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Episode 6: RIFTS Enter the Odd Squad 1 of 2

Back on March 19th, 2016 the SavageCast got together with Sean Patrick Fannon, his better half Carinn Seabolt, and a crew of RIFTS veterans but Savage Worlds initiates John Ross and Toby Carpenter, hosted by the first lady of gaming herself Wendy Reischl to play in Enter the Odd Squad, a Savage Worlds – RIFTS mashup adventure which ports characters from half a dozen existing Savage Worlds settings into the world of RIFTS, recasting them as iconic roles familiar to that world. Because this epic adventure takes advantage of the possibility — but not necessity — to bring in other Savage Worlds properties to RIFTS, the powers that be at Pinnacle asked us to hold off releasing our actual play until the end of the Kickstarter as not to give people the wrong first impression of what Savage Worlds RIFTS was necessarily about. As there is now a pure Savage Worlds RIFTS as written actual play out there which highlights 100% RIFTS fluff on top of Savage Worlds crunch, we’re free to share with you this fun adventure which also brings in Savage Worlds properties into the picture as well.  We understand that PEG didn’t want to freak out the RIFTS purists, but we think that once they see that they can have all of the RIFTS flavor they want, that listening to SPF’s Enter the Odd Squad adventure just might lure them to experience other SW product lines as well. The RIFTS veterans who played certainly felt like they got all the RIFTS style action they wanted, and Savage Mommy and Bull agreed that this was Savage Worlds turned up to 12.  Our hostess Wendy and her German-speaking horse had some of the most epic moments of the day and poor Carinn’s priestess showed just how lethal a RIFTS game can be while she wasn’t obliterating enemies with her divine smite. The Cast of Characters, provided by Sean Patrick Fannon: * Christmas Carson, a Harrowed Texas Ranger with a robot mustang horse. [Deadlands], Played by Wendy Reischl About Deadlands – Pinnacle’s flagship product is Deadlands, a horrific journey into the “Weird West.” Mysterious beings called the Reckoners have given life to monsters and magic, causing history to divert from July 4th, 1863 forward. The South has won its independence, California has shattered into a labyrinth of flooded sea-canyons, and a mysterious super-fuel called “ghost rock” has spawned as much war and strife as it has “steampunk” devices. Players are steely-eyed gunfighters, card-slinging sorcerers called hucksters, mysterious shamans, savage braves, mad scientists, and more who battle against evil and attempt to prevent the “Reckoning.” * Rupert the Wise, a clever metal-and-stone Golem Techno-Wizard [Accursed], Played by John Ross About Accursed – This tale begins with a world of dark fantasy and perilous adventure, where the forces of evil have triumphed. In such a world, those who remain uncorrupted by wickedness must rely upon monsters to fight against the darkness. Witches have ruled the land since the last battles of conquest, but their Grand Coven has been sundered, leaving behind remnants of a once-mighty army. The remnants of the horde include captured citizens of the conquered nations that fought as the Witches’ shock troops. These are the Accursed—the Witchmarks burned into their flesh and souls transformed these men and women into monstrous forms. Now, unable to return to their former lives, the Accursed wander the land, giving aid to those in need in an attempt to atone for past sins. Some have joined the Order of the Penitent, an organization devoted to ridding the world of the Witches and their evil influence. Others offer their skills as warriors, alchemists, and spies to the highest bidder. Yet others have succumbed to corruption, greed, or insanity. Light has failed, darkness is ascendant—only those bearing the forms of monsters can stand against the tide of the Witches’ evil. The Accursed are this world’s only hope—they must learn to embrace their curse or to fight against it, and find some way to free themselves forever of their Witchmark. This is the world of Accursed. * The Avalonian, a Rippertech-enhanced Masked Crusader Juicer [Rippers], Played by Chris Fuchs About Rippers – Do you believe in monsters? Well you better, because they’re out there and they mean business! In Rippers, the Cabal of evil formed under the leadership of the monstrous Jack the Ripper had the Victorian world on its knees, and your team fought back. Using Rippertech pulled from the creatures of hell and implanted into yourselves, you are called once again to save the world for Queen and country! * Quintus Pompeius Magnus, a Roman Triari Centurio who has taken up the path of a Cyber-Knight. [Weird Wars Rome], Played by Christopher Landauer About Weird Wars Rome – Her legions strode forth from the center of civilization—west to England, east to Asia, north to Germany, south to Egypt—and conquered most of the known world. In their travels, the Legions found things that would be disbelieved by slave, citizen, and senator alike. War elephants, wild dervishes, and creatures beyond description met them at every turn. The glory of the Empire spread to the corners of the earth, but its shadow found even darker places—and things—that defied record. Join the forces of Rome and battle through the ages against her enemies. Discover the terrible secrets left out of the history books. Save your shieldmates. Save the Empire. * Rock-and-Roll, a reformed villain with the powers of a very strong (but not very bright) earth elemental. [Necessary Evil], Played by Toby Carpenter About Necessary Evil – When all the super heroes of the world are blown to kingdom come by an army of invading aliens, who will save the day? Evil… The only forces left to take on the alien menace are the crafty and self serving super villains! Note that this particular character has definitely taken up the mantle of “hero” now. * Kellindia, an aevakar Priestess of Light, fully embracing the Mystic path. [Shaintar], Played by Carinn Seabolt About Shaintar – “It’s Like Lord of the Rings Meets Die Hard.” Every great tale has a beginning, and yours begins here, in the realm of Shaintar (Pronounced “Shine-tar”). At once familiar and alien, you will come to know it as a place you understand completely, while still being perplexed and dazzled by its mysteries. As you seek out the answers to those mysteries, all the while doing battle with villains and monsters both archetypal and alien, you will come to understand a primal truth: Shaintar, this world with thousands of years of history behind it, stands on the brink of dramatic, possibly catastrophic change. How this change ultimately manifests, what damage it will wreak, or what growth it will engender, will depend entirely upon you. During the first hour of our RIFTS actual play, Sean Patrick Fannon dropped a lot of details about the mechanics and features of the upcoming setting, which I’ve outlined here for those of you looking for more crunch and details about Savage RIFTS: 00:04:30 – Introduction 00:05:30 – Traditional Rifts: Post-Post-Apocalypse Super Heroes 00:06:30 – Iconic Frameworks 00:07:30 – MARS: Mercenaries, Adventurers, Rogues and Scholars 00:09:00 – Character Descriptions: 00:14:00 – Juicer Death Arc, Burn Rating 00:16:30 – Blaze of Glory 00:20:30 – PPE, ISP, Power Points 00:21:00 – Mega Damage 00:23:00 – Character Sheet Walk-through 00:26:20 – The Horse talks, Armor Piercing in Savage Worlds 00:28:00 – Raises in Savage Worlds 00:32:40 – The Hero’s Journey 00:35:40 – Rifts Timeline, Xiticix, 3 Core Books of the Kickstarter 00:42:00 – Project Glitter Juice 00:47:00 – Boom Gun 00:52:33 – Scenario Background, Tomorrow Legion 01:01:00 – The Mission 01:03:30 – First Dice Rolled… it’s on! Look for Part 2 of 2, tomorrow! Appearing: Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer, Sean Patrick Fannon, Carinn Seabolt, Wendy Reischl, John Ross, Toby Carpenter Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib Editing: Landauer

