'm not doing therapy, but it is reworking how your brain, it is reworking how your brain works. I have to clarify that I'm not doing therapy. Um, so yeah.So, okay. So when you do that, so what you're going to say, because we have to practice our thoughts, right? So it takes about 67 to 72, depending on the research days to change a thought, to change a simple thought in our brain, we actually have to practice saying it so. There's a couple of things you can do.You can record yourself saying that new thought and then you put an alarm on your phone and you listen to it. Like when you wake up in the morning, yeah, right before you go to bed, and maybe like after you take a walk or her go on a run or do some sort of like activity jump up and down at your desk.That's because that's when our brain is the most flexible. And so you're going to, you're going to say that to yourself. You're going to listen to yourself saying it now. You're also going to listen to yourself saying it when you're doing the anxious things that are making it so you're not actually leaving Google even when you want to, and then you just keep doing it.You keep listening to yourself saying it. Maybe you write it out sometimes because like our brain actually does better when we write things. So that's what you do. It really is making the pattern of like really believing it. Now. I think that that thought is still probably a little high level. I think there's probably a fear under that, and that's maybe, you know, we'll work that you like, you ask yourself like, okay, wait, what am I actually believing this below that?Um, and that's the more powerful thought to change. Um. Being that we are an era and I'm not going to like push you. If I was coaching you, I would push you to go deeper, but you know you're having all your listeners hear you. So I'm not going to like tell you to Matt in that place. Caitlyn Allen: [00:24:03] That is just so good and so helpful for many of us because I know that there are so many beliefs, and I know I've done a lot of work this past these past few years in my emotions because I'm.Like the opposite of Danny. I don't like showing my emotions. Yes, I cry, but it's never with other people. Um, or it's rarely with other people. Um, and I don't like identifying emotions. I would much rather just do business and do business, and that's it. Um, and I think for me, a lot of. The things that have been easiest for me is just sitting down.And when I'm feeling a certain way, being like, okay, what word? What emotion am I actually feeling? Because I use the word frustrated so often in my vocabulary with my friends, with my family. Um, but they're like, Caitlyn, you can't always just be feeling frustrated. What is that actual feeling? Um, and really starting to identify how you're feeling because then. Nobody else can change how you're feeling besides you. Naphtali Roberts: [00:25:09] Yeah. Caitlyn Allen: [00:25:09] So if you can identify it, you can say, okay, here's the feeling. Why am I feeling this way and what can I do to not feel this way? And. It's so empowering because it gives you your power back. You now are in control of the thoughts that surround how you're feeling.Naphtali Roberts: [00:25:28] Yeah. Well, and our feelings are just our feelings, right? Like there they are. They're value neutral, like, and I don't as a very. Feelings oriented person. I don't want to say that in a shaming way. They're not there. They are what they are. What drives us are our beliefs and our beliefs, our thoughts combined with our feelings, and we can change those by changing the thought.We don't have to change our feelings. We have to change the belief and the thought. Caitlyn Allen: [00:25:56] Oh, that's so good. Okay. So I think my last question, cause I know we have to wrap up soon. Um, what, what do you feel is something like, if you could shout to the whole world, like one thing that you want all entrepreneurs to know or to do what, what would you. What would be that thing that you share? Naphtali Roberts: [00:26:18] Stop doing all the things. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:26:22] Yes, Caitlyn Allen: [00:26:24] yes. I'm over here. Amen. handsing. Naphtali Roberts: [00:26:26] Amen amen. Um, I'm dancing. Uh, so yeah. And what I mean by that. Is know what your mission is, know what your longterm goals and goals are different than to do lists. So stop telling me your goal is your to do less, because like that's not going to get you anywhere but busy and overwhelmed and overworked and have a mission.It's can tweak or missions aren't set in stone, but have a mission and then  only do. The things that take you towards that. Now I hear that and I have been at points in my life where I'm like, well, I have to like, you know, wipe my kids' butts. How does that fit in my mission? Okay. There's still life that happens that I'm aware of that I'm just talking about when you set your intentions for the day, when you look at your to do list for the day, literally.is that thing is posting on social media that day actually getting you towards your goal? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. I don't believe, and never ever have I seen a thriving creative or a thriving business center that is doing all the things, because what they're doing is actually doing the things that get them their goal.So you have to know your goal. You'll have to know your priorities and then you have to know. So I have three pillars of being a thriving creative, and that's  priorities, processes, and consistency. And without those, even if you have two, you have harmful situations. So no. Those three things. Ask your strategies.Do these things fit within this strategy? There's so many great strategies for building your side hustle and then transferring that into full time income if you want it and all of that. But they're all a bunch of BS if they don't actually work with your life and your business. And so you have to have a filter to make those decisions. So stop doing all the things. Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:28:26] That's honestly so good. And boy, Oh boy, did I need to hear. So thank you. And I also just want to say thank you for really strong and vulnerable episode. I think we've had a really strong conversation today, and I want to now, so I know that the audience wants to know where can we follow along with you on social media?Naphtali Roberts: [00:28:48] So my two favorite places to hang out is one Instagram. I'm Naphtali, N, a. P. H. T. a. L. I. A. Roberts. Find me, look me up. Easy to find. And then I also, if you do decide, grab yourself as a creative hearted person who is looking to thrive. I want to invite you to the on-purpose creatives. Facebook community.I hang out there all the time and we really do talk about these things and we support each other because we live in a world where we're told to do all the things we're told we're bad or yucky or not gonna make it or not. And so I've built a community where we don't accept that and we just talk about, okay, how do we do whatever we want?Do what we love. And then do it in a way that we thrive. So I want to invite you guys to hang out there. I'm on both of those plastic forms, pretty connected the people there .Dannie Lynn Fountain: [00:29:49] love it. We're going to have both of those in the show notes below, so if you want to come hang out, you just can head down, click the links and hang out.Caitlyn Allen: [00:29:58] Yes, thank you so much for being here. Naphtali Roberts: [00:30:01] Thank you guys.


