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The Teacher's Life podcast is a show that contains deep introspective thoughts, memories and stories about the life of a teacher. I also have some interviews for you. VISIT THE BLOG AT http://theteacherslifeblog.blogspot.comThe hotline number to be on the show is 623-239-4108. I await your thoughts!

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Episode 7

Word of the day= "looney", The Littles discuss geography, story of the day involving spitting.


27 Aug 2008

Rank #1

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The Donald Bear Interview

One of the main authors of "Words Their Way" comes on to discuss phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction.


5 Sep 2008

Rank #2

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Episode 8

The Littles discuss animals, Mr. Kimmi joins us for the "Challenge of the Week", and a story concerning leaving underwear out for parents to see.


3 Sep 2008

Rank #3

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The Gay Su Pinnell Interview

The great researcher, educator, and speaker joins us to discuss her two newest resources, being a new teacher to reading, using a basal and answers THE question.


13 Aug 2008

Rank #4

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Episode 9

I'm fighting the lawn, help?...Kimmi's latest challenge of the week, the Littles begin their discussion on the the presential race, and a story of the day from Morgan.


14 Sep 2008

Rank #5

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A talk about CGI

Dinah Brown joins us to discuss teaching for understanding in mathematics using concepts from a CGI approach.


17 Aug 2008

Rank #6

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The Sara Holbrook Interview

Nationally acclaimed performance poet joins the NATION!!! She discusses poetry in the classroom, her teacher resources, and inspiration for poetry.


13 Aug 2008

Rank #7

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1st Hotline Stories (Quick Update)

The NATION has it's first participants. Be next, would ya?!?!


19 Aug 2008

Rank #8

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Episode 6

Topics covered include slipping in the grocery store, the first installment of "The Littles", a story from a 4th grade teacher, and the new polling topic.


22 Aug 2008

Rank #9

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Story of the day and Ning update

A quick story of the day and an invitation to join the new ning group!


24 Aug 2008

Rank #10