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Welcome to the Technique Recordings record label podcast. Over 20 years in the game Technique is undoubtedly one of the leading Drum & Bass labels with a worldwide fan base. ENJOY!!

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Episode 58 - January 2020 - Technique Podcast mixed by No Concept

This is how we're kicking off 2020. No Concept take us through a selection of some of our biggest tunes right now, taken from both halves of our '20 Years of Technique' double-album project. Remember to Like, Subscribe and tell a friend! Tracklisting: Tantrum Desire - Vybez (Smooth Rmx) >> Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Phantasm (Mob Tactics Rmx) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Cold Turkey (Tantrum Desire Rmx) >> Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Kilimanjaro (Aeries & Nicky Blackmarket Rmx) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - R U Ready (2DB Rmx) Future Tech - Future Tech (Future Tech Rmx) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Crossfire (A.M.C Rmx) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Body Pump (Levela Rmx)  Drumsound & Bassline Smith - I’m Gone (Tantrum Desire Rmx) >> Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Holdin’ On (Muffler Rmx) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Come With Me (Bladerunner Rmx) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Skumbag (Glitch City Rmx)  Crissy Criss & Youngman - Take You Higher  (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Rmx) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Technique Soundboy (DJ Marky Rmx) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - I Need Somebody (Digital Rmx) Crissy Criss & Youngman - Kick Snare (Exile Rmx) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - I Want Your Love (Blackley Rmx) >> Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Hustler (DJ Phantasy Rmx) Tantrum Desire - Oblivion ft. Solah (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Rmx) Tantrum Desire - Airhead (DC Breaks Rmx) No Concept - Electrify ft. Kerizma) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Serial Killer Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Belly Dancer (Trei Rmx) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Holdin’ On (No Concept Rmx)  Tantrum Desire - Reach (The Prototypes Rmx)  Drumsound & Bassline - Can You Feel It (DJ SS Rmx)


16 Jan 2020

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Episode 57 - Technique Takeover - The Cause London - No Concept Warm Up Mix

This is your early warning. The next Technique Takeover is coming. The next Technique Takeover is coming. On February 15th, the Technique Recordings crew take over The Cause in London, with a cross-spectrum drum 'n' bass line-up helmed by label founders Drumsound & Bassline Smith. And, after the success of their debut FABRICLIVE event towards the end of last year, this has got roadblock written all over it. As well as heavyweights drawn from the upper echelons of the Technique roster, including Tantrum Desire, No Concept, and multi-talented vocalist and emcee Youngman, the stage will be graced by huge artists from all corners of the drum 'n' bass. One of the scene's founding fathers, Grooverider will be bringing his dubplate arsenal to bear, and Formation boss DJ SS will take us back to the roots with a jungle set.Repping Low Down Deep Recordings is jump-up master Logan D, who'll be rolling out with the record-breaking mic man Harry Shotta.Added to that, Document One, the guys behind some of the biggest tracks of 2018 will bring their brand of fire to the decks. Plus, regular Technique host, Toddlah will be back to shell down the mic as only he can.And, as if that wasn't enough, there's still a Special Guest to announce. There's only a few weeks to go, so get your ticket asap to avoid disappointment! Tickets: bit.ly/Technique_Tix 1. North Base & No Concept - No Man's Land ft. SMK2. Misanthrop & Synergy - Slap The Ghost3. Kanine - Go4. Kiril & Was A Be Ð This!5. Noisia - Voodoo (Noisia's 'Outer Edges' Remix)6. Subsonic - Do Your Thang7. Mefjus - Pivot (Camo & Krooked Remix)8. Tantrum Desire - Vybez9. No Concept - Gets Me Higher10. Smooth - Look Who’s Back 11. No Concept - Fingers12. Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (Tantrum Desire Bootleg)13. Redpill - Boom Boom14. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - The Bomb (ft. Tantrum Desire)15. No Concept ft. Bizarre - Weirdo16. Break - Last Goodbye (ft. Celestine)17. K Motionz - Round Ere18. MRSA - Push Me Down The Stairs19. Heist & Logan D- Roly Poly20. Turno - Lunar21. Phace - Congress22. QZB - Apollo23. 1991 - VHS24. Distress Signal - Earthquake


