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Welcome to the Dietitians Unplugged Podcast with Aaron Flores and Glenys Oyston.  Join us as we explore the idea of health and wellness from a new perspective. Each episode we will discuss topics that we hope to help you improve your health, body image and fitness without obsessing on the scale or counting calories.  We believe in Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, and body positivity and we want to help you build the confidence to ditch the scale, and embrace your health without shaming your body.

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Episode 12 - This American Life: Tell Me I'm Fat

Aaron and Glenys take an extended look into a recent episode of This American Life, "Tell Me I'm Fat" They discuss each chapter of the episode and share their thoughts on some of the themes and messages that are covered.  It is was a controversial subject for some in the fat acceptance world and so Glenys and Aaron share their unique perspective on the topic. 


13 Jul 2016

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Episode 76 - Eating Disorders, Orthorexia and Aging with Meg Bradbury

Aaron and Glenys welcomed Meg Bradbury to the Dietitians Unplugged podcast! Meg Bradbury is a Certified Body Trust Provider®, anti-diet nutritionist, Accessible Yoga® Teacher, and registered Yoga Alliance yoga and meditation teacher. Meg is in private practice working with individuals, groups, and families, advocating for body acceptance, eating disorder/disordered eating/body shame recovery, freedom with food, joyful movement, and stillness/breathwork. She also co-leads the Elderqueer project, an online gathering space for 40+ queers to connect and build community through conversations about aging in body, relationships, emotions, transitions, trust, and cultural relevance. Meg’s practice is fat positive, weight neutral, and LGBTQIA+ affirming. As an eating disorder survivor, Meg’s work is centered in the tenets of Relational Cultural Therapy; she holds space for clients of all ages with compassion, empathy, and humor. In this episode, they discussed: Meg’s experience of developing an eating disorder What is orthorexia, and how it took over her life Why orthorexia has become so pervasive in our culture The effects of aging on eating disorders The tyranny of the anti-aging industrial complex Using breath and yoga to connect with the body Find Meg here Elderqueer Instagram: lamplight.space More about Glenys More about Aaron


21 May 2020

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Episode 39 - Is Sugar Addiction a Real Thing? with Tiffany Haug

Ever wonder if you’re addicted to sugar? Or some other kind of food? Aaron and Glenys talk to Tiffany Haug, MS, RD, EDOC, who breaks down the science of addiction and why your diet history makes all the difference in how you approach highly palatable foods. Tiffany also talks about the problem with how food addiction is studied and the problems with the Yale Food Addiction Scale. Find Tiffany Haug here More About Aaron: www.bvmrd.com More About Glenys: www.daretonotdiet.com


15 May 2018

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Episode 3 - Oprah and Weight Watchers

In our latest episode of Dietitians Unplugged, we discuss the recent partnership between Oprah Winfrey and Weight Watchers. We share our thoughts on why this agreement comes as such a surprise to us especially given Oprah's most recent attempts to help empower women in such a profound way.  


14 Dec 2015

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Episode 75 - Body Image, Anxiety, and Food Stress during COVID-19

Aaron and Glenys reach out to you from home during the global COVID-19 pandemic. This is a time of stress and fear for everyone, and it can really bring up a lot of distress around body image, food insecurity and scarcity, and eating in general. In this episode they discuss: Their personal experiences of navigating scarcity at the grocery stores and the emotional roller coaster they’ve both been on The hard work and ingenuity their clients and so many others are putting into their healing while stuck at home The uptick in body image issues and how many of us use worries about food and body as a way to control anxiety and distract from bigger worries Dealing with anxiety and difficult feelings during this time How we can use this time to feel better about our bodies How some people actually find themselves thriving in the slowed pace How diet culture doesn’t go away even in extreme times of uncertainty and worry Show notes: Virtual meal support on Instagram: @covid19eatingsupport Article: Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure – great advice for dealing with traumatic times Headspace is offering free support during the global pandemic Other meditation apps: Insight Timer, Calm


