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Jaden Bales - Mule Deer Across the West

Jaden and I have a general discussion on the state of mule deer in the west. Jaden is part of The Rich Outdoors Podcast. Over the past months, he's had multiple biologists as guests to discuss the status of deer herds across the west. We discuss changing draw odds, states management strategies, and the overall status of mule deer hunting. Enjoy! @finding.backcountry.podcast @dustinwittwer @jadenbales @therichoutdoorspodcast

1hr 15mins

26 Mar 2020

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#51 - Robby Denning - How To Kill Big Bucks Early & Mid Season

Robby Denning talks hunting big bucks in early to mid season. Robby discusses all the tactics he uses to locate, keep track, and kill monster bucks when he's not hunting the November rut. Robby explains buck behavior after they rub their velvet in September. We also discuss where big bucks go in tough-to-hunt month of October. Robby is passionate about mule deer and his results speak for themselves. Enjoy! Instagram @robbydenning Instagram @finding.backcountry.podcast For pack llama rentals in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, or New Mexico go to www.rentpackllamas.com or Instagram @backcountry_logistics

1hr 16mins

17 Sep 2018

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#19 - Robby Denning & Marc "Muleyslayer" Smith - Mule Deer Tactics from the Hunt Expo

Kill Big Mule Deer! Robby Denning and Marc Smith talk about how to get started hunting mule deer and how to be successful. They tell the story of the biggest buck that got away. We talk about hunting ethics and mistakes they have made hunting mule deer. They discuss their application strategy for western mule deer hunts each year. This is one of my favorite episodes with two of mule deer experts. Enjoy!

1hr 44mins

19 Feb 2018

Rank #3

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#7 - Jeremy Dugger

New Mexico Unit 2B Breakdown! Jeremy Dugger is the best mule deer hunter you may not know about. I assure you, Jeremy gets it done quietly and consistently. He is an absolute mule deer fanatic, as you will hear in the podcast. Jeremy lives in the hills outside and around his home in Farmington, NM where he also runs a top-notch archery proshop. Jeremy is long time best friend of Marc Muleyslayer Smith. We talk hunting tactics for my New Mexico late rifle mule deer tag, his hunting experiences with Marc, and challenges he faces as a retail proshop in an online world. Enjoy!


27 Nov 2017

Rank #4

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Justin Gordon, part 1: Tactics and Finding Big Mule Deer

Finding big mule deer bucks on a consistent basis is an art. Killing those bucks is an art. Justin has experience finding and killing big mule deer bucks. He shares tips and tactics he uses to determine mountain ranges to hunt and units to apply for. Justin also shares the routine he uses for summer scouting before a hunt. This episode is part 1 of 2 where we discuss tactics and tips. Look for part 2 where Justin tells the story of killing one of the biggest mule deer ever! 

1hr 32mins

6 Dec 2019

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#40 - Backpack Hunting Gear List with Corey Beckendorf

Corey and I break down our entire backpack hunting gear list. We discuss exactly what we take in our pack and why. We talk about gear failures we've had in the past along with new pieces of gear we'll be using this year. Whether you are seasoned backpack hunting veteran or just getting into backpack hunting, there is something for everyone to take away from this episode. Enjoy!

1hr 33mins

9 Jul 2018

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#34 - Kendall Card - Mule Deer & Backcountry Gear

Backcountry gear discussion and hunting backcountry mule deer. I'm joined by my good friend Kendall Card for episode 34. We have a great discussion about hunting mule deer, lessons he's learned from hunting with South Cox, a great gear breakdown, and lessons he wished he would have known when he was starting out hunting. Kendall's background with Black Ovis, Camofire, and Crispi boots make for a great discussion on backcountry gear. Enjoy!

