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Inc. Uncensored is a lively weekly podcast exploring the fast-moving world of startups, entrepreneurship, technology, and high-growth businesses—all through the eyes of the veteran business journalists of Inc. and Inc.com. We’ll keep you up to date on industry trends, best practices, and cool companies. With host Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, Inc.’s senior writer, along with frequent appearances from staff writers Kevin Ryan, Emily Canal, executive editor Kimberly Weisul and more.

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#250 The Gospel of Bezos

Amazon executives are leaving to launch their own startups, and they’re copying everything but the culture. Plus: A 100-year-old founder who’s still running his company (and might be in better shape than you are).For reference to Amazon's fourteen principles, click here


6 Dec 2019

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#257 Surprising Industries Taking Off Right Now

Tiny Satellites, Dog-Trackers, and Other Weird Businesses That Are Growing in 2020


7 Feb 2020

Rank #2

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#207 Everything You Need to Know About Money When Starting a Business

Inc.'s writers and editors discuss Maria Aspan's new book, Startup Money Made Easy, how fancy parental perks are helping retain talent, and three young companies trying to take a slice of the men's health-care market (what could go wrong?).


8 Feb 2019

Rank #3

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#203 WeWork’s New Name Shows That it Clearly Wants to Take Over Your Life

Inc.’s writers and editors detail the latest from inside consumer tech’s biggest trade show and dig into Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution. Plus: a real-estate company rebrands to run your life.


11 Jan 2019

Rank #4

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#191 How a Scrappy Vape Startup Grew to $15 Billion--Amid Wild Controversy

This week on Inc. Uncensored, writers and an editor discuss Juul, the San Francisco startup that inherited the tobacco industry’s baggage. Plus, they explore how innovative startups are rethinking the future of malls and why Mark Cuban invested in a founder who kept her day job


19 Oct 2018

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#175 How HelloFresh Won the U.S. Market (It Wasn’t Pretty)

This week on Inc. Uncensored, writers and editors explore the grizzly inside story of how HelloFresh, the German meal kit maker, grew to dominate the U.S. market. Plus, they discuss why businesses are increasingly refusing to accept cash as payment, and how one young startup is generating sales through scaring away sharks.


29 Jun 2018

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#177 The Middle Class Cannot Afford America Anymore

This week, journalist Alissa Quart talks about her new book “Squeezed: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America,” which chronicles the demise of the middle class. Inc. editors and writers also talk about how a personalized vitamin startup launched a fake company on Facebook to test its technology before going to market and the group also explores this year’s most popular hacking methods. 


13 Jul 2018

Rank #7

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#215 What Brothels Can Teach Us About Risk and Pricing

Economist Allison Schrager joins the editors and writers of Inc. to discuss her new book, An Economist Walks Into a Brothel. Plus: The inside story of Arlan Hamilton's Backstage Capital, and the highly functional breed of late-stage hippie capitalism employed by the $1 billion private company Specialized Bicycles.


5 Apr 2019

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#217 Salad Shop Sweetgreen Now Serving Up Technology

There's a world of buzz brewing within the fast-growing salad company Sweetgreen. Inc.'s writers and editors take a look at the May cover story. Plus: the audacity of Uber's IPO, and the fascinating evolution of Warby Parker's marketing strategy. 


19 Apr 2019

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Inc. Uncensored Ep 8 (Live!): Robot Furniture and Vodka Lawsuits

Inc. editor James Ledbetter and Inc. staff members Jon Fine, Burt Helm, and Kimberly Weisul examine a Mets’ fan who turned losses into T-shirt sales, robot furniture that challenges today’s tech paradigm, and the definition of what legally constitutes “handmade” vodka. This episode was recorded live from the GrowCo Conference in Nashville. More at www.inc.com.This week’s episode was sponsored by T-Mobile. Switch your business today at www.TMobile.com/Business.


10 Apr 2015

Rank #10

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#154 Trump, Flamethrowers, and Initial Hat Offerings

This week, Inc. editors and writers talk about how entrepreneurs and business owners feel a year after President Trump first took office. The group also discusses how Elon Musk has raised $10 million by selling flamethrowers, but is the marketing genius trying to distract everyone from Tesla falling way behind on its production goals? Lastly, the group interviews Jason Johnson about how he sold his smart lock company August to the largest lock company in the world. 


