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Colleen Mauro – Intuition, Spiritual Telepathy & The Art of Tapping the Higher Self

Is it possible to directly link our conscious self with the higher worlds?  Or is this just a rare gift bestowed upon a special class of individuals ? Consciousness Researcher and author Colleen Mauro says, “Not at all!” Colleen who herself followed higher guidance that led her to the founding of the popular Intuition magazine back in 1988, has since set out to make the connection between what the ancients have said for thousands of years and what new science is now quantifying as evidence of this higher realm in what they term,  “non-local consciousness.”I spoke with Colleen about how this subtle and yet powerful process is not only attainable by everyone, but why it is imperative that we now make that leap in linking our selves with the higher worlds at this point in our evolution.In this episode we discuss:Spiritual telepathy as a form of tapping the subtle realms.The distinction and comparison of synchronicity vs. intuition and how they work in tandem. How listening to subtle cues and acting on them can put us on the “right” path. How challenges can be seized as an opportunity to accelerate our evolution as a species. Transhumanism as an artificial means to create “gods” The language of numbers and how they connect to the subtle realms. 11:11 and the symbol of the soul. How chakras correspond with the evolutionary process. Different types of telepathy that we can tap: instinctual, mental, and spiritual. How strong or intense emotions trigger instinct. The difference between clairvoyance and telepathy How Helena Blavatsky utilized mental telepathy. How to make the link between mind, body, and soul and step down information from the higher brains. The role of service to others in triggering the higher self. How altruistic meditation can be use to step up individual evolution. How words and emotional charge can affect the structure of water and of the self. Local Mind vs. Universal Mind. Suggested meditations to help individuals trigger spiritual telepathy. Making the bridge to connect the conscious self with the soul. Animal telepathy.Colleen Mauro is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Intuition magazine. Her thirty years of experience in magazine publishing includes work as a publisher, editor, advertising director, and circulation and marketing consultant. A lifelong interest in the untapped powers of the mind led to the launch of Intuition magazine in 1988. Intuition explored the higher potential of the mind and the many and varied ways of knowing—intuition, inspiration and telepathy—providing both research and how-to information in easy-to-read form for the general reader.Visit Colleen’s website at: www.spiritualtelepathy.net


30 Apr 2015

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Darryl Anka – Bashar Wisdom: The True Nature of Time and Us

Channel for Bashar, Darryl Anka shares insights on the true nature of time, the current "shift" and how reality really works.https://youtu.be/LFOBS2-Xh8YIn the nearly 35 years that channel Darryl Anka has been bringing through empowered messages from the entity known as Bashar, the themes have been constant and unwavering.But given the exponential shift that many feel our planet is in the midst of, change is the order of the day - especially when it comes to us - the human race.Some speak of an acceleration of time and energy and an acceleration of us - but according to Bashar the acceleration is only in our understanding about the true nature of reality, not of time in and of itself.And speaking of reality and time, the affable entity insists that both are ultimately illusory, merely projections that we determine to be linear as is played out in the 3D.“…everything exists all at once. We create this structure - this scenario of linear time, in a sense, in order to have a process…It’s kind of like saying you forget who you are in order to have a process of remembering who you are, but from a new point of view,” explained Darryl, whom I had the pleasure of chatting with while on-location at the 17th Annual Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles in February of this year.Darryl went on to explain that the physical world and our lives are like a dream that we’re having while we are, and always have been in spirit. In other words - we are spirit having the dream that we believe for the time being to be reality. This idea is not too dissimilar to that of the ancient peoples of India who believed that reality is truly Maya, roughly translated as “illusion.” But if this is so, then what is the purpose of an illusory construct? What are we to do within this matrix and most importantly, how can we as a species truly evolve within a construct that is nothing more than an illusion?These are the questions that Darryl Anka answered with seamless proficiency and ease. And one that he's completely comfortable with, after sitting side by side for over three decades and counting with the wisdom keeper known as Bashar!About Darryl AnkaFor over 34 years, individuals from all over the globe have made the journey to experience renown channel Darryl Anka as he brings through the remarkable multidimensional being from the future known as Bashar.Along with Edgar Cayce, Seth, and Abraham-Hicks, the Bashar material has been heralded as some of the most relevant, compelling and dynamic information delivered to the planet to date.In addition to channeling Bashar, Darryl expresses his creative talents in the forms of writing, directing and producing films through his own production company, Zia Films.Darryl’s recent documentary, which he wrote, produced and directed, entitled First Contact explores his life as a channel and the messages Bashar shares through him.“First Contact” is now complete and ready to be released this Summer. To learn more about “First Contact” click here.Read more about Darryl Anka and Bashar.


