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Lecture 044: Capacitance

Capacitance is defined in the context of an arrangement of parallel plates. The electric field energy per unit volume is also derived.


9 Feb 2018

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Lecture 042: Parallel Conducting Plates

The electric potential between two parallel conducting plates of known surface charge density is discussed in detail. This example is of particular interest because it is used to illuminate the relationship between force, field, voltage and energy.


2 Feb 2018

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Lecture 041: Spherical Electrical Potentials

The integral that defines electric potential is evaluated in the context of two uniform, spherically symmetric charge distributions, the first of which results in the electric potential due to a point charge.


1 Feb 2018

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Lecture 025: Angular Momentum

The angular momentum of a point particle is defined and discussed in the context of a classic demonstration.


13 Nov 2017

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Lecture 004: The Friction Force

The nature of the generalized friction force and how to calculate it is presented in detail immediately followed by two essential problems; an object skidding to rest on a surface and the classic inclined plane. Particular focus is given to the inclined plane free body diagram and the system is described as a method for measuring coefficients of friction.


21 Sep 2017

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Lecture 102: Derivatives


6 Sep 2018

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Lecture 010: Gravitational Potential Energy

The general definition of work is discussed as a practical matter, followed by a derivation of the gravitational potential energy.


6 Oct 2017

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Lecture 028: The Motion of the Planets

A modern demonstration of the discovery that a one over r squared force law results in planetary motions that are ellipses in agreement with Kepler’s observations.


27 Nov 2017

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Lecture 009: Relativistic Energy

In a special lecture of the series the kinetic energy is derived once again, but this time with respect for the variation of the mass with velocity resulting in the famous mass-energy relation. It goes on so long, a classroom door is used for extra space.


5 Oct 2017

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Lecture 029: Harmonic Oscillation Part I

The problem of a mass connected to a spring is analyzed using Newton's 2nd law to reveal the harmonic oscillator differential equation which is then solved for the position, velocity and acceleration of the oscillator as a function of time. Arguments are made that such solutions are approximately true for any system for which there exists a potential energy minimum, provided the oscillation is small. Also, it is demonstrated that identical solutions are obtained for a mass hanging from a vertical spring by applying a thoughtful change in coordinate.


1 Dec 2017

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Lecture 031: Damped Oscillator

The harmonic oscillator is solved with a damping force proportional to the speed of the oscillator.


5 Dec 2017

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Lecture 021: Moments of Inertia Part I

The moments of inertia are calculated for a few simple cases; a point particle, a hoop, a rod about its center of mass and a rod about its end. General observations are made about the properties of the moment of inertia including a derivation of the parallel axis theorem.


2 Nov 2017

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Lecture 019: Rotational Kinematics

The kinematic quantities, position, velocity and acceleration, are cast into their rotational analogs.


31 Oct 2017

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Lecture 008: The Work Energy Theorem

In this, the introductory lecture on energy, the kinetic energy is derived using calculus by computing the effect of a force acting in the direction of motion. Energy is also described as a universal symmetry and some practical maters of its application are discussed.


4 Oct 2017

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Lecture 016: Elastic Collisions

The nature of elastic collisions is explored and it is pointed out that, by using mass ratios and coordinate systems in relative motion, all elastic collisions may be reduced to the collision of equal masses with one initially at rest.


23 Oct 2017

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Lecture 015: Conservation of Momentum

An example of the application of the conservation of momentum to a classic situation is described in detail. Newton's cradle is explained.


19 Oct 2017

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Lecture 026: Universal Gravitation

The formulation of Newton’s Universal Gravitational Law is explored in its historical context. After advice is given on applying the law, one of its consequences is revealed.


20 Nov 2017

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Lecture 023: Torque

Torque is demonstrated in the context of the classroom door and defined such that a rotational analog on Newton’s second law results. With this new version of the law, the problem of an Atwood’s machine with a massive pulley is solved.


6 Nov 2017

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Lecture 013: Linear Momentum

Momentum is introduced in the context of what Newton described as the quantity of motion. The second law is then cast into a momentum form, revealing the notion of impulse and the suggestion of momentum as a conserved quantity.


18 Oct 2017

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Lecture 040: Electric Potential

The Electrostatic Potential energy is derived from the work-energy theorem which leads, in turn to our definition of electric potential, the energy per unit charge.


31 Jan 2018

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