8 Apr 2020

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Episode 49 - Why Your Weight Loss Diet is a Bad Idea

It’s the new year and self-improvement is on the minds of many. For some, that translates to going on a diet and weight loss. Aaron and Glenys are here to tell you why that might not be such a great idea, and what you can do instead. They discuss the failure rate of weight loss diets, why the body’s biology and psychology fight weight loss, and how diet culture upholds body oppression. This rant will get you fired up for the year and ready to take on self-care from a place of true self-compassion. Show notes: 12 Reasons to Ditch the Diet Mentality on Huffington Post This is a great blog post by our last guest, Dr. Linda Baggett: 10 Reasons to Ditch Dieting in 2019 Aaron’s Men’s Body Trust Group starts January http://www.bvmrd.com/groups Glenys’ HAES for Diabetes Group starts in March – get on the list for updates straight to your inbox https://www.bodykindnessbook.com/haescarefordiabetes More about Aaron http://www.bvmrd.com/ More about Glenys https://daretonotdiet.wordpress.com/


4 Jan 2019

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Episode 26 - Isabel Foxen Duke Teaches us How to Stop Fighting Food

Aaron and Glenys talk with Isabel Foxen Duke about emotional eating, addiction, and yes, sex, in this fantastic episode of Dietitians Unplugged. Isabel is the creator of the free video training program Stop Fighting Food  —a free video training program for women who want to "stop feeling crazy around food." After years of trying to overcome emotional eating, binge-eating and chronic weight-cycling through traditional and alternative approaches, Isabel discovered some radical new ways to get women over their "food issues" once and for all—not just by shifting the mindsets of individuals, but by challenging the dominant diet culture as a whole.  Discussed in this episode: Marc David Book: Calories and Corsets: A History of Dieting over 2000 Years Stop Fighting Food Free Video Training Program More about Glenys More about Aaron

1hr 6mins

21 Aug 2017

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Episode 56 - Sick Enough with Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani

Aaron and Glenys were thrilled to talk to Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani of the Gaudiani Clinic in Denver, CO which provides in-person and telehealth care to people with current or a history of eating disorders. Dr. G is also the author of the book Sick Enough, a Guide to the Medical Complications of Eating Disorders. She talked to us about her journey to becoming a HAES-aligned doctor, and how she realized that HAES is the only ethical way to treat patients, especially those in larger bodies. She explains her "house on fire" analogy which helps those who struggle to understand that they are already sick enough with their eating disorder. We think everyone will benefit from listening to this podcast - patients and doctors alike. Gaudiani Clinic Sick Enough, a Guide to the Medical Complications of Eating Disorders More about Aaron www.bvmrd.com More about Glenys www.daretonotdiet.com

1hr 1min

23 Apr 2019

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Episode 31 - From Eating Disorder to Intuitive Eating with Robyn Goldberg, RD

Aaron and Glenys talk to their friend, dietitian Robyn Goldberg, about eating disorders and the progression people take to intuitive eating. We discuss learning to connect with body signals, finding satisfaction with food, the challenges of being in a larger body with an ED, the resistance of health care practitioners to Health at Every Size® and more in this informative episode.  Learn more about Robyn at her webiste: AskAboutFood.com Follow Robyn on Instagram: @RobynGoldbergRDN Glenys' online course that she mentions is availble for a January start at a low price now! Find out more about the Dare to Eat Online Program. More about Aaron More about Glenys


16 Dec 2017

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Episode 40 - Body Image Work is Crucial

Should dietitians talk about body image with their clients? Aaron and Glenys discuss how this can be a difficult topic to broach with clients, but how it is essential to the work of making peace with food. Both share their experiences in talking about body image and weight stigma with clients and how it helps to move the work of finding peace with food forward. Aaron and Glenys also do a quick review of how they ended up at a place of Health at Every Size in their personal lives and in their work and the new perspectives they’ve gained through creating this podcast. Shout-outs in this episode: Marci Evans, RD and Fiona Sutherland, APD for their amazing Body Image Workshop More About Aaron: www.bvmrd.com More About Glenys: www.daretonotdiet.com


