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Devin, Toby, and Matt from Emery make fun of everything. Because everything is stupid and nothing matters. It's all over. Want Part Duex? Sign up for Emeryland at emerymusic.com

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#209 Jesse Smith

Our guest this week is Jesse Smith (Zao, Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost). We let Joey do this one all on his own and we think he killed it. Also, this episode marks Toby and Joey’s last time together in Charleston recording together. And in the news, we all take bets on how many wieners we can eat.   Sponsors and Links: Ring - http://ring.com/badchristian Weebly - http://weebly.com/badchristian Emery Acoustic - http://emeryacoustic.com/ Join The BC Club! - http://badchristian.com/contribute

1hr 17mins

16 Jul 2016

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#266 Male Headship, Respecting Women vs. Sexism, and The Billy Graham Rule

Pastor Tim Kellers’ convictions on male headship cost him recently but he took it like a champ. Matt, Toby and Joey have changed a lot on their perspective of male headship and women pastors, have you?  Vice President Mike Pence swears he’ll never dine alone with a woman; (i.e. the Billy Graham Rule) is this respect or sexism? Toby’s dog needs knee surgery and Pastor Joey definitely is against paying money to help animals. Also, we hear how a big time mega church pastor talks about wealth and it’s apparent that he seems to forget just how wealthy he is himself! Sponsors and Links: Wondery - http://wondery.com/ - subscribe to the I Hate My Boss podcast Emery’s 7th Album! - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/emery-s-7th-full-length-album-rock#/ Join the BC Club! - http://thebcclub.com/

1hr 13mins

1 Apr 2017

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#408 God Can't Heal Unilaterally, So Stop Wasting Your Time Praying, with Mark Karris

Theologian, therapist, and ordained pastor, Mark Karris, explores intercessory prayer, and God’s uncontrolling nature, and other themes found in his new book Divine Echoes: Reconciling Prayer with the Uncontrolling Love of God.  Links & Sponsors:  BadChristian.com thebcclub.com Emery Tour: emerymusic.com MeUndies: meundies.com/BADCHRISTIAN ZipRecruiter: ziprecruiter.com/BADCHRISTIAN

1hr 17mins

28 Aug 2018

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#262 Lisa Gungor. Ditched by the Church?

Currently writing a book on these experiences, Lisa Gungor (Gungor Music and The Liturgists Podcast) reflects on the rejection and abandonment from supposedly their Christian community after her and her husband were “found out” to have some unorthodox biblical views. What does parenting look like given her major faith changes? How do her parents process their daughter’s newfound freedom? This and more from Lisa Gungor. Toby and Matt take you a bit behind the scenes of what it looks like to still be doing Emery as 40 year-old men and Joey admits to his buddies, having to re-evaluate their friendships.   Sponsors and Links: Winc - http://trywinc.com/BADCHRISTIAN Zip Recruiter - http://ziprecruiter.com/FIRST Trackr - http://tracker.com/ - promo code “BADCHRISTIAN” Emery on Tour! - http://emerymusic.com/ Join the BC Club! - http://thebcclub.com/

1hr 15mins

19 Mar 2017

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#409 Bill Hybels is the Bill Clinton of Christianity

We often equate pastors and politicians, but this one is hard to overlook. As scandals continue to come out into the open, Bill Hybels was one of the most upsetting to the Christian world. Also listen to the first half hour for an exciting BC announcement! Links & Sponsors:  BadChristian.com thebcclub.com BadChristian Roadshow: bcroadshow.com

1hr 18mins

3 Sep 2018

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#477 Beth Moore Go Home, Says John MacArthur

We react to John MacArthur's comments to Beth Moore to "Go home" aka stop preaching, and break down the audio clip that went viral from the conference. Links & Sponsors: BadChristian.com thebcclub.com Join Emeryland: emerymusic.com Butcherbox: butcherbox.com/BADCHRISTIAN HIMS: forhims.com/BADCHRISTIAN Marriage Supply

1hr 15mins

23 Oct 2019

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#275 The Nephilim Conspiracy (w/ Gary Wayne) and The Talent of Steven Furtick

