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Nine Graves

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The refusal on the part of many Catholics to accept the proven reality that the clerical ranks are dominated by homosexuals plays perfectly into the hands of those same clerics. Likewise, aside from denial, there is also widespread indifference, which, given the acceptance by most Catholics of the sexual revolution in their personal lives, can't really be all that surprising. 

For those who don't really care that their priest is a sodomite, there's not really much that can be said to convince them of how this undermines the Church. But, hopefully, some inroads can be made with those who are still persuadable (or at least open to learning) about where we are as a Church right now and how we got here. And, for the record, we are in a state of total decline — spiraling further downward every day.

And Pollyanna dreams and statements like "Oh, but the young priests wear cassocks" or "The young priests are more orthodox" or "More people are going to the Latin Mass" just don't cut it. On the question of more faithful young priests, there is more required of a priest in these tumultuous times than just his own personal belief and faithfulness. Saint John Paul personally believed the Faith, clung to it, loved it, lived it, and yet, the Church imploded on his watch.

While it's true that the seeds of much of what went wrong when he was pope were planted decades before, it nonetheless remains the case that he almost entirely missed the boat when it came to dismantling the anti-church. In fact, many of the men whose names we report on regularly — gay bishops, homosexualist theologians and so forth — all rose to prominence under John Paul, with many of them actually being promoted by him personally.

Personal orthodox faith is insufficient on its own if it doesn't translate into action on the part of leaders.

For example, Donald Wuerl was made a bishop directly by Pope John Paul in St. Peter's in 1986. Blase Cupich was made bishop by Pope John Paul in 1998. This isn't to knock John Paul; it's to make the argument that good, solid personal orthodox faith is insufficient on its own if it doesn't translate into action on the part of leaders, something true even for a pope. So if it's true for a pope, how much more is it true for a little ol' priest in the middle of nowhere?

And, on the question of the current hierarchy, many of whom are straight-up gay and have set out on a course of destruction of the Faith by a reorganizing of the Church, understand that there is no way we could have gotten to this point without it being decades in the making. Too many Catholics who don't understand the depth of this are too willing to simply point at Vatican II or make ridiculous claims like "All we have to do is go back to the Latin Mass." When the Church was already falling apart, the Latin Mass was the only Mass there was. It didn't "lock down" the Faith — far from it. 

It can certainly be argued that the shelving of it a decade or so after the council helped speed us along to where we are now, but the decay had already been set up long before the council opened in 1962. In fact, decades before that, homosexuals were already flooding into the seminaries, and, for the record, they were all saying the Latin Mass. So please disabuse yourself of the nutty notion that a priest is holy just because he says the Latin Mass. He's not.

To demonstrate just how far back this all goes, and why these "young, holy, more orthodox" priests will require much more than simply saying their personal prayers in the rectory while the Church burns down around them, look at this. It's a grave marker from the Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery. There's nothing especially noteworthy at first glance. But as you pay closer attention, you see that there are two men buried in this grave: William Spain and Robert O'Donnell.

But then, look closer and notice — inscribed on the stone for each of them is not only their birth and death dates but also their ordination dates. These two men, these two priests, were gay lovers. They were each dumped in Hawaii after being transferred there by their respective dioceses in San Diego, California; and Helena, Montana; for, you guessed it, charges of homosexual sex abuse of altar boys. In fact, there are nine such graves, gay lover priests buried together in the same plot in this cemetery.

Spain was ordained before the council, which means he was raised, catechized and went through seminary in the Old Rite. He offered the Latin Mass, gave absolutions, presided over weddings and performed baptisms in the Old Rite, all the while being an active homosexual. And while his partner priest, Robert O'Donnell, was ordained the year after the council, it remains the case that he too would have been raised, at least, and gone through seminary as well in the Old Rite. We are waiting on pictures of the other eight grave markers, but it won't be surprising to find the same story repeated.

All of this is to make one simple point: This homosexual clergy crisis stretches back at least to the immediate aftermath of the World War II timeframe. Likewise, as the decades rolled along, it increased in intensity. In his retirement, Pope Benedict offered a revealing comment in 2019 on the topic of seminary culture in the 1960s and '70s. He said, "[In] various seminaries, homosexual cliques were established, which acted more or less openly and significantly changed the climate in the seminaries." 

And, in a statement worthy of nomination for the largest understatement in history award, he added that this created a "far-reaching breakdown" in the proper formation of priests. Here is the problem: A good number of those men have now moved on to become bishops, even cardinals, which means they have operational control of the Church. In short, the hands of gay men are on the levers of power in the Church. And this is true from Rome all the way down to the local parish.

The decay had already been set up long before the council opened in 1962.

And to underscore this, in a private conversation I had with a well-respected prelate a few years back, he told me he personally had knowledge of "a number" of gay men who were his brother bishops, and he had no problem with it. If I revealed who the bishop was who said this to me, you would be as shocked as I was. Even among so-called good bishops, there is an acceptance of the belief that homosexuals can be ordained and even consecrated, just so long as they are chaste. That is the fundamental error in their thinking, an error that presents a serious doubt regarding who is being ordained today.

After all, it was just in 1998 that Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill was ordained, the priest who came to be known as "Msgr. Grindr" for his prolific use of the homosexual hookup phone app. After the public scandal, and after a few months of being shelved, his bishop placed him right back into public ministry in his home diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Ask yourself, what if he had not been busted? How much carnage might he have inflicted within the Church? And ask yourself further, how many other "Msgr. Grindrs" are out there who haven't been busted?

As the homosexual bishops and their homosexual clergy begin to move off the scene like O'Donnell and Spain, they have created an atmosphere within the Church of near total destruction. They were, and still are, personally invested in pushing and sustaining a broad-based acceptance of the sexual revolution among day-to-day Catholics, and they have been wildly successful.

So as lay Catholics look to the future and pin all their hopes on the "young, holy, cassock-wearing" priests, they better keep in mind that that's exactly what the scene looked like 60 years ago and earlier. Perhaps many of these young men today being ordained may not be homosexual, but do they have the masculine virtue of fortitude to face this all down while in seminary or even after they are ordained? It is a powerful demon inside the Church and simply wearing a cassock and personally believing the Faith won't be enough.

Jan 01 1970


Temperature Rising

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Temperatures are rising in India, and we aren't talking about man-made climate change. For the corrupt Cdl. Oswald Gracias — extremely close to Pope Francis, in fact — they're beginning to boil. Earlier this week, following a series of reports by our Rome correspondent, Dr. Jules Gomes, where a secret phone recording was leaked to Church Militant showing His Eminence engaging in an attempt to control bad news about a bishop he's trying to cover for, one of the most respected judges on the planet, Michael Saldanha, issued a legal notice to the cardinal for libel.

The notice is in response to Gracias' video statement saying Church Militant "mischievously edited" the tape of the phone recording, which, of course, we did not. We cut it down for length, a standard media practice. In the judge's legal notice, he tells Gracias to step down — as in resign — before he brings irreparable harm to the Church.

The most salient part, which the Vatican will hone in on, is from paragraph six:

When the cardinal goes on record to use the word "mischievously" edited, he is inviting a libel action for damages, which could not be less than $100 million because he represents the Church, and the Church can easily afford to pay it, apart from a prosecution. As a person who knows the law and the facts, I need to caution the Church that this action has been invited and that it would be defenseless in any part of the world.

Now, for the record, this information has just come to us, and we are not experts at libel law in India, but we may very well become so. Various parts of India were already in an uproar over this case, and, now, the pressure is mounting daily. The focus of the two-year-old secret phone call was Bishop K.A. William and his purported string of children from at least five different mistresses. As calls mounted for him to take a paternity test, the Vatican had to step into the quagmire as well as Gracias, urging William to take the DNA test.

Both clerics are now in batten-down-the-hatches mode.

But here is the wider scandal: Gracias admits in the call that he will arrange for the test to happen at a Catholic hospital, which will give him total control over the fallout, media included. That is the part Gracias didn't want anyone to hear. Well, too late. So, of course, once Church Militant released the recording, Gracias was in a bind, having to go on record in a rare video appearance last weekend and accuse CM of "mischievously editing" the recording. That false claim is what escalated this to the point where Judge Saldanha issued his legal notice today.

In Indian law, Gracias must respond within a specified time frame, denying the allegations made against him, or it will be deemed that he has admitted guilt. So it will be interesting to see what he and his lawyers cook up. Just looking across the very broad landscape, we can say, with certainty, that Church Militant could certainly use $100 million — lots of expenses here.

As a result of all this, William is on self-imposed lockdown, not venturing outside of his compound, even canceling a Mass he was supposed to offer at a convent. In America, we call that "tick-tock" — meaning the walls are closing in and time is running out. It is the publicity from Church Militant that is bringing this to a head, and both clerics are now in batten-down-the-hatches mode.

If William doesn't resign (or is removed), then the scandal just keeps growing. If he does, then that will be an admission that he is guilty, regardless of how much wordsmithing the resignation letter would have. And if he resigns (again, because he's guilty), then all eyes turn to Gracias, who has covered for him for years now.

