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HDTV Technology Review 2005

This report reviews new H/DTV products and the industry in general, and is intended to help consumers on purchases and upgrades of H/DTV technology. The document is a follow up of the CES 2004 report; the majority of the equipment included on that report is still currently available to consumers. All types of monitors and integrated H/DTVs are covered on this report, including RPTV (rear projection), FPTV (front projection), Direct-view, Plasmas (PDP), DLP, LCD, LCoS, D-ILA, SXRD, SED, etc.

31 Jan 2005

Rank #1

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HDTV Technology Review 2004

This report summarizes what is new in DTV related products, to help consumers regarding new purchases and upgrades of DTV technology, and with emphasis on HDTV. Hundreds of DTV related pieces of equipment are included on this report, with specifications and features that could facilitate comparisons with other models. The report also highlights manufacturing trends on adopting or abandoning certain technologies (such as the dramatic increase of flat panel displays relative to last year, and relative to CRT).

31 Jan 2004

Rank #2

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HDTV Technology Review 2003

Over 700 pieces of DTV related equipment are included on this report, I could not possibly review all specifications in detail, but an effort was made to cover and specify enough features to facilitate some comparisons and to help you determine if current and future 2003 DTV models would suit your needs when they become available.

31 Jan 2003

Rank #3