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the dark and lovely project is a multidisc series of deep, soulful, underground house music and electronica compilations. the syncopated rhythms, lush soundscapes, and ambient interludes of dark and lovely invite you to--in the words of diamondancer --"elevate your mind and set your body free." featured artists and remixers include the messenger, bioground, soulphiction, imotion, moodyman, beat pharmacy, theo parrish, osunlade, roy ayers, boobjazz, sunkiss, spiritual blessings, dj rasoul, afefe iku, shur-i-kan, mo' horizons, fred everything, the timewriter, karizma, dj aakmael, jimpster, dubtribe sound system, kevin yost, julius papp, the rurals, kelvin k, arnold jarvis, c&m productions, frankie knuckles, mike dunn, deep ya'll, baaz, and urulu.

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Dark and Lovely: Hands of Time

1 stream of consciousness | jennifa mayanja02 hang around [karizma's kaytronic dub] | ben westbeech03 love addiction | bioground featuring alexandra hamnede04 stormy day [L8 remix] | filthy rich & damon trueitt05 like it used 2 b [altered vibe mix] | brothers' vibe06 flygroove | iz + diz07 inspiration point | mood swing08 endless dance [karizma remix dub] | markus enochson09 all over | anthony nicholson10 six million pintade | pepe bradock11 let's be young [trackheadz mix] | quentin harris12 remember | trackheadz13 happiness | sylvester14 god is trying to tell you something | shirley caesar15 thunder | mother nature16 be what i wanna be | from p60 featuring virag

1hr 16mins

9 Mar 2014

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Dark and Lovely: When Night Eclipses Day

TRACKLIST01 placid angels | john beltran presents nostalgic02 you & me | little big bee03 like music [dub mix] | the jinks featuring zodiac04 the message | johnny fiasco05 the bar |dick dickler featuring eq the xtc queen06 beatport [beat pharmacy deep house mix] | christian paduraru07 after the club | tommy bones08 always with u | imotion09 taxing my soul [bioground's exquisite dub] | bioground10 amor unico | kevin yost11 deeper tonight | imotion12 untouchable | bvdub

1hr 16mins

9 Mar 2014

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Dark and Lovely: Heartbeat

TRACKLIST01 some people | fading soul02 miles | cassique03 care with love | markus kirchner04 the waiting game | reagan grey05 desire [jose carretas dub] | bopstar featuring zara mcfarlane06 the whistle song redirected | frankie knuckles07 to believe in | mauro b & gerard c08 long way [ksky chillin mix] | mhb crew09 i need you so much | moodyman10 them things we do | modern walker11 back on the planet | dionne [just von ahlefeld]12 i love you alex | omar s13 i've got a new world | tim vita14 i am afrikan [deep ancestral mix] | shakes

1hr 16mins

14 Nov 2013

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Dark and Lovely: Escarpment

TRACKLIST01 mood worlds [jakobin & domino remix] | deep y'all feat. lady funk 02 love song [exclusive extended mix] | astraglide feat. tuesday03 across the sky | urulu04 obsessed | soundscape05 time indefinitely | deepmonoteque06 this feeling | tony lionni07 i got you | sun 308 behind the door | deepoint09 underground rainbow | h@k10 sunset | troner11 night camping | nomad foundation12 just like music [squeeze deep underground mix] | miss luna, q derhino13 i love you alex | omar s14 salty days | smallpeople15 dream 2 science | dream 2 science

1hr 13mins

30 Dec 2012

Rank #4

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dark and lovely: interior

01 wearing shoes | memories02 cosmonection - you [session mix]03 jitwam - enchanté04 blaze | gloria's muse [dk's beat dub]05 gorge moog, nikos zougras, zan k | lies [fading soul remix]06 kelly g | feels good [so you can play with knobs mix]07 saison | one day08 the grove beats ensemble, robert owens, reelsoul | let me help you [reelsoul space lab dub]09 jt donaldson | pain 10 hotmood | you are my baby 11 underdog edits | love is da drug [underdog edit]12 horsemen | early morning goodbye13 riohv | nowhere now14 monsier jean | have we made it so far

1hr 17mins

12 Apr 2020

Rank #5