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A podcast featuring panelists of engineers from Netflix, Twitch, & Atlassian talking over drinks about all things Front End development.

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Episode 093 - Beers and Careers - Career Management

It can be really important to think through what you want in your career. In this episode, we are joined by Michael Gaskill to talk with us about career management.Guests:Michael GaskillPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoJem Young - @JemYoungStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Michael Gaskill - Code Radio by freecodecampMichael Gaskill - MarengoRyan Burgess - The Pivot PointRyan Burgess - Radical CandorAugustus Yuan - Uber Go Style GuideAugustus Yuan - Open Diablo 2Jem Young - CSS units explainedJem Young - Theodent ToothpasteStacy London - It Should Be Us by Andy StottStacy London - The Center Won't Hold by Sleater-Kinney


6 Jan 2020

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Episode 089 - Hollywood Martinis - Netflix Studio Engineering

In today’s episode, we are going to be talking with Priyankaa Vijayakumar and Lauren Tan about an interesting engineering effort their teams at Netflix are working on. Netflix continues to create its own content and Hollywood is an interesting world with a ton of opportunities for engineering to integrate technology to make things more efficient. Priyankaa and Lauren will be telling us more about those engineering challenges.Guests:Priyankaa Vijayakumar - @priyankaavjLauren Tan - @_sugarpiratePanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungPicks:Priyankaa Vijayakumar - Living with YourselfPriyankaa Vijayakumar - Harry Potter the PlayLauren Tan - TSConfLauren Tan - The Meta-conversationLauren Tan - El CaminoRyan Burgess - WatchmenJem Young - $100 toothpasteJem Young - The Politician


27 Oct 2019

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Episode 015 - A flight of JavaScript frameworks

In the JavaScript community, we have a lot of amazing frameworks that help us in our day to day work. It can be at times overwhelming to understand what framework is the best one to use. In this episode, we discuss our thoughts and opinions on the various frameworks.Items mentioned in the episode:React, Angular, Ember, JQuery, Backbone, Marionette, Knockout, Troop, Prototype, YUI, Webpack, GWT, Brian Holt's React & ES6 workshop, Ghost, Frontend Masters, Egghead.io, Pluralsight, Linda.com, Ember Slack, Paul Irish, John LindquistPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoDerrick Showers - @derrickshowersPicks:Ryan Burgess - React in 7 minutesRyan Burgess - MackupAugustus Yuan - AMP ProjectAugustus Yuan - DoodlesTVDerrick Showers - Fidget cubeDerrick Showers - SullyDerrick Showers - Alamo Drafthouse


13 Sep 2016

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Episode 022 - Drinking with more style and less sass

Writing CSS seems pretty straight forward until your project and team starts to grow. CSS has a lot of issues, in this episode we share some advice for making it a little bit easier. We’ll also discuss ways to create a scalable CSS architecture for large projects and teams.Items mentioned in the episode:Sarah Drasner, Chris Coyier, Una Kravets, Sass, Less, Transpilers episode, BEM, Sass-lint, BEM lint, React, Radium, Aphrodite, Webpack, Ruby, Ruby Sass, LibSass, PostCSS, CSS Houdini, SMACSS, SassySass, Wai Lun Poon, Dart, xkcd compiling, Stylus, Jade, TJ Holowaychuk, Express, Koa, Go, Autoprefixer, FlexboxPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoJem Young - @JemYoungDerrick Showers - @derrickshowersBrian Holt - @holtbtMars Jullian - @marsjosephinePicks:Ryan Burgess - Art of ReadmeRyan Burgess - Nas - Wrote My Way OutAugustus Yuan - Google Code-inAugustus Yuan - CSS StatsJem Young - SketchJem Young - Complete Intro to ReactDerrick Showers - Code PenDerrick Showers - NextdoorBrian Holt - CSS WizardryBrian Holt - mrmrsBrian Holt - Una KravetsBrian Holt - Sarah DrasnerBrian Holt - Rachel NaborsBrian Holt - City of MinneapolisBrian Holt - Laphroaig MadeiraMars Jullian - cssreference.ioMars Jullian - The Great Dickens Fair