And to boil it down, remember what Gracias is actually covering up: out-of-wedlock children running around, whose father is a deadbeat dad. Who is paying the expenses for these children? Who is raising them and taking care of their spiritual needs? Are Church funds being used secretly to tend to their needs? If so, that's its own issue, especially after five mistresses. And, at this point, we can rightly ask, is it just five? If Church funds are not being used, then what is the disposition of the children?

This whole scandal has only served to increase scrutiny on how Gracias does business, but it is resurrecting other problem cases. Gracias not only covers up for heterosexual bishops, but he also covers up for, of course, homosexual priests who rape altar boys. All are welcome, after all, in the Church of tolerance and inclusion. And a side note here — this would be bad for any bishop, but this bishop is one of Pope Francis' closest confidants.

Last December, an Indian special court handed down a conviction against Fr. Lawrence Johnson, who had raped a 12-year-old altar boy at Christ the King, a parish in the suburbs of eastern Mumbai. Father Johnson's animalistic rape of the 12-year-old was so severe, that the boy had to receive medical treatment for profuse anal bleeding. Likewise, Johnson infected the boy with syphilis. When the family found out, they went straight to the priest, who, when confronted, fell to his knees and confessed everything, begging for forgiveness.

Nevertheless, armed with an admission of guilt and a direct meeting with the family, Gracias spent huge sums of money defending the child abuser and rapist. The legal fees were as high as 10 million Indian rupees (or $125,000) for one of Bombay's celebrity lawyers to defend the homopredator priest.

Taking a page from the playbook of American bishops, Gracias just kept transferring him.

As it turns out, Johnson was raping other boys at previous parishes, right under the cardinal's nose. Those parishes include Our Lady of Lourdes, Orlem; St. Anthony's Church, Malwani; St. Anthony's Church, Mankhurd; Our Lady of the Rosary, Goregaon; and Sacred Heart Church, Vashi. Taking a page from the playbook of American bishops, Gracias just kept transferring him. 

Johnson used to be the driver for Bp. Allwyn D'Silva, one of Gracias' auxiliary bishops, and that is why he was protected, insiders say. It's all about who you know. Gracias let this nightmare legal process go on for six years. Huge legal bills, agony for the family — not the slightest bit of concern for the boy (or other boys), for that matter. So the renewed attention on his corruption and lack of empathy is more than warranted.

All of which makes his role as a close — very close — senior advisor to the pope extremely questionable, especially considering the starring role he had back during the sex abuse summit at the Vatican in 2019. Francis appointed him (along with pro-gay Blase Cupich) to head up the summit, called in the aftermath of the Theodore McCarrick revelations, as a kind of damage control, kabuki theater operation.

On top of libel and cruelty, you can add Gracias' outlandish hypocrisy, as he sat there in Rome, schooling the Church and the associated international press about how horrible sex abuse is. Damage control seems to be high up on the resumé of Cdl. Gracias, not just on the international stage but especially in India.

So the cardinal now has a couple of weeks or so to answer the legal notice. Meanwhile, we are just getting into the hottest part of the year. How's your air conditioner, Eminence?

Jan 01 1970


Weak Men Suck

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The absolute bane of Western civilization is weak men, losers who are so self-absorbed that they are content to watch an entire way of life crumble so they can get off on their wealth or porn or power trips or whatever. They wouldn't know the meaning of the word "sacrifice" — as in for others — if it bit them in the face.

And there is certainly no shortage of weak men in the Church. In fact, some of the most Catholic qualities associated with strength were tossed out of the Church by the emasculated gang. Things like discipline and willpower have come to be viewed almost with derision by the sissies in charge of large parts of the Church these days. And because leaders in the Church mock and despise and turn their backs on these qualities, so too does the culture.

Now, masculinity itself is viewed as toxic. Manhood is a bad thing. The madness has even permeated large parts of the male half of the race, even down to how many males speak — especially younger males — which stands to reason, since they are the ones who have been the most indoctrinated with the idea that all masculinity is toxic. They have adopted a feminine cadence, a "girl-sounding" voice, a grating, purposely non-masculine manner of speech, all in an effort to reject their masculinity, even down to how they pronounce their words.

Having trampled the pearls, the swine are turning on those weak men.

It all has a distinctly homosexual sound to it, which, again, stands to reason because homosexuality is, at its core, the total repudiation of everything male, even what is done with their bodies. All the attributes of the masculine are now belittled, derided and condemned. It began in the Church but is now part of the culture at large.

If, for example, when you read the writings of the Church Fathers (the Patristics), you see a display of such authentic masculinity that it would cause today's hypersensitive bishops to hike up their skirts, kick off their pumps and run over a cliff — that is, if most of them could get their out-of-shape, gluttonous bodies to actually run.

A quick aside — how come no one ever talks about the deadly sin of gluttony in reference to this crowd? Isn't being horribly out of shape an offense against the teaching that the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?

The Fathers (even the term is masculine) understood the concept of evil and spiritual war and fully embraced it, never pulling any punches. They loved truth and goodness so completely that they warred against the powers of Hell. But then along came the homosexual bishop and his effeminate clerics, hating all things masculine and throwing them out of the Church, the pulpits and the seminaries — eradicating masculinity from Catholic life.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen made an observation about all this back in the 1960s. He correctly observed that whatever goodness the Church threw out, the culture would soon pick up. For example, the Church got rid of candles and incense, and candle shops and incense boutiques sprung up everywhere. Likewise, when the Church got rid of the masculine virtues of self-discipline for a greater cause and power to overcome the bad, those very qualities transferred to the gym culture.

The serious gymgoers are all about the virtues — but for the sake of the virtues in themselves, personal pride or whatever, not for their intended purpose. And just like the candles and incense, when the Church disposes of masculine strengths, the culture picks them up without realizing the beauty behind them and diminishes their value. The culture, despite its profanity, is still able to perceive it is holding some treasure; it just doesn't know exactly its worth or what to do with it.

So it takes those qualities and sticks them into superhero movies, for example, without reference to the source or purpose of things like willpower, discipline and strength. The heroes use the qualities to fight for the "good," but there is never any venturing into why good is good.

There's just a presumption made because the fumes of a dying Western civilization are the only fuel the characters actually possess. They fight for "goodness" and "right" but have no actual idea what makes something good or right.

The Church Fathers knew precisely what good was and never had a doubt as to their actions or, most importantly, their motivations. The goodness, the treasure of these qualities, lies in their application for the good, the true and the beautiful and the protection of it.

The bishops and their wealthy enabling class have a lot to answer for.

But since the culture doesn't have a reference point for any of this — thank you, again, weak bishops for your malice and cowardice — it distorts the true value of these treasures and, in the process, cheapens them. Superman, for example, fights for truth, justice and the American way. Or, rather, used to fight for those; now it's for "a better tomorrow" (whatever that means), thanks to the woke crowd.

But all of that is completely dissociated from any moral grounding. Who decides what is "better"? Who decides what is truth — a question posed by Pilate and still echoing down the centuries, millennia later. Is it the State or the latest political poll? And what is justice (a term that used to mean a great deal in the Church, but, thanks to a corrupt hierarchy who cash in on that term for hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, it is completely devoid of its original meaning)?

Now, it means forcing the phony man-made climate change narrative, as in "climate justice," or destroying a nation's borders by claiming "social justice." No matter how perverse a culture becomes, it always recognizes the good because goodness can never be completely defeated. It can be obscured and diminished for a while, but it can never be totally conquered.

The collapse of everything we see around us is owing to weak men, men who took these treasures, these pearls, and cast them before swine. And now, having trampled the pearls, the swine are turning on those weak men. They threw them before the swineherd out of self-interest and pride and ego and self-gratification, in pursuit of power, sex, human respect, whatever.

The bishops and their wealthy enabling class have a lot to answer for. They may, in this life, likely escape the consequences of their actions, but this life is short compared to eternity. It profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his immortal soul. In pursuit of earthly delights, these weak men have ensured the collapse of civilization for everyone else.

Jan 01 1970


Lying Cardinal

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When members of the hierarchy are flat-out busted lying, what they do afterward is even more shameful. By now, if you follow any of this, you know the cast of cardinals Pope Francis has assembled around him as his inner circle looks more like a rogues gallery from a blockbuster Bollywood movie than anything resembling apostolic leaders whose first concern is your eternal fate.

Take, for example, the international brouhaha that has erupted over the deceit emanating from India's Cdl. Oswald Gracias — one of Francis' closest advisers. The center of the scandal, or should we say the former center of the scandal, was one Bp. K.A. William of the Mysore diocese. According to locals, Bp. William has been on something of a tear in his diocese, fathering children left and right, and, as it turns out, is a nominee for the "deadbeat dad of the year" award.

