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New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler gives away all of his stories as free, serialized audiobooks. Described as "Stephen King meets Michael Crichton meets Chuck Palahniuk," Scott's stories of hard-science horror will have you tapping a vein as you Jones for next week's fix.Subscribe to hear major-release hardcover novels read by the author, as well as short fiction and the "FridayFix," a random piece of weekly nonsense. For more info on the author, visit http://www.scottsigler.com

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BLOOD IS RED Episode #1: Wolf

Sha-ka-paow! A new audibook begins right here, right now. These are stories from the BLOOD IS RED short story collection.


15 Jul 2012

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BONES ARE WHITE Episode #1: Kissyman & The Last Song

THE MVP is in our rear-view mirror, and now it’s time for a brand-new podcast title. Here it is, folks, the free serialization of our short story collection BONES ARE WHITE. The eBook is available for purchase, but you’re getting the podcast even before the audiobook is in stores. Our first episode features the first new Kissyman audio story in over three years. It’s a short-but-sweet tale of Kissyman’s tender side. Sometimes a hard man is good to find — when that hard man finds you, not so much.


14 Jul 2013

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BLOOD IS RED Episode #10: Mt. Fitzroy, Chap. 1

The re-written, re-recorded first chapter of MT. FITZROY, the sequel to EARTHCORE. And if you listen all the way through to the end of the episode, you might … I repeat, might … hear when this friggin’ long-awaited sequel will finally be available for your Junkie face.


16 Sep 2012

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BLOOD IS RED Episode #9: Number One With A Bullet, Part 2

NFL security operatives Lawrence Cutter and Luke Moore have learned there is more to top prospective draft pick Eugene Patterson then trophies, headlines and smiles. What he finds might mean more than a scandal report on ESPN — it might mean his life.


9 Sep 2012

Rank #4

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GuestGoods Episode #1: New Feature! Three Questions with Seth Harwood

Awwww snap! Check out our brand-new show, GuestGoods. We’re gearing up complete website revision, which we plan to launch before 2012 hits, and we thought it was high time to dish out some of the changes a little early (You see that freshy fresh icon over there? A little taste of things to come. Oh, yeah, you know you can’t wait.) What is GuestGoods?  There are a ton of creative innovators out there, and we think it’s cool to share things that Junkies might dig. We’re approaching it from the “If you like Scott’s stuff, you might like this” perspective. We keep this show short! It’s a three-question interview show, and the questions are the same for everyone. Questions are simple: 1) What’s your hot new thing? 2) What’s in it for the Junkies? 3) Where can they find out more? In this episode: We launch the three-question assualt at fellow Junkie Seth Harwood.Seth’s been quite busy over at sethharwood.com, dropping a brand-new podcast called IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, which he’ll tell you all about. He’s also running a Kickstarter campaign to produce killer crime-fiction eBooks. Seth is a hard-workin’ mo-fo, so give him a couple of minutes and — of course — let us know what you think about this show and this format!


22 Sep 2011

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BONES ARE WHITE Episode #15: Hunter Hunterson & Sons: Home, Part 2

The Hunterson’s new home is invaded by a pot-smoking Deadhead wizard, but what else would you expect from a paranormal San Francisco? Hunter’s family has to deal with the previous residents of his new mansion, while Hunter also has to deal with his deadbeat son — who might or might not actually be a demon that spends way too much time shopping on Amazon.


20 Oct 2013

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THE REEF Episode #1

Episode 1 of THE REEF is sponsored by the GoDaddy Coupon CJCSIG99C, which gets a new dot-com for 99 cents. Learn more at https://scottsigler.com/godaddy-promo-codes ----- Welcome to Episode 1 of a new GFL tale! THE REEF is written by Scott Sigler and Matt Wallace. The story is a sequel to TITLE FIGHT, also a GFL novella. THE REEF is a stand-alone story, but if you want to experience TITLE FIGHT first check it out at https://scottsigler.com/titlefight. More details at: https://scottsigler.com/podcast/the-reef-episode-1 ----- Written by Scott Sigler Narrated by Scott Sigler Produced by Steve Riekeberg Copyright 2019 by Empty Set Entertainment Theme music by the band Amps & Volts Get the whole story without waiting at ScottSigler.com/thereef


21 Apr 2019

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BLOOD IS RED Episode #7: The Great Snipe Hunt, Part 2

Nature abhors a vacuum. Still. This is part two, wrapping up the story started last week. Also doing some final wrap-up work today on Shipping Hell Week for THE MVP. Although, it’s not really a week anymore. And with two dozen or more Junkies coming to help … not really hellish either.


26 Aug 2012

Rank #8

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Frederico Esteban Guissepe Gonzaga, a.k.a. “Fred,” is a private detective searching for the lost family of Quentin Barnes. That search will expose Fred’s own tortured past, and possibly destroy his future as well. Written by Scott Sigler and Matt Wallace Narrated by Scott Sigler  Produced by AB Kovacs Engineered by Steve Riekeberg Copyright 2019 by Empty Set Entertainment  Theme music by the band Amps & Volts  What’s the lowest-cost GoDaddy Coupon deal on the internet? The code CJCSIG99C, of course, which lands a new dot-com domain for $4.99. Copyright: 2019 Empty Set Entertainment


4 Aug 2019

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FridayFix Episode # : ANCESTOR Q&A

ANCESTOR is finished, and now it’s time for the assault of Junkie questions. We took questions from email, Twitter, Facebook and this very site, and we’re ready to give you the answers. The FDO™ and I jumped on Skype for a remote interview. As usual, it’s very difficult to keep him on-topic, but I did my best. If you still have questions, feel free to call 206-666-GORE (4673) or email media@scottsigler.com and we’ll answer them in a future FridayFix™.