20 Mar 2019

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Out of Body Experiences and the Road to Spiritual Evolution with William Buhlman

Out of Body expert William Buhlman is passionate, adamant, and encouraging when it comes to the practice of what he calls self-initiated OBE’s. As elusive and mysterious as this process may be for some, William contends that it is one of the most natural states an individual can experience.Furthermore, as we continue to catapult toward an increased level of consciousness, both individually and collectively, William feels that the regular practice of out of body experiences will gain in popularity as an essential part of our spiritual development.In this, our fourth interview together, William discusses some interesting methods by which to trigger controlled OBE’s as well as share some of his own sojourns into the “space” we call the non-physical realm.During our conversation we discuss: Why there is an apparent increase in interest and practice of OBE’s. Why self-initiated OBE’s are becoming more urgent now. The OBE as a natural state of being and the overall benefits of out of body practice. The illusory nature of the physical world and how OBE’s will prove the illusion. Shifts in the “physical” environment during an OBE. Methods by which to induce an OBE – KEY!! The connection between, OBE’s, NDE’s (near-death experiences) and ET experiences. The cross-over between OBE’s and the meditative state. How self-initiated OBE’s can prepare an individual for the “dying” process. How OBE’s can be used to confront challenges in personal life. How OBE’s relate to more “traditional” religious traditions.More about our guest:William Buhlman is America’s leading expert on out-of-body experiences. The author’s four decades of extensive personal out-of-body explorations give him a unique and thought provoking insight into this subject. His first book, Adventures beyond the Body chronicles his personal spiritual journey of self-discovery through out-of-body travel, and provides the reader with the preparation and techniques that can be used for their own adventure. During the last ten years he has conducted an international out-of-body experience survey that includes over 18,000 participants from forty-two countries. The provocative results of this survey are presented in his book, The Secret of the Soul. This cutting edge book explores the unique opportunities for personal growth and profound spiritual awakenings that are experienced during out-of-body travel.Over the past two decades William has developed an effective system to experience safe, self initiated out-of-body adventures. He conducts an in-depth workshop with the Monroe Institute titled, Out-of-Body Exploration Intensive. This unique workshop provides the steps, intention and techniques designed for controlled out-of-body exploration. Each participant will experience a comprehensive array of  OBE methods including the target technique, inner motion, visualization, chakra and energy body activation. In addition, hypnotic, shamanic and early morning methods will be practiced.As a certified hypnotherapist, William incorporates various methods in his workshops to explore the profound nature of out-of-body experiences and the benefits of accelerated personal development. Through lectures, workshops and his books the author teaches the preparation and techniques of astral projection and spiritual exploration.The author brings a refreshing look to how we can use out-of-body experiences to explore our spiritual identity and enhance our intellectual and physical lives. William is best known for his ability to teach people how to have profound spiritual adventures through the use of out-of-body experiences. In addition, he has developed an extensive series of audio and video programs that are designed to expand awareness and assist in the exploration of consciousness. William has appeared on numerous television and radio shows worldwide. William’s books are currently available in ten languages.

1hr 11mins

14 Jan 2015

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Billy Carson – Manifesting in a Holographic Universe

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw_dwVP3S6gResearcher Billy Carson says if you want to manifest you need to understand how reality works. It's holographic!Everyone wants to know how to better manifest. And although there are many books, courses, and workshops that explain just how to do it, there is one essential ingredient that we are missing, says 4biddenknowledge founder and researcher Billy Carson.By discovering how integral fractals are to our universe, Carson married this idea with another: The Holographic Universe, made popular by the late Michael Talbot and came up with some astounding findings that boil down to one thing...We are walking, talking, living manifesting machines!The equations, he says don't lie!You've GOT to hear what Carson has to say as it relates to why billions of people though faithful in their prayer and meditation practices, neglect to manifest what they are asking for or desire.This interview is part of an exclusive series of Conscious Life Expo "sneak peak" interviews. Billy Carson is one of the featured speakers this year at the 17th Annual Conscious Life Expo.This is part of our special Conscious Life Expo pre-expo speaker series. Be sure to visit Conscious Life Expo to learn more and to attend this special 4-day event!And if you can't attend - No Worries! Take advantage of the amazing offer below...Stay tuned for more great interviews from Expo speakers, only on Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks!Billy Carson is the founder of 4biddenknowledge.com. Billy Carson is also an expert host on the new original streaming series by Gaia named ‘Deep Space’ This series is an exploration of the “Secret Space Program” and the types of technologies being used along with their potential origins. Billy Carson is also an expert host on Gaia’s original series, ‘Ancient Civilizations’. A team of renowned scholars has come together to decipher the riddle of our origins and piece together our forgotten history found in monuments and texts across the world. Billy Carson is the co-founder of the United Family of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH). Billy Carson has combined forces with the top anomaly hunters in the world to form the United Family Of Anomaly Hunters(UFAH). Their mission is to provide enough evidence of past and present life on Earth, and other celestial bodies inside our own solar system, of technologies being used along with their potential origins. The group claims to have pioneered two new fields of science. Archeo-Astronomy and Astro-anthropology. Billy Carson feels that these will be actual college courses in the not so distant future. Mr. Carson is also the CEO of First Class Space Agency based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Billy Carson’s space agency is involved in research and development of alternative propulsion systems and zero-point energy devices.Billy Carson is the Author of “The Compendium of the Emerald Tablets”.