It's so bad that priests are writing to Pope Francis and calling the Indian nuncio and Cdl. Gracias, saying William has to go. The clamor got so loud that even the laity began demanding DNA paternity tests, and that's where Gracias stepped in. Two years ago, he had a phone call with William where he counseled him to have the paternity tests, but — and this is a big "but" — he (the cardinal) would shepherd the entire operation and do massive damage control.

Gracias said he would have the tests done at a Catholic hospital, St. John's College. That way, full control could be exerted over how the case would be handled when the results came back. It is clear Gracias sought to control every aspect of this scandal. That, in fact, is the very purpose of the phone call between him and Bp. William. That phone call was two years ago, but, as fate would have it, a secret recording of it was leaked to Church Militant, and we released the damning evidence two weeks ago in a number of reports from our overseas correspondent Dr. Jules Gomes, headquartered in Rome.

The temperature got so hot under Gracias's seat, that, this past weekend, he actually had to release a video where he denied he had any bad intentions and, moreover, that Church Militant had maliciously edited the audio recording. Well, as the old saying goes, we think his eminence doth protest too much. It is perfectly normal for media operations to edit down the length of audio or video files because people don't have the time to watch the full recording — in this case, almost an hour.

What they do afterward is even more shameful.

But "editing down" does not mean "doctoring" — with the implication that we "mischievously" changed the content and arranged that content in such a way so as to distort the actual meaning. So, thanks to the cardinal's lies and smears, we are releasing the entire recording so you can judge for yourself. All you have to do is click on the provided link. What you will hear is exactly what we were given — not a second more, not a second less. As an editorial note, if you listen to all of it, you will understand why media operations edit things for length.

Sometimes, the audio is inaudible; other times, it's boring and off-topic and other unrelated topics arise that have nothing to do with the content at hand. But since the cardinal made a formal video about us accusing us of lying, we are happy to release his entire conversation with the accused Bp. William and let you decide for yourselves exactly who is lying, Church Militant or the cardinal.

And since this has escalated owing to the cardinal's lies — when it is established he has lied to the entire country of India — his only choice should be to resign immediately. He has to go. No questions, no hems and haws, no "oh, this or that." The cardinal lied and lied in a big way. Bye-bye, Your Eminence. You are the one who chose this route, and, as we say here in America, you made your bed; now, lie in it.

But Church Militant isn't the only one saying Gracias has to go. One of the most respected secular judges in the whole nation, Michael F. Saldanha told Church Militant he was 

saddened by the pathetic reaction to the indisputable recording published by Church Militant — one of the world's most responsible channels where all facts are independently and forensically checked. ... I was a criminal lawyer of unblemished competence for 32 years and a judge for 16 years when I was listed among the world's 10 best judges. My hallmark was that I always double-checked facts myself. I harbored zero bias and got forensic confirmation before confirmation. Facts are sacred.

Saldanha, a practicing Catholic, who retired from the Bombay and Karnataka high courts, elaborated: 

Cardinal Gracias' explanation is sham and hollow. He acknowledges the phone call itself is authentic and that the finding of the Vatican, the nuncio and the cardinal himself is that the paternity test was absolutely essential to refute the adverse presumption and circumstantial evidence that seals his guilt. ... Bishop William should have been suspended and dismissed. Why were they in collusion for two years, and even now? What does he mean by "mischievous editing"? In this country, we are used to denials and politicians lying through their teeth. But for a prince of the Church to do it is unpardonable.

So concerned about all the lies and deceptions flowing from Gracias, Saldanha even took the extraordinary measure of writing to India's apostolic nuncio, Abp. Leopoldo Girelli, last week, stating Bombay's cardinal archbishop, Oswald Gracias, is guilty of a "serious criminal offense, punishable with 10 years rigorous imprisonment." The judge refers to the cardinal's attempt to arrange the DNA test at the St. John's Medical College, noting India's Supreme Court permits only the National Forensic Institute, Hyderabad, to legally conduct paternity tests.

Gracias is in severe damage control at this point and has passed the point of no return. Insiders tell us he was furious when the phone recording was leaked to Church Militant, and, now, the uproar has forced him to take the extraordinary step of publishing his own video, attempting to refute our reports with his lies and deflections. It's worth noting here that at various times in the recording, Gracias is easily heard repeatedly asking, "Is the line safe?" — meaning, can anyone else hear this? Bishop William gives him the "all clear." Well, that was then. This is now.

Gracias is in severe damage control at this point and has passed the point of no return.

Now the whole world is privy to the scandalous, plotting call. Too many men in the hierarchy are abominations, with their lies and deceptions and abuse of authority — all to protect their own butts. Give it up, Your Eminence. You got busted by Church Militant, and you have chosen the route of covering up the crime. Do you really think there are not many around you who are fed up with all this and are, even now, continuing to exhaust themselves to end your reign? After all, how do you think Church Militant got the recording in the first place?

As a close on your career, demonstrate at least one modicum of integrity: Get rid of William and then step down. Any more of this scandal is on your head. To all of the many sources around the cardinal, if he does not step down, feel free to keep sending us the rest of the files we've been discussing with you. You heard that right, Your Eminence.

Jan 01 1970


What We Do

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With the flood of news and information that happens every single day, we here at Church Militant consider it our duty and responsibility to sift through that information and present it all in the most authentically Catholic manner possible. That often means looking into dark places and telling stories that many folks don't like hearing. But the truth must always come out. We produce these programs and reports with a level of refinement and source vetting unparalleled in the world of Catholic media and, in many circumstances, the Luciferian media as well. 

For example, in a Special Assignment that we spent months working on — a report we called "Den of Thieves" — we began the Herculean task of trying to unravel the ongoing financial scandals at the Vatican bank and the relationship of Vatican secretary of state Cdl. Pietro Parolin to a money-laundering scheme stretching across the globe. 

In fact, Cdl. Parolin is one of the named defendants in a civil lawsuit filed in California involving the defrauding of a Jordanian businessman who refused to go along with the money-laundering scheme. We have a link to our exclusive Church Militant Special Assignment right below and highly encourage you to view it.

The truth must always come out.

We know many people don't have the stomach for all this evil and corruption, but that approach doesn't make it go away. In fact, the silence and lack of exposure only encourage corruption. Likewise, it was Church Militant, just last week, that reported exclusively on the massive scandal of another of Pope Francis' cardinals, Oswald Gracias of India. Secret phone recordings were leaked exclusively to Church Militant — phone recordings of Gracias talking with a bishop about his being accused of sexual assault and impregnating his victim.

On the phone call, Gracias is conferring with the bishop on how to keep all this covered up by having a DNA paternity test done at a Catholic hospital, where he can exercise his influence and intimidate the hospital into not releasing the results. Again, no loyal son of the Church can remain indifferent to these monstrous evils and stick his head in the sand. They must be exposed and dealt with.

Our coverage of Gracias and the fallout has erupted internationally, yet, of course, here in the United States, the bishop-controlled Catholic media won't make a peep because they lack integrity. But in addition to our exclusive reports, we also have unique programming — troves of it, hundreds and hundreds of hours — which we add to routinely. For example, if you didn't already get the memo, Mic'd Up is back! In our weekly Mic'd Up show (now entering its 8th year) we discuss new topics every week and look at them through a purely Catholic lens. 

No loyal son of the Church can remain indifferent to these monstrous evils.

Our first episode (which went out last week) was with the author of 59 books, Dr. Paul Thigpen. Yesterday, our second Mic'd Up went out, and we had with us Franciscan University professor Dr. Deborah Savage. And next week, we have with us Fr. Mitch Pacwa!

Mic'd Up is just one example from the video vault of our Premium programming, loaded with catechetical, apologetic and Church history material by the truckloads. This is what we do here at Church Militant. We connect the dots to help Catholics understand the current state of affairs — the real state of affairs in the Church and the culture — so you can be the most well-formed and informed Catholic that you can be.

Jan 01 1970


We Are in Kansas

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In the wake of the devastating result coming out of Kansas this past Tuesday — when voters in the Jayhawk State absolutely destroyed the pro-life strategy there — we dedicated a portion of this past Wednesday's Church Militant Evening News to this very troublesome turn of events.

Jan 01 1970


Detroit Double Standard

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It doesn't take much to know about the big scandals in the Church, especially surrounding the whole gay thing in the clergy. Those scandals, because of the big names involved, break out of the Church bubble and into the mainstream press. Scandals like McCarrick and his career of sexual assault, the Pennsylvania grand jury report, Cdl. Dolan bestowing his blessing on the gay marriage advocates in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, for example. Those are big names, big events — and generate big headlines. However, those are not the business-as-usual cases we here at Church Militant are made aware of frequently.

While we obviously cover those big stories, there are quite a few that slip past the Marxist media, except for a brief mention locally. For example, right here in Detroit, the recently appointed auxiliary bishop, Paul Fitzpatrick Russell, has been named in a lawsuit with pretty damning allegations. Those allegations claim that when he was a priest in the archdiocese of Boston, he sexually assaulted a 12-year-old boy more than two dozen times while stationed at St. Mary of the Sacred Heart parish in Lynn, Massachusetts. But as Abp. Allen Vigneron and his corrupt chancery prove time and again, there is a massive double standard always at play.

