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Longtime friends and authors Krista Gilbert and Alexandra Kuykendall share relatable, practical and fun conversations on faith, motherhood and leadership. Often inviting another friend into the conversation, listeners will be inspired to take that next step, do that hard thing, and encourage their family and friends to do the same as they walk through the doors God opens. Let's be world changers for good right where we are!

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Ep.51: Sarah Jakes Roberts

Sarah Jakes Roberts grew up in the spotlight. As the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes her teenage insecurities were fueled by living in the public eye. She became pregnant at 13, had her baby at 14 and began her parenting journey. Now the mom of 6 with her husband Touré Roberts, Sarah is maneuvering the life of a blended family while co-pastoring their own church in Hollywood, CA. In this episode Sarah's life experience is evident. Her wisdom is clear as she talks through how to find your place as stepmom (and how to support your children's stepmom), what it means to teach kids about healthy boundaries through living in overflow, and the need to "forgive and remember" in order to prevent entering into familiar yet unhealthy patterns. Her tone is warm and her words ring of truth. You can tell she wants the best for women and uses honesty about her own life as a starting place to talk through choices and responses. This transparent conversation with Sarah is quintessential Open Door Sisterhood because it is both practical and inspirational. You will leave feeling understood, spurred on to do better, with some practical approaches to facing the uncomfortable in order to thrive. This isn't a show about skimming over the issues, but rather recognizing the pain that might be hidden and how it informs our decisions today.


21 Mar 2017

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Ep.26: Emily Ley

Emily Ley is a woman who understands busy. As the founder of Emily Ley Paper, Inc. and The Simplified Planner, she runs a business while parenting three children under five. And she recently released her first book, Grace Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy. It helps that her business is centered around women simplifiying their lives, she knows the systems that work. A jam packed episode of helpful tips, from Sunday night routines to saying "no" to good things, Emily tells us how she developed a planner with the busy woman in mind. She doesn't over-complicate the life management tool, she (no surprise) keeps it simple. And as a busy woman she practices what she preaches. You are sure to find Emily charming, inspirational and full of ideas on how to live with a posture of grace over a posture of perfection.


15 Nov 2016

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Ep.37: Alisa Keeton

Alisa Keeton has always been a fitness fanatic, but as her faith deepened so did her understanding of what physical wellness is about. In order to minister to people's whole selves ... body, mind and spirit... she founded Revelation Wellness, an approach that works on making people physically fit so they might serve God in the world. Alisa's passion is undeniable and you will be inspired as you hear her talk about the purpose behind caring for our bodies and making them strong in order to be healthy and how physical health can help us become healthy in other areas of our lives. In our conversation we hear how Alisa unwinds with her husband and two children, how and why they've implemented an evening family hour, what being 'whole' means to her, and the difference between being skinny and being fit. Revelation Wellness offers workout options for every fitness level and body size. On-line or in person classes bring fun, fitness and faith to men and women around the globe. As you listen to Alisa, it will be evident that her desire to inspire and instruct has created a network of Fitness Teachers / Gospel Preachers.


3 Jan 2017

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Ep.49: How to Have a Healthy Sex Life in Marriage

Culture is talking about sex.  The music and movie industry is talking about sex -- all.the.time.  Is the church?  Are we communicating enough about what healthy sex looks like in marriage?  Real-life sex, not just how it is portrayed on the silver screen. Do men have a greater sex drive than women?  What is mutual sex?  How is pornography affecting the marriage bed?  How do we have honest conversations with our spouse about this topic?  What is the deal with the 50 Shades craze? Krista covers all of this and more with guest Dorothy Greco. Dorothy Littell Greco is a photographer, writer, and author. She writes on how following Jesus changes everything in places such as Christianity Today and Relevant Magazine. Her first book, Making Marriage Beautiful, was released at the beginning of 2017.   Listen in on our conversation today about how to improve sex in marriage in order to breathe new life into our primary relationship.


9 Mar 2017

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Ep.214: The Healthy Way Series - The Power of Movement & Sugar Detox with Alisa Keeton & Wendy Speake

It's time for our annual Healthy Way Series! Each Tuesday in January we dive into a different aspect of health. Today we are kicking it off with Alisa Keeton, founder and director of Revelation Wellness, and Wendy Speake, author of the 40 Day Sugar Fast. Alisa begins by educating us on why movement is so powerful - not only for our bodies but for our emotional and mental health as well. If you want to be inspired, encouraged, and challenged, no one does it quite like Alisa. You will find fresh motivation and courage for the New Year through her words and coaching. Wendy follows discussing the benefits of cutting sugar from our diets. The reasons may surprise you. We expect her to talk about the physical benefits, and she does, but Wendy also dives deeply into the spiritual growth that comes with saying no to sugar for a period. Join us as we re-commit to health and to living more fully and alive!


7 Jan 2020

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Ep.163: Developing a Healthy Mindset Toward Food & Fitness with Michelle Myers

Food and fitness can be tricky.  We often find ourselves on either end of the extreme spectrum: too strict and obsessed, or undisciplined and out of control.  The relationship we develop with our bodies matter, and it's important we give this aspect of health the time and attention it needs to be well. To kick off our annual Healthy Way Series in 2019, Michelle Myers joins us to discuss how we can develop a healthy relationship with food by staying out of food jail, what it means to give morality to food, and how we can clean up our diet while still enjoying birthday cake on our child's birthday with no guilt. We also dive into do-able fitness ideas that you can incorporate today into your busy lifestyle.  Our bodies want to move, and we look at some creative ways to do just that.   As we stare down a New Year, most of us look to these two topics first, so let's tackle them together, and land in the healthiest place: the one called FREEDOM.


