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In the Foodist podcast Darya Rose, Ph.D. introduces you to real people on the journey of becoming foodists, learning how to get healthy and lose weight without dieting. A foodist is someone who uses Real Food to optimize their life for health and happiness. There is no right or wrong way to become a foodist, and everyone must find their own path or “healthstyle” that works for them. This means finding foods, habits and activities you love and that work for you. On the show you’ll meet people at all stages of the journey. Whether they are just starting out and wondering if this is even a good idea, need help breaking through a weight loss plateau, or successfully down 30 pounds and in the best shape of their lives, Darya will show you how they got there and what they need to do to get to the next level. Darya Rose, Ph.D is the author of the book Foodist and creator of Summer Tomato, one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites. She received her Ph.D in neuroscience from UCSF and her bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley. She spends most of her time thinking and writing about food, health and science. She eats amazing things daily and hasn’t even considered going on a diet since 2007.

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After Years Of Dieting Cassie Finally Embraces Real Food And Reaches Her Goals

Cassie learns to stop focusing on nutrients and drop the dieting mindset. She now loves vegetables and cooking at home. Exercise is something she truly enjoys and is no longer a punishment she forces herself to do to lose weight.


13 Mar 2016

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How to Stop Moralizing Your Food Choices

Laura works at a hospital and sees people suffering daily from chronic diseases she knows are caused by unhealthy food choices. Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and cancer are all fates she'd like to avoid, but still her love of sweets calls to her.In Laura's mind, foods fall into categories of "good" and "bad," "healthy" and "unhealthy." She knows that moralizing her foods this way makes her crave sweets even more, and that when she does give in she experiences the What-the-hell Effect and overeats them. But because of her job, it's hard for her to stop thinking of sweets as "bad" and vegetables as "good."Not moralizing your food is easier said than done. One huge reason for this is that it feels true that veggies are good for you and junk food is bad you. How can you stop thinking this way when you actually believe it?Food moralizing is very common, and undoing it takes more than willpower. In this episode I walk Laura through the steps necessary to get past the moralizing mentality and into one that is more helpful for her long-term health goals.For complete show notes visit http://summertomato.com


24 Apr 2017

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How a Tiny Habit Can Help You Push Past a Weight Loss Plateau

“You have to rig the game so you can win, set yourself the lowest minimal bar to do something. That was really the key to my success.” – SarahIt has happened to the best of us. You get a little older, your life changes, you start moving less, maybe have a kid or two, and before you know it the extra pounds have slowly crept on. And when you finally realize something needs to be done about it you find you can't lose it as easily as you used to.This can be a crucial moment in a person’s life. Do I hop on a diet and get back to my target weight right away or do I look at my lifestyle and start thinking long-term? The latter can seem like a daunting task and you may lack confidence in your ability to do it. But that is a mistake.This insight was the key to Sarah's success. Having been raised on whole foods she found Summer Tomato and immediately identified with the philosophy of using Real Food to lose weight. She knew dieting was not the answer.Exercise was a different story. Sarah knew that developing a consistent workout routine would be crucial for her success, but that it would also be her most challenging obstacle to overcome.In this episode Sarah explains the very small yet critical mindset shift she made that enabled her to not only build an exercise routine, but to look forward to it every day.If you hate exercise and have been trying to develop a routine for years without success I invite you to try Sarah’s approach. It’s a game changer.For complete show notes and links visit: http://www.summertomato.com/category/podcast


16 Oct 2017

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Ask Darya: How Can I Resist Temptation In The Heat Of The Moment?

This week our Ask Darya question is from Kaite:"Brain question! How do you convince yourself in the moment to make the choice you *know* will make you feel better… but the bad idea seems like a good idea? I struggle with wanting cupcakes/cookies/chips when I’m overtired & stressed finishing writing work at night (there’s a store downstairs, so temptation’s close). There’s never been a time it makes me feel great- yet it in the moment it always seems like something worth trying for more energy. How do I stop myself from making a choice I already know the outcome of?"I love this question because it is something we ALL can relate to, and I tell my personal story about overcoming my grad school burrito habit. Watch the video to learn how to make the healthiest decision when you really, really want to eat something unhealthy.


17 Mar 2016

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Ask Darya: What Should My Relationship With The Bathroom Scale Look Like?

In today’s show I answer a question from Anna about how to develop a healthy relationship with your bathroom scale when you’re working to build muscle and lose body fat. There is certainly some nuance here, especially if the scale is something you’ve had a troubled relationship with in the past (or present).


7 Mar 2016

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Linda Discovers The Mystery Behind Her Late Night Binge Eating

Linda suffers from late night binge eating, despite her healthy eating and exercise habits throughout the day. In this episode we consider a few possible reasons her habit may have developed before finally uncovering the true source of her trouble.


