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Trevor Byrne and regular guests discuss current, future, and past automotive topics at length. The twist, he's Canadian.Find us everywhere on the web @thebucketseat.

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Brendan Fallis

In this episode I speak with Brendan Fallis. You can find him everywhere on Instagram and Youtube, but if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find him where he’s most at home, behind a mixer and turntables.He's a man of many passions, and has made his way into the automotive world in NY over the last few years. His design taste is resoundingly apparent in all facets of his business, ranging from fashion and spirits, to architecture and automotive - a fascinating man in so many respects. 


10 Dec 2019

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Luftgekühlt with Laurance

An indulgent episode. I'm back] with a very good friend of the show, Laurance Yap, and we're all set to talk about Laurance's experience at the somewhat newfound pilgrimage to california for an air-cooled love fest many of you know as Luftgekühlt. 


25 May 2018

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PASMAG v.s. The Wind

This past weekend I was on location for the second time, at Fitted Toronto's 9th annual event. Serious kudos to David Soo and Arthur for the near decade of running such a successful event. While at Fitted my first two guests are Senior Editor Micky Slinger, and Associate Editor Adam Gordon from Performance Auto & Sound Magazine (PASMAG). These guys undoubtedly have an endless supply of cool car stories, and that was apparent after the first few minutes of talking to them. So I tried to dig into some top level topics about the magazine, and then as I always do,  get to know what it was that got them into cars in the first place. A quick apology for the wind noise and fluctuating volume levels of this episode. I was working with a brand new rig, made a rookie mistake and didnt have proper wind covers for my lav mics...... as a result I ended up fighting to regulate the levels the whole time. 


29 May 2018

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Olivia Scaffidi: Photographer & Writer

In this episode my guest is Olivia Scaffidi, a super talented automotive photographer, writer, and complete gear head. She takes us through the things that inspire her in the automotive world, the impressive body of work she's developed relatively quickly since beginning her time as a photographer, and how she's been able to work here way into the tightly knit muscle car community to shoot & document some seriously cool cars across north america. 


5 Feb 2019

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The Drift Judge: Ryan Lanteigne

Ryan is an incredibly interesting (and Canadian) individual who I came across in another automotive podcast, (go figure), called Maximum Driftcast - a show that you can very easily find yourself being lead down the rabbit hole of drifting.  So Ryan came up as a person of interest to me through a lot of conversation about his involvement with the FIA and how its role plays out in the motorsport of drifting.... his clout in this role comes from years upon years of judging drifting across the globe, piloting his own drift car once-upon-a-time, and generally being a celebrity figure in the drift scene due to his tremendous knowledge and experience.  If you've ever wanted a peak behind the curtain of drifting, from one of the most qualified to reveal it, this is certainly going to be an episode for you.


18 Dec 2018

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Gary Klutt - NASCARnext Driver

Gary has an incredibly interesting background in the automotive industry, and has been around some of the most interesting cars that have been built, found, and restored in this country - so it's no wonder he ended up behind the wheel of an incredibly fast one, as a professional race driver in the NASCARnext series. 


14 Feb 2019

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The Founders: Radwood LA 2018

Having the opportunity to sit down with the founders of Radwood was humbling, gratifying, and inspiring all at the same time. These guys have put so much on the line to make Radwood such a phenomenon, and although I tried not to pour my heart out about it, the commitment they've made to stoking the fires of automotive enthusiasm should continue to be celebrated - just as they've done, with Radwood. Radwood Guests: Lane Skelton - DWA!, Art Cervantes - DWA!, Warren Madsen - DWA!, Rick Deacon - ClutchKick, Mikey Kepler - ClutchKick, Bradley Brownell - Writer Extraordinaire 

1hr 11mins

11 Dec 2018

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The Shooter: Keiron Berndt

Keiron is an automotive photographer who ended up on my radar solely through his work. I'd certainly admired it through multiple media outlets, but really zeroed in on him through his work for speedhunters. Finding him online is easy, seriously, just google Keiron Berndt - and you'll be overwhelmed by the combination of volume and quality that he has produced over the years. He has an photographic style that you can't deny, and a eye for those moments where we all wish we had camera in hand. It's behind the scenes, but from the front lines..... for as much sense as that makes. 


26 Feb 2019

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I give a pretty clear description once the episode begins, so I'll leave it to you to stay tuned for episode 49, on Oblivion: The 80's and 90's Car and Culture show, being held on August 25th in Milton, Ontario. You'll recognize Justin Sookraj's voice from a previous episode back in September 2017 - but we have a completely different topic this time around....... we're going back. 