1hr 34mins

28 May 2018

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#44 - South Cox - Stalking Mule Deer, Killing In Underwear, Pack Goats vs Pack Llamas

South Cox is a legendary mule deer bowhunter. He owns Stalker Stickbows and consistently kills mature mule deer with traditional archery equipment. We discuss what he looks for when choosing to stalk a mule deer buck. He explains his thought process when stalking mule deer in his underwear. We discuss the importance of knowing a unit to increase success. South explains the difference between hunting with pack goats, pack llamas, and horses, and much more. Enjoy! His new DVD is now available, Return to the Backcountry. Anyone who enjoys mule deer hunting will love this DVD! South puts some of the most epic mule deer stalks on film and shows how he gets it done year after year! Here is the link: https://stalkerstickbows.com/product/return-to-the-backcountry/ *Our pack llamas made the cover photo of the DVD :)

1hr 47mins

6 Aug 2018

Rank #8

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#26 - Tony Trietch - Gear, Application Strategy, Backcountry Hunting Tactics

Western Backcountry Hunting Strategies! Tony spends more time in the field each fall than some guys do in a lifetime. Tony breaks down his western backcountry application strategy. We discuss how he removes meat from the backcountry when hunting alone. We breakdown some of the core pieces of gear he uses. We discuss backcountry mule deer tactics and how Tony continues to hunt monster deer each year. Enjoy!

1hr 34mins

2 Apr 2018

Rank #9

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#24 - Marc Warnke - Pack Goats

Pack goats for tha backcountry! Marc Warnke is as knowledgable on pack goats as any backcountry hunter I know. Marc shares extensive knowledge including where to find pack goats, what maintenance to expect if you own pack goats, how he hunts with pack goats, and some responsibilities to consider as a pack goat owner. Pack goats can take your backcountry hunting capability to the next level. Marc can't stand seeing other hunters in the backcountry. He uses pack goats to put miles between himself and the next guy on the mountain. Enjoy!

1hr 19mins

19 Mar 2018

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#37 - Henry Ferguson - Mule Deer Scouting, Technical Archery Accuracy

Mule deer scouting techniques and next-level archery accuracy. Henry is a mule deer and archery expert. He lives to chase mule deer. We also talk about all the different ways to blow a stalk on mule deer bucks. We talk about how sneaky big bucks can be and how to find them. We discuss how to juggle mule deer scouting and family time. At the end, we wrap up discussing my current arrow setup and which broadhead I should shoot. This is one of the best hunting conversations I've had on the podcast. Enjoy! Instagram: @bigchiefwhackabuck, @notfittohunt

1hr 39mins

19 Jun 2018

Rank #11

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#30 - Todd Orr - Pistol Hunting Elk, Grizzly Bear Attack

Grizzly bear attack! Todd Orr openly talks about his experience being attacked by a sow grizzly bear with cubs back in 2016. We discuss bear spray vs. pistols. Todd grew up in the outdoors and loves spending time in the mountains. Todd has also killed more elk with his pistol than I have with all weapons combined! We discuss pistol hunting setups and tactics. We also touch on hunting permits and tags available for hunting in Montana. Enjoy!

1hr 26mins

30 Apr 2018

Rank #12

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#28 - Luke Sterling - Wolf Hunting - Sterlings Extreme Outdoors

Wolf hunting success! Luke Sterling (Sterlings Extreme Outdoors) talks wolf hunting tactics in his home state of Montana. Luke has found success by spending countless days in the field and working harder than most hunters. Luke talks about how he finds wolves and the tips he uses to successfully kill them. Luke tagged out on 4 wolves this season. We answer questions from social media followers as well. Enjoy!

1hr 20mins

16 Apr 2018

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#18 - Matt Davis - Supplements & Mtn Ops

Supplements and the hunting industry. Matt Davis is the VP of Marketing at Mtn Ops, a leading supplement company for outdoor enthusiasts & hunters. We discuss the basics of supplements and how to maximize their benefits. We talk about some of the best gym lifts to strengthen your body for the backcountry. We also discuss why people have a problem with gym selfies on social media. Enjoy!