19 Mar 2016

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Bonnie Transforms From A Junk Food Speed Eater To A Mindful Vegetable Lover And Loses 40 Lbs

"I always wanted to be that person who went to the gym regularly and ate whatever they wanted, I just didn't know this was how you got there. That person was in me all along." Bonnie grew up loving all kinds of foods, especially junk food. She never liked dieting and had come to accept that she would probably always be a size 12. Fear of developing diabetes like her father eventually prompted her to create a New Year's resolution to try to be healthier. She slowly added exercise and changed her eating habits, and the weight began to come off until she hit a summertime plateau. Stuck at the same weight for five months, Bonnie eventually found Summer Tomato and decided to give mindful eating a try. To her surprise she learned she was eating more than double the amount of food her body actually wanted, and that she had a true love for vegetables.Bonnie is now comfortably a size 8, though she's not sure what her final size will be. Although she still occasionally treats herself to fast food or sweets, her preferences have changed substantially. She's happy where she is, but feels like her journey is just starting.When I asked her if making all these changes was difficult she said, "It was the opposite of hard. It was the opposite of restrictive."For complete show notes visit summertomato.com


16 May 2016

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How to Recognize Your Limiting Beliefs to Change an Unhealthy Behavior

Once or twice a week Allison and her husband decide to order take-out for dinner. They find fun reasons to celebrate, often making a night out of it by renting a movie and having a couple drinks to go along with the food delivery. It is a good time and sharing these moments together brings a lot of joy to their relationship.Theoretically there is nothing unhealthy about this behavior. But for Allison and her husband the problem is the amount of food that is ordered and how much of it is consumed. It is not uncommon for them to order two extra large pizzas and eat one each.Allison knows the amount of food she and her husband are consuming on these nights is not healthy and has seen a fluctuation in their weights. To compensate for the extra calories she often turns to dieting tactics and maintains a very intense exercise routine. She and her husband have tried cooking at home to compensate for their binges and have even planted a garden to inspire them to eat more vegetables, but eventually their willpower gives out and the co-bingeing ritual repeats.Allison wants to change this unhealthy behavior, but she cannot seem to stop herself from doing it. Throughout the episode Allison and I investigate why she is over ordering take-out and discover that she has many limiting beliefs around what she considers to be healthy behavior. It becomes clear that these limiting beliefs have created blind spots for her, which are preventing her from seeing a solution.For complete show notes visit http://www.summertomato.com/category/podcast


19 Jun 2017

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How to Address Midlife Weight Gain Related to Menopause

Aline struggles with the types of issues many women deal with during midlife. She’s going through menopause, has gained weight and can’t seem to drop those last 10-15 pounds. She eats relatively healthy and exercises regularly, but the tricks she used to lose weight in her thirties no longer work in her late forties.While it is tempting to credit hormones for the extra weight she is carrying, there is more going on for Aline at this stage in her life than just a slowing metabolism. She's also experienced a slowing of her work life and her children are older and need less of her attention. Aline has noticed that she often turns to food to fill in the gaps left by these changes.As a mother, Aline prioritizes her family and wants to be a good role model. She wants her kids to see that it is important to practice self-care and knows that feeling guilty for doing things that bring her joy does not set a good example. Yet she feels conflicted because she believes she needs to compensate for her changing hormones with an even stricter diet.This dynamic along with a few other subconscious limiting beliefs have left her feeling stuck and unsure how to improve her healthstyle at this stage of life.For complete show notes visit http://summertomato.com


5 Jun 2017

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How to Let Yourself Enjoy an Indulgence Without Overdoing It

A fundamental principle of being a foodist is that you shouldn't restrict yourself from eating foods that you love. One of the wonderful aspects of eating is that it is pleasurable, and this is an entirely valid reason to choose to eat something.New and aspiring foodists love this idea, but often find it difficult to balance the values of eating for pleasure and eating for health. Exactly how often is it "okay" to choose foods for pleasure? How much of them can you "enjoy"? And how do you stop yourself from overdoing it once you've started?Katie is grappling with these issues, and can't help but feel that she doesn't have enough self-control to stop herself from overeating junk foods, despite her love of healthy foods as well. Together we discuss how she can develop the ability to choose indulgences that are more valuable to her and stop eating when she's truly satisfied, rather than way past that point.For complete show notes visit http://summertomato.co


29 May 2017

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How to Turn Theoretical Health Goals Into Practical Habits