12 Dec 2018

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Neil Kramer – Spiritual Sovereignty in a Mad World

“The way to disinfect one’s self from Empire is to stop feeling that you have to choose from their menu of life options.” - Neil KramerThe forces that craft and peddle control on this planet, though in existence for perhaps millennia, appear to be immutable - too powerful to sink or fail. But for some individuals on this planet, in what spiritual philosopher and teacher Neil Kramer calls “Empire” - the rules and rulers of this Global game just don’t exist. Neil joined Higher Journeys to discuss his thoughts on what it takes to walk a sovereign path, even amid this mad world of containment and control. And in his signature blend of eloquence and honesty, his message is simple but profound.In this episode we discuss the origins of societal containment, the acquiescence of the masses to Empire, the rise of Imperial socialism, the importance of finding equilibrium in life, the soul-less collective, education as a conduit for corruption, why we must design our own individualized menu for living, and the importance of being ready and willing to “engage with the mystery of life.”This is a power packed hour of wisdom and insight from a man whom I refer to as one of the greatest spiritual philosophers of our time!Relevant links from this episode:Interview: Self-Authority in a Polarized World - Open Minds with Regina MeredithInterview: Cult of Untruth - Veritas RadioEvent: "Radiant Shadow" - A Weekend Workshop with Neil Kramer, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NYGet this episode on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7zvKPVP6roNeil Kramer is a philosopher, teacher, and esotericist. His work focuses on spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics.Neil works with people from all over the world to advance development through a deeper understanding of self, soul, equilibrium, divinity, and transformation. Neil teaches a spiritual method – the supernal path – which he cultivated over many years. He shares his ideas in speaking, writing, media, and teaching.Neil is faculty at the Omega Institute in New York, where he teaches spiritual philosophy, mysticism, esoteric studies, and self-development. He is a popular guest on leading independent TV, radio, and internet shows, and has spoken at numerous international conferences.Neil lives in Washington State, USA. He spends much of his time learning, teaching, and traveling.Neil has broad experiential knowledge of interconnected philosophical, spiritual, mystical, Hermetic, and alchemical disciplines, which he uses to formulate his cosmology and practice. He has spent time with several orders dedicated to the wisdom of the ancient world. Neil’s synthesis of spiritual wisdom, strong individualism, social critique, deep knowledge-base, and forthright approach, has helped to earn his reputation as a widely respected figure in spiritual and esoteric communities.Visit Neil Kramer's website HERE

1hr 4mins

4 Apr 2018

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Linda Moulton Howe – The Simulation Theory, Is it Real?

Investigative reporter and Emmy award winning producer Linda Moulton Howe brings a rich and varied spectrum of inquiry, looking beneath the surface of the multitude of mysteries that have coincided with our reality for decades.Though her work has focused on the exploration and exposure of the ET and UFO phenomenon, her travels down this path have taken her ever deeper into the proverbial rabbit hole of reality.This time we tackled the subject of our universe as a computer simulation - AKA, the "simulation theory." Are we living in a virtual reality? This was the theme of a talk she gave while at the 2017 Contact in the Desert event in Joshua Tree California, and one that we enthusiastically continued well into the following day while on-location at Contact!Watch this episode on YouTube!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWYNKMwmhrEHere are some details about the most excellent talk that she presented at Contact.“Some abductees have reported that ETs describe our universe as a 3-D hologram projected from another dimension by a Super Intelligence.Quantum computer engineers and astrophysicists ask: ‘Are we living in a computer simulation universe?’The Hayden Planetarium in New York in April 2016 hosted a debate on the question, ’Is the Universe A Simulation?’  James Gates, Ph.D., a theoretical physicist said, ‘If the simulation hypothesis is valid, then we open the door to eternal life and resurrection and things that formally have been discussed in the realm of religion.’Michael Talbot wrote in his 1991 The Holographic Universe:  ‘… there is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it — from snowflakes to maple trees to falling stars and spinning electrons — are also only ghostly images, projections from a level of reality so beyond our own it is literally beyond both space and time.’”Important links from this episode2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation? - American Museum of Natural HistoryAre We Living in a Computer Simulation? - Scientific AmericanThe Coming Technological Singularity - San Diego State UniversityWhat Traveling Through a Stargate is Like feat. Jerry and Kathy Wills - The Vinny Eastwood ShowThe Day After Roswell - Philip J. CorsoA Physicist Thinks Our Universe Is Simulated (Part 1) - earthfiles.comNASA Physicist Tom Campbell: "We Live in a Virtual Reality, PRESS START & Play the Game of Life - Red Pill PhilosophyNew Quantum Theory Could Explain the Flow of Time - wired.comMichael Talbot - Part 1 Complete- Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe - Thinking AllowedLinda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film, television and radio career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment.Ms. Howe has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys and a national Emmy nomination. Those films have included Poison in the Wind and A Sun Kissed Poison which compared smog pollution in Los Angeles and Denver; Fire In The Water about hydrogen as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels; A Radioactive Water about uranium contamination of public drinking water in a Denver suburb; and A Strange Harvest which explored the worldwide animal mutilation mystery which has haunted the United States and other countries from the mid-20th century to date.Linda has also received honors as a medical producer in Boston's WCVB Station Excellence Peabody Award, received the Aviation & Space Writers Association Award for Writing Excellence in Television, Sigma Delta Chi Excellence In Journalism Award, a Chicago Film Festival Golden Plaque for A Radioactive Water, a national Emmy Award nomination for Poison in the Wind and A Sun Kissed Poison.Linda was honored with the Colorado Florence Sabin Award for "outstanding contribution to public health" and received three regional Emmys ...


