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Episode 26: The Napa Valley, Part 1

The Napa Valley is important and stuff.  It's important that we tell you about this important region, its important grapes, and the important reasons that you learn all about this historically important AVA of importance.   Cabernet?  Chardonnay?  Those are important grapes.  Krug?  He's important.  Mondavi?  So important.  The Judgment of Paris? So damn important.  In this podcast, the first of the two parts, we teach you the history of the Napa Valley, America's mos important wine region.  So put your thinking caps on, sit back in your Adirondock chairs and turn on your most important lamps so that you can see the notes you write while listening to this VERY important podcast.  We bring you, The Napa Valley.  Enjoy Homies.  


11 Oct 2013

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Episode 102: The Piemonte Paradox

On this episode, Internationally famous Symbologist/ Enologist Chase Maxwell finds himself on a race against the clock to solve the murder of a famous Barolo winemaker before it's too late. Murder. Sex. Intrigue. Wine. It's all here. It always is. 

1hr 5mins

7 Apr 2018

Rank #2

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Episode 29: South Africa: The Wine Safari

Hop on top of the old Safari Jeep, we're about to take you into the South African wine world, where you might spot a ferocious Cabernet Sauvignon, a herd of Chenin Blancs, a graceful Sauvignon Blanc, or perhaps even see the misunderstood Pinotage!   Rifles at the ready!  Glasses up!  No poaching!   Here we go into...SOUTH AFRICA!  


11 Nov 2013

Rank #3

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Episode 80: Vineyards You Should Recognize If You See Them In Public

Some Wineries and Chateaus are famous, and then sometimes, the vineyard ITSELF is famous.  On this episode we break down some of the most famous vineyards in the world where wineries fight to use the name on their bottles.  The terroir on this podcast is too legitimate to quitimate, so pull up a plow, take a squat, and enjoy the learnin' you sun-scorched hand pickers of the season.  


24 Mar 2016

Rank #4

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Episode 26: The Napa Valley, Part Deux

Ch-ch-check it Benny D and Jasey Boo are on the mic with number 2.  That's right, part two of our Napa Valley podcast...get out your quills and parchment papers, cuz we're getting allllll specific on this episode. We're gonna take you through the 16 different sub-Ava's of the Napa Valley, and when we're done, we're gonna drop the mic and walk away Homies.   This podcast is full of history, wineries, gravel, and cool stuff. That's not enough?  You'll also get our humor.  Boom.  Salesmanship.   You're welcome. The Napa Valley is a behemoth.  So get with it.  You've been served Homies. 


21 Oct 2013

Rank #5

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Episode 90: Franc-ly My Dear

We've made it all the way to 90 episodes!  You know what that means right?  We're only 17 episodes away from our 107th episode!  Whoa!  On this episode Jason teaches you all about the grape:  Cabernet Franc.  Did you know Cab Franc caused testicular cancer?  IT DOESN'T!  But how would you know that if you didn't listen to this episode?!?!  You wouldn't.  You'd just worry about all the ball cancer you might have.  But now you don't need to.  Because you have episode 90, and it will answer all of the questions your mind can even come close to formulating.  Enjoy this episode Homies.  Show it to your hairdresser.  Learn all about Cabernet Franc and then you won't go into a divorce proceeding unprepared, ever again. 


28 Mar 2017

Rank #6

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Episode 84: Riojajajajaja

We're Back Homies!  Well, Jason is anyway, but that's okay!  From this point forward we'll be back on track with new episodes.  What are we talking about today?  Rioja.  I know some of you might have reservations about trying Spanish wine...but you should actually have Gran Reservations.  Because these wines are THE SHIZ.  Join us on the Spanish Train and Join Jason for his first solo podcast as he talks to himself all about Rioja wine.  Well, he's talking to you too...but, for the sake of the podcast, he just recorded this in front of a mirror wearing his prettiest hat.  And yes, everyone should own a pretty hat.  


2 Dec 2016

Rank #7

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Episode 27: Syrah Michelle Gellar

All you all ready for a chewy podcast?  We hope so cuz on this episode the wine homies will be breaking down the world of Syrah.  Have you ever wanted to know everything there was to know about this Northern Rhone legend?  Well here ya go.   Home, home on the grange, where the Penfolds and Hill of Grace play, where seldom is heard, a light bodied word, and the sky is just Chapoutier.   Cheers Homies!  


28 Oct 2013

Rank #8

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Episode 51: Spain Explained

In this episode Ben and Jason explain the Spanish wine world to you.  So pop open that pocket Freixenet you've been holding onto for a special occasion and bust out some wide-grained, American oak deck chairs so that you can sit back, relax and learn all about Spanish wine law, the DO system, and the weather and geography, including why the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.   We recommend aging this podcast for two years in barrel and three years in bottle, so that five years years from now it'll be listening lovely.  If you have any gran reservations about this then listen to it now.   Cheers Homies.  


30 Oct 2014

Rank #9

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Episode 42: NebbiYOLO

On this episode the Wine Homies teach you all about Nebbiolo, the foggy grape from the foggy region of Piemonte, where fog and smoke sometimes mix together to create smog.  Foghorn-Leghorn has nothing to do with Nebbiolo, but was a quality cartoon.   Nebbiolo on the other and is not a quality cartoon, it is a grape responsible for some of the most famous wines in the world, Barolo and Barbaresco.  So sit back, relax, crack open a bottle of Palmina's Sparkling Nebbiolo (Yes that's actually a thing) and enjoy as we once again seduce you with factamundos extraordinaire.   