5 May 2020

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Episode 002 | Stacey & Jamie Greene, Twins in Business & Life

Joining Dannie and Lola on the Self Made Babe Podcast are Stacey and Jamie Green. Jamie is the founder of J. Leigh Photography, who has waited 10+ years of waiting to pursue her creative passion. Stacey is a copy writer and calligrapher, who focus’ on brand stories and highlighting the history and passion behind creative entrepreneurs.SHOW HIGHLIGHTS:Working full time + Having creative side-hustlesSharing and growing (their side-hustles) with each otherFinding/Deciding on target markets + Waiting and trying new things in her businessLooking at a saturated market as a gift + Feelings of over-saturationCelebrating together with their passions and lifting each other upHelping each other in their businesses such as: content, website development, logos ect.Goals: 90 days Stacey a plan for blogging and Jaime will have a website and first blog post launchedSHOW NOTES:                    J Leigh PhotographyPaper Ink ArtsCreative at Heart ConferenceGIF: Lift Each Other UpSTACEY’S BIO:Stacey is a passionate wordsmith and calligrapher for women entrepreneurs. Her 7+ years in the corporate world has led her experience in helping creatives master the right words to find the ideal clients. She shares her creativity with bride-to-be's with one of the most important days of their lives by offering one-of-kind custom calligraphy lettering.JAMIE’S BIO:She is an engagement, lifestyle, and portrait photographer.STACEY'S SOCIAL HANDLES:Website | Instagram | Twitter | PinterestJAMIE'S SOCIAL HANDLES:Website | Instagram | Facebook | PinterestFOLLOW YOUR HOSTS:Dannie’s Website | Dannie’s InstagramLola’s Webiste | Lola’s InstagramFOLLOW THE PODCAST ON ITUNES


23 Feb 2017

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Episode 010 | Joey Vitale, Indie Creative Law (BabeDude)

Joining Dannie and Lola on the Self Made Babe Podcast 010 is Joey Vitale, attorney for creatives behind Indie Creative Law. Indie Creative Law specifically focuses on entity formation, trademarks, copyrights, website agreements, and other basic legal documents for creative entrepreneurs.SHOW HIGHLIGHTS:Celebrating His First Year Of BusinessPricing Model (A Year Long Relationship)Information Overload In Marketing + Business StartingBusiness Coach InvestmentCreating One Sustainable BusinessCreating Client Experience SystemsFeeling Comfortable With The Value Of His ServicesBeginning Priced Webinars + Learning Curve Behind ItMarketing StrugglesBusiness LLC AdviceBeing A BabeDude + Connecting With Women Entrepreneurs SHOW NOTES:His Facebook GroupTwigyPostsFAQ on His WebsiteBIO:Joey Vitale is an attorney for creative small business owners. He owns Indie Creative Law, a law firm that helps creatives build a foundational layer of protection around their passions. Indie Creative Law offers an variety of innovative services for creatives, including subscription plans, flat-fee packages, consultation calls, webinars, and live Q&A videos in their Facebook group, Friends of Indie Creative Law.JOEY’S SOCIAL HANDLES:Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | InstagramFOLLOW YOUR HOSTS:Dannie’s Website | Dannie’s InstagramLola’s Website | Lola’s InstagramFOLLOW THE PODCAST ON ITUNES


