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Backcountry hunters talking backcountry hunting. Join us for lively discussion on a variety of topics related to backcountry, big game hunting. We'll be talking tactics, sharing lessons learned, swapping stories, interviewing individuals from the hunting industry, and getting into the nitty-gritty of our gear lists and bow/rifle setups. Contact us at anytime with your questions or feedback by emailing us: podcast@exomountaingear. Thanks for listening! — Mark & Steve

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093 | Last-Minute Elk Hunting Advice from the "Elk Nut"

Paul “the Elk Nut” Medel returns to share some last-minute advice that might help you fill your elk tag in the coming weeks. Paul was previously a guest way back on Episode 36, which has been one of our most popular shows. Paul has a decades-long track record of successfully killing bulls on public land with over-the-counter tags. Paul encounters the same situations and problems that you and I do on these tough hunts. This episode is a special opportunity to hear some of what has made Paul beat the odds and find success year after year. Learn more at http://ExoMountainGear.com/podcast

1hr 24mins

29 Aug 2017

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138 | The Elk Nut Returns

Paul "the Elk Nut" Medel has been on the #HuntBackcountry Podcast a couple of times before, and he's back again to share some last-minute advice for everyone heading into the elk woods this year. We always learn a lot when we talk to Paul, and in this episode Paul shares some things he's never shared before.You might want to have a notepad handy when you listen to this one!http://ExoMountainGear.com/podcast

1hr 32mins

15 Aug 2018

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036 | Don't Just Call — "Talk Elk" with Paul the "Elk Nut" Medel

First, before we get to the show, a BIG announcement — we're giving away an Exo Mountain Gear pack system!  Be sure to visit the giveaway page (link below) to enter today.  And as a bonus just for you, the podcast listeners, we have an extra way for you to enter the giveaway; so be sure to listen-in and take advantage of this special opportunity to increase your odds at wining the pack system.In this episode, we speak with Paul "Elk Nut" Medel on the topic of calling elk.  Specifically, we begin to learn about Paul's theories on calling, which are less about just "making noise" and more about speaking the "language" of elk.  Paul focuses on knowing what to say, and when to say it.  You are sure to learn more about elk in this two-part series with Paul.Visit exomountaingear.com/36 to enter the giveaway and receive more resources from Paul.


19 May 2016

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160 | Budget Backpacking Gear For Your Next Hunt

As much as we love new gear, our budgets are limited. If you are a hunter that is looking to get into backcountry, backpack-style hunting, we wanted to discuss how we would shop for backpacking gear and make budget-minded decisions. In this episode, Mark and Steve discuss how they would spend $700-$800 to purchase a shelter, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, backpacking stove, water filtration system, a reliable light source, and footwear for western-style hunting.View Steve and Mark's picks at http://ExoMountainGear.com/podcast


30 Jan 2019

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004 | A-to-Z Gear Lists for Backcountry Hunting

In this episode, Mark, Steve, and Lenny discuss the gear they take on extended backcountry hunts. From the big items, like packs and tents, down to the nitty-gritty, like first aid and water filtration — it's all covered. The guys each have different styles, philosophies, and thus, gear lists. You're guaranteed to pick up a tip, trick, or learn about something that you can add (or remove) from your pack for your next hunt. Gear lists are available at http://soleadventure.com/elk and http://pure-elevation.com/blog.

1hr 9mins

11 Aug 2015

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091 | Solving Common Elk Hunting Scenarios

You called a bull towards you, but he wouldn’t come close enough — what could you have done better? The elk are quiet, what should you do? When should you cow call, when should you bugle? You’ve been hunting the area for a while without much luck — should you move on or stick it out? What calling strategies and setups can you use when hunting solo?These are some questions, from you, that we answer in the episode of the Hunt Backcountry podcast with our guest, Corey Jacobsen. Our single goal with this episode was to address common elk hunting scenarios and questions that we have received from our listeners. If you are interested in learning more about elk scouting, elk hunting, elk calling, elk ANYTHING, then be sure to check out the elk hunting resource that covers it all: The University of Elk Hunting Online Course from Elk101.com. Visit http://Elk101.com/OnlineCourse and use the coupon code BACKCOUNTRY to save $10.