18 Jan 2019

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Episode 56 - April 2018 - Technique Podcast Mixed By No Concept

When one of Technique Recordings' new signings drops their first release, there's, understandably, a buzz of anticipation among DnB heads. After all, this is the label of Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Tantrum Desire, Document One, and L Plus, just to name a few. So, the duo formerly known as Glass Cobra, even more formerly known as Dubba Jonny & Russla, now going by the name No Concept, has a lot of heritage to live up to.  So, welcome to No Concept. These guys have proven their ability to deliver forward-thinking DnB aimed squarely at the dancefloor.  This podcast is a showcase of their DJ sets..... Enjoy!! 1 No Concept - Nowhere To Hide (ft. Arte)2 Knife Party - Lrad (The Prototypes Rmx)3 Killer Hertz  - Top Spot (ft. Harry Shotta)4 Joe Ford - Tomb Raver5 Andy C - Night Flight (Shimon Rmx)6 Dub Elements - Invasion7 Sub Focus - X-Ray (Metrik Rmx)8 Killer Hertz - Armarda9 Culprate & Joe Ford - Gaucho10 No Concept - Fingers11 Tantrum Desire - Grimm12 Teddy Killerz & Synergy - Smooth13 ABIS - Consistent14 Konichi - Get It15 Sub Focus - Circadian16 Killer Hertz - Gorilla (ft. Chris Girl Problem)17 Magnetude - Snatch18 Metrik - Worldwide (ft. Ragga Twins)19 Gydra - Hearing Damage20 DJ Guv - Jump Up21 No Concept - 4 Dayz22 Sam Binga - Bad Bish (ft. TT The Artist) (Klax Rmxx)23 SpectraSoul - Otb (ft. Break)24 Rockwell X Flowdan - Inventor25 Telekinesis - Slime Gland26 Culture Shock vs. Josh Parkinson - No More (Back To You)27 Annix - Axshun (Neonlight Rmx)28 Ownglow - LA29 Jonny L - Back To Your Roots (Friction & K-Tee Rmx)30 Revaux - Hypnosis (ft. MC Subliminal)31 Logistics - Cloudwater32 Gydra - Protocol33 Myro & Bar9 - Take Me Up (Tantrum Desire Rmx)34 Camo & Krooked - Honesty (Dossa & Locuzzed Rmx)35 Kronology - Breathe36 No Concept - Waste My Time37 Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon - Burning38 Drumsound and Bassline Smith - World Ain't Ready39 Phace & Noisia - Drawback (Annix Rmx)40 Proxima - Immune System41 Friction - Running (ft. Raphaella)42 Rido - Cut the Midrange43 Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass (Commix Rmx)44 The Prototypes - Levelz (ft. Mad Hed City) (Malux Rmx)45 Hazard & D*Minds - Mr Happy

1hr 2mins

5 Apr 2018

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Episode 55 Technique DNB60 Mixed By L Plus [Feb 2017]

