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Results May Vary is a podcast, and a community, to help you design your life. Through our work in the fields of design, innovation, and executive coaching, Tracy DeLuca, Chris Waugh, and Katia Verresen have learned that the creative problem-solving strategies we use to help organizations tackle tough challenges apply to people-problems too. The design process is universal – gaining empathy and taking action is useful for every industry, and individual, alike. Our hope is that by sharing stories from people who’ve designed their own lives in unique ways, that you can take what’s useful and apply it in your own. And together, we’ll all learn from each other along the way. So tune in, take note, try an experiment, and then try another. We are all born creators. And every day is a whole new chance to create. Now let’s learn, and play, together along the way!

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RMV 10 Mike Duncan: You Can Design The Past

We’re in the double digits, y'all! (sfx: NYE party horns) In the newest Results May Vary episode, we talk to fish-monger turned award-winning history podcaster, Mike Duncan, about how you can design the past — to engage more people in our shared human history, as well as to gather insights that our useful for us to design our future. His approach to design thinking is as much guided by passion and creativity, as it is intentional and exhaustive. Best known for The History of Rome podcast, Mike’s latest endeavor, Revolutions, is a weekly podcast series examining great political revolutions. His upcoming book, "The Storm Before The Storm" will examine Roman history between 135 B.C. to 80 B.C. with special attention given to the question: "If America was Rome, where are we on the historical timeline?" Today, Mike Duncan offers incredible insights on how to: - Make history accessible to more people through storytelling - Use podcasts to fill in knowledge gaps in education - Supplement your mindful, creative work with paid work that doesn’t drain your brain - Shed light on the current Syrian refugee crisis by examining the past How can you use Mike Duncan’s experience as inspiration to design your own life and increase your creative confidence? You have to listen to RMV 10 to find out! Show Links The History of Rome Mike's 5-year labor of love to cover the history of the Roman Empire from start to finish. Pretty much the gold standard for all other history podcasts. Revolutions Mike's current labor of love, a weekly podcast series examining great political revolutions. Now: The Haitian Revolution. Next: Simon Bolivar and Gran Columbia. The History of Rome Tours History-focused trips to some of most amazing locations in the ancient world, led by Mike himself and a series of knowledgeable guides. The Ancient World Scott Chesworth's history podcast, which takes a broad view of the very early development of human society from the earliest civilizations down through to the Greeks and Romans in THREE epic series: The Ancient World, The Ancient World - Rediscovery, and his current creative pursuit, The Ancient World - Bloodline, tracing the generations from Cleopatra to Zenobia. (full disclosure: Scott is also Tracy's extremely handsome husband and she wrote this sentence, so you know it's true)


18 Dec 2015

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RMV 7: Dr. Kyra Bobinet on Well Designed Life

Today we're proud to introduce you to Dr. Kyra Bobinet, whose specialty is combining two medicines together: behavior change and design thinking. After completing med school, she decided to change course in order to dig deeper into the science behind behavior change.


5 Oct 2015

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RMV 9 Steve Almond: You Can Design Your Creative Practice

In the newest Results May Vary episode, we talk to New York Times bestselling author Steve Almond about how you can design your creative practice and make a career out of following your artistic passions. Steve's way of design thinking is intentional and intuitive, and offers incredible insight around: - Living a more examined life - Finding a patron to support your creative work (pro tip: your patron is probably you!) - Fighting depression with candy (or other passions) - Being honest about your needs so you can create habits and behavior change that will stick. How can you use this inspiration to design your life and increase your creative confidence? Listen to RMV 9 to find out! About Steve Almond A former newspaper reporter and the author of Candyfreak and My Life in Heavy Metal, Steve’s latest book, Against Football: One Fan's Reluctant Manifesto, details why, after forty years as a fan, he can no longer watch the game he loves. In addition to writing thoughtful and often hilarious commentary for The New York Times Magazine and The Boston Globe, Steve Almond is also the more baritone half of the popular and profound Dear Sugar podcast with Cheryl Strayed.


3 Dec 2015

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RMV 8: Dr. Ellen Vora on Holistic Psychiatry

Today we’re so grateful to introduce you to Dr. Ellen Vora, a psychiatrist who prefers NOT to prescribe drugs. Instead, she really looks at the whole picture from sleep, nutrition, relationships, diet, and spirituality, in order to help people repair, heal, and optimize their lives in the least risky way possible. Dr. Vora studied English at Yale University, attended Columbia University for medical school, and completed her residency at Mount Sinai. Currently, she practices at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. She's boarded in Psychiatry and Integrative and Holistic Medicine, and is also a licensed medical acupuncturist and certified yoga teacher. She specializes in depression, anxiety, insomnia, adult ADHD, bipolar and digestive issues. To Tracy and I, she represents the new face of mental health practitioners — rather than uniformly treating symptoms, Dr. Vora designs solutions based on the root causes for each individual she cares for.