21 Aug 2017

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079 | Corey Jacobsen's Advice for 3 Types of Elk Hunters

You learn a lot about elk hunting when you do it for several decades and make a living that’s all about it. But what about us? You and me? What specific things should we focus on at our current “stage” as an elk hunter (or even as an aspiring elk hunter)? In this episode, the man with decades of knowledge, Corey Jacobsen of Elk101.com, breaks down what three different types of elk hunters should focus on to make the most of their elk hunts. Additionally, we also speak with Corey about the updated University of Elk Hunting Online Course, available at Elk101.com. Be sure to use our exclusive coupon code "BACKCOUNTRY" to save $10 off your subscription to this course, which we wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to increase their success in the elk woods. Learn more at http://ExoMountainGear.com/podcast

1hr 10mins

1 Jun 2017

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144 | First Year Elk Hunting Success

Highs and lows. Mistakes made. Lessons learned. And a bit of good fortune. We dive into these aspects of Tim Connor's first elk hunt. His story is real, and familiar. As many of your are getting your start and building experience in western hunting, I am sure you will relate to and benefit from Tim's story.Learn more at http://ExoMountainGear.com/podcast


31 Aug 2018

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132 | How To Hike Heavy

As backcountry hunters, we depend on hiking to move us into, through, and out of the backcountry. We do this movement with a load on our backs — whether that’s the light load of a day’s essentials, a moderate load of gear for a multiday hunt, or the heavy load of success on our backs. The terrain, the distance, the pace, and the weight vary. So shouldn’t our training hikes mimic these various demands?Our guest on this episode, Mike Prevost, has studied the science and research of hiking heavy. Mike helps us understand how to best prepare for the various loads and distances required of us as backcountry hunters.Tune in to this episode, load up your Exo pack, and then get to work.Learn more or subscribe at http://ExoMountainGear.com/podcast

1hr 2mins

27 Jun 2018

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176 | Solo Elk Hunting Success

Can you...should you...and how do you HUNT ELK SOLO? We answer these questions with Will Meyers (@id_archeryhunts) on this episode. We cover the tactics, strategies, and logistics you need to know when it comes to hunting elk on your own."EXO20" will save you $20 on the University of Elk Hunting online course at https://www.elk101.com/onlinecourse/. This is THE best comprehensive resource to learn about elk hunting.Enter this month's GIVEAWAY at http://ExoMtnGear.com/podcast

1hr 7mins

29 May 2019

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106 | Training for the Backcountry (And a free plan to do it...)

We always want this podcast to be a resource that helps you be a more capable, confident, and successful backcountry hunter. And now we have a plan to help you be more physically capable and confident, which will lead to more success. Best of all, this plan is 100% free and requires minimal equipment. This plan was programmed by our guest from this episode, Coach Jake Saenz of Atomic Athlete. Tune in to learn about the unique physical demands of backcountry hunting, and how to be prepare yourself for those demands. This episode is jam-packed with knowledge, and the FREE training plan that Jake has put together for you will help you put that knowledge in to practice. Download the free training program at: http://ExoMountainGear.com/train


4 Jan 2018

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171 | Ryan Lampers on Elk Mistakes, High Country Bucks, and Gear That Matters

We are glad to have Ryan Lampers join us again on the podcast. This conversation with Ryan covers quite a few topics, including why most new elk hunters struggle to find success, how to effectively stalk high country mule deer, and what gear truly helps him hunt more effectively, and so much more.Don't forget to enter this month's giveaway from Easton Archery by visiting ExoMtnGear.com/podcastConnect with Ryan @sthealthyhunter and HuntHarvestHealth.com

1hr 4mins

24 Apr 2019

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166 | The Science of Scouting

Do you rely on digital resources to scout for new hunting areas? If so, you'll want to tune-in to this episode. Our guest, Dr. Everett Hanna, is a Wildlife Biologist and hunter that uses scientific and academic research data to help inform his scouting. Not a scientist or academic? Yeah, me either. Thankfully, Everett helps us ALL understand how to use these resources.Resources mentioned in the show...- https://scholar.google.com/- https://fwspubs.org/- https://journals.plos.org/plosone/ http://ExoMtnGear.com/podcast


