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Go behind-the-scenes of Blimey Cow and get to know the people behind the YouTube channel! Jordan, Kelli, and Josh chat about life on this biweekly podcast.

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003: What Makes a Good Story?

Jordan, Kelli, and Josh talk about what makes a story good, and Josh interviews Adventures in Odyssey co-creator, Phil Lollar, about his new audio drama Iliad House.


6 Aug 2013

Rank #1

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037: Joking with a Hint of Truth

We discuss a secret project that Jordan has been working on!


6 Nov 2014

Rank #2

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038: Animation Project Details!

Jordan shares details about his upcoming animation project.


21 Nov 2014

Rank #3

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059: Snapchat, Disney World, and Brother Brother Time

We talk Disney World, Snapchat, and Brother Brother Time!


4 Oct 2015

Rank #4

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005: Our Favorite Board Games

In celebration of the launch of Blimey Cow's new podcast "The Fellowship Gamer", Jordan, Kelli, and Josh talk about their favorite board games to play.


3 Sep 2013

Rank #5

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032: #Hashtag Returns! And Speech Jammer!

#Hashtag returns! And we play Speech Jammer!


11 Sep 2014

Rank #6

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031: A Podcast about Nothing. You've Been Warned.

Jordan and Josh just ramble about nothing for thirty minutes. You've been warned.


28 Aug 2014

Rank #7

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019: Conspiracy Theories and General Paranoia

Without Kelli there to rein them in, Jordan, Josh, and Kevin go off the rails rant about conspiracy theories.


27 Mar 2014

Rank #8

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027: Youth Group Cliches, Girl Meets World, Podcasting

Josh talks about the upcoming video "The Top 15 Youth Group Cliches," discusses why he's loving the new show "Girl Meets World," and gives an update on the state of the Blimey Cow Audio Network.


19 Jul 2014

Rank #9

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055: Relient K Retweeted Josh and He's Freaking Out

Relient K retweeted Josh! Plus, we got a sound board! Get ready for SOUND EFFECTS!


2 Aug 2015

Rank #10

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012: Christmas Special, #Hashtag

We talk about creating our Christmas Special, and we play #Hashtag!


10 Dec 2013

Rank #11

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009: The Problem with Modern Video Games

We recently released a video called "Problems with Modern Video Games" and got some flack for our opinion. In this episode of the podcast, we expand on that video and go a little bit deeper into the problems with modern videos.


29 Oct 2013

Rank #12

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023: Jordan's New Hobby, Upcoming Videos, and Listener Questions

We talk about Jordan's new hobby, some upcoming videos, and answer some listener questions.


23 May 2014

Rank #13

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Kelli's Haircut, Josh's Glasses, Jordan Loves Vsauce

Kelli talks about her new 'do. Josh talks about a traumatic experience. Jordan shares his love for the YouTube channel Vsauce.


31 Jan 2014

Rank #14

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010: Creating Music

Jordan discussing the creative process behind his upcoming CD, and Josh interviews Jeff Martin (Formerly of the band This Day & Age, and current member of the band Pompton Lakes).


12 Nov 2013

Rank #15

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028: BONUS EPISODE! Questions and Answers with josh and Kelli!

BONUS EPISODE! Josh and Kelli answer listener questions!


20 Jul 2014

Rank #16

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026: Jordan's Gardening Obsession, Josh's Survivor Obsession, & a Patreon Update!

Jordan and Kelli return to the show! We talk about a little bit of everything.


4 Jul 2014

Rank #17

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058: Recorded Live on Periscope!

Jordan's out of town and Kelli's under the weather, so Josh decided to try something new with the podcast. Recorded live on Periscope!


18 Sep 2015

Rank #18

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022: Jordan's Back!

Jordan returns to the podcast, and we discuss the future!


9 May 2014

Rank #19

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Ranting about Sports (Don't Hate Us)

We somehow end up talking about violence in sports. Not really sure how that happened. Don't hate us.


27 Feb 2014

Rank #20