27 Oct 2015

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RMV 3: Elle Luna on Choosing Must

Today we introduce you to San Francisco-based artist, designer, and writer, Elle Luna. After her own success as a designer for companies such as Mailbox, Uber, Medium, and IDEO, Elle completely redesigned her life and started a movement around Choosing Must. Her first book, "The Crossroads of Should and Must" just launched in April. If that wasn't enough, she is currently partnering with The Great Discontent to kick off The 100 Day Project, which asks anyone who will answer, what could you do with 100 days of making? If anyone epitomizes the concept David Kelley mentioned in our last episode about Bias to Action, it is Elle.


3 Jun 2015

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RMV 12 Ela Ben Ur: You Can Design An Intuitive Compass

Have you ever wanted a fast and reliable way to make changes in your life? In our newest episode of Results May Vary, we orient ourselves with Ela Ben Ur and her Innovators' Compass, a simple tool that allows you to take swift action on any opportunity or challenge you're facing.  As Ela describes it: "The Compass orients us to the powerful directions we stretch in different practices of “innovation” and intuition—from personal learning and reflection practices to organizational processes like design thinking and agile development.   It works over months or in just seconds—on a whiteboard, digital document, scrap of paper, in conversation or in our mind, alone or with others. It’s in use from schools to businesses. As a compass, it helps us see ways we can explore in different settings; it doesn't give us a map or route—we create our own maps of our challenges as we go." How can you use Ela's experience and Innovators' Compass as inspiration to design your own life and increase your creative confidence? Listen to RMV 12 to find out! Show Links i2i Experience is Ela Ben Ur's independent business where she consults, coaches and teaches in design research, strategy, and innovation. With 15+ years of creative problem-solving experience, Ela is passionate about the capacity of human-centered design and design thinking to empower people and organizations. Innovators' Compass is where you'll find more information, resources and examples of this simple, reliable tool in action. Harvard Ed's Project Zero was founded by the philosopher Nelson Goodman in 1967 to study and improve education in the arts. Goodman believed that arts learning should be studied as a serious cognitive activity, but that "zero" had yet been firmly established about the field. John Maeda's definition of Design Thinking: "It's the capacity to think that a better idea could exists, and possessing the tools to imagine what that is. Instead of focusing on fixing existing problems, conceive an ideal endpoint and work creatively to get there." Field Guide: The Design Thinking Experience Gould Academy is hosting a 3-day workshop for anyone who wants to be a better and more efficient innovator. Join Tracy and an all-star team of design thinking practitioners in Bethel, Maine June 21st-24th.


17 Mar 2016

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RMV 11 Deke Sharon: You Can Design A Cappella Into A Global Phenomenon

Today we talk to the father of contemporary a cappella, Deke Sharon. In college, Deke decided to make a career of contemporary a cappella.[22] even though people laughed at him [23] and thought he was crazy for doing so. Since then, he’s arranged for The Social Network, and served as music director and arranger for Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, the sing off, and now his new show Pitch Slapped premiered this week on Lifetime. In this episode, we talk to Deke about how you can design a whole new industry based on passion and perseverance.


16 Jan 2016

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RMV 5: Andy Weir on The Martian

Today, we are beyond THRILLED to introduce you to Andy Weir, a computer programmer turned New York Times #1 Bestselling author of The Martian. He joins us to talk about turning his nights and weekend hobby into, not just one of the most successful self-published novels of all time, but also a soon-to-be major motion picture starring Matt Damon. How did he do it? And exactly how does a guy survive life on Mars with only a handful of potatoes and a thumb-drive full of disco music? Andy was kind enough to fill us in.


10 Aug 2015

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RMV 6: Jessica Semaan on Pursuing Your Passion

Do you have that recurring idea that’s really cool but hard to make time for? That’s the insight today’s guest, Jessica Semaan, has built an entire company around. Despite her success at Stanford Business School and as an early employee at Airbnb, Jessica found herself unfulfilled. So she spent a year interviewing 100 people who were doing what they love. During this time she found her own passion, which is helping people find theirs. And today she’s dedicated full-time to this through her company, the Passion Co. What are the biggest barriers to pursuing your passions? And how can you overcome them? Jessica was kind enough to share her revelations.


1 Sep 2015

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RMV 4: Aaron Scott on Van Life

Today we're excited for you to meet Aaron Scott, a data scientist who made the very conscious decision to move from his gorgeous San Francisco home overlooking the Pacific Ocean into a van. Why would anyone do that? And how is it working out for him? Aaron shares his story and makes it sound like it might just be a really great idea!


22 Jul 2015

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