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Literacy 2.0: The New Frontier of Literacy in the Digital Age

The International Reading Association and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you Literacy 2.0 on IRA Radio. Each month the program brings you the latest insights from the new frontier of literacy in the Digital Age. Episodes include "next" practices in reading and writing instruction, practical wisdom from thought leaders and experts and actionable, proven strategies to bring your teaching into the digital age of literacy. Tune in to stay ahead of the ways in which teaching, learning and assessing literacy are rapidly evolving.

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Literacy 2.0: Rethinking Teaching, Learning and Assessment in the Digital Age

Peter Johnston makes a compelling case for the notion that the world has so fundamentally changed that the meaning of literacy has to be redefined. Peter discusses a new initiative to rethink what literacy means today along with new standards for measuring it.


23 Feb 2010

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Next Practices in Preparing Very Young Children for Literacy

It's a new world out there requiring some new skills as well as many of the tried and tested fundamentals for developing literacy. In this segment Patricia Edwards shares with us some of the "next practices" in preparing children for literacy.


29 Mar 2010

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A Strategic Plan for Creating Strategic Readers

Our guest shares insights on the process of getting young children to embrace reading as part of a life time strategy for achieving their life goals. Ellery shares a some field-tested techniques.


4 Jun 2010

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Inside Dolly Parton's Literacy Project

Dolly Parton's Literacy initiative is called the Imagination Library project. The program gives a book a month to over 600,000 children from zero until their fifth birthday. Beginning in Tennessee, the program now reaches over 1200 communities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Tune in and discover how this program is promoting literacy in the 21st century.


9 Jul 2010

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Why Boys Lag Girls In Reading- How To Close The Gap?

There is overwhelming evidence of a gender gap between boys and girls in reading. This is an accelerating international phenomenon. Our guest suggests that male role models and current notions of masculinity may be contributing factors. What are the implications long term? How do we close the gap? Brozo shares some field testedstrategies.


16 Apr 2010

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