Joey just got back from a pastors conference where he got to witness the uncanny, unmatched talent of Steven Furtick (Elevation Church).  And by the way, do we always need to attach "anointing" to pure, raw talent?  For the majority of this episode, Gary Wayne, author of Genesis Six Conspiracy, comes on to talk Nephilim and demonic conspiracy against humanity.   Sponsors and Links: badchristianmedia.com Join the BC Club! - thebcclub.com/ Casper - http://casper.com/bcpod Promo code BCPOD Lyft - http://lyft.com Promo code BADCHRISTIAN ProFlowers - http://proflowers.com Promo code BADCHRISTIAN Indochino - http://indochino.com/promo code BADCHRISTIAN

1hr 34mins

2 May 2017

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#261 Christian Men Porn Pity Partying and the legendary Pigeon John stops in for a Chat

Have you ever heard of porn pity party syndrome? It effects most Christians males after they look at porn and Toby/Joey reflect on this months mess-ups. Matt pleads the 5th. Toby’s edifies us all by sharing things that he hates and Pigeon John takes us to school on his life journey’s of an authentic hip hop creator trying to resist the silly parameters of Christian Contemporary Music Marketing.   Sponsors and Links: DSTLD Jeans - http://dstld.com/BADCHRISTIAN Naturebox - http://naturebox.com/BADCHRISTIAN Seat Geek - http://seatgeek.com/ - promo code “BADCHRISTIAN” Emery on Tour - http://emerymusic.com/ Join the BC Club! - http://thebcclub.com/

1hr 9mins

15 Mar 2017

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#425 Christians Want to Put Lauren Daigle on That Weird Asteroid That Passed Earth

Christians are having a fit after Lauren Daigle went on the Ellen Degeneres show. Matt brings a science segment about a weird asteroid that seems to be outterstellar, and who knows, maybe even a piece of an alien spaceship. Links & Sponsors: BadChristian.com thebcclub.com badchristiancon.com Emery: emerymusic.com "Eve" Available Now Labeled: labeledpodcast.com Legacybox: legacybox.com/BADCHRISTIAN Tooth & Nail Records: 25% off Christmas Sale Storewide 

1hr 14mins

12 Dec 2018

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#445 I'm a Fallen Mega-Pastor

Ex-pastor of megachurch The Journey in St Louis, Missouri, Darrin Patrick, sits down with Joey at a pastor's conference to discuss his pastoral failures that resulted in his termination. Three years removed, Darrin tells the whole story, including where he's at now. Links & Sponsors: BadChristian.com thebcclub.com Emery Tour: emerymusic.com Emery's Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/emerymusic ProFlowers: proflowers.com code BADCHRISTIAN HIMS: hims.com/BCPOD

1hr 52mins

24 Apr 2019

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#213 Matt Hoopes and Matt Thiessen of Relient K - Live!

We're joined live this week by Matt Hoopes and Matt Thiessen of Relient K. We re-live some old tour stories and find out about the current status of the band and more. Also, Matt got some new shoes, Toby inherited an old grill from Bunda and Joey is missing as he celebrates his anniversary. And in the news, it's brain eating Amoebas!   Sponsors and Links: Help Dave's Powell's Family and daughter Eisley! - http://mealbaby.com/viewregistry/21935725 Blue Apron - http://blueapron.com/badchristian Harry's - http://harrys.com/ - Promo Code "BCPOD" Emery Acoustic - http://emeryacoustic.com/ Join the BC Club! - http://thebcclub.com/

1hr 22mins

3 Aug 2016

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#473 Purity Culture

Our good friend Dan Koch did a bunch of research for his podcast You Have Permission on the history and effects of purity culture, so we asked him to share it with us. Links & Sponsors: BadChristian.com thebcclub.com Join Emeryland: emerymusic.com Quip: getquip.com/BADCHRISTIAN Butcherbox: butcherbox.com/BADCHRISTIAN Marriage Supply

1hr 40mins

26 Sep 2019

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#258 Microdosing LSD with Author Ayelet Waldman

LSD immediately made a positive impact on Ayelet, an author and mother of four. She wrote the book “A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life. Hear her story. Toby appears on one of the leading NPR podcasts and almost gets destroyed by a tornado on the same day. Also, Joey and Toby’s friend passes away from a motorcycle accident. RIP Bronson Rash.   Sponsors and Links: Harry's Razors - http://harrys.com - use code "BCPOD" at checkout Legacybox - http://legacybox.com/BADCHRISTIAN Demon Hunter - http://solidstate.merchnow.com/ Emery on Tour - http://emerymusic.com/ Join the BC Club - http://thebcclub.com/