Those scandals, because of the big names involved, break out of the Church bubble and into the mainstream press.

When the allegations against Bp. Russell came out the other day, Vigneron rushed to his defense and permitted Russell to defend himself by issuing a denial through the proven-liar communications director, Ned McGrath. McGrath said, "Abp. Russell is shocked and saddened by the claims that have been made." He added, "He states that the allegations are totally without merit and that his conscience is perfectly clear."

Seems perfectly fine. Allow an accused to go on the record and defend or deny the charges. But contrast that with the way Vigneron trashed Fr. Eduard Perrone a couple of summers back when charges of sexual assault were leveled against him. The same archdiocese, under the same duplicitous archbishop and the same corrupt chancery staff, denied their own priest the opportunity to deny the charges or defend himself.

In fact, in a glaring display of malice, it was later proven that Vigneron's hit man, Msgr. Michael Bugarin had actually lied, manufactured and fabricated the entire case against Perrone. Bugarin demanded an alleged victim accuse Perrone of sodomy against him, a charge the alleged victim flat out denied repeatedly. Yet even knowing the charges were invented against him, Perrone was still denied the ability to respond publicly and deny the allegations.

A press release was issued with no denial from Perrone because it was not permitted. The assumption people made was that he was guilty because, after all, why wouldn't an innocent man deny the charges? What Vigneron did not allow to be told is that Perrone was never given the opportunity to deny them. In the end, Vigneron's malice was defeated in Rome, a rare victory for a priest over his bishop. On top of that, he even won a $125,000 settlement against the cop who cooperated with the archdiocese to defame him. But that humiliation infuriated the vindictive Vigneron, who refused to allow himself to be defeated.

There is a massive double standard always at play.

He brought up local ecclesiastical charges of "disobedience" against Perrone, who was civilly suing Msgr. Bugarin for defamation. He had ordered Perrone to drop the suit, and, for a long while, Perrone refused, thus bringing on the phony charge of disobedience — as though a priest has no right to defend his good name in the face of known manufactured charges. Eventually, Perrone complied, worn down by Vigneron and his corrupt chancery, in exchange for being able to offer Mass publicly again, with permission, of course, each time.

So a priest, Fr. Paul Russell — raised to the level of bishop and brought to Detroit to presumably take over for Vigneron when he departs next year — gets to defend himself. But a good priest with no record of anything, fighting what the entire chancery knew were phony charges, gets no opportunity to defend himself. And who says there's no corruption in the Church?

Jan 01 1970


Bring Back the Inquisition

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800 years ago, in 1232, Pope Gregory IX established an ecclesiastical tribunal whose chief aim was the rooting out of heresy. Bring back the Inquisition but with one caveat: Most, virtually all, of the current hierarchy is not allowed to serve on it. Indeed, certain hierarchs would be the objects of the tribunal, not the inquisitors.

The point of the inquisitions (plural, because there were different ones, and the Protestants had their own after the revolt in the 16th century) was to not just bring a heretic back from his ways, but failing that, to prevent him spreading his errors to others. Seen in that light, the Inquisition was largely about justice. Innocent souls have a right to the truth and a right to be protected from falsehoods.

That was the driving force behind the Church's Inquisitions. That is why we need them back again, removed from any taint of the hierarchy, because it is precisely from certain hierarchs that the innocent need to be protected. Viewed again from the perspective of justice, we can't think of anything other than an Inquisition to mete it out properly. The complicit, cowardly bishops, as well as the crooked and corrupt ones, will not confront those who bring a scourge to the people of God.

Innocent souls have a right to the truth and a right to be protected from falsehoods.

What they permit, what they advance, what they will not confront destroys faith in the minds and hearts of those with weaker faith. It is insufficient for those who have stronger faith (or naive faith) to sit back idly and throw around high-sounding platitudes like, "The Church has been here before; we'll get through this as well." That is only true corporately speaking. It is an abomination to say that in disregard for the individual souls damaged and wrecked by all this scandal.

And please, do not say to such as these, "Don't leave Jesus for Judas." That is true, of course; but you should thank God on your hands and knees that you have been given the gift of faith to such a degree to understand that. Others have not. They need you to take up arms and defend them, not go all "academic" on them. And precisely to the point, if you really believe that, then why aren't you doing your part to confront Judas, to defend them in the open?

Many in the Church these days are little else than selfish enablers, barely registering above the low bar of "professional Catholic," as Pope Benedict declared. You have your faith, you say, and nothing shall disturb it. You have your faith, but where are your actions in defending the innocent?

You can promote your own private little endeavors in the friendly confines of your local Catholic bubble, but where the rubber hits the road, where a soul's mettle is tested, where you are tried by fire and forged in divine justice is your willingness to lose everything you have, everything you have built to announce the fullness of the truth in defense of those who have a weaker faith. But for most Catholics today who count themselves as faithful, that is a bridge too far.

It's impolite; it's rude; it's "unnecessary." Leave us, they say, in our comfortable Catholic existence, a world we have crafted with a modicum of sacrifice, but, of course, always on our terms. To criticize a bishop openly in harsh-but-truthful terms, that's too crass. Tut-tut. Speak in charity, they say, failing to see that defending those of weak faith and in pained distress over the scandals of the Church is charity — charity in action. It is the very definition of faith and good works.

Many in the Church these days are little else than selfish enablers.

Are we to think for a moment that God Himself does not want the evil confronted, called out, exposed for the sake of the souls being lost because of it? Have you not heard what the Holy Spirit Himself inspired the Apostle to command the Ephesians: "Try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord. Take no part in the fruitless works of darkness, rather, expose them"? How does the Devil seduce a believer, one with faith? He does not tempt him so much in the ways he tempts the worldly, through the flesh. It is, rather, through the mind; through pride. He doesn't wipe away his faith or even so much diminish it, per se. Rather, he distorts it, making it fruitless. 

With the hierarchy, many of whom do not accept the Faith, don't believe in the Deposit of Faith; he leads them to Hell by assuaging their consciences through substituting worship of the second commandment over the first. But for those who do believe, how best to destroy them in the fires of Gehenna? By having them bow down in all self-righteousness, bow down to the first commandment in neglect of the second. I have faith; those others should respond likewise. Thus, they condemn themselves out of their own mouths.

And when John the Baptist came to them preaching repentance and love of their neighbor, the well-heeled and self-righteous took offense. Both commandments were too much. No one attains eternal life by looking the other way in the face of evil to the neglect of souls. Those who do, Catholics who, in the secret of their hearts, count themselves as superior because they perform various works, need to go and learn the meaning of the words "How can you say you love God Whom you don't see, when you do not love your neighbor whom you do see?"

You cannot avoid the almost always uncomfortable conflict with evil and ever hope to see God's face. You must be a lover of truth, not a self-deceived lover of self.

Jan 01 1970



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What is substantially different between the Nazi Party or the Communist Party and the Democratic Party? The Democrats are contemporary communists — period. Calling them mere socialists is way too kind, not to mention a bit of an insult to socialists everywhere. And it tells you the state of the U.S. hierarchy, that not one of them is willing to stand up and condemn these killers. And yes, they are killers.

Whether it's from abortions or inoculations, they are killers. And now they have their sights set on religion, specifically. Vastly underreported, if at all, is this little nugget.

Within the Biden State Department is the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. Last year, Biden's DRL launched a grant program aimed at "protecting and defending the religious freedom of atheists, humanists, nonpracticing and nonaffiliated." Since when does religious freedom incorporate those who reject religion? Or has the definition of that been changed as well, along with "recession" and "woman" and "pregnant" and "chest feeder" and so forth?

The point of the half-million dollar grants, referred to as "expected outcomes" for use in poor countries in Asia predominantly, is to help institute a globalist view of religion where atheism is protected. Particularly for atheists, the program seeks "increased capacity among members of atheist and heterodox individuals to form or join networks or organizations."

It's a pilot program designed to test the waters, so to speak, to see what works best in terms of asserting atheism as on par with religion — so on par, in fact, that it's actually counted as a religion. Religions universally believe in God (theism). Atheism universally rejects God. That's the definition and the difference — theism versus atheism. But then again, we know that definitions don't really mean what they used to, at least not in D.C. and in the communist Democratic Party.

Calling them mere socialists is way too kind.

Words mean whatever you want them to mean. That is the prevailing reality in the contemporary world. That, of course, is an offshoot of the philosophy of relativism: There is "no such thing as objective truth." You have your truth, and I have my truth. That's how it works. But, in truth, that's just an aphrodisiac for the mentally impaired, the rank and file of the communist Democrats.

The leadership of the communist Democrats fully accept the idea of objective truth and definitions. That's how they can label parents as "domestic terrorists," for example. If words truly had no definition, and therefore no meaning, how could they write laws to jack up inflation, raise your taxes, impose climate change nonsense, charge citizens with acts of insurrection and so forth?

