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Your two new best friends who are also small business owners! We're in the trenches with you - you're not alone navigating customer service, marketing, goal setting and growing your small business!

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Negotiation: why we love it, hate it and why its so important! Bonus tips on how to negotiate effectively.


25 Jul 2015

Rank #1

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Delusionary Thoughts

Mindset- does it matter? Entrepreneurial delusion the fears of small business owners. The definition of luck, how small business changes over time. Goal setting and why employees should think like owners.


18 May 2015

Rank #2

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Perception Bites

-How to evaluate the results of marketing-How word of mouth works-Stages of business ownership-Will your business die if you have a major life change?-Finally, the broads discuss Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In


3 Apr 2015

Rank #3

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Acts of God

The broads discuss those aggravating Acts of God on your business, TAXES!?, whether it's possible to NOT have a personal style and how a business book published almost 80 years ago still applies today.

1hr 2mins

11 Mar 2015

Rank #4

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Blame it On the Rain

2 small business owners discuss their goals for 2015 and the mindset of small business owners. Other topics range from student loans, sleep deprivation and cloth diapering?! Just a warning there are some f-bombs.


24 Feb 2015

Rank #5