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IKEA BUSINESS Main St. Makeover

One town. Ten small businesses. Ten real makeovers in just ten days! Get inside the winners of the ground-breaking IKEA Main St. Makeover contest. See how a group of entrepreneurs in Old Town Lansing, MI transformed their business district with the help of real IKEA designers and just $5,000 worth of IKEA furniture, each. The results are nothing short of astounding. Discover tons of useful design solutions, and see how a group of indy business owners banded together to improve their home town.

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Ep. 4 – Portable Feast and Friends

Owner of one of Old Town Lansings best restaurants, Sharon Hind struggled with several of the IKEA design suggestions for the makeover of Portable Feast and Friends. See how a willingness to take chances and a $5,000 budget changed her restaurant from front to back.


17 Jun 2008

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Ep. 5 – Pablos Panaderia

Pablo Maldonado overcame extreme obstacles to get his restaurant, Pablos Padaderia, where it is today. After his makeover, his business grew 30 percent within the first five months. Find out how some simple changes to the restaurants atmosphere gave a boost to his bottom line.


25 Jun 2008

Rank #2

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Ep. 11 – Old Town Commercial Organization

The Old Town Commercial Association, OTCA, is a non profit dedicated to revitalizing the Old Town neighborhood of Lansing, MI. With a full time staff of two co-workers, plus a number of unpaid interns, not to mention 500 extra volunteers throughout the year, their modest facilities are stretched to the limit. Furnished with a hodgepodge of donated and found items, watch how their space transforms after receiving a new kitchenette, meeting area and office layout.


6 Aug 2008

Rank #3

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Ep. 10 – Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is a national, nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to protecting the earth. The Michigan chapter has five full time employees, with three working from home. For an office furnished with donated furniture, it came as a quite a surprise when IKEA Creative Director Mats suggested they do a complete makeover from scratch, and a green one at that. Watch how some simple ideas turned this local chapter from a drab, unorganized office environment, to one that reflects their identity and supports the important work being done there


1 Aug 2008

Rank #4

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Ep. 3 – Elderly Instruments

Ederly Instruments opened a small shop in 1972 and now employs 85 coworkers in a store that connects several old buildings into a sprawling paradise of stringed instruments. The challenge for IKEA was substantial, make $5,000 worth of IKEA furniture create an impact in an antique looking establishment without ruining the great old time feeling.


10 Jun 2008

Rank #5