15 Aug 2018

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Peter Klutt - Legendary Motorcar

I am very excited to share with you the story of Peter Klutt. Peter is the founder of Legendary Motorcar, and I’ve wanted to speak to him since the day I first started this show. In fact, I wanted to have a good excuse to speak with him LONG before The Bucket Seat existed. So, I hope that you’re settled in, and are ready to be taken for a journey down the path of LMC, with the legend himself, Peter Klutt.  


27 Nov 2019

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In this episode I chat with Kyle Patrick, Editor in Chief of GTPlanet. As the name probably leads you to believe, GT being Gran Turismo originally, this episode is about the online world of cars, racing, and the tremendous amount of enthusiasm that is had for them around the world.  We touch on trends in the gaming world, how the online world is integrating some pretty incredible technology to give drivers in simulators, some of the same feedback we experience in the real world. Force feedback wheels are one thing, but beginning to feel understeer in a wheel set up is pretty damn cool if you ask me. We finish with what Kyle and GTPlanet have evolved into, which keeps its roots in Gran Turismo and the gaming world, but is now impressively crossing over into how cars are behaving in the real world too. 

1hr 6mins

13 Jun 2018

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$15k Used Car Challenge

Happy New Year! I'm in a remote location, and forgot my hard drive full of my guest interviews, so the first of this year is going to be a return to the $15,000 Used Car Challenge. Back to your regularily scheduled programming next tuesday! Enjoy.


1 Jan 2019

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Paris Motor Show avec Jodi Lai

Enjoy the breakdown of the Paris Motor Show with Jodi Lai, Editor-in-cheif at Autoguide.com. It's a great conversation about the show, what you'd expect to see there, and who you wouldn't see there. We also nerd out on our love for wagons, and I drool over the fact that she rolled up to the recording in a HELLCAT! 


10 Jan 2019

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IMSA Racing 101: Laurance Yap

It’s episode 63, and long time friend Laurance Yap is back on the show. He’s here this time to share a glimpse into the fascinating world of current day IMSA racing.  If you don’t know what IMSa stands for, listen in to the first moments of the show and you’ll have your answer. I'’m really lucky to have someone like Laurance continue to share some of his experiences with us all. The education continues in this episode.  

1hr 3mins

17 Dec 2019

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Goodwood Festival of Speed ft. Laurance Yap

In this episode of The Bucket Seat Podcast, I have the one and only Laurance Yap back on the show, for a whopping 4th visit - and this time he is back to let us know what it is like to experience the Goodwood Festival of speed, firsthand.PS. my reference to hosting a Bucket Seat K1 Karting date has been postponed due to a nearly identical Trillium BMW club event - which I am participating in. Stay tuned for a future Bucket Seat karting hang! 


30 Jan 2019

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Adi Desai of Doubleclutch.ca

I had the pleasure of speaking with Adi Desai. the editor in chief of DoubleClutch.ca.  Adi has a ridiculous collection of cars, he co-hosts his own automotive podcast, and is generally a source for endless automotive conversation, in a good way. What I loved about our conversation is how Adi has a finger on the pulse of new cars in North America - but he's also quick to give you a history lesson on old benzs, hondas and lexusesssssssesssesssss....... Enjoy! 


15 Jan 2019

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Live at Drift Jam

I'm here with another episode, and in this one, I'm live on location at Drift Jam with Jover, and Devo. Drift Jam is without questions, one of the best events I've attended. Motorsport, or not. If you love drift, haven't ever experienced drift, or run events every week, you can't miss what these guys are putting on - its epic. 


21 Jun 2018

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David Soo & Fitted

I have a returning guest, Mr.David Soo, to discuss the topic of car shows. In particular we discuss a show that David's been curating for nearly a decade. The show, and the brad are called Fitted, and through the many years it has been running, David has learned a ton. And, just that Ton is what I wanted to talk to him about on this episode. So, stick around as we start at the beginning, and then dig into David's views of past, present, and future auto shows and events through the lense of his youthful yet veteran eyes. Enjoy! 

1hr 2mins

19 Apr 2018

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Jodi Lai & Autoguide

Jodi is the Editor-in-chief for AutoGuide. NO big deal. From coming home from the hospital in a 911SC, to a first article about a Honda Fit, to wheeling a Panamara Sport Turismo next week..... shes never stopped surrounding herself with cool cars, and I think we should all be thankful for that. So, enjoy getting to know Jodi, how she got into cars, Journalism, automotive journalism, and the journey that got her there. 


9 Apr 2018

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Reimagined By Singer

In my conversation with guest Faisal Huda,  we focus heavily on one specific vehicle of his..... known simply as The Toronto Commission. It's a seemingly innocuous name, but to those who understand the magnitude of this simple naming convention, know that it wreaks of the names Porsche, Singer, and it's founder of legendary status, Rob Dickinson. In this episode we discuss having a 911 reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design. It is glorious. Thanks for listening, and be sure to rate, review, and subscribe! 

1hr 7mins

26 Mar 2018

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