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Alex Lasarev shares his own journey, as he interviews guests on their journey to self-realization. Getting Into our hearts, escaping the matrix, and discovering the bliss that awaits us in the recognition that we are all one, will likely be the likely core themes.Ah, and exploring the lessons learned from mystical experiences/Synchronicities too, of course! Are You Ready To Get Woke? If so, this is the podcast for you....

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055 - Higher Aspects and Integration with Rahaysa

In this episode, Sasha talks with Rahaysa, author of The Rocky Horror Tantra Book about: - Integrating spiritual experiences with day-to-day life - Sasha's experience with ego death - Higher aspects - Suffering is attached to wanting - Distain for the flesh - Different levels of enlightenment - Meditation - The infinite - Sasha's mission - the liberation of all beings - Different realisations from enlightenment - Polarity and integration - The Ahrat - Motivation is not change - You don't get to teach your highest understanding - The four enlightenments - Tantra Enjoy!

1hr 33mins

13 Apr 2020

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Detoxing The Mind, Body, And Spirit /w Spiritual Gangster Josh Macin

In this Fantastic episode, Josh & Sasha get into the first steps you must take to clean out the body to reach optimal health. They also discuss the importance of a clean body as a precursor to spiritual awakening. A very fun podcast..... enjoy ;)


10 Mar 2017

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049 - Rock Bottom, Psychedelics, and Awakening with Orson Boon

In this episode, Sasha talks to Orson Boon, a spiritual explorer that he met through Peter Sage. They get into: - Sasha meeting Orson at Peter Sage's Event - Orson's story - Alcoholism and drug abuse - Working with Ayahuasca, DMT, and San Pedro - Meeting entities - Activating the Pineal gland - Ego death and personality shifts - Defining enlightenment and waking up - Everyone is on the path/evolving - Life is a game - Fear - Your reality is perfect and unique - Universal law and free will - Learning to master your emotions - Our limitless potential - The law of attraction - Create change to see change, the Universe will balance - Some people need to be left alone on their path - Hitting rock bottom to begin waking up - Everything is a choice - Antidepressants and drugs New events at https://Woke.As This episode, and all other episodes are available for audio download at https://Woke.As Enjoy!

1hr 38mins

20 Sep 2019

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046 - Spiritual Awakening and Ego Death with Paul

In this episode, Sasha is with Paul from previous podcasts, going deep into the nature of the Ego, and Sasha's most recent experience with Ego death. - Spiritual awakenings and enlightenment - Paul's personal transformation after Samadhi - Comedy therapy - Flow state - We are all one - The death of Sasha's terrified Ego - The Ego construct - Happiness comes from within - The journey to enlightenment - The 4 kinds of awakening You can get this episode, and all other episodes available for audio download at https://woke.as New events coming soon! Check out https://woke.as for more info. Enjoy!

2hr 4mins

14 Jul 2019

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Overcome Depression and Heal Emotional Trauma w/ Jeff Berwick

Jeff felt like a zombie in his own life. Moving but not feeling. He was successful, well-traveled, had lots of great friends and was doing a lot of cool things. By 45, he'd been everywhere and done everything. But he was only going through the motions. In this episode, Alex gets Jeff Berwick to open up, take off his Dollar Vigilante mask and delve deep into his amazing journey to mental, physical, and emotional soundness. Covered in this episode: Jeff’s amazing, successful life… and how he felt like a robot just going through the motions Kill yourself… or get better. How for Jeff it came down to either pulling the trigger, or saying f*ck it and just doing what he had to do to improve his inner state Jeff’s TORTUROUS experience with Ahuyuasca, and the temporary effects he experienced Jeff’s decision to do the craziest drug known to man... why it was the hardest thing he’s ever done in his life… and perhaps the most important Coffee enemas, relaxation music, hypnotherapy and other things that have been helping Jeff feel better than ever The body-mind connection, and how Jeff balances both How we have been programmed out of being happy by the education-indoctrination system How many people RESIST improving in any way. (You can’t help them.) The hints that the Universe throws at you to get you to wake up from your unconscious existence Why it’s GOOD for you to get “smacked down” by the universe when you’re on the wrong track for your best self—and what would’ve became of Jeff if it hadn’t happened to him The one question you need to ask to get massive personal growth FAST (Alex tosses this one out off-hand so be sure to listen close for it!) Faith!? And how it’s not total bullshit… Fear… how you can decide to never feel it again. Ever. How to literally enter another timeline--the crazy thing that happens when you change yourself Living in your head—the most fun way to live! (Not…) Jeff gives life advice! The “just see what happens” approach… Fasting— how it can change your life overnight Trolls! and how Jeff feels about them Hugs 'n Drugs