18 Feb 2011

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We kick off a new book with a side story from PANDEMIC. Meet Dale & Mable, a happily married couple trying to make their way in a very unhappy Chicago. Written by Scott Sigler and Matt Wallace Narrated by Scott Sigler  Produced by AB Kovacs Engineered by Steve Riekeberg Copyright 2019 by Empty Set Entertainment  Theme music by the band Amps & Volts  FIRE IS ORANGE is free thanks to our GoDaddy Coupon page. Get a new dot-com for $4.99 with the code CJCSIG99C. Copyright: 2019 Empty Set Entertainment


20 Oct 2019

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FridayFix Episode # : Pick our new T-shirts!

It’s time for new T-shirts! Who gets to choose what we make? Youget to choose! Well, you get to help, anyway. Listen in to this awesome cast (there is slurping) and then pick your picks from the handy polls below. Where did we get these suggestions? From the comments in THE CHAMPION Episode #3. See how it pays to listen every week, Suckas? T-shirts for Junkies, chosen by Junkies!

31 Oct 2014

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BLOOD IS RED Episode #2: Hunter Hunterson & Sons: Welcome to San Francisco, Part 1

Welcome to a rare FDØ foray into supernatural fiction. That’s right, ghosts and goblins and vamps and werewolves and what-not. We hope you dig it. The full title of this story is “Hunter Hunterson & Sons: War Journal.” That, however, is a little long when you figure the headline is going to be “BLOOD IS RED Episode #2: Hunter Hunterson & Sons – War Journal (Part 1)”, so we trimmed it a little bit. Why the long names? Because “Hunter Hunterson & Sons” is an ongoing series. You’ll hear much more about that in the “author’s notes” segment of the story, which will play at the end of Part II next week.


22 Jul 2012

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StorySmack Episode #18 - The Fifth Element

You may be shocked to know that THE FIFTH ELEMENT is 20 years old. That’s two decades of multipass, folks. We break down the storytelling elements (see what I did there) in the Luc Besson-directed classic.


6 May 2017

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StorySmack Episode #10 - John Wick

We’ve got some of our own storytelling afoot, with a few things in the works that ate up every spare moment of this week — so here’s a shorter StorySmack to talk about the fantastic flick JOHN WICK. And hopefully, soon we can tell y’all what’s got us so busy.

11 Feb 2017

Rank #15

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BONES ARE WHITE Episode #2: Chuckles Mulrooney, Part 1

Stop the presses! We’re doing something new this episode, and that is using voice talent other than Scott to bring you your weekly story. This is a story many of you have heard before, but re-written to prepare it for the BONES ARE WHITE collection. The voice talent is Alec Volz, a very cool cat with a very cool voice. He’s also a fan who loves NOCTURNAL, so he clearly has skill and great taste.


25 Jul 2013

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FridayFix Episode # : Final news on THE CHAMPION eBook, hardcover, and audiobook

WE’VE GOT GIRTH!  So you’re asking thing like, “when is THE CHAMPION audiobook out?” and “when can I get the eBook” and “will I get the eBook for free if I order the hardcover?” The answers to all of these things are in this weeks FridayFix™. ARealGirl and the FDØ tell you what’s up with Book V of the GFL series. Also, an ancient guest shows up unexpectedly, and ARealGirl does not want to believe (Agent Mulder is less than pleased). The pallets of books await! Check out these pics, Junkies!

26 Sep 2014

Rank #17

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EARTHCORE Episode #5

Connell Kirkland wants dirt on Sonny McGuiness, a prospector who has quite possibly found the most valuable metal deposit ever discovered. To get that dirt, he needs info from the one person who knows Sonny better than anyone — metallurgist Herbert Darker, who has analyzed Sonny’s finds for decades. To get that info from Herbert, Connell has enlisted the services of Kayla Meyers … former NSA agent who specializes in retrieving information, by any means necessary.


22 Jul 2018

Rank #18

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EARTHCORE Episode #13

Angus Kool has been plotting for a chance to slip away from the Earthcore camp and test the tech that will let him explore the tunnels before anyone else, but he doesn’t know that ex-NSA agent Kayla Meyers is watching their every move. And so has Sonny McGuiness, who is looking for a way to cash in himself. Meanwhile, Veronica Reeves’ objection to Earthcore’s mining is eroding in the face of the company’s resources and technology, which is letting her discover the long-hidden horrors of the dig site.


16 Sep 2018

Rank #19

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BLOOD IS RED Episode #11: Sacred Cow

It’s the final episode of BLOOD IS RED. We delivered eight disturbing short stories in eleven installments, all meant to make you pee your pants just a little. “Sacred Cow” is a Siglerism classic, re-edited and re-recorded just for your face. This is the story that Earl Newton turned into a short film. Now be a good Junkie and listen to the story first, then you can go watch the movie here. The movie stars YouTube sensation Toby Turner (only about a million people watch him every week, but it’s no big deal).


23 Sep 2012

Rank #20