Getting inspired is easy. A great article, book, or documentary can be incredibly powerful in sparking a desire for a new direction in your life. But no matter how desperately you want to change, internalizing a new philosophy enough to permanently modify your behavior can feel impossible.This is how Anne used to feel when she would read Summer Tomato. After several years of striving to have the "perfect" diet that eventually destroyed her relationship with food, she was ready to embrace joy in eating and prioritize her own happiness (in addition to health).But she would read articles like How to Eat Half a Donut and think that while it sounded amazing, there was no way she could ever do something like that. Clearly I (Darya) was fooling myself into using willpower and not thinking it's really willpower, or was a different breed of human altogether. Normal people don't eat half a donut.Anne had her doubts she was capable of truly leaving her old habits behind, but she kept trying because she knew she couldn't go back to her former restrictive mindset.Today she's called in to proudly share her success story of how she was finally able to build up a set of positive experiences that gave her the confidence and ability to choose foods based on her needs and values, rather than her fears and impulses. She no longer believes that willpower and restriction are necessary for her to control her own behavior, and can easily walk away from an unfinished donut or cupcake if it isn't bringing her the joy she expected.She explains the exact steps she took that led to her transformation and enabled her to finally internalize the foodist mindset she only understood intellectually, but not emotionally, until this year.If you've been struggling to believe you're capable of leaving your restrictive dieting mindset behind for good, Anne's story will give you both the hope and practical advice you need to get there.For complete show notes visit http://www.summertomato.com/category/podcast

1hr 15mins

2 Oct 2017

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How Jason Lost 4 lbs in One Week Through Mindful Eating

Jason is an old friend of my husband's who also happens to be the editor of this podcast. Since he's started listening the show he's become more and more health conscious, and when I launched the Mindful Meal Challenge he decided to give mindful eating a try.Jason is a perfect test subject for mindful eating, because as he was already trying to get his healthstyle in a better place he already has a set menu for breakfast and lunch. This means that what he was eating didn't change, so any change in his eating habits can be directly attributed to mindfulness.He found that his morning three egg omelet was in fact larger than he needed to be satisfied, so he has now cut back. He also found that even though he found himself consuming less for breakfast, he wasn't as hungry when lunch and dinner came around. Simply by eating one Mindful Meal per day in the morning, Jason lost 4 lbs in the first week of the challenge.Although he is still trying to figure out the best healthstyle for himself moving forward (which I help him troubleshoot in this episode as well), mindful eating is now a major part of his weight control strategy.For complete show notes visit http://summertomato.com


20 Feb 2017

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How to Stop Overeating When Emotional Eating Combines With Food Moralizing

Over the years Saba has learned to eat healthy by cutting down on processed foods. But her new healthstyle has caused her to forego nearly all the foods she loved as a child since she has moralized them as "bad and unhealthy." Now she uses her "good behavior" to justify overeating "healthier" snacks like nuts, even though she eats so much she feels sick afterward. It's a cycle she would like to break.Saba's issue combines both food moralizing and emotional eating, which makes both issues more complex and difficult to unravel. Together we come up with a plan for her to move forward.For complete show notes visit http://summertomato.com

1hr 12mins

3 Oct 2016

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How to Cut Back on Alcohol Without Going Cold Turkey

After a move from Chicago to California, Mary found herself slowly gaining weight to the tune of 1 lb every 3 months. After awhile she was dismayed to find she was up 15 lbs, and wanted to find the reason.She tried several things to cut back a bit on calories without any luck. Her last resort was her evening routine of drinking several glasses of wine, a habit that's proving more difficult to break than any of the others.This worries Mary for a few reasons. Obviously she wants to lose the weight and feel back in control of her healthstyle. But we all know alcohol is an addictive substance, so part of her fear is that this may be related to why she hasn't been able to cut back.Alcohol is a difficult habit to work with, and as a wine lover myself I can definitely relate. Mary had done a few experiments and is fairly confident she isn't dependent on the substance. Together we come up with some strategies for her to cut back enough to feel more in control and potentially lose the weight. For complete show notes visit http://summertomato.com


9 Jan 2017

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How Can Mallory Stop Hitting Snooze Every Morning and Have More Time and Energy for Healthy Habits?

Mallory had a pretty solid healthstyle before a new job disrupted her mornings. She now hits snooze so many times that she barely makes it to work on time, making it impossible for her to have a healthy breakfast or get in a morning workout.With her day off to a rushed and frazzled start, poor choices plague her through lunch and dinner. Her workouts are suffering and she is fed up.In this session we examine both her morning and evening routines until we uncover the real reasons behind her reluctance to get out of bed each day.