27 Apr 2017

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Episode 204 | Nadine Fonseca of Mighty Kind

Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Nadine Fonseca of Mighty Kind.We believe in accessible content and that anyone who wants to learn from this content should be able to. In order to support this, we’ve had every episode of Season 3 transcribed. The transcriptions are available here - you can access them by episode name or read/print the whole document to get all the information at once! SHOW HIGHLIGHTS:Turning a daydream to a successful side hustle.How different cultures appreciate volunteerism. Balancing children and your side hustle.Separating me time, work life and home life.WHO’S OUR GUEST?I'm stubborn. Some days it pays off and some it doesn't. I dreamt of being a wife, mother, and successful career woman. The reality of trying to juggle those things nearly crushed me for 10 years. I've felt like a failure more often than not, but being stubborn got me through. I've been married 8 years and had four kids before I hit 30. I've launched 6 business and had more nervous breakdowns than I care to count, but my stubbornness gets me through. You see, deeply rooted in my heart is a mission to make a difference for my family, myself, and the world. I have no doubt I will if I want nothing else more. And I'll be damned if I don't have my way! GET MORE: Website | Facebook | Instagram | PinterestFOLLOW YOUR HOSTS: D Website | D Instagram // C Website | C Instagram Get the Side Hustle Starter Kit


24 Jun 2019

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Episode 201 | Season 3 Opener with Dannie and Caitlyn

Today Dannie and Caitlyn are starting the season of giving a sneak peek.We believe in accessible content and that anyone who wants to learn from this content should be able to. In order to support this, we’ve had every episode of Season 3 transcribed. The transcriptions are available here - you can access them by episode name or read/print the whole document to get all the information at once! FOLLOW YOUR HOSTS: D Website | D Instagram // C Website | C Instagram Get the Side Hustle Starter Kit


3 Jun 2019

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Episode 209 | Carrie Anton of Wonder: An Idea Studio

Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Carrie Anton of Wonder: An Idea StudioWe believe in accessible content and that anyone who wants to learn from this content should be able to. In order to support this, we’ve had every episode of Season 3 transcribed. The transcriptions are available here - you can access them by episode name or read/print the whole document to get all the information at once! SHOW HIGHLIGHTS:Carrie’s last full time gig was at American Girl where she wrote/edited books!Side Hustling can be “all in” or “baby steps” - you can build/scale either wayThe balance between getting paid and choosing clients that you loveSHOW NOTES:Camp ClimbCarrie’s Book: Me, Myself & IdeasWHO’S OUR GUEST?Carrie Anton worked as a full-time author and editor for American Girl Publications’ Advice & Activity line from 2005 through 2013, during which time she wrote several contemporary nonfiction books for 8-to-12-year-old girls. Anton left the cube life in 2013 to grow Wonder: An Idea Studio while girl-bossing as a freelance writer. Her writing has been published by Women’s Health, Family Circle, Oxygen, Draft, and Outside, among others. Her newest co-authored book is Me, Myself & Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Brainstorming Solo (Andrews McMeel, April 2019).GET MORE: Website | Facebook | Instagram FOLLOW YOUR HOSTS: D Website | D Instagram // C Website | C Instagram Get the Side Hustle Starter Kit


29 Jul 2019

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Episode 212 | Leah Weinberg of Color Pop Events.

Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Leah Weinberg of Color Pop EventsWe believe in accessible content and that anyone who wants to learn from this content should be able to. In order to support this, we’ve had every episode of Season 3 transcribed. The transcriptions are available here - you can access them by episode name or read/print the whole document to get all the information at once! SHOW HIGHLIGHTS:How her past job has helped her with her current business.The transition from Side Hustle to Full Time.How to build up your press repertoire.Some of the biggest lessons you learn going Full Time.The importance of your group of friends to combat loneliness.How to create a better work-play balance.SHOW NOTES:HARO - Help A Reporter OutWHO’S OUR GUEST?Leah Weinberg is the Owner & Creative Director of Color Pop Events -- a New York City-based wedding planning company that focuses on the details and lives in the logistics. Now in her sixth year of business, Leah leverages skills like organization, attention to detail, and client service from her prior career as a commercial real estate attorney to excel at event production. Her colorful work and party planning tips have been published online and in print with Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Weddings, Martha Stewart Living, The Knot, Buzzfeed and more.  GET MORE: Website | Facebook | Instagram | PinterestFOLLOW YOUR HOSTS: D Website | D Instagram // C Website | C Instagram Get the Side Hustle Starter Kit


