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In the Codependency No More Podcast, Brian and Jennifer take you along on their journey of codependency recovery. While having conversations with experts, other codependents, and each other, they expose you to experiences and points of view to help you in your own journey of codependency recovery.

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CNM 003: Setting Healthy Boundaries with Licensed Counselor and Author John Raven

John Raven, licensed professiona counselor and author of the book Don’t Feed The Ducks: Overcoming Unhealthy Helping In Your Life And Relationships, spends some time with us talking all about boundaries. I enjoyed John’s intellectual approach to explaining things. He has a way of bringing together the “matter of fact” truths with theoretical constructs and a little bit of the neuroscience. Ultimately I walked away with a new understanding that, 1) When my “helping” is accompanied by a negative biological reaction, it’s probably an indication my boundary needs adjusted, and 2) If I’m afraid of pushing or re-establishing a boundary, it’s likely that my “stretch” is actually more in line with what is considered “healthy assertiveness”.


26 Feb 2015

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CNM 025: The 1-2-3 Process with Lisa Romano

Lisa Romano shares a key process she uses to help coach codependents through rough moments.


14 Feb 2016

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CNM 022: Adult Children of Alcoholics Trauma Syndrome - with Dr. Tian Dayton

Dr. Dayton discusses what happens to us when we grow up in traumatic environments, and how to heal.


19 Oct 2015

Rank #3

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CNM 016: Relationship Attachment Model (RAM) - with Jim Gascoine

Jim discusses why it's important to progress through a romantic relationship keeping certain steps in order. 


22 Jun 2015

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CNM 039: Overcoming People Pleasing - with Brian R. King

Coach Brian King discusses why we people-please and how to overcome the urge. We also do a mini-coaching session on people-pleasing.


10 May 2018

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CNM 024: Biological Basis for Codependency - with John Raven

Professional Counselor John Raven discusses how our brains can lead us to do things we don't want to do.


2 Nov 2015

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CNM 009: Narcissistic Abuse & How To Do "No Contact" - with Kim Saeed

Kim discusses characteristics of narcisstically abused people, the steps to leaving a relationship, dealing with cravings to go back to a narcissist, countering limiting beliefs, and why emotional manipulators target codependents.


4 May 2015

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CNM 004: Inner Child Healing with Dr. Nicholas Jenner

Dr. Nicholas Jenner.


23 Mar 2015

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CNM 037: EMDR Therapy for Processing Trauma - with Dr. Sara Gilman

Dr. Sara Gilman discusses EMDR Therapy, how it works, and why it's considered the most efficient therapy for processing traumatic experiences.


25 Apr 2018

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CNM 047: Self-Acceptance, The Solution - with Dr. Sharr Chardas

Dr. Sharr Chardas discusses how to overcome a deficit of self-acceptance.


16 Aug 2018

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CNM: 045 How (Not) To Walk On Eggshells - with Hope Eden, LCSW

Therapist Hope Eden discusses how to honor yourself, internal vs. external locus of control, temperament testing, and optimism bias.


7 Jul 2018

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CNM 014: Shame and Codependency - with Darlene Lancer

Author and therapist Darlene Lancer discusses her book Conquering Shame and Codependency, covering topics such as shame, guilt, the Inner Critic, denial, self-discovery, and recovery.


7 Jun 2015

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CNM 046: Self-Acceptance, The Problem - with Dr. Sharr Chardas

Dr. Chardas discusses how the neurosis of codependency is actually the symptom of lack of self-love and acceptance.


22 Jul 2018

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CNM 051: Practical Strategies for Communicating with Difficult People - with Beverly Buncher

Beverly discusses the techniques she teaches to help people communicate more effectively with loved ones.


13 Nov 2018

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CNM 048: Codependency, The Fight Of Your Life - with Jessica

Jessica discusses how she's worked to begin overcoming codependency, and why this work is so important for anyone struggling.


4 Oct 2018

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CNM 020: Mining Your "Shame Core" - with Dr. Dean Robb

Dr. Robb discusses the shame core and how to mine through it to reach your true, authentic self.


5 Oct 2015

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CNM 021: Individuation and Relinquishing The "False Self" - with Dr. Dean Robb

Dr. Robb discusses the final stage of recovery in which one lives in full alignment with who he or she really is.


14 Oct 2015

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CNM 040: Ways To Love Yourself More - with Dr. Natalie Jones

Dr. Natalie Jones discuss her experience working with clients who came from emotionally abusive families, and how she helps them improve self-love.


1 Jun 2018

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CNM 031: Raising Self-Esteem & Self-Care - with Savannah Grey

Savannah Grey, founder of Esteemology.com, discusses how to improve self-esteem when you're feeling down in the dumps, hush the inner critic, and raise emotional energy.


7 Mar 2018

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CNM 044: Exploring Your Family Of Origin For Hidden Patterns - with Johanna Lynn

Johanna discusses how our painful patterns are most often linked to the patterns in our family of origin, and how to get to the root of these issues.


28 Jun 2018

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