Of course, the communists believe in definitions. They just profit from idiots willing to accept their propaganda that words don't really have any hard and fast meaning. Which brings us back to the hierarchy, the men who have adopted this philosophy in their decisions to act and, oftentimes, not act. For example, "dialogue" and "listening sessions" and "accompaniment" and "journeying" — just precisely what do those terms mean? What is their definition?

Exactly as is the case with their communist "allies" in the political order, they have constructed a fluid dictionary and imposed it on the sheep. All the while, they themselves completely reject it. It's a smokescreen to ensure they keep abusing their power and crafting the narrative.

Perhaps nothing drives this point home more than the anthem of the Church of Nice: "All are welcome."

No, all are not welcome, far from it. See, the fraud here is in the word "all" and its apparently fluid definition or meaning. It really means only those who accept our version of "Church." And here, even the definition of "Church" doesn't mean anything. You will note that Church Militant has made the correct observation for years now, that whatever we see advancing in the woke culture was first advanced in clerical circles.

Everything rotten in the culture we see currently playing out appeared first within the ranks of corrupt clergy, in some cases, decades before the general populace. Homosexuality, indifference to child murder, meaningless definitions — you name it. It started with a corrupt clergy. It's why we see no rush on the part of that clergy to label the Democrats precisely what they are: communists.

It's a smokescreen to ensure they keep abusing their power.

In fact, what we see is support of them and their nation-destroying policies that support being wrapped up in spiritual-sounding themes like "justice" and "love of neighbor" and "tolerance" and all the rest of that propaganda.

The U.S. hierarchy has aligned itself with the regime of oppression, and the current situation will go either one of two ways: 

  1. The regime will be victorious in its absolute control of the culture and, thereby, the government, because politics is always downstream of culture, or
  2. Somehow, there will arise sufficient pushback by citizens to halt and even reverse and overcome the regime

In either case, the hierarchy could be on the wrong side of the outcome — cooperators in the regime or part of the defeated enemy of the people. Neither is a good look.

The U.S. bishops, collectively, have put their feet on a path that will lead to the immolation of the Church in the United States. Their collective refusal to announce the truth of the Deposit of Faith, exactly at a time when that announcement is most needed, has doomed them and, very likely, the entire nation.

They will continue to profit for a while, but, like so many fools before them, they too will learn that when you ally yourselves with anti-God forces, they will soon turn on you as well. Remember, "Catholic" Joe Biden, who they helped get into office, says that religion includes rejection of religion; that belief in God also means rejecting belief in God.

Jan 01 1970


The Enablers

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I'm Michael Voris, coming to you from Tim Busch's Napa Institute gathering at his luxury resort and spa in Napa wine country. In case you missed earlier reports from Napa, various attendees have come up to us privately during our time here on the sidewalk because Busch canceled us and Fr. Altman from even attending. They told us they were troubled by what we keep reporting.

People are also seeing these reports and contacting the studio with their own experiences and saying they too are troubled by the soft approach that is continually presented here — the country-club, polite-society approach. For example, when we reported news that this resort hosts gay weddings, people who learned of this were ticked. 

Even comments under that Vortex from over the weekend were pretty explicit that Busch needs to take a stand and refuse that, apologize for ever allowing it and make a public declaration that, specifically owing to his Catholic faith, he will not allow that to ever happen on any of his properties. After all, are you a serious Catholic or not?

Is all this pabulum about fighting the evil in the culture and taking a stand real, or is that just a talking point to draw people to the annual event here to make a few million bucks and make yourself look good in the eyes of your bishop buddies? Speaking on behalf of Tim Busch, executive director John Meyer certainly talks a good game. Fighting the evil in the culture? Is that really what Napa is committed to?

You guys don't build community; you cancel those who love the Faith because it upsets the status quo. You would have kicked out John the Baptist. And as far as liturgies all over the place, do you tell the attendees that as soon as they leave, gay weddings and receptions will be happening right where all those liturgies happened the week before? Please. Said plainly, you're full of crap.

A question — very serious here and really the heart of the matter — do attendees here, and most especially Tim Busch and his bishop cohorts, realize that the evil in the culture is a direct result of the evil in the Church? Do any of the supposedly "good" bishops here put their heads on the very comfortable pillows here each night and not privately admit that to themselves?

You guys don't build community; you cancel those who love the Faith because it upsets the status quo.

The culture is in shambles for one reason and one reason only: It's because the Church is in shambles, owing to weak men running it and the weak men enabling them. Among the bishops are horrid rotten individuals who have sold their souls to Satan. When they die, they will go to their own place and spend eternity with the souls they dragged along to perdition.

But, and this is the very point, all of that could have been prevented if the weak, emasculated, wimpy bishops — who are the majority of them — would have stood up and opposed all this evil. For example, Abp. Cordileone is here. Why did it take him 10 years to oppose evil Nancy Pelosi? And no, he doesn't deserve praise for doing something he should have done a decade ago. It's good, overall, that he did it, but horrible that he took so long.

Bishop Donald Hying from Madison, Wisconsin, is here. He's another weak man who should never have been made a bishop. No weak man should ever be a bishop. He "disciplined" Fr. Richard Heilman the week before last for being "political," as if politics and the wickedness being perpetrated on citizens through it are somehow disconnected and cannot be spoken of from the pulpit. Hying should be standing up and saying what his priest is saying, not disciplining him for it. It is absolutely a priest's duty and obligation to stand up and call evil for what it is. That he was disciplined for it is absurd and an abuse of authority.

The same thing, as we know, happened with Fr. Altman, another "cancel" victim of Tim Busch and the Napa Institute, because of bishops scheming behind the scenes and Tim Busch enabling them.

Many of the attendees here are good people of simple faith who know there is garbage going on but have a hard time wrapping their minds around the depth of evil and corruption. Put simply, they just don't want to admit the degree of betrayal by the bishops and those who enable them. They know Church Militant is right; they've come up and told us so — many of them. It's just that all this is so devastating that they can't deal with it.

Look, we don't like that the "Church of Nice" network has banned us and relegated us to the sidewalk. But if we have to be the "bad boys," the impolite unwashed, not-sophisticated-enough-to-go-in (although we were last year, oddly) then, so be it. The faithful need to stand in the breach and fight this garbage, faithful like the founder of Operation Rescue, Randall Terry, who caught up with us at our sidewalk prison.

The Church of Nice's bishops, clergy and enabling laity fundamentally aren't honest men. They are self-centered, arranging the pieces, ultimately, for their own gain, whatever that might mean — praise of men, gay sex, money, whatever. Sure, sometimes there is a convergence of their personal interest with some teaching of the Church here or there, but when the push comes to the shove, they will not pay the high price.

Not for nothing did Our Blessed Lord make a public case out of the rich young man who initially was doing everything right. Kept the Commandments; gave money to the poor, blah blah. But then the Gospels record that Our Lord looked at him and judged him to be unworthy because of his selfishness, and he went away sad. How, precisely, is that any different from the Church of Nice? The overriding problem for the sheep in the Church of Nice is this. 

It provides a cover for thinking that something is being accomplished, when, in reality, not much is. Sure, some effort here or there is good in and of itself — a new school, a new program or apostolate of this or that. No one is saying those are not good in themselves. But what Church Militant is saying is they are insufficient for the current crisis. 

And the root of that crisis is these damn homosexual bishops and their protected gay clergy and weak men who destroy everything good they touch. Until that is eradicated from the Church, all these various other things will accomplish little. They'll do some good, but it will not stave off the drive over the cliff. An organization goes the way the leaders take it. Period.

The Church is in shambles owing to weak men running it and weak men enabling them.

The culture is rotten because the gay, weak, enabled hierarchy is rotten, and the entire problem with something like the Napa Institute is that this is never allowed to be brought up. The focus is deliberately on the culture without ever addressing the real underlying problem that caused the cultural disaster.

Tim Busch enables these weak men; he coddles them and lunches with them. He never calls them to task. He never confronts them because the neocon Church of Nice detests confrontation, just like neocon politicians and organizations. None of this is allowed to be brought up because, like the rich young man, no one is willing to sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed. No matter how good this or that may be in the short term, in the end, they will all go away sad.

Gay wedding receptions go on here. Has a single attendee gone up to Tim Busch and gotten in his face about that? If so, we haven't heard it. What we did hear, however, to end on a positive note, is that after Church Militant exposed the gay weddings that go on here and said an exorcism needs to be performed, word spread quickly among various priests. A healthy number of them performed exorcisms at the various places where the evil acts take place.

They prayed the exorcism in Latin in the cave, the ballroom, the rooftop bar and the vineyards, and that is the most significant thing that happened here this entire weekend. Not the talks, not the meetings, not the networking and not the deals to fund this or that project. For the Church of Nice, none of this is spiritual; it's all about politics and the culture and money and so forth.

