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BOMM: Black Opinions Matter

Deep cutting discussions of the essential topics in the worlds of Entertainment and Black Culture, hosted by Amin El Hassan, Blk Tray, Big Wos, and Mariano Bivins

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"The Last Jedi" Review (Finally!)

Spoiler Alert! Freddie Prinze Jr, Pablo Torre, and Amin Elhassan breakdown the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga, including pointing out Easter eggs, debunking false criticisms, and how the Force must have really wanted some sh*t to happen. Also, Freddie gives us a preview of what we can expect in the second half of Star Wars Rebels final season.   BOMM Star Wars Edition   02:00-Amins alter ego 06:15- Feelings on the movie 12:00- Backlash to the movie 17:00- Internet Criticisms 19:00- Force Powers 23:45- Luke’s personality change 26:20- Kylo Ren 30:00- Luke’s relationship with the force 32:20- Dark side temptation 34:45- Is good vs evil real in Star Wars? 37:20- Breaking with the past 40:00- Lack of answers backlash 44:30- Mary Poppins 50:00- Attention to detail 56:00- Changes to the Star Wars template 57:10- Legitimate Criticisms 1:04:45- Mary Sue philosophy 1:20:20- Caretakers 1:21:20- Fan Service 1:23:00- Directing Star Wars 1:28:45- Star Wars: Rebels 1:36:15- The force really wanted that s**t to happen 1:38:00- Ranking the movies 1:42:30- Extremism built into characters

1hr 50mins

28 Dec 2017

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The Ruler's Back

Topics:  NYC Live Recap; Ballers is too short; Bella Hadid sneaker shopping; Kid Birthday Party Performers; Dude who escaped the cops without getting shot video; Whoop Whoop! That's the sound of the police vs Born in the USA; The Deuce; Curb thoughts w/ Amin, Wos, Tray, Mariano and Jade.  Follow us on twitter at @BOMMPodcast.

1hr 24mins

9 Oct 2017

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Consensus From The Stage

ESPN's Bomani Jones joins Amin Elhassan, BIG Wos, BLK Tray, Mariano Bivins and John Jervay.  Tray's mistaken identity continues to follow him. Bomani living in the City. A long debate between Amin and Bo about Nas and UGK. The Juice is Loose, taking pictures with white women. How to appreciate Dave Chappelle's latest comedy special, discussed. Top hangover foods. And the best Black movies from the 90s. Oprah's Golden Golbes speech. 

1hr 42mins

8 Jan 2018

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Staring Down Danger At Every Opportunity

BOMM: Amin Elhassan, BIG Wos, BLK Tray, Mariano Bivins, John Jervay and Jade recap another disappointing episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Jerry Seinfeld's new standup show. The ethic of understanding artists. Wos' jukebox double-play with Randy Newman and Tupac. Eminem's overhyped freestyle Trump smackdown. What is OJ Simpson doing in Vegas? Thoughts on Harvey Weinstein. And finally, the new movie Black Panther and the best Marvel films. 

1hr 28mins

16 Oct 2017

Rank #4

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Last Night's Cultural Appropriation

Amin Elhassan, BLK Tray, John Jervay, Justin Tinsley and Naima.   00:30- Introl 02:00- Jerv's celebration 03:20- Wos’s DNP-Birthday 09:30- Eagles / Philly 15:30- Hat Phishing 19:00-Channing Frye's hair/Cutting your own hair 22:30- Amin's Bigen?   24:10- When to Brush your teeth 31:00- MLK Dodge Ad 36:25- Weird Sports Rituals 41:00- Tray's ever-changing hair color 47:10- Timberlake's Creasing 48:55- Timberlake's Disrespectful Halftime Performance 01:02:05- Custom JT Jordan's   01:03:50- Man of the woods 01:07:00- Blacture / Pras 01:13:30- Black Panther 01:33:30- Voicemails  

1hr 58mins

5 Feb 2018

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The Whole Staircase

Amin Elhassan, BIG Wos, BLK Tray, Mariano, John Jervay.  BOMM takeover of Late Late Show. Enjoy the City vs Please Dont Tweet Me. Sex Dolls. Detroit vs Amin. MLK Day. Drake Tattoos.    00:30- Amin’s ballot 08:25- Draft.com (Promo Code: Matters) 09:00- More All Star 11:05- The Late Late Show with Travonne and Wosny 39:00-Working on MLK day 42:00- Robot Fever 49:15- Don’t tweet me please 56:30- I have a bucket 58:40- Amin vs Everybody 1:18:40- Almost Famous 1:27:00- Drake Tattoos 1:34:30- Harry Potter and the Golden Doorag 1:38:00- Teka$hi 6ix9ine 1:43:10-Kyle Kuzgod 1:47:00- BOMManova

1hr 50mins

15 Jan 2018

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Proved Collusion

Amin Elhassan, Mariano Bivins, BIG Wos, BLK Tray and Jerv talk best Halloween costumes. Most embarrassing songs you love to love. The Disney Soundtrack Cultural Divide. Classic Rap Albums You Don't Listen To. Curb has returned to form. 20 Years Harlem World. East Coast West Coast Perceptions. Classic Hip Hop Opening Lines.

1hr 44mins

30 Oct 2017

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Racing Toward Irrelevance

Amin Elhassan, BIG Wos, BLK Tray, John Jervay and Jade.  Wos' trusted Mustache  Grammys Blue Ivy Bruno Mars Donald Glover Genius or Corny? DJ Khalid Wyclef reveals Santana Wu Tang riff Kesha vs Commercialism Andrew Bogut's RTs Fake Followers The Ringer's Jay Z Shot Chart  Blueprint 2 - Track by Track What makes a classic? Tray vs Nate Jones Waffle House and Barbecue Sauce  BOMM Voicemails

1hr 44mins

29 Jan 2018

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Closer to the Ground

Why was Jameis Winston tasting a win? Amin story time. Will and Jada give Tyrese $5M to stay offline. Demetria Obilor claps bag after being body-shamed. Curb You Enthusiasm keeps getting better. Jay Z's Volume 1 turns 20. American Gangster turns 10. Fade to Black.

1hr 35mins

6 Nov 2017

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A Pattern Of Disruption

Amin Elhassan, BIG Wos, Mariano and Jerv on Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode 4, group chat etiquette, Lil B getting allegedly jumped drama and later in the show a conversation with #MusicSermon creator Naima Cochrane (@naima) on growing up in a musical family. Learning to music tweet. Problematic lyrics and much more.  With @aminespn @bigwos @Mariannoo @jerv215 @blk_tray Produced by @Jade_TBF

1hr 32mins

23 Oct 2017

Rank #10