21 May 2018

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Episode 61 - Grieving the Thin Ideal for Body Acceptance with Meredith Noble

Glenys and Aaron invite Meredith Noble of Made on a Generous Plan to the show to discuss a blog post she wrote a while back that our hosts love and refer to frequently. Meredith, a Certified Body Trust® Provider and coach who helps plus-size and fat-identifying people find food and body peace and fat liberation, wrote a poignant essay about how grieving the thin ideal is essential in our body acceptance journey. Glenys and Aaron have been sharing this article with clients for a long time so it was such a pleasure to have Meredith come on the show and take a deep dive into this work and what it looks like. Meredith also shared her number one tip for improving your body image. You won't want to miss this episode. Learn more about Meredith Noble Merideth's Essay - Body Acceptance Begins with Grieving the Thin Ideal Jeanne Courtney's Article that inspired this work Kate Harding's "The Fantasy of Being Thin" Learn more about Aaron's Mens Body Trust Group Learn more about Glenys Dare to Not Diet Sign up for updates about the upcoming HAES Care for Diabetes Program


11 Jul 2019

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Episode 30 - Dr. Linda Bacon Talks Body Respect

Aaron and Glenys talk to Dr. Linda Bacon, professor, researcher, acclaimed international speaker, and author of the two best-selling books, Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, or Just Plain Fail to Understand about Weight, (co-authored with Dr. Lucy Aphramor), and Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight. Dr. Bacon is changing lives through her teaching, research, writing, and transformative workshops and seminars. In this episode, we talk about her experience teaching from a weight inclusive perspective, creating brave spaces, self-compassion, and building community. www.lindabacon.org www.lindabaconspeaks.com More about Glenys www.daretonotdiet.com More about Aaron www.bvmrd.com


4 Dec 2017

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Episode 4 - Will I ever lose weight as an intuitive eater?

In this episode, Dietitians Unplugged hosts, Aaron and Glenys explore the common question , "Will I ever lose weight as an intuitive eater?"  It's something many people wonder about and this episode will help you understand why weight is not a central goal of Intuitive Eating.  Aaron and Glenys also give a brief update on Oprah's partnership with Weight Watchers which was discussed in detail in Episode 3. 


12 Jan 2016

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Episode 68 - Cults and Diet Culture with Dr. Natalie Feinblatt

Has diet culture become a cult? Aaron and Glenys welcome therapist Dr. Natalie Feinblatt to the show to talk about the similarities between cults and diet culture. As a therapist who specializes in working with people who have left cults, Dr. Feinblatt compares and contrasts cults with dieting, and leaves us with some useful tools to assess if we are caught up in the cult of dieting. This was a fascinating and interesting angle on diet culture and we learned so much in this episode. We think you will too! Dr. Natalie Feinblatt is a licensed clinical psychologist who sees clients in Los Angeles and virtually.  She specializes in treating addiction, trauma, co-occurring disorders, LGBTQIA clients, and former cult members.  She's been working in the field of mental health for over 15 years at all levels of care, and earned her doctorate at Pepperdine University.  You can learn more about her practice at her website, drnataliefeinblatt.com. Show Notes: Dr. Natalie Feinblatt's website Dr. Natalie Feinblatt on Instagram Book: Diet Cults by Matt Fitzgerald More about Aaron bvmrd.com More about Glenys daretonotdiet.com


3 Nov 2019

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Episode 47 - Binge Eating Disorder: A Journey to Recovery and Beyond with Chevese Turner and Amy Pershing

In this episode, Aaron and Glenys interviewed two leaders in the Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and Health at Every Size® community, Amy Pershing and Chevese Turner to discuss their new book Binge Eating Disorder: A Journey to Recovery and Beyond. They discuss the book and share valuable insights into the treatment and recovery from BED.  These two people have so much wisdom and this is a must listen for any clinician or individual who wants to know more about the treatment of BED.   Binge Eating Disorder: A Journey to Recovery and Beyond website www.bedrecovery.com Amazon link to buy the book NEDA Website www.nationaleatingdisorders.org Amy Pershing's Bodywise Program www.thebodywiseprogram.com More about Aaron www.bvmrd.com More about Glenys www.daretonotdiet.com


16 Nov 2018

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Episode 64 - Will I Ever Stop Gaining Weight?