20 Jun 2014

Rank #10

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Episode 82: By Any Other Name

On this episode, the wine homies teach you all about the magic that is rosé.  Have you seen this wine, but always been afraid to drink it due to it being, well, you know, a "girly color"?   We get it...it's incredibly difficult sometimes to just be yourself and not care what anyone else thinks.  But now, you have the chance to learn all about it, so that maybe you can be cool and drink it.  Everyone's doing it by the way.  So, listen, and engage. 


6 Jul 2016

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Episode 65: ViognYAYYY!!!

Yippee!  On this episode we teach you homies all about the white grape Viognier.  Ever wondered if you'll ever find love?  Sorry, we can't help you there, but we CAN help you learn all about Viognier.  We'll walk you through the grape, the regions it grows in, the best wineries making it, and what to pair it with.  Peppered throughout that lesson, you'll find hilariously bad pronunciations, unneccessary pop culture stream of consciousness jokes, and entirely innapropriate politically incorrect peanut gallery comments to make your long drive with your Republican-voting stepdad both enjoyable and awkward.  Enjoy this podcast by yourself in your closet, or at your local Supreme Court Equality party, either way it's a smash hit!  


2 Jul 2015

Rank #12

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A Brief Word on Tannins

This is hardly a full length episode. Rather, this is merely an introspection. A research tangent. A dangling participle. Some words mean many things. Some words deserve a little more attention than others. And here we find 'Tannin' on the examination table. Jolly Good.


1 May 2018

Rank #13

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Episode 24: Albariño If Ya Know What I Meañ-o

On this episode we're gettin' down with the Galicia sound.  If you've never tried Albariño you're missing out.  What one-horse town have you been living in?  And even if you are living in a town with just one horse, that's hardly an excuse, most people drive cars now.  Where the eff are you living?  The point is on this episode we go over one of our favorite white grapes and we do so with gusto.  If you don't like gusto you can shove it.  Enjoy Homies! 


19 Sep 2013

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Episode 33: Swing Merlot, Sweet Cherryut.

Gather round peeps, the Wine Homies are breaking down Merlot, that wine that your dad drinks...and definitely your grandparents. This grape also died after Paul Giamatti took a verbal axe to that cherry tree, but thankfully it has survived the pop culture scare and is now doing okay again (Pinot is still doing better).    We're going to do a quick run through on this grape. The facts, the regions, and the way it tastes (inside your mouth).  So curl up by the fireplace with a Merlot and some Werther's Originals...and enjoy.  


17 Dec 2013

Rank #15

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Episode 39: Chardonnaked

We're getting real.  Exposing you homies to Chardonnay for all it's worth.   Ever wondered where the grape grows, what it tastes like, what it pairs with?  We'll kind of help you with some of that.  We'll address it we guess...if we remember or get to it.  Try to remember we're highly driven by tangents and stream of conscious thinking.   Chardonnay is one of the top ten grapes currently grown in the world.  Tons of Hectares, and even more Acres, so we'll just say it's grown on many different Hectacres.  Which is different than Heck Takers, a name of people who put up with a lot of Heck.  Enjoy the Chardonnay podcast Homies.  


19 Apr 2014

Rank #16

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Episode 74: Would you like some More Vèdre?

On this episode the Homies take you inside the seedy underbelly of Mourvèdre fighting rings.  Did you know there are certain regions around the world where this grape is trained as an attack grape and forced to fight other grapes?  Of course you didn't...because that isn't true.  But would you have known that thing that you wouldn't ever even have assumed wasn't true if we didn't tell you it wasn't true.  Now you know something isn't about something you hadn't even thought about.  Learn about other Is's and Isn't's regarding this amazing grape on Episode 74 of the Wine For Sophisticated homies podcast, which is a podcast all about grapes, but which isn't a podcast all about not grapes, or double negatives.  It definitely isn't not a podcast about not double negatives.  


9 Nov 2015

Rank #17

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Episode 54: So Rhonery

On this episode the Homies teach you all about the Northern Rhone.   Have you ever wanted to learn about it?  Great!  Cuz now you can with this podcast.  For only 14.95 this podcast can be yours.  Mail your money in unmarked bearer bonds to PO Box 8675309, California, America.   Get ready to have your slopes roasted and your Chateaus Grilleted.  


22 Dec 2014

Rank #18

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Episode 37, Part 1: Blind as a Bat…That Likes Wine

In this episode, sommeliers Jason Booth and Ben Draper teach you all about Blind Tasting.   This will be a two part series where we taste some wines blind, and then afterwards explain why it is important to be able to pick up on certain flavors and qualities (or faults) in wine.   We promise this will only be a two-part series because we are not driven by money or pressures from major movie studios who want to exploit our early successes.  There won't be an Indiana Jones 4 to this podcast series, with Deadly Ants that supposedly know how to make ladders out of their own bodies when trying to kill Shia Lebouef.  We do not however have any problem with killing Shia Lebouef...if there are any ants out there who want to do that then go ahead.   ENJOY THE BLIND WINE TASTING HOMIES!  


17 Feb 2014

Rank #19

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Episode 71: All-Day-Every-Muscadet

Did you know Muscadet isn't actually a grape?  Nope, the grape is known as Melon de Bourgogne.  Is the grape from Burgundy?  No.  Is the fruit a melon?  No.  Wanna know these things and more?  Then listen to this podcast you curious little devils!  Sheesh!  Grab a bucket of oysters and settle into your favorite chair on your favorite fishing village deck, cuz we're gonna learn you mother shuckers some serious wine knowledge.  Cheers Homies.  


5 Oct 2015

Rank #20