9 Jun 2017

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The Mystery of Embedded Beings with Linda Moulton Howe

Alexis Brooks and Linda Moulton Howe on-location in Los AngelesCourageous…Brilliant…Thorough…Relentless. These are just a few words to describe award-winning investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe, and the reason why she was recently honored in Los Angeles with the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award at the 14th Annual Conscious Life Expo.Shortly after she accepted that honor, I had the privilege of sitting down with Linda to discuss some of the many facets to that which she has spent years dedicating her professional career to and that’s the mystery we call the ET/UFO phenomenon.In the short 30 minutes we had to talk, we managed to get into an area as elusive, if not more so, than all of those other facets to this great mystery - something she calls “embedded beings.”What are they and why are they seemingly implanting themselves into a number of humans walking this earth?Although we came to no definitive conclusion during our discussion, I think it’s fair to say we managed to keep the topic open for future inquiry and exploration.Explore Highlights from this episode: Linda discusses her recent Lifetime Achievement Award and why now is such a pivotal time to be honored in this regard. Are we closing in on the "world announcement" that we're not alone? Memorable quote: "[Disclosure is not] the end of anything. It's the beginning." How consciousness conferences have changed over the years, making room for conspiratorial subjects. How "proof" and confirmation of non-human intelligence is right in front of us. What and who are the "embedded beings?" How Linda was contacted about this phenomenon after an experiencer watched her documentary A Strange Harvest (See below for more information on this film). 3 individual cases that involve massage therapist's experiences with these embedded beings: The first in Boulder, CO. (first contact) The second in Memphis TN (second contact coming one day after the first person contacted Linda!) The third case in Chicago, ILAre the embedded beings androids or some other technological/biological entity? What role frequency plays in these encounters. How much of a factor does electromagnetic interference play in many "high strangeness" encounters such as these, as well as the classic abduction phenomenon? How holographic projections are used (i.e. an owl) to trigger a specific kind of abduction experience. What are EBENS (non-human entities) and what are their capabilities? What do EBENS have to do with planetary seeding? The multiple agendas that exist among different entities and how each agenda affects the abduction experience. Are homo sapiens actually "someone else's smart androids?" Why are millions of Americans reportedly unable to sleep in a dark room and is this linked to the abduction syndrome? What it will take to get the masses past the fundamental idea that "we are not alone in the universe."Relevant links from this episode: A Strange Harvest Documentary (scroll down mid-way to purchase this DVD). EBENS (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) Ancient Aliens Panel (featuring the Lifetime Achievement Award honor for Linda)Linda was kind enough to share this image with the Higher Journeys viewing audience: an image drawn by one of the massage therapists (experiencers) depicting her encounter with an "embedded being."More about Linda Moulton Howe:Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film, television and radio career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment.Ms. Howe has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys and a national Emmy nomination. Those films have includedPoison in the Wind and A Sun Kissed Poison which compared smog pollution in Los Angeles and Denver; Fire In The Water about hydrogen as an alt...


2 Mar 2016

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Steven Halpern Talks Sound Healing and More! (Replay)

Alexis speaks with Grammy Nominated New Age Recording Artist Steven Halpern about the Dynamics of Sound and the Human Condition“There’s more to hear than meets the ear.” This is a phrase coined by award winning new age recording artist and sound scientist, Steven Halpern. This one sentence is a very telling statement.Although it is well-known that sound has an impact on our emotional state, there’s a much deeper dynamic involved when it comes to the interaction of sound with the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of our selves.Can certain sounds affect our breathing, our eating habits or even our psychic capacity? Can sound be used in concert with color to heighten a transcendental state? Are there certain tones we can create to induce a more centered and relaxed condition?Some of the answers you’ll hear may surprise you.In this exceptionally informative episode of Conscious Inquiry we discuss: Sound healing from a mind, body, spirit perspective. How different sounds affect different parts of the body. How our mind, body and spirit respond to sound even if we can't hear it audibly. How sound influences subliminally. How to sound condition your environment. Why certain sounds irritate some people and not others. What is "Scalus Interruptus?" Does sound sensitivity indicate our level of psychic awareness? "Reverse noise gate" and addictive response. How media purposely uses certain sounds to induce higher levels of stress, fear, and excitement. How our own words and tones directly affect our physiology and psychology. How toning vowels can be used for an internal "massage" and better vocal resonance. Can sound and color be used together and if so what are the benefits? Using your own voice along with Tibetan Singing Bowls. How chakras and colors relate to specific musical notes.Resources and links from this episode:Healing Your Chakras with Sound and Color by Steven HalpernSound Health - The Music and Sounds That Make Us Whole by Steven HalpernScalus Interruptus: A Demonstration Video by Steven HalpernSharry Edwards and BioAcoustic TechnologyBonus offer!Sign up here for the Higher Journeys newsletter and receive a free guided meditation by Steven Halpern and Alexis Brooks. There's no obligation and you can unsubscribe at any time!Guest Bio:Steven Halpern is an award-winning composer, recording artist and producer whose healing music has helped millions worldwide to experience the blessings and benefits of deep relaxation and inner peace.CHAKRA SUITE, his debut release in 1975 helped establish a quiet revolution and a new genre in contemporary instrumental music. To date it has sold over 700,000 copies. His bestselling Deep Alpha Brainwave Entrainment CD was nominated for a Grammy for best New Age Album in 2013.Based on his own spiritual and health-related experiences, Steven discovered secrets of combining ancient sound healing traditions with quantum biology and energy medicine to produce recordings that support relaxation, stress management, yoga, meditation, massage, sleep, accelerated learning and pure listening pleasure.Halpern’s work has been covered in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as by CBS, ABC, NBC and the BBC. Steven has written hundreds of articles, as well as a syndicated monthly column for over 20 years.Since 1975, Steven Halpern, Ph.D. has been a popular speaker at leading holistic health and complementary healing centers and conferences worldwide: He has presented workshops at Esalen, the Omega Institute, and Kripalu, and has spoken at the Sixth International Conference on Stress (Montreux), the National Music Therapy Association, the American Massage Therapy Association, The International Alliance for Accelerated Learning, The Whole Life Expo, and many others.www.stevenhalpern.com www.innerpeacemusic.com