4hr 8mins

20 May 2016

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Episode 2: Just the Tips

Mommy and Bull are back to help you not suck at Savage Worlds. Savage Happenings: We discuss the highly successful Weird War One kickstarter and 7th Sea, tease our upcoming episodes with Charles White about Olympus Inc. and its upcoming kickstarter resurrection on April 5th. We also hint at our upcoming Sean Patrick Fannon recording which will cover a RIFTS interview and an actual-play. Karl Keesler of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1980s fame is confirmed as the Savage Worlds special guest for Tacticon 2016 (second only to GenghisCon as the largest Savage Worlds convention anywhere) which will be held in Colorado Springs, CO September 1st through 4th. Thank you listeners (and our Moms) for catapulting our show to the “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes and into the Top 10 podcasts in our category. Savage Main Course: We blather on for an hour talking about how Bull’s Tacticon2015 game bored Shane to tears necessitating a GM reboot and the resulting “Don’t Suck at Con Games” advice we gathered in the aftermath. Tips for both Game Masters and Players to get the most out of your Convention games is now featured on Pinnacle’s Convention page. Learn from our mistakes to avoid the most common pitfalls that lead to lousy con games. We originally recorded this back in December so “the last Con” mentioned in the episode was Tacticon 2015, not GenghisCon 2016, in case that’s confusing — but the advice applies for any convention games big or small. Remember, we want YOUR tips, so send them (audio preferred) to uproar@savagecast.com.  Also send in any questions you have for Sean Patrick Fannon on the upcoming Savage Worlds release of RIFTS. N.B.: “Locative” is apparently a portmanteau of “loquacious” and “talkative.” Appearing: Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer Credits: Introduction by Derek Johnson, Music by Jib, Editing advice by Chris Sniezak

1hr 8mins

9 Mar 2016

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Episode 4: Do you even RIFTS, Bro?