For anyone who plans to attend next year, the first question they need to ask is this: Has the evil stopped, or have you allowed it to continue? If it has not stopped, then don't come. Tim Busch needs to make a public apology for the evil of gay weddings going on here, and he needs to make a very public statement that it will never happen ever again on any properties he owns. Then he needs to take any money he was paid for those evil events and give it away to some worthy cause. That's what a faithful Catholic would do. And that's what faithful Catholics should demand.

Reporting from the Napa Institute, out here at our leperous exile location, you know, on the "margins," not being accompanied by the Church of Nice, this is Michael Voris.

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Fighting for the Future, Day 3

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Fighting for the Future, Day 2

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Fighting for the Future, Day 1

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10,000 Jabs!

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I'm Michael Voris coming to you from Napa, California, where the annual Napa Institute is held each year and hosted by Catholic money-man Tim Busch at his lavish Meritage Resort and Spa in the heart of California wine country — where 10,000 COVID jabs were administered. You heard right. More on all that in a moment.

You will recall that we attended this event last year courtesy of a donor who paid for us to attend. Thank you again.

While here, we filed a number of neutral reports neither praising nor condemning the affair, just reporting on it — what we saw and heard, and comments from other attendees who came up to us.

Tim Busch didn't seem to have a problem with any of that, because he invited me to meet with him privately, which I did for more than an hour — in that building right over there.

This year, the same donor had paid for us to return and do the same thing. Then Tim Busch suddenly ripped the rug out from under us and forbade us from attending. The truthful notice came via a voicemail to the donor's assistant, from Jean Jacoby.

No one ever contacted us, even though assurances had been given to the donor that they would. 

Tim Busch suddenly ripped the rug out from under us.

John Meyer, the executive director, specifically lied about that to the donor and, in all likelihood, with the consent of Tim Busch.

They never said what controversy. Did a bishop (or bishops) express his displeasure at Church Militant's being here, at which point Busch became their little waterboy?

What changed, Tim? Because something did. Father Altman was also being paid for by the donor, and he too got whacked — again, with no personal call saying why, as the donor had been promised. Lie number two.

All that background is relevant to explain why we are here today. Busch's resort has a public road cutting right through it, Bordeaux Way, and anyone is allowed to park here and stand on this public sidewalk where Church Militant has set up camp.

So, to mangle a phrase from the pagans, if Muhammad is refused entry to the mountain, then Muhammad will just go stand next to the mountain and try and talk with various mountain-goers as they cross back and forth over the boulevard.

Perhaps the most disturbing things about affairs like this, aside from the dirty tactics and underhanded way they conduct their affairs, is the air of respectability it gives to the whole Church of Nice and its establishment types.

While the facade of faithfulness is projected (and, of course, all that imports), much of it is just that — a facade. For some of the bigger names, as well as the organizers that attend, this tracks right alongside a Republican RINO event.

In fact, there's even a major degree of crossover. Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr is slated to give the Saturday night keynote — a RINO if there ever was one.

Barr, you will recall, refused to investigate Joe Biden and the whole China/Laptop/Hunter/Biden-crime-family case.

And while refusing to do that, he has attacked President Trump left and right. Yet here and the Catholic RINO crossover event, he gets the red carpet rolled out for him. But there is something else actually, very disturbing, involving that mix of faux conservative politics and faux Catholicism, the COVID issue and the vax.

Last year, Tim Busch opened up to be the central distribution center in Napa Valley for the administering of the abortion-tainted vax. In fact, 10,000 jabs were given here, on this very property, where, just a few feet away, the Body and Blood of Our Lord lay in repose.

Imagine, in one building, a vaccine produced through the use of cell lines derived from children murdered in the womb, their tiny bodies hacked to pieces, and then, a few feet away, the Body of Christ. You'd be hard-pressed to come up with another more egregious display of theological hypocrisy.

The Bay Area ABC affiliate even came out and was granted permission to do a full-blown news report on the entire issue. Not a mention from anyone here that the experimental gene therapy was derived from murdered children.

Perhaps Tim Busch sees no problem with that. We wonder how many attendees here knew about that. The very room they will be sitting in for major conferences was used a little over a year ago to shoot 10,000 citizens with an abortion-tainted serum.

What's more, Church Militant has learned that employees here may have been mandated to get the vax. This is deep blue California, after all. It doesn't seem like anyone would have as much as batted an eyelid if Busch gave that order or allowed that order to be given.

I texted Busch personally asking him that very question on Thursday, June 23 at 12:28 p.m. ET and still, a month later, have heard nothing. I told him in my text I would be reporting his answer (or non-answer). It seems, in the face of his silence, perhaps some of the attendees here might want to know that answer.

After all, overall, they each laid out about five grand for these four days. It doesn't seem unreasonable to know if your host forced his employees to get the jab. Likewise, another reasonable question: How did the whole vax-distribution-center deal come about?

Did Busch approach the city or county, or did they approach him? Did they pay to rent the facilities to administer the abortion-tainted jab, or did Busch just offer it up for free? Either way that goes has its own Catholic moral questions.

And on the question of the employees, Busch may not have had any pangs of conscience over the moral question involved, but could he say the same for his workers here? Were they allowed a religious exemption from the man who touts his work here as "fighting the culture"?

Many Catholics had grave misgivings about the jab. Many. They refused to take it for two reasons: the obvious moral connection to abortion and the potential health concerns, which are only now really beginning to surface.

Surely Busch and his crew here, the ones who deemed Church Militant "too controversial" to be allowed on the property, had to be aware of that actual controversy.

How did they respond? Were workers forced? Were they cajoled? Were exceptions allowed if they were forced?

But more to the point, how does a very public figure like Tim Busch, and he is a public figure, stand in front of a crowd of about 800 Catholics with a crew of so-called good bishops in tow and talk about pushing back against the evil in the culture, giving "formation" (Napa's official word), and deal so freely with the death merchants? How does he do this with the Body and Blood of Our Lord a few feet away?

This year's conference is entitled "The Way, the Truth and the Life." That's extraordinarily ironical given these revelations. The way that was shown to 10,000 residents was an innoculation derived from murdered children, was the way into the lecture hall where the shot was administered. The full truth of how and what went on is yet to be revealed.

And the life, or lives, are those of murdered children who were never even mentioned anywhere, just used to push the Culture of Death on this campus, promoted as a retreat and formation center to fight the culture. That's not fighting the culture, not even close. In fact, it's teaming up with the culture.

And if Busch's resort received government funds for all this, then you can add profiteering to playing ball. The hallmark of the Catholic establishment is hypocrisy, perhaps the most detestable trait one can encounter in the religious world.

Tim Busch opened up to be the central distribution center in Napa Valley for the abortion-tainted vax.

And among the wealthy establishment types, there is always a ready, politically correct rationalization at hand. In fact, rationalization is the stock and trade of the establishment, whether political or religious.

Many of the actual attendees are people of simple faith, humble faith, and are unaware of these types of things higher up the establishment food chain. One might even say that they are unaware they are being played. 

There's a lot of money here at the Napa Institute, but also a lot of ignorance. So Church Militant is here to help dispel whatever ignorance we can. We are not allowed on the property, but we do have a right to be on this sidewalk, and on this sidewalk we will be — available for any attendees who wish to come up to us and speak privately or on camera.

It's not the culture out there that needs fighting. It's the culture in the Church; the culture of hypocrisy, secrecy, lack of accountability, lack of transparency, cover-up, theft and lies.

The culture out there got to be that way because of the culture in here.

We'll see if Tim himself will venture over and engage with us. We ask you, what question have we proposed that even smacks of being unreasonable? We'll be here all week. Enjoy the buffet.

Jan 01 1970


Battling Goliath

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We have to admit that quite frequently here in our day-to-day work, it feels like we're battling Goliath.

The reason it feels that way is because it is that way. Of course, that turned out okay in the end — but only in the end.

There seems to be a certain laxity setting in on the pro-life side of things right now, perhaps even naiveté.

Roe's demise was, of course, massively monumental, and we never want to diminish it. But after 50 years of battle, there seems to be a little complacency taking root now that it's gone.

Roe was not, never, a thing in itself. It was a necessary obstacle that needed to be overcome.

But the real enemy, the philosophy that undergirded Roe, is still very much alive and kicking.

Look at this video from just this past Sunday: There she is, queen of devout Catholics herself, announcing that the forces of darkness are back up off the mat and throwing punches.

Nancy Pelosi passed the first bills since Roe's death to restore abortion as a so-called right across the nation.

It's dead on arrival in the Senate and so will not become law — for now, anyway. But that's only because of one man: Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. 

The Dems are one single Senate vote away from wiping out all that was gained by the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade — one vote.

But abortion is only one issue for the globalist Communist Democrats. And when we say we are battling Goliath, you need to really understand just how much the deck is stacked against us.

There is not a single cultural institution that has not been overrun by the Communists. They took over the Democratic Party in the past three decades, and because of the power that is gained by grabbing the reins of one of America's two major political parties, they wield enormous influence.

And when you look across the globe, what do you see? A whole bunch of allies for them and virtually none for us.