2 Feb 2018

Rank #11

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#147 Meet Inc.’s 2017 Company of the Year

This week, Inc. editors and writers discuss their 2017 company of the year, MailChimp. Plus, they explore what the repeal of net neutrality rules could mean for small businesses, and dive into Apple’s recent acquisition of the 18-year old music app Shazam. 


15 Dec 2017

Rank #12

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Inc. Uncensored Ep. 6: The Starbucks of Yoga and the Most Important Social Media Company You've Never Heard of

Inc. editor James Ledbetter and Inc. staff members Jon Fine, Kimberly Weisul and Will Yakowicz take an inside look in the story behind Banjo, a social media company that can find out what is happening anywhere in the world in an instant, analyze how CorePower Yoga aims to offer a consistent, upscale customer experience in a land of mom and pop yoga studios, and examine how tech companies are using the post-Ferguson mistrust between police and the public to sell body cameras and cloud storage to police precincts across the country. More at www.inc.com.This week’s episode was sponsored by T-Mobile. Switch your business today at TMobile.com/Business. 


27 Mar 2015

Rank #13

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#137 How Amazon Wants to Make Whole Foods Cheaper

This week, Inc. editors and writers talk about Amazon’s strategy with Whole Foods after buying the grocery chain this summer. The group also talks about how legislation is now on the Senate floor to get self-driving cars on the roads. Lastly, the crew  explores the rise of women-only business-oriented networking groups and the growing trend of all-female co-working spaces. 


6 Oct 2017

Rank #14

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#151 Dispatches from CES: Drone Suitcases and Robots That Fold Laundry

This week, Inc. editors and writers talk about how small business owners across America say they would have to fire dozens of employees if President Trump rescinds a decades-old program that protects immigrants from Haiti, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. The group also talks about how forensic software startups are helping law enforcement agencies catch criminals who use bitcoin. Lastly, Inc.’s San Francisco bureau chief Jeff Bercovici talks about the best, and worst products he came across at CES in Las Vegas. 


12 Jan 2018

Rank #15

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#156 The Internet of Thongs and Bitcoin-Backed Loans

This week, Inc. editors and writers talk about how women-founded startups are disrupting the sex toy industry. The group also drives into the world of startups giving out loans in exchange for cryptocurrency collateral, plus interest, so bitcoin millionaires can access their crypto wealth without cashing out. And finally, the group interviews Sean Behr, who sold his company STRATIM to Kar Auction Services. 


16 Feb 2018

Rank #16

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#149 Best Of 2017

This week, Inc. looks back on some of their favorite stories of 2017, from the decline of the tech IPO to an innovative contraceptive business, and then to the money-making side of August's solar eclipse.


29 Dec 2017

Rank #17

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BONUS: The UPS Store's Small Biz Challenge: Where We Grow From Here

This is a time of harsh realities for small business owners. Decisions have to be made to survive and these decisions need to be made immediately. In this custom podcast from The UPS Store, Shannon LaNier talks to Robert Herjavec-- Founder and CEO of the Herjavec group and star of ABC’s Shark Tank -- about the crucial steps a small business owner should be taking.


7 Apr 2020

Rank #18

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#211 Life Hacks From Inc.'s Superstar Entrepreneurs

Inside the Google pay study, life hacks and great advice that fueled business success, and the scrappiest, most innovative toy companies. Plus more from the writers and editors of Inc. magazine.


8 Mar 2019

Rank #19

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#144 2017 is a Depressing Year for Digital Media Companies

This week, Inc. writers and editors talk about how e-commerce fashion service Stitch Fix went public last week but investors are skeptical about the company's prospects with the shadow of Amazon dominating everything e-commerce. The group also talks about the digital media industry and about how Buzzfeed and Vice missed revenue goals, while Mashable sold for almost the same amount of money it raised a few years ago. During the Exit Interview segment, Jaron Lukasiewicz talks about how he sold his bitcoin exchange Coinsetter. 


24 Nov 2017

Rank #20