Mommy and Bull leave the safety of their caves to join Sean Patrick Fannon for a sneak peak at the upcoming Savage Worlds RIFTS setting. During our interview, Sean answers how he got Kevin Siembieda to let his baby go play with the Savage Worlds kids, how the SW version handles stuff like MEGA DAMAGE, what old favorites from the original Palladium line will make their return, where the timeline will start, why [conversion] is the wrong idea, new artwork, and where to follow the progress. Sean will be back on future shows GMing the RIFTS actual play we recorded and answering our questions on world building, game design, and his history in gaming. Also on this episode …. SavageCast joined Kristian Serrano and Ron Blessing on the Savage Bloggers Network [watch the video] [listen to the podcast].  We talked about how the Rocky Mountain Savages came about and the legacy of old pod casts spawning new pod casts and SW groups and the butterfly effect that brings us a large and growing Savage Community across the country and now the world over. Chime in: Derek Johnson vs. Kristian Serrano, who has the most velvety Savage Worlds podcasting voice? Olympus Inc. is crowdfunding NOW on IndieGoGo.  Support them and get a really interesting campaign setting. * Weird War I: GM Screen Inserts New Adventure: Raid on Fort Douaumont Pre-order Bundle at Pinnacle store Player’s Guide, War Master’s Handbook, on discount at DriveThruRPG, Combat Maps also available *Melior Via continues to expand their Accursed setting with the last PDF in the World of Morden series, Accursed: Bone and Barrow. * Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell from Gun Metal Games Now available on DriveThruRPG $14.99 – New Edges, Arcane Backgrounds, Demonic Races – Guidelines for creating angelic and hell-forged weapons, blessing items, creating cults, demonic possession and pacts with the devil, a gazetteer and a history of hell according to various cultures * Primeval Thule Campaign Setting for Savage Worlds from Sasquatch Game Studio PDF $19.95 Primeval Thule is a sword-and-sorcery campaign setting now redesigned for Savage Worlds in conjunction with Ross Watson and Sean Patrick Fannon of Evil Beagle Games! * Fuhgeddaboudit! from Just Insert Imagination – Pay What You Want Fuhgeddaboudit! is a mob and road movie, sandbox adventure for Savage Worlds. It is Las Vegas, 1968 and your group has been ordered to make a troublesome accountant disappear. It’s a pleasant drive out to the desert, what could possibly go wrong? – Make them an offer they can’t refuse * New banner on the PEG site. Could this be a clue to something coming up real soon? * Product links on our website are now affiliate links with DriveThruRPG, so if you want to pick up one of the games we mention or anything else at DriveThruRPG, use our link or click through to the site with the DriveThruRPG banner ad and SavageCast will earn credit with the site at no cost to you. You buy games so we can buy games, then we’ll tell you about those games and the circle continues. Appearing: Christopher Landauer, Chris Fuchs, Sean Patrick Fannon, Carinn Seabolt, Wendy Reischl Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Mike Willard Editing: Chris Sniezak


12 Apr 2016

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Episode 5: Fast, Furious, Fun