17 Dec 2016

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Episode 032 - Imposter Syndrome - These are not the drinks you're looking for

What’s it like to deal with Imposter Syndrome? In this episode, we are joined by Jessica Grist, a Software Engineer at Adroll to discuss how we’ve all experience Imposter Syndrome in our careers and share ways to help deal with it.Guests:Jessica Grist - @thehackstressPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanMars Jullian - @marsjosephineStacy London - @stacylondonerDerrick Showers - @derrickshowersBrian Holt - @holtbtPicks:Jessica Grist - Stuff You Missed in History ClassRyan Burgess - React Conf 2017 videosRyan Burgess - Iron FistDerrick Showers - Ember Conf 2017Derrick Showers - Codepen ProjectsDerrick Showers - Alamo DrafthouseBrian Holt - Full Stack for Front End EngineersMars Jullian - Nordic JSMars Jullian - How I Built ThisStacy London - GlitchStacy London - Empty Promise by Butane


23 Apr 2017

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Episode 077 - Career growth - beers and careers

In past episodes we’ve shared our thoughts on helping others grow or how to help interns in your company, but we haven’t discussed our thoughts on our own career growth. In this episode, we’ll share our thoughts and opinions on career growth.Panelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoJem Young - @JemYoungStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Ryan Burgess - Photos with iCloudRyan Burgess - Workin’ MomsRyan Burgess - The OA season 2Augustus Yuan - Silicon Valley SmashAugustus Yuan - Chrome 73 update (installing PWAs via Chrome in Mac!)Augustus Yuan - three.js/editorJem Young - Casper GlowJem Young - Oakley PrizmJem Young - Love, Death, and RobotsStacy London - Screenshots in Chrome (Cmd+Shift+P with DevTools open then type ‘screenshot’)Stacy London - Daniel Avery’s Song for Alpha album


31 Mar 2019

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Episode 074 - Beer money - negotiating salaries

We’ve talked about interviewing for engineering jobs, but once you have an offer, how do you negotiate the salary? In this episode, we’re joined by Matthew Gerstman, an engineer from Dropbox to talk with us about salaries, and stock.Guests:Matthew Gerstman - @MatthewGerstmanPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoJem Young - @JemYoungStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Matthew Gerstman - Be More Chill MusicalMatthew Gerstman - Puffs the playRyan Burgess - Double your salary with this one simple trick - Matthew GerstmanRyan Burgess - Engineering Management: The Pendulum or the ladderAugustus Yuan - Fearless Salary NegotiationAugustus Yuan - Project AliasJem Young - 2018 Logo TrendsJem Young - HiredStacy London - 2nd World by HVOBStacy London - Phaedra - 1995 Remaster by Tangerine Dream


4 Feb 2019

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Episode 028 - JavaScript Universi-LongIslandIce-ty

We’ve all started somewhere. JavaScript isn’t always an easy language to learn. In this episode, we’re joined by Gordon Zhu, who teaches workshops on JavaScript at Watch and Code. We are also joined by Luis Vargas, a Senior Manager on Global Payments at Netflix who has recently been learning JavaScript and has attended one of Gordon’s workshops. In this episode, we all talk about our journey of learning JavaScript and ways we’ve worked through it.Items mentioned in the episode:ColdFusion, PHP, Flash, ASP.NET, jQuery, MooTools, Dojo, Backbone, Python, Reddit, Eclipse, Eloquent JavaScript, You Don't Know JS, Speaking JavaScript, CD Baby, Frontend MastersGuests:Gordon Zhu - @gordon_zhuLuis VargasPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanRyan Anklam - @bittersweetryanBrian Holt - @holtbtMars Jullian - @marsjosephineStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Gordon Zhu - Watch and CodeGordon Zhu - Ten Things I Have Learned - Milton GlaserLuis Vargas - Watch and CodeLuis Vargas - Industrial noise blocking headphonesLuis Vargas - Derek SiversRyan Burgess - Austin Maples - Idle Hand TattooRyan Burgess - Fluid PaintRyan Burgess - AbstractRyan Anklam - The ExpanseRyan Anklam - Kahn Academy - Intro To StorytellingRyan Anklam - New Day - Radio Edit by Xavier ElevenBrian Holt - Schiit FullaBrian Holt - SynologyMars Jullian - Forward JSStacy London - Chrome Canary - Loads CSS ProgressivelyStacy London - Code SchoolStacy London - RVK by Nathan Fake