22 Mar 2018

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Joycamp: Drugs, Poetry, the Matrix and Self-Realization with Benny Wills

In this episode Alex interviews... Benny Wills of JOYCAAAMP!! Drugs, poetry, the Matrix and self-realization permeate this podcast as we learn the story that has created the phenomenon of Benny Wills. Just to skim the surface of their conversation, Alex and Benny dig into: Benny’s anarchism, and how his life drew him to seek truth Benny’s experience of school Living a compromised life - living in the fear based “survival mentality,” vs. living a full life in “abundance mentality,” and breaking out of the Matrix Benny’s path to performing poetry onstage The evolution of Benny’s activism Allowing yourself to pursue your “off-ramps” in life - and how both Alex and Benny did this with brilliant results Alex puts Benny on the spot, and gets Benn to rap us a poem! Benny shares his spiritual views - how a certain psychedelic drug boosted his inner development, and his connection to Life itself Benny’s daily practice - and his favorite plant to facilitate it How psychedelics have changed Benny’s relationship with nature, and... Mosquitos!? Sacrificing your energy at the Alter of Anger - how Benny released himself from those shackles What happens every time we make peace with anything The Matrix is a beautiful gift! Alex drops a bomb on us - he explains the amazing opportunity we are presented through the Matrix... and the beautiful gift that only it could give Earth is Eden! And every test is an opportunity What’s next for Benny and JoyCamp, his poetry and comedy skit YouTube channel The phenomenal effects on your entire being of creating art - how it acts a vehicle for a rich, amazing life


4 Apr 2018

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038 - Quantum Touch and Energy Healing with Paul and Kathie

On this episode we bring on Paul and Cathy, energy healers, who are in Ecuador to meet their tribe and change the planet. - What Paul and Kathie do, and Quantum-Touch - Pure genius - Paul's drowning experience - Higher vibrations, and recognizing the soul family - Giving yourself room for your humanity - Sitting with your emotions - Holding pain in the body - Having faith in the Divine - Get out of your way - Kathie and Paul's stories - Most people spend their lives managing their suffering - The need for significance and running from fear - We're already the Divine, we just have to remember - Paul and Kathie's money ritual - Start with breath-work - Act as the highest version of yourself in every moment ---Links--- Ram Dass - https://www.ramdass.org/ Paul and Kathie's website - https://www.quantumlife.ca/ A Course in Miracles - https://acim.org/


26 Dec 2018

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051 - Relationships, EMF, and Higher Frequencies with Paul and Kathie

Hey y’all I’m working on more episodes and a report all about emf, here’s the link for now if anyone wants to learn more about the mat Kathie loves: https://www.quantumlife.ca/pemf/ In this episode, Paul and Kathie are back together with Sasha in LA to talk about: - Infinite Man Summit 2019 in Los Angeles - Maintaining healthy relationships over time - "If you don't heal it, you marry it" - Emotional alchemy - Breaking up with misaligned relationships - Re-integrating after raising your vibration - Moving through stages of letting go - Paul and Kathie's tips for staying centered - 5G, EMF, and the effects they has on us - PEMF earthing mats - How to protect yourself from harmful frequencies - Change your water and breathe properly Enjoy!

1hr 3mins

24 Dec 2019

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041 - AI, Black Mirrors, and the Smart Grid with Max Igan

In this episode we bring back Max Igan, who's previous appearance on the podcast was our most popular ever! In this podcast we talk about: - Lost Civilizations - 5G - Social Crediting and Digital Barriers - Shifting Timelines - The Scale of Consciousness - Who Are "They"? - Don't Fear the System - Scrying Mirrors/Black Mirrors - The Meaning of "Lucifer", and the Lucifer System - Artificial Intelligence and C.L.A.W.S - Telepathic Trees - Demonic Sigils and Circuit Diagrams - The New World Order and the Smart Grid - The Burning of Knowledge - Living in Integrity - Newspeak, and the English Language You can find this episode, and all other episodes available for audio download at Woke.As


27 Mar 2019

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Sungazing, Treasure Hunting, Ormus + the Mandela Effect with my friend Bill

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "You could never get... Sungazing, Treasure Hunting, the benefits of Ormus as well as the Mandela Effect in one podcast" But, you'd be wrong. Enjoy my podcast here with Bill the Treasure Hunter.