You’ve heard the hype: “Fast, Furious, and Fun.”  If there were any more alliteration you might die. Savage Mommy and Savage Bull tell you exactly why the hype is real.  We break down the Savage Worlds game mechanics, style, and philosophy that deliver on the promise of an RPG session that is easy to prep for, quick to run, creates an exciting atmosphere of heroism and anticipation and consistently delivers a quality cooperative roleplaying experience. We talk card initiative, target numbers, opposed die rolls, mooks, bennies, traits, prep, character creation, exploding dice, edges, setting rules, jokers, raises, properties, themes, and more. We also try and kill you with even more alliteration all over the place. And random wedding stories that just demand to be told. Here’s an awesome new property that you should give a listen to and the original Deadlands adventure it’s based on: Audio Avatar‘s audio drama Tombstone Tales: The Taxidermist’s Tale.  The One Sheet. Here’s the newest and best Savage Worlds stuff we think you should drop some money on: Hellfrost – Atlas of the Frozen North GRAmel has a new adventure for their Tropicana setting: Die Fast! Fainting Goat Games: Miscreants, Malefactors and Megalomaniacs Volume 2 has more than a dozen new bad guys, thugs, and super-villains for your next SUPERS game.  And in case you missed it the first time: the original Miscreants, Malefactors and Megalomaniacs Kick in some Kold Khard Kash on these Kickstarters: The Rifts Kickstarter is going now. It met its funding goal in under 3 Minutes!!! If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for?! Noisy Person Cards is a party game designed to help you develop new character voices for role playing games from the folks behind The One Shot and Campaign podcasts. The guys behind the Wild Die Podcast are launching Conclave Gaming Convention in Modesto, CA Queen City Conquest, in Buffalo NY, is the local con for Friend-of-Podcast Chris Sneizak Appearing: Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib Editing: Landauer and Fuchs

1hr 15mins

6 May 2016

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Episode 7: RIFTS Enter the Odd Squad 2 of 2

We’re back with the BIG finale of the Savage Worlds RIFTS actual play of SPF’s Enter the Odd Squad. If you missed the first part, give it a listen now. Before we get to the finale, our RIFTS veterans share their fond memories of world-destroying character builds from the old school Palladium rule set, and SPF hints at upcoming projects (Prowlers & Paragons) he has on the back burner, which will be coming to kickstarter later this year. 00:09:30 – Act 3 Begins

2hr 30mins

21 May 2016

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Episode 3: Corporate Gods are Petty and Cruel

This is not Deja Vu, there is no glitch in the matrix. Your Savage hosts welcome Charles White of Fabled Environments to the show to announce the RE-launch of his kickstarter for Olympus, Inc. (Coming April 5th, 2016) and discuss why the forces of evil pulled it the first time at 98% funded. Charles talks about the ideas behind Olympus Inc, working with gli Italiani, the evolution of his publishing company and future aspirations for the Olympus Inc line. We also dig deep into Charles’ past and find out how he got into gaming and Savage Worlds, religion in gaming, revealing your gamer status to co-workers, and more. This week in SIGHTINGS FROM THE SAVAGE-SPHERE…. Misfit Studios released Monster Brief: Mixed Foes, with four new monsters to your Savage Worlds games. Melior Via  has released Accursed: Science and Sea, expanding their Accursed setting. Savage Tales of Horror brings you five adventures to bring terror to your gaming table and to haunt your players long after they’ve left your house. Maximize your potential for horror by buying all three of the Savage Tales of Horror in the  Best of Horror Bundle, and get 10% off any of our other horror titles. Ron Blessing and Kristian Serrano over at Savage Bloggers Network have invited the Savage Mommy and me to an SBN Hangout On Air the last Monday in March, the 28th, at 9:30 PM Eastern Time, 7:30 Mountain to talk about Podcasting and Savage Worlds. Their last hangout featured Karl Keesler who will be our guest at Tacticon2016, so be sure to check out the video where Karl displays some of his newest creations. http://www.savagebloggers.net/category/hangouts-on-air/feed/ http://www.savagebloggers.net/sbn-hangouts-karl-keesler/ Above is a link to subscribe to SBN Hangouts on AIR so you don’t miss it. But you should go ahead and just subscribe to the whole SBN feed while you’re at it.  Mark your calendars so you can catch us live and perhaps ask us some questions on the evening of the 28th. We’re working on Fuch’s crappy audio for the opening segments. Some folks have asked if we have a fundraising link or anything yet. We don’t and while we’d love some mullah to buy some better equipment, we’re not going down the crowdfunding path at this time. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love your support in other ways. Send us tips, share our show on your social media, give us product to review or whatever.  To this end any links we post to DriveThruRPG materials on the blog (like above) will benefit our “affiliate” account so when you buy stuff after visiting through our link we get store credit at no cost to you. Be sure to stick around at the end of this episode for a sneak peak at our interview with Sean Patrick Fannon on how he got Kevin Seimbieda to green-light Savage RIFTS.  Appearing: Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer, Charles White, Sean Patrick Fannon Credits: Introduction by Derek Johnson, Music by Jib


21 Mar 2016

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Episode 33: Holler Back Boys