8 May 2016

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How to Stop Post-Meal Snacking

Keli has a great healthstyle, but there are a few lingering bad habits she'd like to break. After lunch and after dinner, she finds herself reaching for more (often not-so-healthy) food even though she is no longer hungry and it makes her feel sick afterward.While she doesn't have any particular health or weight loss goals, it bothers her that she maintains this habit even though it is something she doesn't like. Together we investigate what is triggering her to keep eating and develop strategies to help her choose different activities after meals.For complete show notes visit http://summertomato.com


10 Oct 2016

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What to Do When You Feel You Aren't Losing Weight Fast Enough

Over the past nine months Agata has had some success in being healthier, but is disappointed that she hasn't lost much weight. She started slowly by being more active and noticed she had more energy and looked more toned. Despite the benefits she felt, her wedding was approaching and she still hoped to lose some more weight. Agata decided to focus more on her diet, although she didn't want to be too strict, so she started eating more vegetables and cut down on processed foods. She enjoyed this and didn't feel deprived, and proceeded to lose 5 more pounds.Her wedding came and went, and she was happy, but she's still wondering why she hasn't had more success with weight loss.She called to ask me, "Am I doing something wrong?"Agata's impatience with weight loss is something I hear often from new foodists, particularly those with a history of dieting who expect rapid weight loss.In this episode I help Agata reframe her disappointment with her results as what it is––success with room to improve––and help her identify new target habits to build on the progress she's made so far.For complete show notes visit http://summertomato.com


16 Jan 2017

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Overcoming Severe Depression and Binge Eating Through Mindfulness

“A binge never happens in a peaceful, loving environment. So, if you can create that environment somehow for yourself that's going to be the way.” – MariaHave you tried everything to quit binge eating and nothing seems to work? Are you still on the fence about whether or not practicing mindfulness will actually help your situation?If the answer is yes then today’s episode may change your life.To say that Maria had it tough growing up would be an understatement. The torment she suffered as a child had such a huge impact that it penetrated every facet of her life, resulting in severe depression and a binge eating disorder.One day after a particularly painful binge, Maria came to a crossroads with herself. She knew it was time to get better or her life would end.A series of serendipitous events soon unfolded and she arrived into the world of practicing mindfulness. It was here that her healing process started to begin.Today Maria speaks openly about her journey. She describes how mindfulness changed her mindset, her relationship with her body, and how it brought joy to her life literally for the first time.She also reveals the exact tools she used that made it possible for her to quit bingeing for good.Maria says that her life now amazing. She credits mindfulness for enabling her to finally find peace and create a loving environment that allows her to thrive, one that she's realized she deserved all along.Maria now takes the lessons she has learned and helps people with their binge eating disorders. She is an incredibly strong woman with an extraordinary story.For complete show notes visit: http://www.summertomato.com/category/podcast

1hr 3mins

18 Sep 2017

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How Reshanda Overcame Binge Eating and Lost 28 Lbs

Reshanda had a very stressful job that ultimately led her to develop a binge eating habit and gain a significant amount of weight. The weight gain naturally led her to try to correct it with dieting, which instead led instead to more bingeing.In her work to find the solution to her bingeing and weight gain, Reshanda stumbled upon Summer Tomato and started addressing her habits and psychology. As an active part of the community here and on Facebook, I've watched her develop new habits over the years from learning to cook in Foodist Kitchen to mindful eating in the Mindful Meal Challenge. Today Reshanda shares her story of how she overcame bingeing, lost 28 lbs, and more importantly learned how to develop the self-compassion, mindfulness and skill set she needed to live a fulfilling life that isn't dictated by stress and avoidance.Her story is incredibly powerful and full of wisdom and insights into how to develop the psychological tools to build a sustainable and life-affirming healthstyle. It's an incredible story that shows the power of self-reflection to solve even the deepest and most intractable problems.For complete show notes visit http://summertomato.com

1hr 8mins

19 Apr 2017

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How to Switch to Maintenance After Losing Weight Through Extreme Dieting

After successfully losing over seventy pounds on a meal replacement diet Cara has reached her ideal weight and is feeling great. But now she faces a new challenge: weight maintenance.Knowing that diets rarely work long-term and that she needs a more sustainable approach to her healthstyle she is ready to tackle the hard work. In Cara’s case, that means getting over one of her biggest fears.Cara hates cooking, but knows that learning how to prepare her own food is necessary in order for her to maintain her weight loss. After putting it off her entire life, she says she is now “trying to focus on how to make the hard work doable.”Together we explore the story Cara has built up in her mind over the years regarding food preparation. Having struggled with this topic myself, I share how I got over my own fear of cooking and suggest ways she can approach it in a much less intimidating way, find inspiration and even get excited about it.For complete show notes visit http://www.summertomato.com/category/podcast


26 Jun 2017

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