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"The Recovery Room" is a podcast focussed on affair recovery discussions and interviews hosted by author and licensed counselor Tim Tedder, creator of AffairHealing.com resources.

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#210 "7 Things Your Betrayed Partner Wishes You Knew"

Three counselors, Tim Tedder, Sharon Tedder, and Jennifer Gingras, discuss eight truths about affair recovery that betrayed partners wish their partners understood. Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast210


20 Aug 2017

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#110 "Signs of Real Affair Recovery"

Counselor Tim Tedder discusses the evidences to look for in determining whether healthy recovery is happening in a marriage after an affair and talks to a betrayed husband about his part in their marriage healing. [Note: This is a combined re-recording of two earlier podcasts due to the high level of microphone static present in the original recordings.]Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast110


20 May 2016

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#119 "Will I Ever Heal from the Affair?"

Counselors Tim & Sharon Tedder read forum posts and comment on the question of whether a betrayed spouse might be permanently stuck or broken by the pain of betrayal.Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast119


3 Sep 2016

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#406 Infidelity Responses: Anger, Children, Forgiveness

Three counselors discuss affair responses related to anger, children, and forgiveness as they review their earlier conversations about these topics.* Episode notes and resources available at AffairHealing.com/podcast406


8 May 2019

Rank #4

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#209 "A Reconnected Marriage"

Affair recovery counselor Tim Tedder explains the steps necessary for couples who, after an affair, want to experience intimacy and trust in their marriage again. He interviews Ryan and Jen who talk about their satisfying marriage seven years after Ryan confessed having multiple affairs. Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast209


16 Jul 2017

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#202 "Forgiving Infidelity"

Counselors Tim Tedder and Jennifer Gingras talk about forgiveness following an affair. What is forgiveness? What is it not? What gets in the way of forgiving infidelity? What are steps to help you move toward forgiving an unfaithful partner? Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast202 [This episode also includes comments from listeners and a reading from The Hiding Place written by Corrie ten Boom. The following songs, available at ccMixter.org, were used in this recording: “ Virtutes Instrumenti” and "Reaching" by Kevin MacLeod, used with permission under Creative Commons License]


28 Jan 2017

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#401 Post Betrayal Transformation

Tim Tedder interviews Debi Silber to find out more about the five stages of Post Betrayal Transformation. Debi is the founder of PBT Institute (pbtinstitute.com), focussed on helping women move from betrayal to breakthrough. * Episode notes and resources available at AffairHealing.com/podcast401


8 Jan 2019

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#305 "Trauma of Betrayal" Pt 1

Counselors Tim Tedder & Sharon Tedder address the trauma of betrayal in two podcasts. In Part 1, they focus on "Understanding Trauma" especially as it is experienced by those who have been injured by a partner's affair. * Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast305* Music used in this podcast: "Low Horizon" by Kai Engel and "Movie Rhythm 1" by Sunsearcher, both under license from Creative Commons Music - http://ccmusic.org


7 Dec 2018

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#105 "One Couple's Affair Healing Story"

Tim Tedder interviews Tim & Lori about their current journey of recovery from Lori's affair. Each shares a unique perspective of marriage on the other side of infidelity.Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast105


30 Mar 2016

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#118 "Exposing the Affair"

Tim Tedder, an affair recovery counselor, introduces the five stages of relationship renewal after an affair and discusses the first stage of EXPOSURE, the uncovering of the affair. This program includes a discussion with his wife, Sharon, and stories that others tell about their experiences of affair discovery or disclosure. (Relationship Renewal Stage 1)Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast118 [These songs, available at ccMixter.org, were used in this recording: "A White Dream" by JeffSpeed88 and "Stems: 3/4 Piano in G minor" by colab]


3 Aug 2016

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#204 "Needing To Ask About The Affair"

After an affair, betrayed spouses often find themselves wanting to ask countless questions about the affair while the unfaithful spouse responds with resistance or anger. Counselors Tim and Sharon Tedder talk about each partner's role in affair recovery when it comes to questions and answers, offering specific strategies for couples to help them through this period of healing. Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast204