28 May 2015

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The Reality of Human – E.T. Hybrids

Eight human - E.T. hybrids speak...through my own voice!Despite what you may be thinking, what I'm about to share is not about the idea that maybe I decided to channel the spirits of "alien" or E.T. hybrids, nor is it derived from a Spielberg-like alien flick.This is my own experience: bringing a voice to eight extraordinary, mission driven humans.But with one caveat. They aren't fully human.According to each of them, they are a mix of species, part human and part alien.Meet the Hybrids - The Lives and Missions of E.T. Ambassadors on Earth is a book written by well respected researchers Miguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb which document the long, often arduous, and inspiring journeys of people who believe themselves to be a mix of both human and "E.T." They come from all backgrounds, cultures and span several geographical areas. Theirs is a story that had to be shared with the world. And I was honored to be asked to narrate the book that tells those stories, in explicit detail.In this episode of Conscious Commentary, I'll share with you my own journey that ensued while narrating this incredible book, and why I too feel that it is important that we all hear their story loud and clear!Relevant links from this episode:Meet the Hybrids OFFICIAL WebsiteInterview:  Messages from an E.T. Hybrid featuring Miguel Mendonca and Robert FullingtonInterview: Human - Extraterrestrial Hybrids with Barbara LambGet this episode on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW2UtQJ1P6IAlexis Brooks is the founder and editor of HigherJourneys.com, #1 best-selling author of Conscious Musings - Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential and is the host of the popular Higher Journeys Radio program, presented in association with Conscious Life News.  Visit Alexis on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!


25 Apr 2018

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Joanne Summerscales – An Unimaginable Story of Alien Contact and Beyond

Co-author of the book 44, Joanne Summerscales says alien contact with Bill Brooks was just the tip of the iceberg!Though more of us are getting used to the idea that ET contact is a reality and inclusive of the human experience, there are some accounts that fall into this category which are still very difficult to grasp.One such story involves a man named Bill Brooks, who at 44 years of age began having spontaneous recall of what could only be described as life long contact with non-human intelligence. But his recollections didn’t stop there.  Amid this bizarre string of visits that began roughly at the age of 3, were a collection of synchronistic though strange encounters woven into the consistent backdrop of ET contact like visits from Men in Black, Freemason and Rosicrucian involvement, and the witnessing of a mass abduction while serving in the military.Someone who knows Bill Brooks’ story in explicit detail and in fact co-wrote a book with him, simply entitled 44 An Ex-Soldiers True Story is Joanne Summerscales.I spoke with Joanne to get some insight into what can only be called an odyssey of enormous depth.Relevant links from this episode:Interview: Looking for ET Disclosure in All the Wrong Places feat. Miguel MendoncaBook: 44 - Based on An Ex-Soldier's True Story by Bill Brooks and Joanne SummerscalesGet the Interview on YouTube!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5zG-_ir_n0Joanna Summerscales’ expertise and interest is in the field of Alien Abduction, the impact it has on the experiencer’s well-being and the long term implications for humanity. Her initial training was media; theatre and television, though she is also a therapist in quantum healing which encompasses regression. Joanna founded The A.M.M.A.C.H. Project, (Anomalous, Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline) early 2011, about which a documentary was made 2013. It is the UK’s only official experiencer resource, providing a free helpline number, though her work is international. She offers a non-judgmental, safe platform for experiencers and has filmed testimonies for posterity, to promote investigation, study and analysis of the field. This is also to support and dispel the isolation and discrimination that many experiencers feel. Joanna has hosted experiencer conferences, workshops, and given presentations on the subject as well as hosting the UK’s only Experiencer-orientated radio show, (2014-2016, The Ammach Files). She is developing potential film/television projects based on her work, including the book, 44 and other programme formats around the ET subject, and is looking to develop production partnerships in the UK and the US. The Ammach Project was closed in December 2015, due to extensive hacking, but that legacy continues with her renewed and expanded work under the banner of The ET Newsroom, a work in progress.About Bill BrooksBill Brooks spent two thirds of his life believing there was no such thing as extra- terrestrials, aliens or UFOs. He spent six years in the army at a base shared by US personnel from Area 51, and did a brief tour in Northern Ireland. Thereafter, he made a living as a professional musician and singer. At age 44 Bill’s world fell apart after the shattering revelation that he’d had a life time of alien abductions. These memories flooded back after a near death type memory download. They involved encounters with military men in black, the greys, reptilians and the Nordics. Over the next twenty years, Bill struggled with this shocking reality and the continued abductions which sent his life into a tail spin. And, against almost insurmountable odds he raised his son. Further ordeals involve persecution by certain Freemasons, and amongst other things, a strange, paranormal association with Fred and Rosemary West, the British serial killers. Bill’s world view was changed forever, and so was he.

