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Vince Del Monte is an entrepreneur, author, pro fitness model and has helped tens of thousands of men transform their bodies and lives through muscle, health and fitness. The goal of the Vince Del Monte Show is to share raw and real experiences, lessons and timeless principles every man needs to master the 5 M's of becoming a better man. By hearing conversations with legends such as Bedros Keuilian, Ryan Lee, Craig Ballantyne, Dan Lok, and Lewis Howes you'll build muscle faster, achieve a winners mindset, make more money, dominate your mission and go the distance with your marriage. Connect and follow Vinces daily content Instagram @vincedelmonte

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Stan Efferding Explains The Vertical Diet, Legit Performance "Hacks" & Business Lessons from Shark Tank

You may want to grab a pen and paper for this episode because Vince sits down with Stan Efferding, the world's strongest bodybuilder! If you’re not familiar with Stan, he’s an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, a world record holding powerlifter, and one of only 10 men to ever total 2300 pounds RAW in competition. Plus, he’s the founder of the Vertical Diet, a powerful protocol I think you’ll be eager to begin implementing as soon as you’re done listening to this. And since this podcast is dedicated to helping you maximize ALL 5 M’s of Manhood… We dive into Stan’s business to talk about some of his biggest takeaways from growing a multi-million dollar company, securing a deal on Shark Tank, and what’s ACTUALLY important when it comes to moving the needle on your goals. You’re not going to want to miss this episode! “You have to eliminate the source of the problem.” - Stan Time Stamps:  7:05 - Why sleep is so important 12:48 - Powerful effects of 10-minute walks every day 17:19 - Keeping track of measurements in the gym (And in business) 27:45 - Food you might want to avoid (or consume) 36:32 - Optimal meal frequency 41:08 - Foundations of The Vertical Diet 45:34 - Stan’s biggest business successes 56:35 - Learnings from Daymond John and Shark Tank 59:30 - More content, more sales (Key to growth) Resources: realsalt.com Vertical Diet Connect with Stan Efferding: Instagram Facebook Website Connect with Vince Del Monte: Facebook Instagram YouTube Website link

1hr 11mins

13 Nov 2018

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