26 Feb 2017

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Episode 090 - Sipping our drinks, enjoying the Vue - Vue JS

In this episode, we are joined by Sarah Drasner and Gift Egwuenu to talk with us about the popular JavaScript framework, VueJS.Guests:Sarah Drasner - @sarah_edoGift Egwuenu - @lauragift21Panelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoJem Young - @JemYoungStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Sarah Drasner - Greensock v3Gift Egwuenu - Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts RideGift Egwuenu - Nigerian PlaylistRyan Burgess - Mike Giant podcastRyan Burgess - Tombow Dual Brush pensAugustus Yuan - React adaptive hooksAugustus Yuan - Trader Joe’s Cauliflower RavioliJem Young - Buffet LinesJem Young - Hap and LeonardStacy London - Yearning for the Infinite - Max CooperStacy London - Immerse - Alex Banks


25 Nov 2019

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Episode 075 - Component libraries - sharing our drinks

In this episode, we are joined by Jeeyun Linn, and Cole Turner to talk with us about building and using component libraries in a company.Guests:Jeeyun Linn - @jeeyunitCole Turner - @coleturnerPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungRyan Anklam - @bittersweetryanPicks:Jeeyun Linn - Learn Git BranchingJeeyun Linn - Flexbox FroggyCole Turner - Russian DollRyan Burgess - FYRERyan Burgess - Atomic designJem Young - Good UI BlogJem Young - It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaRyan Anklam - CounterrpartRyan Anklam - Elevate for Strava


19 Feb 2019

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Episode 045 - Getting the bartender's attention

In a previous episode, we discussed working with a recruiter during a job interview process. In this episode, we’re joined by Netflix recruiter, Bianca Bortolussi to discuss ways to help your engineering profile stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.Guests:Bianca Bortolussi - @biancabmoreyPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungRyan Anklam - @bittersweetryanMars Jullian - @marsjosephinePicks:Bianca Bortolussi - Apple Watch 3Bianca Bortolussi - Netflix JS TalksRyan Burgess - Women in Tech ShowRyan Burgess - Kotlin ConfJem Young - Firefox FocusJem Young - Sony MDR 1000xRyan Anklam - Spotify Time Capsule PlaylistRyan Anklam - Dirty Hacks From The Dark Corners of Front-EndMars Jullian - November 17th HTML5 MeetupMars Jullian - Interactive Visualization of Every Line in Hamilton by Shirley Wu


30 Oct 2017

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Episode 040 - React Native - Mix Once, Drink Everywhere

In this episode, we’re joined by Naoufal Kadhom, a Software Engineer from Netflix who’s also just released a payment library for React Native. In the episode, we’ll be discussing React Native and what it’s like to leverage it for Android and iOS applications.Guests:Naoufal Kadhom - @naoufalPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungAugustus Yuan - @augburtoDerrick Showers - @derrickshowersBrian Holt - @holtbtStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Naoufal Kadhom - DetourNaoufal Kadhom - React Native EuropeRyan Burgess - React Native PaymentsRyan Burgess - RobinhoodAugustus Yuan - LottieAugustus Yuan - Pismo Beach ATV sand dunesDerrick Showers - Realm AcademyDerrick Showers - Py AppBrian Holt - HackagesBrian Holt - Prettier + eslint-config-airbnb + Flowtype is the ultimate workflow for writing JSStacy London - CodeSandboxStacy London - Slow Motion by Lusine


15 Aug 2017

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Episode 025 - From bar-back to frontender

We’ve all started out somewhere in our career. In previous episodes, we’ve talked about various ways we’ve learned front end development, but haven’t touched on mentorship. In this episode, Sarah Showers joins us in the conversation about starting out as a junior developer and how mentors helped shape us into senior developers.Guests:Sarah Showers - @sarahlshowersPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanDerrick Showers - @derrickshowersStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Sarah Showers - Girl Develop ItSarah Showers - Reach LinkedInRyan Burgess - The InvestigatorRyan Burgess - Shepard Fairey - We The PeopleDerrick Showers - IstanbulDerrick Showers - Apple EarPodsDerrick Showers - LinkedIn redesignStacy London - Bonobo - MigrationStacy London - Girls In Tech - Mentorship Program