1hr 3mins

27 Sep 2017

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Cynthia Sue Larson – Conscious Quantum Jumping

Tune in to this "Kitchen Table Conversation" style of Conscious Inquiry. No frills but great content!! Don't Miss out!The idea of quantum jumping has been a term used in recent years to describe how we all have the potential to shift our reality from a less desirable set of circumstances to one that we truly prefer.But what does this actually mean?  Do we really have the ability to craft our destiny?  Cynthia Sue Larson, author of the new book Quantum Jumps says that we certainly do and in this interview she shares her own insights as well as those in the scientific community who are now yielding to the idea that the quantum reality normally observed from a subatomic perspective can be demonstrated on a much larger scale.  This is fantastic information.  Listen in as we discuss how we all can benefit from the process of conscious quantum jumping.More about our guestCynthia Sue Larson is a best-selling author, speaker, and intuitive life coach who helps people transform themselves from accidental manifestors into conscious reality shifters. Cynthia has written books and articles about the ways consciousness changes the physical world, and has presented papers at international conferences on science, spirituality, and consciousness. Results from her “How Do You Shift Reality?” surveys conducted in April 2000 and June 2013 document incidences of the most commonly experienced types of reality shifts, and her RealityShifters web site has compiled one of the most extensive collections of reality shift reports in the world. Her popular ezine, RealityShifters, is eagerly awaited each month by thousands of subscribers world-wide.Cynthia’s articles have appeared in journals ranging from Magical Blend to Parabola, and she has appeared in numerous TV and radio shows including the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and BBC. She has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, and a Doctor of Divinity. Cynthia invites us to focus our attention on the positive when considering events in the past, present, and future by asking, “How good can it get?”Visit Cynthia’s web site: Reality ShiftersIf you enjoyed this interview you may also enjoy this previous interview with Cynthia Sue Larson


14 Nov 2013

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Cynthia Sue Larson – Anomalies of Reality Revisited!

The "Quantum Optimist" shares more stories of the strange and unusual nature of realityDespite many who feel that reality is always static, predictable, and unchanging, there are those who differ with that assumption.One such individual, known to many as the quantum optimist is Cynthia Sue Larson.With a background in new physics and consciousness studies, Cynthia doesn’t just rely on the many anecdotes she’s collected about the flexible  nature of reality, she herself is a firsthand experiencer of what she calls reality shifts.Picking up on our discussion last year which was aptly called “Anomalies of Reality,” Cynthia shares some of her latest findings as well as stories about the strange and unpredictable nature of existence itself.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7CLbYBdUJYRelevant links from this episodeInterview: Anomalies of Reality (Part 1) with Cynthia Sue LarsonRealityShifters E-Zine (Cynthia Sue Larson’s Free E-Newsletter)Article: The Rise of the Mandela Effect - Are You Noticing It? by Cynthia Sue LarsonArticle: Synchronicity Goes Mainstream by Higher JourneysCynthia Sue Larson's books include (Both MUST-reads):Reality Shifts - When Consciousness Changes the Physical WorldQuantum Jumps - An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and ProsperityCynthia Sue Larson is a best-selling author, researcher, and transformational speaker who helps people visualize and access whole new worlds of possibility. Cynthia hosts Living the Quantum Dream on the DreamVisions7 radio network. She has been featured on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, and BBC, and has presented papers at international conferences on science, spirituality, and consciousness.For the past 16 years, Cynthia has shared findings from scientific research in the fields of quantum physics, quantum biology, the placebo effect, positive psychology, sociology, and alternative medicine. Cynthia's articles have appeared in journals ranging from Cosmos and History, to Magical Blend, to Parabola.Results from Cynthia’s "How Do You Shift Reality?" surveys conducted in April 2000 and June 2013 document incidences of the most commonly experienced types of reality shifts, and her RealityShifters web site has compiled one of the most extensive collections of reality shift reports in the world. Her popular ezine, RealityShifters RealityShifters, is eagerly awaited each month by thousands of subscribers world-wide.Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, and a Doctor of Divinity. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, "How good can it get?”Visit Cynthia at her website: www.realityshifters.com


18 Aug 2017

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Why Some People Are “Wired” for the Paranormal

Paranormal encounters happen more for some than others. Why is this so?Though many, if not most people have had an encounter or two with the paranormal, some individuals seem to magnetize repeated instances of "high strangeness."Why is this so?In this episode of Conscious Commentary, we examine some of the factors that may have an influence in attracting multiple paranormal encounters.We look at three specific examples of individuals and their bizarre stories about brushes with the paranormal and why they may have been the "target" of such scenarios of the strange and unusual.Learn about a man who has had repeated instances of "high strangeness," including a child who "showed up" in his room out of nowhere when he was a young boy. The boy, he said, "Looked just like me," except for one frightening detail!Hear about a woman who has been plagued with ghostly beings, and other monstrous like creatures who seemed to follow her no matter where she lived.Find out why serial paranormal encounters seem to run in families.Inspired by our interview - ET Encounters of the Human Kind with Richard Dolan, we take a deep dive into the characteristics that may make some people more susceptible to the paranormal than others.Get this episode on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cxoer1q7u0cAlexis Brooks is the founder and editor of HigherJourneys.com, #1 best-selling author of Conscious Musings - Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential and is the host of the popular Higher Journeys Radio program, presented in association with Conscious Life News.  Visit Alexis on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!