3 Apr 2017

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#114 "Mark's Story: One Man's Account of His Affair"

Originally written under the pseudonym of Mark, Tim Tedder wrote a detailed account of his affair experience. It became the most popular resource on AffairHealing.com. This story, now presented in audio format, includes these chapters: Unexpected Unfaithfulness (2:00), A Vulnerable Marriage (3:27), The Right Conditions (4:55), The Other Woman (7:26), Crossing the Line (10:26), Sex (13:15), Taking Risks (16:23), Lies (17:55), Getting Caught (19:41), Telling My Wife (23:00), No Contact Rule (25:48), The Wife’s Pain (27:40), Back To the Other Woman (28:51), Pulled In Two Directions (32:09), My Children My Brokenness (36:19), Children: Unintended Victims (39:47), Authenticity and Grace (42:19).Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast114 [Songs included in this program were used with permission and are available from ccMixter.org: “Marcos Theme” by Loveshadow; “Abandonware” by Javolenus featuring audiotechnica; and “Improvisation On Friday” by Alex Beroza]


20 Jun 2016

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#306 "Trauma of Betrayal" Pt 2

Counselors Tim Tedder & Sharon Tedder address the trauma of betrayal in two podcasts. In Part 2, they focus on "Recovering From Trauma." This episode includes a consideration of the unique challenges of betrayal trauma, therapeutic approaches that help in recovery, and 3 thought exercises.* Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast306 * Music used in this podcast: "Ever Mindful" and "Sunshine" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)licensed under Creative Commons: by Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0


14 Dec 2018

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#121 "How Did She Really Feel About Her Affair Partner?"

Counselors Tim & Sharon Tedder answer a caller's question about how his wife describes her feelings for the affair partner, and recommend a recovery resource for betrayed spouses.Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast121


28 Oct 2016

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#120 "Affair Reaction and Clarity"

Tim Tedder, an affair recovery counselor, discusses stages 2 and 3 of relationship renewal after an affair: REACTION and CLARITY. He is joined by his wife and co-worker, Sharon, to further discuss some of the issues couples face during these stages. Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast120 [These songs, available at ccMixter.org, were used in this recording: “The Edge Will Follow” by Javolenus, featuring audiotechnica; “Lost” by Snowflake (Vivid Sound Lab Remix by vividsoundlab) (c)copyright 2015]


15 Oct 2016

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#214 "Healing Alone After an Affair"

Counselors Tim Tedder and Sharon Tedder discuss various issues to consider when healing from an affair means leaving the marriage as they consider the choices of both the injured partner and involved partner.Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast214


11 Dec 2017

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#122 "Healing Advice for Wounded Couples"

Tim Tedder interviews Linda MacDonald, author of the book, How To Help Your Spouse Heal from Your Affair. They discuss affair counseling and her advice for both partners after an affair.Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast122 [The following song, available at ccMixter.org, was used in this recording: “Intuition” by Quarkstar (c)copyright 2016]


11 Nov 2016

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#111 "Are Cheaters Broken People?"

Counselors Tim & Sharon Tedder discuss whether an affair reveals a deep brokenness or a temporary crack and recommend an online resource for growth and recovery.Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast111


22 May 2016

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#109 Convo: "Needing Affair Closure"

Counselors Tim & Sharon Tedder discuss one betrayed spouse's desire for her husband to send a final message to the affair partner nine months after the affair ended and consider the pros and cons of doing so. They also recommend a good book on boundaries along with talking about powdered donuts and Sharon's favorite restaurant.Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast109


16 May 2016

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#108 Convo: "Reality vs Fantasy"

A conversation between husband-and-wife counselors Tim & Sharon Tedder as they discuss a recent forum post about the euphoric feelings in an affair and recommend a good book to read.Episode Info & Resources at: AffairHealing.com/podcast108


9 May 2016

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