25 Jan 2017

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Episode 088 - Tech lead engineer - herding cats & drinks

We often talk a lot about growth path as engineers. One of those growth paths could be a tech lead engineer. In this episode, we are joined by Tony Edwards to help talk with us about what the role and responsibilities of a lead engineer are.Guests:Tony Edwards - @tedwards947Panelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungMars Jullian - @marsjosephineStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Tony Edwards - Lana Del Rey: Norman Fucking RockwellTony Edwards - The Indicator from Planet MoneyTony Edwards - Steve1989MREInfoRyan Burgess - Everybody MattersRyan Burgess - Super Pumped: The Battle for UberRyan Burgess - Abstract Season 2Jem Young - Great British Baking ShowJem Young - Duer JeansJem Young - Frontend Masters - Full StackMars Jullian - Airbnb open homes programMars Jullian - catalogchoice.orgStacy London - Fear Inoculum by ToolStacy London - Blood Year by Russian CirclesStacy London - Unending by Cloudkicker


30 Sep 2019

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Episode 043 - Our first drink

We all had to start somewhere. In this episode, we are joined by Preethi Kasireddy to talk with us about her and our experiences of being a beginner to coding.Guests:Preethi Kasireddy - @iam_preethiPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanDerrick Showers - @derrickshowersStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Preethi Kasireddy - Front End Happy HourPreethi Kasireddy - ChangelogPreethi Kasireddy - Software Engineering DailyPreethi Kasireddy - TwitterPreethi Kasireddy - freeCodeCampRyan Burgess - We All Started Somewhere - Preethi Kasireddy - React RallyRyan Burgess - Fed UpDerrick Showers - CS50Derrick Showers - Pocket CastsDerrick Showers - Fatal ErrorStacy London - Frontend MastersStacy London - Nordic.jsStacy London - Fjords near Flåm in Norway


1 Oct 2017

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Episode 049 - Independent taste testing

We are back in 2018, for the first episode of the New Year we have two special guests, Shirley Wu and Amy Wibowo to talk with us about freelancing and running your own business. We discuss how to start freelance work, how to manage clients and how to handle difficult clients.Guests:Shirley Wu - @sxywuAmy Wibowo - @sailorhgPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoJem Young - @JemYoungDerrick Showers - @derrickshowersBrian Holt - @holtbtStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Shirley Wu - Bubblesort ZinesShirley Wu - Coding like a girl by Amy WibowoShirley Wu - OpenVis ConfShirley Wu - Kimi No Na Wa (Your name)Amy Wibowo - The Hate U GiveRyan Burgess - ConferCalRyan Burgess - Black Mirror Season 4Augustus Yuan - Smog Free TowerAugustus Yuan - Speedometer 2.0Jem Young - CowarobotJem Young - Code ProblemsJem Young - Babel Time TravelDerrick Showers - Gramercy TavernDerrick Showers - My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David LettermanBrian Holt - Creating a Vue.js Serverless Checkout Form: Setup and TestingBrian Holt - Bussed out - How America moves its homelessBrian Holt - 5 Things Episode 1: Five Things About Create React AppStacy London - Git it gurl from BubbleSort Zines from Amy!Stacy London - Change the Paradigm by AustraStacy London - World of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden of Other People's Thoughts by Don Hertzfeldt

1hr 9mins

22 Jan 2018

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Episode 048 - Toast to a new year

It’s been a great year! With 2017 coming to an end, we’ve decided to talk the highlights, trends, and disappointments of the year. We also talk about what we’re excited about in 2018.Panelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoJem Young - @JemYoungDerrick Showers - @derrickshowersBrian Holt - @holtbtPicks:Ryan Burgess - 2018 ConferencesRyan Burgess - Kevin MarrAugustus Yuan - Mozilla Voice ProjectAugustus Yuan - Algorithmic Art by Tyler HobbsJem Young - Perf Matters ConferenceJem Young - Slow TVJem Young - Surface Book 2Derrick Showers - CastroDerrick Showers - try! SwiftBrian Holt - BabelBrian Holt - Henry ZhuBrian Holt - WebpackBrian Holt - ParcelBrian Holt - SFO