23 May 2018

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Sonia Barrett – Are We Locked Into “The Matrix?”

"There’s no escaping the Matrix, there’s only understanding that if such a thing exists, we can re-create our own. One that is free of constraints." - Sonia BarrettIs reality a simulation - a construct designed by some “other” super intelligence that has the ability to lock us in to a Matrix like environment? Or nothing more than a program that we collectively agree to keep running? What if it’s both? These are among the questions we posed to quantum researcher, speaker and author Sonia Barrett. Some of what she had to say may surprise you, raise an eyebrow or two or make you say - "Ah now I understand." Either way, Sonia sheds light on this elusive but intriguing topic like none other.Get this episode on YouTubehttps://youtu.be/W7PZuE1S6-wRelevant links from this episodeBook - The Holographic Canvas, The Fusing of Mind and Matter by Sonia BarrettWorkshop - THE REAL CURRENCY- Perception change; Spending your Life, Money and TimeEvent - Moving Into the Super Human/Consciousness Age - New York, NYSonia Barrett is the Author of The Holographic Canvas; The Fusing of Mind and Matter, published in 2008. Her insights are cutting edge with much of it supported by quantum physics. Sonia Barrett’s work bridges the gap between science and spirituality in a simplified format. She addresses the programming, beliefs and concepts by which we have lived our lives both individually and collectively. These insights provide clarity in understanding the paradox of both the real and the unreal; the visible and the invisible components of reality; the holographic experience. Known for her mind bending concepts she stretches the mind even further by going beyond the common view of time www.spiritinform.com . In her own words: “Recognizing our spiritual and perceptual boundaries and comfort zones is a major factor in our quest for answers. In general we are unaware of what we don’t know and the distance widens even further when we are affixed behind a barrier of limiting beliefs. Reality is a great science that has no boundaries only those that we create for our comfort. There is no right or wrong way to grow but it can be of tremendous assistance in recognizing the limitations which hold us bound. ” Sonia Barrett has appeared on panels with such noted speakers/scientists as Dr. Amit Goswami, Dr. Bruce Lipton and a number of others. She has been a Key Note speaker at a number of conferences to name a few; the ISSSEEM Conference, Conscious Life Expo, UFO Conference and the Alchemy Conference. Sonia Barrett is a popular radio guest appearing on such shows as Coast 2 Coast AM with host George Noory, Red Ice Radio, Conscious Media Network and a host of others including television. She appeared in the 2010 film Ghetto Physics, produced by Will Arntz (producer of What the Bleep do We Know) and E Raymond Brown. She also appears in the upcoming docudrama (2012) Openings, The Search for Harry.Visit Sonia Barrett’s website HERE

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17 May 2018

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Anita Moorjani – The Journey from Illness to Passion!

Dying to Be Me author Anita Moorjani shares powerful insights on why we become Dis-eased!https://youtu.be/VTLSfR_OXxMTwelve years ago, Anita Moorjani was comatose. Her family was told that her death was inevitable!Twelve years later, not only is she alive - she is alive with passion, purpose and sharing a philosophy for living that's worth its weight in gold.In this exclusive interview with Higher Journeys, Anita shares her insights on the root cause of illness, how fear plays prominently into all sorts of dis-ease and how passion can and must replace illness in order to live a truly healthy life!This is part of our special Conscious Life Expo pre-expo speaker series. Be sure to visit Conscious Life Expo to learn more and to attend this special 4-day event!And if you can't attend - No Worries! Take advantage of the amazing offer below...Get Anita's Books and Meditations!✅ Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing✅ What If This Is Heaven?: How Our Cultural Myths Prevent Us from Experiencing Heaven on Earth✅ Love: A story about who you truly are✅ MEDITATION: Heaven: An Experiential JourneyANITA MOORJANI, AN INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER AND THE AUTHOR OF NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER DYING TO BE ME AND HER LATEST BOOK, WHAT IF THIS IS HEAVEN?,IS A WOMAN WITH A REMARKABLE STORY.After a 4-year battle with cancer, Anita fell into a coma and was given days to live. As her doctors gathered to revive her, she journeyed into a near death experience (NDE) where she was surrounded by unconditional love and deep wisdom. In this place, she was given a powerful truth: HEAVEN IS NOT A DESTINATION; IT IS A STATE OF BEING.DURING HER NDE, ANITA WAS ALSO GIVEN THE CHOICE TO RETURN TO HER PHYSICAL FORM OR TO CONTINUE INTO THIS NEW REALM. She chose the former. And when she regained consciousness, her cancer began to heal. To the amazement of her doctors, she was free of countless tumors and cancer indicators within weeks.Anita’s NDE has captured the hearts and attention of millions across the globe. She has been a featured guest on The Dr. Oz Show, Fox News, The Today Show, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, the National Geographic Channel, as well as The Pearl Report in Hong Kong, Headstart with Karen Davila in the Philippines, and many others.


23 Jan 2019

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Penney Peirce – How to Access the Subconscious Mind – It’s a WHOLE NEW WORLD!