Aaron and Glenys tackle an oft-heard fear from many of their clients: "I'm afraid I'll never stop gaining weight!" Thanks to societal weight stigma, we understand why anyone would have this fear. And we know, both professionally and personally, that there are also real differences between smaller bodies and larger bodies, from movement to clothes shopping, from sweating to knee pain. In this episode, we offer our compassion for this fear and also some real-life solutions to some of the challenges of living bigger. Show notes: Undersummers Slip Shorts https://www.undersummers.com/  Other anti-chafing solutions: https://www.buzzfeed.com/nataliebrown/best-anti-chafing-products-save-your-thighs Coach Cinder Ernst offers Plus Size Knee Pain Solutions More about Aaron www.bvmrd.com More about Glenys www.daretonotdiet.com


20 Aug 2019

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Episode 70 - Emotional Eating, Overeating and Holiday Eating

Aaron and Glenys talk about the issues that are on people's minds at this time of year - emotional eating, overeating and how all that ties into holiday eating. What is emotional eating? Is overeating okay? How do we get through the holidays when food is such a challenge for us? BONUS: Aaron gives his tips for flying while fat.  Show notes: Investigate the best seats on Seat Guru Ragen Chastain has written about fat discrimination by airlines, and what can help More about Aaron More about Glenys


3 Dec 2019

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Episode 51 - When Caring About Food Becomes Orthorexia

Aaron and Glenys tackle the topic of orthorexia. Orthorexia, while not an official eating disorder, describes the the obsessive behavior that some people develop in pursuing a "healthy" diet. Like any eating disorder, it can be complex and involve other mental health issues, such as anxiety disorders. And while most people don't have orthorexia, your hosts see more and more people showing up in their practices who are suffering from symptoms of orthorexia linked to years of chronic dieting - and it's not helping their health in any way.  Show notes: Read the blog that inspired this episode Need help with diabetes management from a HAES perspective? Register now for HAES Care for Diabetes, starting in March! More about Aaron www.bvmrd.com More about Glenys www.daretonotdiet.com 


14 Feb 2019

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Episode 11 - Tips for Living a Non Diet Life

In this latest episode of Dietitians Unplugged, Glenys and Aaron answer a listener's question, "If you are going to stop dieting, how are you going to eat normally again?" Glenys and Aaron will give you some valuable tips to help you stop living a life based on dieting and food rules and start your non-diet approach to eating.  They offer you a variety of different tips that are sure to get you going and learning to trust your body and make peace with food. 


1 Jul 2016

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Episode 74 - Being Okay with Discomfort with Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson, MS, RD joined Aaron and Glenys to generously share her wisdom about how we need to create more inclusivity in the non-diet, Health at Every Size and eating disorder worlds. She talked about the inadequacy of dietetics education around trauma and what real nutrition looks like (vs the “calories in/calories out” paradigm). She also discussed her past involvement with the Health at Every Size Movement and the challenges with there, including an early lack of inclusivity beyond body size, and what needs to happen to continue to help create forward movement in the area of social justice. Jessica Wilson is a Registered Dietitian working in private practice, and with the college population. In private practice she works with clients to learn to eat without having a road map for their choices, and instead to learn to become fun and flexible in their eating habits. In her consultation she drives progress and advancement in the eating disorder field by fostering curiosity, building capacity for change, and inviting constructive challenge. She centers and elevates the narratives and lived experiences of individuals with marginalized identities and honors that our bodies and our histories inform how each of us show up and share space. Show notes: Learn more about Jessica Wilson Follow Jessica on Instagram! More about Glenys More about Aaron

1hr 6mins

16 Mar 2020

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