1hr 20mins

4 Mar 2017

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#268 Chad Gardner (Kings Kaleidoscope) and Zach Bolen (Citizens and Saints)

You get some in studio performances from these two brilliant musicians and we talk a bit about “worship music,” how these guys make a living on their music, the infamous “f-word gospel song,” and how both have changed since being worship leaders at Mars Hill Church.  Sponsors and Links: Winc – http://trywinc.com/badchristian DSTLD – http://dstld.com/badchristian TrackR – http://thetracker.com Promo code badchristian BC Media - http://badchristianmedia.com Join the Club - http://thebcclub.com/


8 Apr 2017

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#151 3 Blabbermouths + Andy From We Are The City Calls In.

Matt asks how to discipline a 2 year old and Toby claims that modern day sermons seems to keep people down and focused on their suffering. Also, Andy from We Are The City calls in to say hey. We are part of The Jabberjaw Podcast Network Sponsors and Links Club W www.clubw.com.badchristian Texture www.texture.com/badchristian Shop on Amazon To Support

1hr 16mins

26 Dec 2015

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#494 The Sexuality of the Bible with Professor Jennifer Knust

Toby found Professor of Religious Studies at Duke University, Jennifer Knust's, work one day when googling "premarital sex in the bible" and found her take refreshing and liberating when thinking about talking to his kids about sex. Links & Sponsors: BadChristian.com thebcclub.com Join Emeryland or Get VIP Tickets: emerymusic.com Stamps.com: stamps.com code BADCHRISTIAN Quip: getquip.com/BADCHRISTIAN Tooth & Nail: Tyson Motsenbocker "Come to California" Marriage Supply

1hr 37mins

13 Feb 2020

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#459 Michael Gungor

Michael Gungor has had a rough past couple of years, which has come with a lot of change, including being given a new name as a spiritual practice of dissolving the ego and stories we have for who we are. He joins to explain some of this to us, which leads to his new book "This: Becoming Free." Links & Sponsors: BadChristian.com thebcclub.com Emery Tour: emerymusic.com Join Emeryland: emerymusic.com Quip: getquip.com/BADCHRISTIAN

1hr 29mins

4 Jul 2019

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#271 Reese Roper, Five Iron Frenzy

Singer of long-time Christian ska band Five Iron Frenzy, Reece joins us to reflect on the early days of touring and their Kickstarter success, discusses how the ska band Less than Jake acted more Christ-like than most Christian bands, and goes a bit into how the church is warped politically. Toby will start going to church again only if it's a church he started, his family views his podcasting and music career as great jokes and Joey's son thinks theirs a penis in his dad's mouth. And in the Damn News, evangelizing in strip clubs.  Sponsors and Links: http://badchristianmedia.com Join the BC Club - http://thebcclub.com Zip Recruiter - http://ziprecruiter.com/first Texture - http://texture.com/badchristian MVMT - http://mvmtwatches.com/bcpod

1hr 28mins

17 Apr 2017

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#417 The Modern Church May Be Fundamentally Corrupt

Is it possible that we are interpreting the plot of our own movie wrong? We often see our modern institution as the underdog fighting against evil, but is it possible that we're really watching a tragedy unfold? Links & Sponsors: BadChristian.com thebcclub.com BadChristian Roadshow: bcroadshow.com Emery: emerymusic.com "Eve" Pre-Order Legacybox: legacybox.com/BADCHRISTIAN MeUndies: meundies.com/BADCHRISTIAN "Afterthought" by City of Auburn: cityofauburn.net The Classic Crime's Kickstarter

1hr 19mins

23 Oct 2018

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#432 Andy Mineo vs Christianity Status Quo

Andy Mineo is not satisfied with the typical Christianity status quo. Luckily for hip-hop fans, he's pushing to break some barriers in that space, and shares the philosophy behind some clever lines on his new album. Andy Mineo: http://andymineo.com/  Links & Sponsors: BadChristian.com thebcclub.com Conference: badchristiancon.com Emery: emerymusic.com Labeled Showcase: labeledshowcase.com ProFlowers: proflowers.com code BAD CHRISTIAN Shari's Berries: berries.com code BAD CHRISTIAN Legacybox: legacybox.com/BADCHRISTIAN Tooth and Nail: The Drowned God "Less Than an Exit"

1hr 19mins

6 Feb 2019

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