1hr 16mins

20 Jul 2017

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A Trip Down The Esoteric Rabbit Hole..... feat Shae Matthews

Whoa this one gets a bit trippy.... We get into: Opening yourself up to alternate realities/beings Grounding yourself in your body/this reality Mandella effect Esoteric knowledge Altered consciousness Subjective vs objective reality What are beliefs?


19 Apr 2017

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034 - Entities, Auras, and Mindgates w/ Jane Tepley

In this episode of the Woke as Fuck podcast, we bring back Jane Tepley. Jane is a two-time Infinite Man Summit speaker, and founder of Ariya Warrior Mind Training. We get into: - How Sasha met Jane, after a mutual friend's Dark Night of the Soul - The dangers of taking Ayahuasca without proper precautions - Seeing auras - Attatched entities causing health and mental problems - Societal structure being open to other-worldly attack - How to identify and protect yourself from entities - The power of mantras and prayers - Good practices for prayers and requests - Getting what you need, not necessarily what you want - How Jane became who she is... 2000 years ago - The meaning of the word "Ariya" - Sasha's crazy spiritual experience in London - Staying in a calm, meditative state - Aligning your mind with the heart - Moving your consciousness to any of the Chakras - The nature of enlightenment --- Links: Jane's website - https://ariyamindtraining.com/ Jane's new book - https://ariyamindtraining.com/books/ Jed McKenna's books - https://www.amazon.com/Jed-McKenna/e/B001JS057A

1hr 4mins

2 Dec 2018

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Awaken with JP Sears

Fun hangs with professional YouTuber, Comedian, and spiritual DUDE, JP Sears.  This episode is possibly the most fun I've had recording an episode so far. If you're looking to smile for 40 mins straight, listen to this.


29 Jul 2017

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Prana, Parasites, and Pain with Kenny The Anarchist Vegan Chef!

Welcome to the second Kennycast with Kenny The Anarchist Vegan Chef! Alex and Kenny start off with normal conversation about maintaining balance in life, letting go of need, manifesting... then this podcast takes a wild twist when Kenny reveals his dark past, his relationship with a stripper, and Alex tells us to drink our own urine. Just hit "play." Other things discussed in this episode are: Letting go of need for approval, for socializing, for FOOD... and being content in your own being Holding your vibration and focusing on self and manifestation Alex's plans for his property in Ecuador The future - and present - of social media We start getting into breatharianism and diet... then we take a sudden deep dive into Kenny's unhealthy relationship with a drugs, alcohol, and a stripper... Kenny's brutal pain that he was trying to cover up, and how he finally broke out and created a new life for himself How Kenny got kicked out of school again and again for not playing the game - and how he hated himself when he created a more compliant persona Kenny's "multiple character realization" that woke him up and helped him out of his depression Alex shares his insight into the true key to using psychedelics effectively How Kenny barely feels the need to eat... even though he's a cook Killing parasites by dry fasting How to be more pranic Getting rid of programs, acting mindfully, and letting your body (rather than your programming) decide when to eat Our beliefs and where they come from - and 90% of what most people believe is the COMPLETE opposite of the truth Drink your own urine! What happens when you realize that everyone's opinions are wrong The insane level of brainwashing afflicting society now Clearing energetic blockages from your system Alex reveals his secret plans for his property in Ecuador Are you offended by TURKEY!? Alex gives crazy examples of people being offended by things he's said, and uses a batman voice to impersonate a woman who was offended by him Anarchy = taking full responsibility for yourself Freedom of speech vs voluntarism Making money on Steemit.com

1hr 12mins

27 Jul 2018

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039 - Osho, Bliss Attacks, and Being the Watcher with Vinaya

In this episode, we bring on Satyam Vinaya to discuss - Vinaya's story - Germany is repressed - Taking Sannyas - Most people don't know who they are - Sasha's "Bliss Attack" and deep spiritual experiences - Sasha reconnecting with his YouTube channel - Crazy awakening experiences - Transmission of the Lamp - Preparing yourself for awakening with meditation - The hundredth monkey effect - You are not in control - Muscle testing, and Power vs Force - The mind vs the intuition - Practices for tuning into the heart - Distancing yourself - Meeting Osho - Vinaya's experiences with Osho - Balancing being a person and spiritual experiences - Be a watcher - Cleaning out and becoming aware of your stories - Using awareness to choose your reality You can find this episode, and all other episodes in audio-only format over at https://woke.as Enjoy!