Tracklist 00:00 L PLUS - Hideout02:26 Mind Vortex - Shall We Begin?03:32 Tantrum Desire - Adventure Through Space VIP04:16 Trei vs. Insomniax - Pulling Teeth05:01 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Thug Killer06:29 The Prototypes - Rocket Guns Blazin'07:13 L PLUS - Avenger07:57 InsideInfo - Spychase09:25 Wilkinson - What10:10 L 33 - Drop It Down Low (Joe Ford Remix)11:16 Dimension - Hydraulic12:44 L PLUS - Get Ugly>> 13:28 Sub Focus - Rock It14:12 Netsky, Jauz - Higher (The Prototypes Remix)14:56 Document One - It's alright 316:03 L PLUS vs Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Jetpack17:31 DC Breaks - Underground>> 17:31 The Prototypes - Pop It Off VIP (feat. Mad Hed City)19:21 L PLUS - Timelapse20:28 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - The Truth VIP21:56 The Prototypes - Electric23:46 Tantrum Desire - Genesis (Friction Remix)24:52 Murdock - Make Me Stronger (feat. Jenna G) 26:21 L PLUS - Speed Of Light27:49 Metrik - Fatso28:55 Matrix & Futurebound - The Wall30:01 L PLUS - Final Chapter31:08 Document One - 7th Dimension31:52 Fourward - Sequencer33:42 L PLUS - Lock To The Greatest (feat. MC Coppa)35:10 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Shutdown36:39 L PLUS - Creature Must Die37:45 Muffler - Amen Tune38:29 Prolix - Danger40:19 DC Breaks - Gambino VIP41:26 Milli Major - Remember Me (feat. Scrufizzer & Flirta D) (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)42:54 InsideInfo & Mefjus - Pulsation44:44 Ed Rush & Optical - Perfect Drug45:50 Friction - Dare (Hold It Down)46:57 Killer Hertz - Prometheus48:47 L PLUS & Muffler - Cinematic50:15 Funk D'Void - Diabla (Metrik Remix)51:43 Tritonal - Blackout (feat. Steph Jones) (Cyantific Remix)52:28 Delta Heavy - Kill Room53:56 The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company UK Remix)55:02 Dynamite MC, Camo, Friction, Krooked - Stand Up (Vs Camo & Krooked Ft Dynamite MC)55:46 Smooth - Saturn 356:53 Killbox - Surge


10 Jul 2017

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Episode 54 - March 2017 - Technique Podcast Mixed By Document One

There's something about Document One's highly individual style which has resonated with DJs and ravers alike. Throughout 2016, their releases took up almost permanent residence at the top end of DnB download charts and in the sets of the most discerning selectors. They defined their own sound, culling elements from multiple genres and weaving them into dancefloor mayhem. 2017 is here and they're going to do it all over again. First up is their stunning "7th Dimension EP. 5 tracks which witll blow your mind. This mix contains a taste for your listening please. Available to Stream/Buy now from all stores.  Link: https://Technique.lnk.to/DocOne7 This months Podcast is mixed By Document One 7th Dimension - Document One  Too close - Total Science & DLR  I Tried - Document one  Force of Habit - Kyrist  Tesoro - Tantrum Desire  Urgh - Spectrasoul If and only if - Edit  Big time winners - Total science & Break Bloodlust - Cruk Klaxon - Document One  Cacoma - Klax  Repeat - Tantrum Desire (Document One remix) Avenger - L Plus  Hypnotic - Document one  Hype cycle - Killbox  Pump - Tantrum desire (Drumsound & Bassline Smith remix) Small steps - Document one  Im gone ft bully - Drumsound & Bassline smith  Final chapter - L plus  The rhythm - Document One  Back hand - Gerra and stone (DLR remix) Airhead - Tantrum Desire  Skank - Calyx & Teebee  Get da funk - Document one  Rise of the black panther - Drumsound & Bassline Smith  Find a meaning - Kyrist ft step Centuria - Mayhem & Loam (Amoss remix) Bail out -Digital Vs  Drumsound & Bassline Smith   Guerilla - Loadstar  It’s alright - Document one  Venomous - Kyrist  Chu kou - Arkaik  What goes up - Document one  Pulsar - Dub head  Tough linen - Spectrasoul  If i had - Villem & Mcleod Invincible - L plus  Say what - Document one  Run the block - Document one  Empty love - Submotion orchestra (glxy remix)


6 Mar 2017

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Episode 53 - Jan 2017 - Technique Podcast Mixed By Drumsound & Bassline Smith