We all know about George Soros and his "philanthropic" means of advancing godless atheism by funding local elections of district attorneys who will not prosecute the bad guys and will come after the good guys.

The entire, non-stop pounding in the media of man-made climate change — it's all a lie, yet globalist leaders of nation after nation in the West see the benefit of taxing and controlling their citizens under the ruse that the earth is about to blow up unless we act.

The media are in on this because they are all controlled by globalists as well — and yes, that includes Fox News, which ordered all their employees to get vaxxed and would not let any worker into the New York headquarters if they were not.

While there are a lot of insufferable idiots who work in the media, they aren't all dummies. Many of them know this. It's a list of every lie coming from "scientists" and pounced on by the media going back to 1966.

There are so many lies it would take more than one Vortex just to read the lis, but a couple of highlights should be pointed to:

  • In 1966, the media told us we'd be out of oil by 1976.
  • In 1970, the media told us all natural resources would be gone by 2000.
  • In 1970, the media told us all city dwellers would be wearing gas masks by 1985.
  • In 1977, the media told us we'd be out of oil by the 1990s.
  • In 1980, the media told us we'd be out of oil by 2000.
  • In 1989, the media told us New York's West Side Highway would be underwater in 2019.
  • In 2005, they updated that by saying all of Manhattan would be underwater by 2015. 
  • In 2008, the media dutifully reported Al Gore's prediction that there would be no ice in Antarctica by 2015.

Of course, none of this happened — but that's not the point. The point is that it never stops, and when you pound lies into the minds of people who have been taught not to critically think, this is what you get away with.

Why does any of this matter? Because eventually, sooner or later, you tip the scales sufficiently that you get everything you want — because people vote out of fear. That's why people are still wearing masks.

But there is another dynamic — the most important dynamic, in fact — that you get from supporting Church Militant and getting your information from us: We are the only Catholic media outfit that shows you — in great detail — how all of this secular madness overlaps with the corruption in the Church.

We've been saying this for years now, and with each passing day, more people are understanding this critical point. We can talk about the Dems and the Republicans being what's called a "Uni-Party" — meaning there really isn't any significant difference between them, because they each arise from the same swamp.

But that analysis misses the most important point. When it comes to globalism, which is the aim of the Uni-Party, that Uni-Party has the most powerful ally it can have on the face of the earth in the corrupt Catholic hierarchy.

The deal is not the Uni-Party. It's the super, multi-national alliance of corrupt prelates joined with the Uni-Party forming a Goliath of evil.

No institution on the planet has the resources that the Church has. George Soros and company (meaning Bill Gates and all of them) look like paupers compared to the Church's wealth. And when that wealth and power fall into the hands of evil men, watch out. Catholics all over the West are only beginning to recognize just how corrupt things are, and that recognition, it's true, may be a day late and a dollar short.

Tradition is in the crosshairs of the globalist prelates: Communists. And no, we aren't just talking about the Latin Mass. That is actually a very small battle on this enormous field of war. The destruction of doctrine, morals, formation, finances, devotional life — every last aspect of the Church is what's been playing out now for decades.

We could just as easily put together a list of lies handed out by crooked bishops and cardinals going back to the 60s, like the list about climate change lies told by the media.

You must understand your enemy, who is, of course, Satan — but you must also understand his tactics.

Church Militant does and is the only one that has been delivering all this information to you for years now, information about the corruption of homosexuality in the priestly ranks, the theft of billions in Church patrimony, the collusion between the hierarchy and the D.C. swamp. We even coined the term the "Deep Church," just as we coined the term the "Church of Nice."

All of this is to say this: It is vital that the work of Church Militant continue to thrive and expand, which is why we announced our six-month million-dollar fundraising drive to ensure our longevity.

We're calling it "Fighting for the Future."

As we have grown, our costs have mounted terribly. Success does have its downsides, especially in an environment where truth is now deemed an enemy of the State, the people and even many quarters of the Church.

The staggering amount of information that flows in here needs to be chased down, vetted, organized, produced and presented to faithful Catholics so that you grasp in all earnestness the dire straits we are in as a Church — and consequently as a world.

We not only tell you everything going on in both culture and Church, we do something no one else does: We show you how they are all interconnected, and we've been doing it for years.

As just one small case, using the example of climate change, when no one in the Catholic world — and we mean no one — was connecting the dots between the Church and the climate change freaks, we were.

More than a dozen years ago, we presented our Faith-Based Investigation entitled "Global Warming Unmasked." It goes into deep detail about everything we are seeing play out today in the Church and the world.

The same year, after extensively connecting the dots, we produced another FBI we called "Obama's Counterfeit Catholics," showing how multiple Church organs were being funded by globalist interests to use the Church to get Obama elected. More than a dozen years ago!

Church Militant has been in this game longer than anyone else in the Catholic world, exposing the corruption, connecting the dots between Deep Church and globalists. And now more than ever, this work must continue well into the future.

But we can't do any of that without your help. We know a million dollars is a lot, but consider how much money crooked politicians raise, or crooked homosexual bishops and their cover-up chanceries.

This very moment, in archdioceses across the country, more than $2 billion is being siphoned away from unsuspecting Catholic sheep in their bishops' "annual appeals" — Madison-Avenue marketing schemes to get as much money as possible to pay off lawyers and homosexual sex abuse settlements.

We're asking you to turn away from those charlatans and give your money to us here at Church Militant.

We battle for victims, all sorts of victims: sex abuse, doctrinal abuse, liturgical abuse, devotional abuse.

If you love what we do here — and much of it is delivered to you at no cost — then please step forward and make what is certain to be a sacrifice in these hard days.

Remember, when you're considering an amount, these hard days have been brought to you by the very man in the White House whom the globalist bishops help put there. It's time to send a loud message — and the only message that crooked lot understands is money.

So please, click on the provided link and ensure the prolonged existence of Church Militant as the dependable, trustworthy information source we have become for you.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support, both spiritual and financial. You have our word that we will never give up fighting for the future.

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It's certainly no headline that politics is corrupt. It's corrupt precisely because it involves power — and power is easy to abuse.

Fallen human nature inclines to amassing power and its abuse; the privileges that can come with it; the entire package, in fact, of authority, notoriety and so forth that can easily not only be abused but also invite jackals to come along and tempt one to abuse.

Within establishment Republican circles, such a thing had happened way too often with the pro-life movement. Various states have what's considered the official Right to Life organization, which endorses various candidates and policies and so forth.

Nothing wrong with that. However (because there's always a "however"), because the GOP was really the only game in town (forget the commie Democrats), state Right to Life organizations found themselves in bed with the state Republican Party.

Republicans had next to zero interest in anything moral.

Not in all cases but certainly in way too many, state Republicans had next to zero interest in anything moral. They had long ago made the determination that chasing after family values in any meaningful way was a political loser, so they never really did.

Want to know why we have child slaughter, sodomy as "marriage," trans-everything and monkeypox? Because GOP establishment types didn't and still don't care.

Like Blacks are waking up on the issue of civil rights and their automatic support for Democrats, rank-and-file pro-lifers have come to see the Republican leadership only cares about them every four years. After that, it's back to lining their pockets.

But for the truly committed pro-lifers, this creates a huge conundrum. You can't vote for a Democrat under any circumstances. They hate children, God, religion, America — you name it.

But the Republican alternative is usually a hand-picked establishment type who is indifferent to children, God, religion, America and so forth. Enter the state Right to Life organization. Over the years, since Roe, seeing the Republican Party as the only choice, these organizations have grown cozier and cozier with the GOP establishment, and, in the process, they have become compromised.

Sure, they mostly still care about abortion, but they have become so "in bed" with the GOP that they often endorse whom the party wants endorsed, not the actually most pro-life candidate.

In the eyes of the establishment, the most pro-life candidate is usually some dude from the great unwashed mass, a simpleton to be disregarded because he is too idealistic. Such a candidate threatens to upset the established order within not just the GOP but the ever-looming uni-party.

He'll talk a good game in his campaign stump speeches, but this candidate is compromised, as is the state Right to Life organization that endorsed him, because all control and power is in the hands of the country club crowd.

The establishment tells the state Right to Life group whom to endorse, and if it knows what's good for it, it does exactly what it is ordered to do.

The GOP doesn't want a culture war; it only pretends it does to get money. This was abundantly clear all the way back in 1992 following Bill Clinton's defeat of incumbent president George Bush.

Immediately after Clinton's victory, Haley Barbour, who became governor of Mississippi and chairman of the Republican National Committee, said that if Republicans wanted to win, they have to stop going on about family values and concentrate on economic issues — as if the two are unrelated somehow.

That was back in the early '90s. And for the record, Barbour was no lightweight in the party. He used millions from the Devos family of Michigan to set up a weekly television program in Washington, D.C., housed in state-of-the-art facilities paid for with a $2.5 million donation from the Amway Corporation. Amway is the cash cow for Michigan's Devos family. 