We interview Southern raised, Colorado local, Tim Earley about his upcoming Savage Worlds setting, HOLLER: An Appalachian Apocalypse. Audio improves at the 24 minute mark for the interview. Savage News: Karl Keesler announced as the official PEG demo Game Master for Savage Cruise 2020! Savage Bull coming to Dragon Con 2019 Savage Mommy coming to Italy this September The After for Savage Worlds on Kickstarter Colorado Designers smashed the 4th Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Jumpstart Bundle: SWAT: Spells, Weapons and Tactics Jumpstart now available Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic for Savage Worlds Jumpstart now available Darrel Hardy’s Empire of Venom and Silk Jumpstart now available Evil Beagle Game’s Freedom Squadron recruitment guide Jumpstart now available Accursed Jumpstart now available Appearing: Tim Earley, Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib

1hr 6mins

31 May 2019

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Episode 34: #SavageStuff

All proceeds from the Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water are going to Krista White to help her fight against cancer, now until she’s done with Chemo! Pick up Buccaneer ON SALE now at DTRPG. If you’d like to contribute directly to Krista and Charles White, check out their GoFundMe. Guardians of Umbra: FUNDED and Final Hours now on Kickstarter SavageCruise.com = 7 Day Savage Worlds gaming cruise from New Orleans to Montego Bay to Grand Cayman to Cozumel. Come play with the SavageCast (Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer, Dustin Hatchett), Shane Hensley, Karl Keesler, Cheyenne Wright and MORE (like that crazy mafioso Eric Lamoureux)! Join the SavageCruise 2020 Facebook page for regular updates. Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic for Savage Worlds is coming to Kickstarter September 13th. Saving Throw played Bureau 13 on their RPG Exploration Society show! You can run the same adventure they played with our FREE Bureau 13 JumpStart PDF. Join the Bureau 13 Facebook group for a sneak peak at the setting. SWAT: Spells, Weapons & Tactics is in development and coming to Kickstarter in 2020. You can get a look at our unique mechanics and a fun adventure with our PayWhatYouWant SWAT JumpStart PDF. Join the SWAT Facebook group for creative insights as we develop this fantasy parody setting. SavageBull is going to GenCon, so stop by the Carolina Game Tables booth from 1pm-3pm most days to say hello, get interviewed for the SavageCast, and pick up some promotional materials for all our projects. SavageBull is going to DragonCon. He’s running 6 events and tickets are available now.

1hr 43mins

26 Jul 2019

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Episode 28: Crystal Heart

Eran Aviram and Aviv Or from the Up To Four Players webcomic and the currently funded and more kickstarter for Crystal Heart join us for an in-depth look at their history in gaming and their upcoming setting for Savage Worlds. Appearing: Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer, Patrick Nickels, Aviv Or, Eran Aviram Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib

1hr 8mins

5 Dec 2018

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Episode 35: GenCon Only Experiences

The Savage Bull went to Gen Con for the first time and has some thoughts on the beast that is the largest gaming event in the world. Amid the chaos and goodness that is GenCon, he also got the opportunity to sit down for an interview with the folks at Atomic Ninja Studios who are putting the final touches on their upcoming Dead End setting for Savage Worlds. Before we get to the meat of their setting (next episode) we discussed what it’s like to attend GenCon and some surprises for new attendees like me who weren’t at all prepared for what to expect. If you, too, have a Savage or Gamer license plate, throw down, the bar is set high with this one. Carolina Game Tables Fez-O-Rama SWAT JumpStart The Savage Cruise Bureau 13: SavageTheNightFantastic B13 JumpStart Appearing: Mable Friedman, Jeffrey Friedman, David Scott, Christopher Landauer Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib


12 Aug 2019

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Episode 31: Saving Throw Crew

The cast of Saving Throw Wild Cards joins us for a post-GenghisCon debrief and a little insight in to their history in gaming, what it takes to run a successful gaming media enterprise, familial naming traditions, Scrooge McDuck, and what sort of DUELs they would tackle in Savage Worlds. Also, what happens when you throw Stones. Where it all began. See them live on Twitch. Catch Meghan on the Sounds Like Crowes Fireside Chat. The whole Wild Cards crew recently appeared on The GM Table. Join us on the Savage Cruise 2020! http://savingthrowshow.com  http://meghancaves.com  @savingthrowshow;@gadzook;@meghancaves;@jordanpigeon;@jordancallarman #wildcardsrpg @wildcards_meg; @wildcards_gm; @wildcards_dom; @wildcards_jp; @wildcards_gxg; Appearing: Dom Zook, Jordan Pridgen, Meghan Caves, Jordan Caves-Callarman, Dustin Hatchett, Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib

1hr 21mins

16 Apr 2019

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Episode 30: The Savage Sign – Brian Reeves & Aaron Acevedo

Brian Reeves and Aaron Acevedo from Sigil Entertainment Group join us to talk about the Savage Sign kickstarter and what we can expect from the new settings therein and share some industry insider secrets. Brian wrote an excellent adventure for Buccaneer, the one we presented to the very special backers (including Shane) live at GenghisCon 2018. He also worked on the Virulent setting and a Sword and Sorcery adventure for the Savage Sign. More from Brian Reeves. Aaron is the Art Director behind all of Pinnacle’s releases since 2012, so we find out what it takes to bring glorious art to everyone’s favorite crunch. More from Aaron Acevedo. Part two in our two-part series on The Savage Sign. Appearing: Brian Reeves, Aaron Acevedo, Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib

1hr 7mins

5 Feb 2019

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Episode 29: The Savage Sign – Eugene Marshall & Ian Eller

The Savage Sign kickstarter is in its final days, so creators Eugene Marshall and Ian Eller join us to talk about Revolution, Psinaut, and Pantheon.   These new settings and more are debuting in the first volume of the Savage Sign, and this is part one in our two-part interview of Sign creators. More from Eugene Marshall.More from Ian Eller. Appearing: Eugene Marshall, Ian Eller, Chris Fuchs, Christopher LandauerIntro: Derek JohnsonMusic: Jib


5 Feb 2019

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Episode 8: World Building with Ross Watson and SPF

Ross Watson of Accursed fame and Shaintar’s Sean Patrick Fannon join us for the first of our World Builders interviews. We’ve been talking about our World Builder interviews since the start of the show so we’re excited to bring you the first in what we hope is a long series delving into the thought process behind bringing you many and varied settings to play in. SBN Podcast says goodbye after 41 episodes Fear the Boot celebrates 10 years and over 400 episodes Savage Bull is now helping with the setting Savage Mommy is currently working on. More info later. Tacticon Guest: Karl Keesler 1980’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 1970’s League Game, Goonies Meets the Ghostbusters and Mystery Men Photo: Errisson Lawrence Costumes: Kym Barrett © 2015 Cirque du Soleil Game Submissions for Tacticon (9/1 through 9/4 2016) are open The first 10 GMs to submit games can win opening night VIP tickets to Turok (James Cameron’s Avatar meets Cirque de Soleil) coming to the Pepsi Center July 21st. Tacticon Theme: Super Heroes DriveThru RPG 25% off Sale on Super Hero products: SW Super Powers Companion, Necessary Evil 2: Breakout, Peacekeepers: SW, The Kerberos Club Weird War I Adventure The 13th Warrior Released Join the airmen of British XIII Squadron as they take the fight to the skies of Europe. Stand against German pilots, social rivals, dark sorcery, and a titanic hunter beyond your wildest nightmares!  The 13th Warrior adventure from Shane Hensley is the “War Never-Ending” stretch goal from the Weird War I Kickstarter. Achtung! Cthulhu – Shadows of Atlantis Campaign Achtung! Cthulhu: Keeper’s Guide Not SW, but cool none the less: Anvil: the TRUE USER-FRIENDLY 3D printer for EVERYONE $299.00!! Ends Thu, Jun 9 2016 We’re doing a crossover show with the fellas from The Wild Die Podcast. We’re taking user questions.  So e-mail us. Savage Mommy will be at Gen Con. He’s looking for people to interview. Publishers and fans. If you want to be on the show, e-mail us. Appearing: Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer, Ross Watson, Sean Patrick Fannon Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib Editing: Landauer

1hr 17mins

2 Jun 2016

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Episode 32: Bobby Evans of the SWADE Cast

We got together with Bobby Evans of the GM Table, the SWADE Cast, the upcoming video series Savage Worlds for Beginners, and the upcoming Hellgate High RPG sourcebook. We talk Disney, intellectual property and public domain, being a critic for people you know well, producing shows, the sausage making of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, the Savage Cruise 2020, zombie LARPs, social combat crunch, film, both directions of licensing (i.e. getting IP to make RPGs, and making your RPG into a Hollywood IP), Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Worst Witch, an everyone is Tim Curry game, Cinematic GMing, and more. https://www.patreon.com/GMtable Bobby’s interview with Saving Throw. Appearing: Bobby Evans, Dustin Hatchett, Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib

1hr 41mins

24 Apr 2019

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Episode 9: Wild Die Crossover

This town ain’t big enough for TWO Savage Worlds Podcasts, so the Mommy and Bull faced off with Jaime and Eric from The Wild Die Podcast to lay claim to this dusty outpost on the podcast frontier. Or maybe we were just being neighborly and sat down to break bread with our broadcasting neighbors. Or maybe we got all 1% as the White Collar answer to their Blue Collar appeal. Or maybe we lost a bet. Or they won one. Or something. Since their listeners actually send them questions, we answered a few of them over the course of two episodes, one on their podcast and the second one right here. We covered topics like “What one rule would you add to the rules,” “does Savage Worlds work with Theater of the Mind,” and “what dirty tricks do you use against your players?” Catch Wild Die Podcast Episode 7: The SavageCast Crossover right here. In the second half we talk about the Bennie Economy, a fast and dirty guide to Combat, and WTF is a plot point campaign anyway. Eric Lamoureux’s A Cauldron Full of Mischief from Fabled Environments $3 Eric Lamoureux’s Fuhgeddaboudit! from Just Insert Imagination Pay What You Want Interface Zero 2.0: The New York Reclamation Zone $6 Ultima Forsan: Macabre Ruthenia from GG Studio $9.90 The 6th Gun RPG is on sale at Pinnacle in celebration of the comic coming to an end. There are fewer than 100 limited edition hardcovers left. Cackler Graphic Novel Available for Preorders Kickstarter: Mystix Mapping System – Static Cling Maps for Tabletop RPGs Kickstarter: Savage Drakonheim – City of Bones for the Savage Worlds RPG Kickstarter: Gorilla Deck Bicycle Playing 28mm Miniatures of Apes in Boiler Suits with RPGs and Automatic Weapons

1hr 50mins

17 Jun 2016

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Episode 27: Shane Hensley Talks Adventure Edition

We talked with Shane Hensley about Savage Worlds Adventure Edition for 90 minutes. We had to redact 30 minutes of it for your safety.  The human mind can only take so much excitement and Shane dropped a lot of spoilers for upcoming projects and details on what you can find in the pages of the new edition of Savage Worlds.  A ton of them are still in this podcast, so find a safe place to sit down before listening. The Savage Worlds Adventure Edition kickstarter begins on October 16th. Appearing: Shane Hensley, Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib

1hr 2mins

9 Oct 2018

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Episode 26: Back in Business

The second book in the Olympus Inc line by Charles White and Gilbert Gallo is now live on kickstarter! Pelion Report for Olympus, Inc. Kickstarter If you haven’t picked that setting up yet, you can get free previews of the setting and the new book as well: Free Olympus, Inc. Preview Free Pelion Report Sneak Preview Rockopolis RPG successfully kickstartered and is now available for pre-order.  Savage Bull is writing an adventure for this setting. Eran and Aviv from UpTo4Players have a campaign pitch up for their November Kickstarter for Crystal Heart, a campaign setting for Savage Worlds. The Savagepedia is saved! Thank you to all who donated to fund the effort. The Rocky Mountain Savages are now Official Savage Worlds Licencees, soon to be known as ACES! We talk the Savage Worlds Adventurers Guild (SWAG). Bureau 13 is coming to Savage Worlds! The Lost Kickstarter Minis Project

1hr 35mins

27 Sep 2018

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Episode 25: How to NOT DIE in Savage Worlds

Tired of being dead? Is Savage Worlds killing your characters too much? In this episode we highlight the main strategies of character creation and play to give your characters the best odds of not dying. Featured funny: Always the First to Die song Appearing: Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib

1hr 9mins

13 Jul 2018

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Episode 24: Secret Agents of CROSS

Pete Ruttman of Blessed Machine joins the SavageCast to discuss his live kickstarter for Secret Agents of CROSS, a Savage Worlds setting book where Catholic agents protect the flock from supernatural horrors, demons, and earthly evils. You can check out the free TEST DRIVE of this setting now on DTRPG. Appearing: Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer, Pete Ruttman Intro: Derek Johnson Music: Jib

1hr 24mins

13 Jun 2018

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