Drumsound & Bassline Smith take to the controls of this 1st Podcast of 2017. This is a recording of their weekly "Facebook Live Stream" from 3rd Jan 2017. The weekly "Live & Direct' show has built a huge online audience with listeners tuning in weekly from around the Globe. Broadcast every Tuesday from 6pm - 8pm (UK Time Zone)  www.facebook.com/drumsoundandbasslinesmith

2hr 11mins

6 Jan 2017

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Episode 52 - Sept 2016 - Technique Podcast Mixed By SKMA

This months Podcast is by SKMA..... A Drum & Bass production & DJ trio from Jersey. Eight years together have resulted in multiple releases including several E.P’s, singles and a string of devastating remixes through their longstanding alliance with London based label Sub Slayers, which has earned them airtime on BBC Radio 1 and DJ sets on Kiss FM & Kool London. 2016 also see’s their first outing on the legendary Technique Recordings, home of the mighty Drumsound & Bassline Smith. Over the last few years the trio’s studio productions have been gaining DJ & radio support from key scene figures like Rene La Vice, Dub Phizix, Optiv, Ray Keith, Black Sun Empire, Charlie Tee, Technimatic, & B Traits as well as gaining recognition from leading UK platforms Mixmag, DJ Mag and Bass Music Movement. They were also nominated for Best Newcomer Producer at the 2015 Bass Music Awards alongside LSB, Joe Ford and eventual category winner, Ownglow. Coming from a background of 90’s jungle and hardcore and with a strong passion for current cutting edge vibes, their intense and high energy DJ sets which leave no area of the genre unturned have seen them perform at seminal clubs across the UK such as Rhythm Factory, Heaven, Motion Bristol, The Cavern, Custard Factory and the one and only Glade Festival. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SKMAdnb/ Twitter: @SKMAMusicDNB Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/SKMA/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/skmamusic1. SKMA - 1-Up2. Document One - Run The Block3. Tantrum Desire - Airhead4. Spectrem - Shaolin5. Eski-B - Backwards (SKMA Remix)6. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - The Truth (VIP Mix)7. SKMA - Fumin (2016 VIP)8. Culture Shock - Rush Connection9. TC - April Fool10. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Cold Turkey11. Toronto Is Broken - No Gyal Tune12. Teknian, ZeroZero, Redeyes & Calculon - Bustin13. Conspire - Rollin14. Artificial Intelligence - Desperado15. The Upbeats & Ivy Lab - Pharaoh16. Friction - Bring It Back ft. Stylo G (Tantrum Desire Remix)17. DJ Hazard - Roll On My Level ft. Summer Rayne18. Dimension - Panzer19. Mob Tactics - Body Check20. Leaf - Monsoon21. L Plus - Avenger22. Hamilton - War23. Lynx - Clap Track24. Neonlight - Microbots25. L Plus - Timelapse 26. Delta Heavy - White Flag (VIP)27. Maztek - Stompin (Mob Tactics Remix)28. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - I'm Gone Feat. Bully29. Kronology - Everyday30. Fade & Julia F - Milkyway31. Polaris & Stranjah - Aquarius32. Gavin G - Nowhere To Hide33. Random Movement - Sleazy Bitch (Ivy Lab Remix)

1hr 28mins

8 Sep 2016

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Episode 51 - July 2016 - Technique Podcast Mixed By Drumsound & Bassline Smith