19 Aug 2019

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Episode 214 | Jackie Murawski of XOXO Invites

Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Jacqueline Murawski of XOXO Invites.We believe in accessible content and that anyone who wants to learn from this content should be able to. In order to support this, we’ve had every episode of Season 3 transcribed. The transcriptions are available here - you can access them by episode name or read/print the whole document to get all the information at once! SHOW HIGHLIGHTS:How important family is to Jackie + Running a business with a familyHow to interact with our friends and clients that are not in the same area as you areHow design still fires her upWhat she has learned in business + What her business is currently struggling withWhat her biggest dream for her entrepreneur communitySHOW NOTES:Reina PomeroyWHO’S OUR GUEST?Our Mission at XOXO Invites is to offer businesses and individuals custom designed invitations that are unique and tailored to their special occasion or event. Here at XOXO Invites we want our customers to feel like family and we are dedicated to providing our clients a welcoming and professional environment as we continually strive to offer our clients the most customized experience to ensure their invitations exceed their expectations. We understand that each of our clients are unique in their own way and want to celebrate that uniqueness to the fullest.GET MORE: Website | Facebook | InstagramFOLLOW YOUR HOSTS: D Website | D Instagram // C Website | C Instagram Get the Side Hustle Starter Kit


2 Sep 2019

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Episode 208 | Alondra Carbajal of Blank Tag Co.

Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Alondra Carbajal of Blank Tag Co.We believe in accessible content and that anyone who wants to learn from this content should be able to. In order to support this, we’ve had every episode of Season 3 transcribed. The transcriptions are available here - you can access them by episode name or read/print the whole document to get all the information at once! SHOW HIGHLIGHTS:Finding time to side hustle with a 9-5 and 65K+ followers.The reality of running a large scale side hustleHow to keep your customers engaged.WHO’S OUR GUEST?I'm Alondra Carbajal. I was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and am a daughter of Salvadoran immigrants. I have a Bachelors degree in Biology from USC but have been in the Human Resources field for 10 years. In 2017 I co-founded a sticker company, blank tag co. with my boyfriend, Remi Silva. We are a company that creates stickers to allow our customers to show off who they are to the rest of the world. Since then, I have been balancing my 9-5 job with the duties that come with running a business. GET MORE: Website | Facebook | InstagramFOLLOW YOUR HOSTS: D Website | D Instagram // C Website | C Instagram Get the Side Hustle Starter Kit


22 Jul 2019

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Episode 016 | Ashley Cox, Sprout HR

Joining Dannie and Lola on the Self Made Babe Podcast Episode 016 is Ashley Cox. She is the HR Partner for creatives through her company sproutHR. She helps creatives entrepreneurs learn how to hire, train, and lead a thriving team. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS:Getting to know Ashley and what she does.Going from planning a team to implementing one.What kind of employee(s) do I need?How to market what you do when no one knows what it is.30, 60 and 90-day goals for AshleyThe Hiring Course for creatives.What do I do when an employee is just not working out?How to effectively sever ties when you're a people pleaser.Is HR a scary department and set of processes? Coming home in your career.Tips for conducting a successful Interview.SHOW NOTES:100 Interview Questions + Template + GuideBIO:Hey there, I’m Ashley, the HR Partner for Creatives. I’m so excited to meet you!Through my company, sproutHR, I help creative entrepreneurs learn all about how to hire, train, and lead a thriving team.Are you…excited about your growing business, but are feeling nervous about hiring your first employees?a pretty savvy business owner, but have been wasting a ton of time trying to figure things out on your own?desperate to hire some help, but you want to do it the right way (and avoid upsetting the IRS)?concerned about being a great leader, since you’ve never actually led a team before?Then it’s time to ditch the worry and overwhelm and replace it with confidence so you can begin taking action!!I’ve dedicated the past decade of my life to learning and growing my knowledge in Human Resources, practiced the essential skills of hiring, training and leading a team myself, and have spent countless hours educating and training others on how to do the same.ASHLEY'S SOCIAL HANDLES:Website | Instagram |  Facebook FOLLOW YOUR HOSTS:Dannie’s Website | Dannie’s InstagramLola’s Website | Lola’s InstagramFOLLOW THE PODCAST ON ITUNES


8 Jun 2017

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