Barbour was one of the driving forces for conservative talk radio, networking with the likes of Rush Limbaugh to fan the flames of the anti-Clinton messaging that helped propel Republicans to recapture the U.S. House for the first time in more than 40 years in Clinton's first midterm in 1994.

But notice the "network." At first blush, it may all appear to be a good thing — beating back the Democrats and Bill Clinton and all that. And on some levels, it is. That's the seductive part.

But it was the type of Republicans elected to Congress back in 1994 and most of the years following that is precisely the problem (and not just Congress, but also state legislatures all over the country). The heirs and political descendants of that first batch of RINOS are what the rank and file are now trying to dislodge.

They are the same ones who refused to challenge the election of 2020; they are the same ones who have slow-walked any substantive legislation to stem the tide of immorality engulfing the nation.

Heck, just last week, dozens and dozens of these dudes approved a bill in the U.S. House to enshrine sodomy as the law of the land in terms of "marriage."

The same is likely to happen in the U.S. Senate in short order, and COVID-crazy Biden will sign it. Thank you, GOP RINOs. You are true to your founder, Haley Barbour. And in Michigan specifically, the beat goes on with the Devos family being the force behind the collapse of this state.

Here in the Wolverine State, a scene is playing out reminiscent of what is happening across the country: the civil war within the Republican Party — establishment against rank-and-file Trumpers.

The state primary is next week, Aug. 2, and taking its marching orders from the Devos family and its millions of dollars, Michigan Right to Life endorsed a RINO for governor (Tudor Dixon) over a true right-to-life candidate (Ryan Kelley).

Kelley is a believing Catholic committed to a moral rejuvenation of the state and sees the obvious connection between morality and politics. That, of course, means he has earned the opprobrium of the RINO class, and so they ordered Michigan Right to Life to just ignore him and his Catholic worldview.

Just like they did in the case of John Gibbs, another solid Catholic deeply committed to the pro-life cause. The completely compromised Michigan Right to Life is backing incumbent Peter Meijer, who voted to impeach Trump.

The state's Right to Life organization still holds a great deal of sway with conservative voters, and very few conservative candidates win without its endorsement.

A lack of endorsement by the state RTL is incorrectly viewed as the candidate is pro-abortion, not pro-life, so, in deceptive fashion, the group endorses whomever the Devos family tells it to and lets voters think those they don't endorse are in favor of child killing.

It's extremely dishonest because of the high level of deceit, but hey. Never let the truth get in the way of your place at the establishment feeding trough, right?

'They have to stop going on about family values and concentrate on economic issues.'

This kind of "inside baseball" stuff has become commonplace among Right to Life organizations across the country.

Instead of challenging the RINO establishment, they hop in bed with it in exchange for financial support. It's called prostitution. And it's revolting. In fact, the Devos family is backing at least 24 state candidates from governor on down, and everyone is a never-Trumper.

Unsurprisingly, Michigan Right to Life backs almost every one of them. State Right to Life groups have been coopted in the fight to seize control of the party back from Trump supporters. So to help in some way offset all that, Church Militant, through the agency of our 501(c)4, is officially endorsing Ryan Kelley for the Republican nominee for governor, Kristina Karamo for secretary of state and John Gibbs in his race against RINO Peter Meijer in the U.S. House race for the 3rd Congressional District.

These RINOs have to be dislodged, and it's got to start somewhere. The only difference between the commie Democrats and RINOs is the speed at which they are destroying the country, nothing else.

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David L. Gray interviews Michael Voris, who unleashes.

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Fighting for the Future, Day 5

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Fighting for the Future, Day 4

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Napa’s ‘Big Fat Gay Wedding(s)’

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I'm Michael Voris, reporting to you from the annual Napa Institute conference hosted each year by Catholic multimillionaire Tim Busch at his family-owned, luxurious Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa wine country. As usual, when Church Militant is on the ground, we discover much more than when we're just sitting at the studio in Detroit — one vital reason we like to thank our supporters for making these trips possible.

What we have discovered through people here in Napa is this rather disturbing piece of information: Tim Busch's Meritage Resort and Spa (where this Catholic conference happens each year) also hosts homosexual weddings. The Napa Institute Conference only happens one week a year here. Any of the other 51 weeks a year, after faithful Catholics have all gone back home, the resort becomes very un-Catholic and plays host to gay weddings and receptions.

Here are just two examples from recent years. From the magazine Love Inc., Nick and Conor had a lovely wedding ceremony right here on these grounds. Not only do all the wedding photographer pictures obviously show poses all over the grounds here at Meritage, but the resort also gets a little publicity mention — if you scroll down to near the bottom, right down here, listed at the top of "under vendors."

If that wasn't enough to raise your eyebrows, here's another, just a few months before COVID struck. This is Daniel and Jason's wedding, again, obviously right here at the resort. One picture in particular is very bothersome because where Daniel and Jason are posing is just a few feet away from where the Blessed Sacrament is kept during the Napa Institute annual convention — as well as where Eucharistic processions take place. 

The resort becomes very un-Catholic and plays host to gay weddings and receptions.

In the production of this episode, I called the Meritage wedding planning office and spoke directly to a young lady named Ashlin. I told her I was marrying my gay partner, and another gay friend had recommended the Meritage. In California, it's illegal to record a call without consent. However, I put her on speakerphone (with our crew of Adrian and Jake listening) and asked her point blank, again, posing as a gay man wanting a wedding at the Meritage next year, if there was anyone special I needed to speak with about a gay wedding. She said jubilantly, "You're speaking with her!" 

We asked, specifically, if we could have the reception in the famous "cave" hewn out under the vineyards. She told us it could accommodate our crowd of 140. She said "yep." We asked specifically because it is in that same cave where the opening Mass is held.

For emphasis, once a year about 800 Catholics come here for a long weekend hosted by Tim Busch for a formation retreat. They're somehow being formed to fight the evil in the culture, as executive director and Busch's right-hand man, John Meyer, says in his video — a point also emphasized by Busch himself in their opening video for this year's conference.

But once this conference is over and all those Catholics "formed" to fight the evil in the culture hop on their planes and go home, Meritage itself resorts to cooperating with the evil — hosting gay weddings. Of course, you won't find any of this on the Meritage website. That would be too gauche and revealing and, well, a little too close to home. Where you do find it is on the websites of gay wedding planners here in Northern California, who post all the photos and information themselves, hyping up the beauty and elegance of this very splendid setting. 

You just have to dig around those businesses' web pages, like the gay wedding photography company Lily Rose, which proudly displays the announcement of its work: "gay weddings at the Meritage Resort and Spa." They even post a marketing picture of their reception set up in the famous cave here at Meritage in their photo run. Of course, only a handful of wedding planning companies do exclusively homosexual weddings, but that's not the point. It's where the ceremonies take place. And here in Napa Valley, the Meritage is definitely one of the destinations.

The Meritage Resort and Spa is operated by Busch's company, Pacific Hospitality Group, as we see here in a press release from this past May, announcing a further multimillion-dollar investment in the gorgeous property.

In the release, Busch says: 

We are proud to be a member of this incredible community going on almost 20 years. It has been a rewarding experience to transform the resort from what was once a small Napa Valley hotel into a world class destination. I am humbled by what we have built together with the support of the local community, and I am excited for the future.

Apparently, part of what Busch calls "support of the local community" includes hosting gay weddings.

And as we reported yesterday, it also includes hosting abortion-tainted COVID vaccination distribution centers, where 10,000 jabs were administered last April. Funny enough, we reported in a Vortex a couple of months back that Tim Busch had suddenly up and canceled Church Militant from privately attending this year's conference, with no explanation from his staff other than we were "controversial." Our reporting didn't go over so well here at Napa.

In fact, in his opening remarks to the 800 innocent and unaware faithful Catholics attending this year's event, he said, closely paraphrasing from their live stream, "We recently had some bad press from some Catholic media outfits, and we got the bad press because we were actually faithful to the Magisterium."

It is in that same cave where the opening Mass is held.

Um, if that was a reference to Church Militant (likely), then our report had nothing to do with a question of Tim and Napa being faithful or not to the Magisterium. It was solely about the dirty tricks and cooperation with bishops to cancel Church Militant from attending this year, after we had already been signed up. But after all these claims about fidelity to the Church, this Vortex is precisely about that.

How can this resort, owned by the Busch family through their PHG corporation, which sponsors 800 faithful Catholics once a year — with Masses virtually every hour and Eucharistic processions throughout the grounds — turn around and host gay weddings after the faithful Catholics have gone home? Perhaps there is some explanation that Tim Busch would like to provide, if not to Church Militant, at least to the assembled Catholics who collectively have enriched his resort this weekend by around $3,500,000.

The question is pretty straightforward. It's not, Do you host gay weddings here? That's already answered and proven. The question is, How can you do that and still preach to people about how to fight the evil in the culture? We think the assembled attendees need to ask him that. In fact, Church Militant is out here on the public sidewalk and would be happy to be brought inside and have a throwdown about all this. One final question: Before everyone arrives here this week, most especially Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, is an exorcism of the property performed?

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