20 Mar 2019

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130 | Selecting a Sleeping Bag or Quilt for Warmth and Comfort

How do you select "the one" right sleeping system for your needs? Should you choose a quilt or a sleeping bag? Down or synthetic? What's the ideal temperature rating? And can those temperature ratings be trusted? We cover all of this, and much more, in the latest #HuntBackcountry Podcast with Aaron from Katabatic Gear.Learn more at http://ExoMountainGear.com/podcast


13 Jun 2018

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121 | Grizzly Bear Survival and Defense Tactics

How should one defend themselves in a grizzly bear encounter? Better yet, how should they avoid that encounter in the first place. And in a defense scenario, should they use a firearm, bear spray, or something else altogether? If using a firearm for bear defense, what caliber and load should one choose? These questions, and more, are answered on this episode with Chris Forrest, owner of TACTIC MT, and instructor of their innovative "Surviving the Griz" course that educates, equips, and prepares outdoorsmen and women for surviving in Grizzly country.Learn more at ExoMountainGear.com/podcast

1hr 3mins

18 Apr 2018

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188 | ELK WEEK - How to find elk...

Welcome to ELK WEEK! This is the first of 5 back-to-back episodes answering your questions about elk hunting. Our roundtable of guests include Dan Staton (ElkShape.com), Corey Jacobsen (Elk101.com), Trent Fisher (BornAndRaisedOutdoors.com), and Paul Medel (ElkNut.com).In this episode we tackle the topic of finding elk. After all, before you can kill an elk, you have to find them, right? Tune-in and hear how these experienced elk hunters have learned to find elk.Visit ExoMtnGear.com/podcast to enter in the August 2019 giveaway for a custom Benchmade + Exo Mtn Gear knife.


19 Aug 2019

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102 | Stealth, Stalking, and Shooting Lessons from a Special Operator

Our guest for this episode, Eddie Edmondson, is a 20+ year veteran of Special Operations in the United States military. Eddie continues to work as a trainer and shooting instructor, while also pursuing his passion of big game hunting. Eddie's combined experience in the military and in hunting endeavors has given him incredible insight that he shares with us on this episode, as we discuss topics like stealth, stalking, shooting, mindset, and much more.Also, don't forget to enter the 100th Episode Giveaway to have your chance at winning an Exo Mountain Gear pack and over a dozen other prizes. Enter now at http://ExoMountainGear.com/podcast.

1hr 10mins

15 Nov 2017

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173 | How To Be A Better Mountain Hunter with Greg McHale

Greg McHale has spent years testing himself in the mountains — not only while hunting, but also in the pursuit of climbing, adventure racing, and more. Based on Greg's experience, he identified 7 ways to be a better mountain hunter. We begin the conversation on this topic, but did not make it through all 7 points, so be sure to check out Greg's YouTube Channel to see videos on each of the points: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrJ_aNEZSuBPjktB4tVV78A/. You can also learn more about Greg and his show, Wild Yukon, at https://GregMcHalesWildYukon.com/ http://ExoMtnGear.com

1hr 1min

8 May 2019

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063 | Beginner Basics Q&A, Part I

There are no stupid questions. And, hopefully, there are no stupid answers in this Q&A episode of the Hunt Backcountry podcast. Mark, Steve, and Lenny tackle a variety of listener questions. We discuss hunting on public land, what state to choose for your first western hunt, how to deal with other hunters while on public land, how to select a camp site, advice for sleeping in the backcountry, and a whole lot more. Submit your question for future episodes to podcast@exomountaingear.com. Thanks for listening!


18 Jan 2017

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206 | Why Backcountry?

Why is this the Hunt "Backcountry" podcast? What is it about backcountry hunting that inspires us, challenges us, and ultimately in some ways defines us? If you're an experienced backcountry hunter, you will surely relate to many of the things discussed in this episode. If you are new to backcountry hunting, you'll hear why the pursuit is so worthwhile.https://exomtngear.com/podcast


8 Jan 2020

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