12 Feb 2018

Rank #14

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#20 - Ryan Callaghan - Clothing Layering Systems, First Lite, & Hunting Conservation

Clothing Layering Systems! Ryan Callaghan is the Director of Conservation & Public Relations at First Lite Clothing. We discuss his role, and the role we can all play in hunting conservation. Ryan talks about the clothing layering system he uses for different weather conditions. We also discuss more about the technicality of hunting clothing than anyone ever should. We dive deep into merino wool characteristics. Ryan is a genuine hunter who loves the outdoors and spends an ample amount of time hunting the backcountry each year. Enjoy!

1hr 16mins

26 Feb 2018

Rank #15

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#4 - Ryan Lampers

Bear charge! I talk to Ryan Lampers aka @sthealthyhunter about his recent encounter with a bear and a big bull elk in Montana. This story is intense and you won't want to miss it! We also discuss eating healthy, mistakes backcountry hunters make, and much more! Ryan is the co-host of his own podcast, HuntHarvestHealth (@huntharvesthealth), with his wife Hillary aka @dochillary where they discuss healthy eating, recipes, gardening, natural health, and stories related to the backcountry hunting lifestyle. Enjoy the show!

1hr 30mins

13 Nov 2017

Rank #16

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#22 - Jim Shockey - Legendary Legacy

Jim Shockey is arguably the most legendary hunter of my lifetime. He has hunted 370 big game species on earth, probably the most of anyone currently alive. Jim is a family man. His most cherished moments involve time spent hunting with family members such as his son, Branlin, or daughter, Eva. We discuss mistakes he's made as a hunter, the legacy he's creating, and his love for his sweetheart wife, Louise. We also discuss how the mountains bring us closer to knowing God. Jim is the host of mulitple hunting shows including Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, Jim Shockey's UNCHARTED, and Jim Shockey's The Professionals. He truly is a one-of-a-kind guest. Enjoy!

1hr 1min

5 Mar 2018

Rank #17

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Clint Casper - Heading West to Hunt Mule Deer

This episode I have a conversation with Clint Casper about hunting mule deer and living in the midwest. We discuss researching hunts, gaining bonus points, how to draw tags, e-scouting, and successfully killing mule deer on an out-of-state hunt. Clint has written multiple articles for various hunting magazines. He still enjoys hunting whitetail during the rut in his home state but western mule deer are quickly becoming his favorite. Enjoy! Instagram: Clint - @casperclint Podcast - @finding.backcountry.podcast Host - @dustinwittwer Email: findingbackcountry@gmail.com

1hr 41mins

12 Mar 2020

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Marlon Holden - Desert Bucks

I first came in contact with Marlon years ago when chat forums were the thing. He was clearly a knowledgeable backcountry hunter getting after it. I was new to backcountry hunting in general. He went above and beyond, willing to share specific information to help a complete stranger get started backcountry hunting. Marlon has always been willing to share valuable information to those in the hunting world.  Apologies for any audio quality issues. That said, my editor did an amazing job with this episode. It was much worse! Thanks Anthony! Please share any feedback or suggestions for a more valuable podcast to: findingbackcountry@gmail.com Instagram: @marlonholden @finding.backcountry.podcast @teambackcountry

1hr 37mins

18 Feb 2020

Rank #19

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Jason Carter - Killing Really Big Bucks

This episode is one I have been looking forward to since I started the podcast. Jason is an authority on killing big bucks. We do a listener Q & A. Jason offers insight into field judging big bucks and what to look for in antler configuration. We also have a lengthy discussion about trail cameras and specifically targeting bucks in areas with a lot of water and areas with almost no water. He gives his opinion on all the moisture we're having this year and what the expectations are for antler growth. Enjoy! Email: findingbackcountry@gmail.com Instagram: Epic Hunts @epic_hunts Jason Carter @ridgereaper03 Dustin Wittwer @dustinwittwer Finding Backcountry @finding.backcountry.podcast Pack Llama Rentals @backcountry_logistics www.rentpackllamas.com

1hr 25mins

25 Jul 2019

Rank #20