Drumsound & Bassline Smith drop this exlcusive Summer Mix for DJ Hype on Kiss 100 and we've uploaded it for your listening pleasure...... It includes a number of tracks taken from the "Technique Summer 2016 Album" - Out Now!Technique Summer 2016 AlbumFull tracklist & info: bit.ly/Summer2016NewsiTunes smarturl.it/TECH009CDAll Stores Technique.lnk.to/Summer2016Technique Store bit.ly/Tech2016LPTRACKLISTIntroDemo & Cease - Ladies Night Drumsound & Bassline Smith VIPTantrum Desire AirheadDrumsound & Bassline Smith - The TruthDrumsound & Bassline Smith - CobraDrumsound & Bassline Smith - Renegade OutlawDrumsound & Bassline Smith - Rise Of The Black PantherTantrum Desire - Nationwide RockerTantrum Desire - TesoroDocument One - KlaxonL Plus - TimelapseT Phonic & Deadman - ReflectionsJ Majik & Louie Cabrera - ElasticTantrum Desire - Think About YouDocument One - Say WhatPolaris & Stranjah - AquariusPolaris - Bring The Heat Feat SchematicJ Majik & 70* - Day I LeftBrian Brainstorm - Badman SelectorTantrum Desire Anarchist - feat. RhymestarDrumsound & Bassline Smith - TestifyDrumsound & Bassline Smith Cover Our Eyes Feat Solah


20 Jul 2016

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Episode 50 - May 2016 - Technique Podcast - Mixed By L Plus

Ever since L Plus landed on Technique Recordings he's been consistently impressive. Anyone who's been keeping up with L Plus's work over the last few years will recognise that he's one artist that consistently produces high quality Drum & Bass. Currently working on his debut "Hideout" LP,  Time-lapse & Creature Must Die are the LP sampler which signal something monumental. Out Now exclusively on Beatport 01 L PLUS - Creature Must Die! 02 Tantrum Desire - Airhead 03 The Prototypes - Pop It Off VIP (feat Mad Hed City) 04 Metrik - Terminus 05 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - The Truth 06 L PLUS - Timelapse 07 Smooth - Eraser 08 Tantrum Desire - Think About You 09 Mob Tactics - Get Dirty 10 L PLUS - Snitch 11 The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) 12 Delta Heavy - Pathways 13 L PLUS - Arcade 14 Mind Vortex - Future Fold 15 Noisia - Dead Limit 16 The Prototypes - Hypercube 17 Tantrum Desire - Anarchist feat Rhymestar 18 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Cobra 19 Delta Heavy - Oscillator 20 Calyx & TeeBee - Big Tune Again 21 Hybrid - Be Here Now (Koven RMX) 22 L PLUS - Raindrops 23 Joe Ford - Time Is Limited 24 The Prototypes - Edge Of Tomorrow 25 Mefjus & Insideinfo - Leibniz 26 DC Breaks - Bambino 27 DC Breaks - Gambino VIP 28 Mefjus - Suicide Bassline VIP 29 InsideInfo - Conformity 30 Skrillex - Ragga Bomb 31 Friction - Dare 32 L PLUS - Everyone 33 Ed Rush & Optical - Perfect Drug 34 Dossa & Locuzzed - Electric Boogie 35 Mob Tactics - Rave Weapon 36 Tantrum Desire - The Sacrifice 37 Benny Page - Should a Know 38 L PLUS - One Tonne Of Bass 39 The Prototypes - Moscow 40 Freestylers - Rude Bwoy (Aphrodite RMX) 41 Tantrum Desire - Pump 42 L PLUS - Jailbreak 43 Tantrum Desire - Reach (L PLUS RMX) 44 Deadmau5 - Some Chords (Cyantific RMX) 45 Sammy Porter - How You Feel (Crissy Criss RMX)


3 May 2016

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Episode 49 - March 2016 - Technique Podcast - Mixed By Spectrem

Australia’s Spectrem has been efficiently going about thebusiness of making a name for himself since Techniquesigned him in 2013. Anyone who’s been following his career will be aware of the breathtaking array ofinfluences that shine through his music. His style isversatile enough to encompass everything from smoothand liquid to dark and grimy and pretty much anythingelse in between. So, what niche is he going to draw for this time ?? Ahead of his new single "Culture' & "Shaolin" Spectrem come correct as he takes to the controls of this months Podcast


7 Mar 2016

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