Intuitive empath Penney Peirce says, "Now's the time to gain access to what used to be 'hidden'!"https://youtu.be/V_13aArOhN0They say that the subconscious is the storehouse of all memory. Our fears, anxieties, childhood traumas, subliminal programming, all find a home in the subterranean repository called the subconscious.But what if we could bring ALL of that information to the surface? What if we have the ability to resurrect that which we don’t want or need anymore and transmute it into something that serves us better?Intuitive empath and author of Leap of Perception Penney Peirce had some fascinating things to say about the matter.When we identify that which we want most, often its opposite will show up in clear view. Are these just the reality gremlins playing tricks on us OR is there something powerful happening that’s readying us to bring in what we desire most?Penny, in her trademark style of clarity, and even poetic tone, helps us navigate these times of moving from an age of confusion to one of clarity and transformation and what she has to share is truly helping to empower ALL of us to live our best lives.MUST READ BOOKS BY PENNEY PEIRCE:Leap of Perception - The Transforming Power of Your AttentionFrequency - The Power of Personal VibrationTransparency - Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human CapacityPenney Peirce is a gifted clairvoyant empath, visionary, author, and popular lecturer and trainer. She is one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement, specializing in intuition development, inner energy dynamics, expanded perception, transformation, and dream work. She has worked throughout the US, Europe, Japan, South America, and South Africa since 1977, coaching business and government leaders, psychologists, scientists, celebrities, and those on a spiritual path about the hidden dynamics of what makes for true success.Visit Penney's website at www.penneypeirce.com


23 Oct 2019

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Penney Peirce – 2018 Will be the Year of Transparency

Renowned intuitive and author Penney Peirce shines the light on an "opaque" reality and shares why transparency must be the next phase in our soul evolution.When you hear the word transparency what thoughts immediately come to mind? Transparency in government, politics, or in corporate culture? These days it’s about the lack of transparency in all of the systems we consider to be official and authoritative.But what about individual transparency, spiritual and soul level transparency? And what if the key to personal and collective power is attained through the cultivation of transparency?Best-selling author and renowned intuitive Penney Peirce whose latest book, aptly titled “Transparency - Seeing THROUGH to Our Expanded Human Capacity” lays out a distinct and elegant thesis on how we ARE on the threshold of a whole new mode of living and how our ability to fully transform lies in our willingness to embrace and embody a transparent way of life.In this 1st episode of Higher Journeys Radio of 2018, Alexis and Penney discuss how a culture of transparency is critical when looking at the issues we face, including: The push for A.I. (artificial intelligence), the ongoing sexual harassment issue, and the "new humans" and autism.How do all of these relate? Penney gives a lucid explanation for how transparency will be the only way to navigate this complex world and how we must embrace what she refers to as the death of the ego and the ushering in of a new intuition age.Listen to the episode on YouTubehttps://youtu.be/ejRfdoUTD2sKey links from the show:The Kryon ChannelingsPenney’s 2018 Oracle LetterBird Brain - NOVAPrevious Higher Journeys Interviews and articles with PenneyGet Penney's book! Transparency - Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human CapacityPenney Peirce is a gifted clairvoyant empath, visionary, author, and popular lecturer and trainer. She is one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement, specializing in intuition development, inner energy dynamics, expanded perception, transformation, and dream work. She has worked throughout the US, Europe, Japan, South America, and South Africa since 1977, coaching business and government leaders, psychologists, scientists, celebrities, and those on a spiritual path about the hidden dynamics of what makes for true success.Visit Penney's website at www.penneypeirce.com


17 Jan 2018

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Christine Day – 2020 Energies Will Be Unprecedented – A Pleiadian Message

"Pleiadian Ambassador" Christine Day says 2020 energies will be unlike anything we've witnessed before!https://youtu.be/9cJ_F98o6AcThere have been many times during our planet’s history when energetic shifts have occurred. And where all denote a measure of significance, not only to the planet but to us as a species, some carry more of an acute influence than others.The upcoming year of 2020 and the energy signature it represents is one such case. But why is this so, and how might we as humans integrate the the energies into our own lives, both individually and collectively?Who better to explain this dynamic than spiritual teacher, author and someone referred to as the  Pleiadian Ambassador, Christine Day.Christine shares with us some very powerful yet simple techniques that will help naturally align us with these upcoming energies. Despite the great challenges that continue to plague us on a mass scale, Christine says that this is a time of transmutation, using our innate abilities to literally alchemize the tumult into triumph and anchor ourselves and our world into the higher dimensional aspects that are right in our midst.Books you will love by Christine DayChristine Day has fully embraced her Pleiadian aspect and is currently working alongside the Galactic community on the Galactic council. Her conscious journey of reconnection took place in 1996 when she had a profound, direct encounter with a Pleiadian ship. While interacting with a Pleiadian group of beings her pre-agreements and mission for this lifetime were revealed. She underwent an entire download of her unique Pleiadian aspect within her physical body radically changing her life. She channels a high frequency of light transmissions, which radiates outwards and creates inner transformations for others. She has a powerful channel with a direct connection to the Pleiadians. Her channel brings an enormous light which transmits a profound healing force out to individuals within a group setting. She has become internationally renowned as the Pleiadian Ambassador for EarthVisit Christine Day Online


11 Dec 2019

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