19 Dec 2017

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Episode 042 - Work hard, drink hard

There’s always a lot to be done, but having a good work life balance is extremely important. In this episode, we are joined by Sarah Showers from LinkedIn, to talk with us about work life balance. We share our thoughts on what work life balance means to us and how our companies help foster a healthy work life balance.Guests:Sarah Showers - @sarahlshowersPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoDerrick Showers - @derrickshowersBrian Holt - @holtbtPicks:Sarah Showers - Best Self JournalRyan Burgess - Movo Photo MTP-11Ryan Burgess - SVG Animations - Sarah DrasnerAugustus Yuan - How to fix a toiletAugustus Yuan - Sketch 2 After EffectsDerrick Showers - One World ObservatoryDerrick Showers - Shake ShackDerrick Showers - JetBlueBrian Holt - Focus appBrian Holt - Todoist


14 Sep 2017

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Episode 026 - Design, neat

In this episode, we’re joined by Julie Horvath, a Design Lead at Apple to help us talk about design. We discuss ways to help improve the collaboration between designers and frontend developers. Julie shares her perspective on building great user experiences for low-bandwidth internet speeds and how taking a progressive enhancement approach can be beneficial to the user.Items mentioned in the episode:USF, Yammer, CSS Zen Garden, CodePen, Middleman, Heroku, InVision, Sketch, Principle, Swift, Objective-C, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Illustrator, Skitch, React, Design For Hackers, Hackdesign.org, Github, Graceful degradation, CSS Modules, CSS3 for Web DesignersGuests:Julie Horvath - @nrrrdcorePanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoJem Young - @JemYoungDerrick Showers - @derrickshowersRyan Anklam - @bittersweetryanBrian Holt - @holtbtStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Julie Horvath - MiddlemanJulie Horvath - CSS ModulesJulie Horvath - BEMJulie Horvath - BasketsJulie Horvath - Long DivisionJulie Horvath - ACLUJulie Horvath - East of WestJulie Horvath - Kehlani - Sweet Sexy SavageRyan Burgess - Adobe IllustratorRyan Burgess - Homebrew CaskAugustus Yuan - U.S. Web Design StandardsAugustus Yuan - PandaJem Young - ACLUJem Young - FrontierDerrick Showers - InVisionDerrick Showers - Google VoiceRyan Anklam - SmashrunRyan Anklam - Rollup JSBrian Holt - ACLUStacy London - InVisionStacy London - Ghostly


7 Feb 2017

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Episode 013 - Drinking in the present to learn future JavaScript

In episode 13 of the Front End Happy Hour podcast, we’re joined by Jafar Husain from Netflix to talk with us about the future of JavaScript. Jafar is part of the TC-39 committee that helps determine the future specs of ECMAScript. Jafar shares a lot of interesting insights into how the committee works and how a feature makes it's way into the spec. Jafar also talks to us about Observables and cancellable promises.Items mentioned in the episode:TC-39, ECMAScript, Iterators and Generators, Proxies, Observables, Promises, Evan Czaplicki, Yehuda Katz, Rust Language, TypeScript, Elm Language, PureScript, Flow, Jay Phelps, LazyDOM, Tracy LeeGuests:Jafar Husain - @jhusainPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungDerrick Showers - @derrickshowersBrian Holt - @holtbtPicks:Jafar Husain - Idris LanguageRyan Burgess - Status, process, and documents for ECMA262Ryan Burgess - Octomore Scotch 07.1Jem Young - MorbotronJem Young - Full Stack TorontoDerrick Showers - Glimmer 2 Deep DiveDerrick Showers - Rogue varietiesBrian Holt - I Really Like Angular 2 - Trailer for The Jeff Cross Show on Modern Web feat Jafar HusainBrian Holt - Modern Web Podcast

1hr 5mins

18 Aug 2016

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