1hr 47mins

8 Jan 2019

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Lessons from Toth, Archangel Michael, And the struggle to Stay Connected

What is “Connection?” and how do we stay connected while living in big cities? Are we all doing drugs and drinking to feel “connection?” Who is Thoth and why is he important? Is Archangel Michael a bit of an slut? :P Are these types of beings individualized? Filling the pineal gland with light The connection between your heart and the sky Being happy in the moment The importance of completing your shamanic journey ...tons more!


8 Nov 2017

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Questioning the Stories with Max Igan

On this episode Alex is joined by Max Igan, researcher, radio host, and film-maker. They cover: Questioning the Stories, Heartspace is the Answer, The Mandela Effect, The Prison of the Mind, Addicted to What Does Not Matter, The Elite & Human Harvesting, Distorted Sexuality, Donald Trump - A Double Agent? and more


28 Aug 2017

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"Who Is I?” Psychedelics, Primal Therapy, and Hoffman Process with John Matrix

Alex Lasarev is joined in London by decade-long psychedelic experimentalist, John Matrix. If you get into psychedelics you realize the lines between ALL of us human beings are really just.... Imaginary. What we "think" we are, is not what or who we are. In this episode, John Matrix and I talk about psychedelics, and the nature of what is "I". Are we even here?    Are we really making decisions? Or are we just pickings thoughts out of a series out thoughts that just exist?    Is life more like a choose your own adventure story than a combination of personal "choices?"

1hr 6mins

7 Feb 2017

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040 - Trauma, Inner Work, and Sexual Healing with Pyasa

Pyasa was a speaker at the most recent Infinite Man Summit in Acapulco, Mexico Join us for the next one: https://infinitemansummit.com/ In this episode, we bring on Pyasa to discuss - Who she is - Her childhood trauma - Osho and yoga - Dolphins having the ability to heal people with sound - Clothing optional communities - The meaning of "Pyasa" - Connecting with yourself and nature - Her Mooji experience, and realizations - Doing inner work, and then bringing it out - Zorba the Buddha - Sasha's journey of healing, forgiving, and loving - Tantric massage and sexual therapy - Pyasa's healing experiences with the tremor response - Kundalini, bioenergetics, and mindful awareness - The suppression and healthy expression of our emotions - Reclaiming our authenticity - Following our pleasure - Getting physical anger and trauma out of the body - "Parts work" - Ancestral trauma You can find this episode, and all other episodes in audio-only format over at https://woke.as Enjoy!

1hr 14mins

6 Mar 2019

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Breatharianism with Ray Maor - No Food, No Water Fasting

This one is WILD. This epic episode is all about an insane practice called Chronic Living Initiation... Alex hasn't eaten in ten days. And he doesn't need food. His body has shifted to living completely off of "prana"... In this Woke AF podcast he interviews Ray, the man who taught him the art of continuous fasting. Some of the crazy things covered in this episode include: How Alex no longer has to eat to live Minimizing the amount of food the body needs and surviving on LIGHT alone The circumstances that made Ray decide to stop eating... almost completely How Ray's life has changed since he stopped eating - health, Changing the Engine, time benefits... How the transition was easier than you'd expect - even though Alex LOOOVES food and is always thirsty The high levels of consciousness achievable by dry-fasting and going through the Chronic Living Initiation The Gateway Factor of transforming one aspect of your life, and transforming every part of your life as a result Teleportation!? Astral sex... again Lucid dreaming and astral schools How food is a MENACE in society today Breatharianism What to do if you want to undergo the same MASSIVE transformation Alex did And how belief influences what your body needs to thrive This one is unmissable! Alex wi'll be posting updates on his breatharian adventure over on steemit: https://steemit.com/@sashadaygame/


3 Feb 2018

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