1 Jan 2019

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Ep.174: Letting God Re-Write Our Pain with Kim Walker Smith

When we are going through hard times, we wonder if we will ever recover or be happy again. Our very breath is knocked out of us and we struggle to find the meaning in what we are going through and how it can be used for our good. Kim Walker Smith, founder of the Jesus Culture band and movement, is no stranger to pain. The abuse she endured as a child left her broken, with a fractured sense of self. After a failed suicide attempt, Kim found herself opening up to God for the first time in her life. Where God took her from that shattered moment to now is nothing short of a miracle. Kim's journey to wholeness inspires all of us to allow God in to re-write the story of our pain for good, in our lives, and in the lives of others.

1hr 1min

19 Mar 2019

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Ep.206: The Secret To A Better Christmas

We’re beating the Christmas stress this year. Do you want to join us? Bring on the joy, peace, and merry! One of the primary ways we plan to do this is by employing a concept called “third way thinking.” The third way is about getting creative, opening up possibilities, and planning. We like this concept here at The Sisterhood, and we really like it as we discuss how to do the Christmas season better. In this episode we cover expectations vs. expectancy, how to navigate difficult dynamics around scheduling Christmas, planning for traditions, and what it might look like to rethink gift giving. It may seem early to be talking about and planning for Christmas, but come December you’ll be so glad you did. A peek into what we’ll be covering in The Christmas Remake, this conversation will get you ready for “less stress and more memories” this season.


29 Oct 2019

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Ep.113 Healthy Eating and Whole 30

Kara Hicks is passionate about feeding her family well. And she's just as passionate about helping you do the same. Known on Instagram by the handle @kara_thewholemomma, she offers other moms tips on making meals and snacks approachable and healthy through a whole food diet. If Whole 30 sounds intimidating to you, don't worry Kara talks through doable steps and how it can be modified with families in mind. She's realistic about the challenges of a full Whole 30 diet, but offers ways to implement small steps if the idea of eating better sounds appealing. As with all of our guests on The Healthy Way series, Kara gives three easy next steps women can do if they are wanting to have a healthier diet but are overwhelmed at the prospect of changing everything. From sugar content in yogurt, to a whole foods alternative to flavored coffee creamers, we cover it all. We even talk Diet Coke and deoderant. Whether looking for a food revamp in your new year, or simply wanting some encouragement to make a few small yet significant changes, this episode is perfect. It is a sister-to-sister, we can take this next step together, kind of conversation and we don't want you to miss it.


9 Jan 2018

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Ep.125: What Is Your Number? Understanding the Enneagram 101 with Suzanne Stabile

For the past several years, there's been a buzz about a self-assessment tool known as the Enneagram.  The purpose of it?  To know thyself.  It is a system of classifying personality types based on a nine-pointed starlike figure inscribed within a circle.  While it may seem the Enneagram suddenly surfaced into the milieu of culture, in fact it has been in existence for centuries.  If you've ever heard anyone say, "I'm a 2 with a 3 wing," or "That's such a 7 thing to do," chances are you've encountered Enneagram-devotees who have used it to further their self-discovery. Suzanne Stabile is a highly sought-after Enneagram Master who has taught over 500 workshops worldwide.  She joins The Sisterhood to teach us the basics of this system:  the origin, what exactly it is, how we can use it in our individual lives, how it helps us in relationships, how to understand our motivations, and what it looks like to be healthy and unhealthy in our number.  We also address criticisms of the Enneagram and talk through how it differs from the other self-assessments out there. If you are looking to understand yourself and others better, if you've heard about the Enneagram but can't get a handle on exactly what it is, or if you simply want to learn more about this helpful tool, you've come to the right episode.  Listen in and learn!

1hr 5mins

3 Apr 2018

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Ep.167: How to Cultivate Healthy Friendships with Sally Clarkson

Friendship.  It is a word that brings joy to your heart or sadness to your soul.  Or maybe both at the same time. To have a true, safe friend who is on your side and in your corner is what we all long for and desire, but she can be hard to find.   Sally Clarkson, author of Girls Club, joins us for the final topic on The Healthy Wayseries:  Friendship. We talk about why friendships can be difficult, especially among Christian communities, how we can be a healthier friend to others, and how we can help our children cultivate strong bonds and friendships, with us and others. We believe in having a tribe of sisters here at The Sisterhood.  If you do too, you'll love this episode.


29 Jan 2019

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Ep.58: On Shame, Worthiness, Belonging, & Purpose {with Kelly Flanagan}

Shame is a buzz word in our culture, but do we really know what it is, and what it does to our inner self? What about our children? How does shame manifest itself in our kids, and does our parenting unintentionally foster that? Psychologist and author Kelly Flanagan joins me to break down the nature of shame, and also to talk about how we can awaken to embrace our truest, worthiest selves and then allow ourselves to be embraced by others. One of my favorite conversations to date, and the very first male (!!!) on the podcast, Kelly helps us understand that healing and spiritual growth progress from worthiness, through belonging, and then into a sense of purpose. You may also know Kelly from his letters to his daughter that went viral (see links in below).  This conversation will not only inform and shape you, but if you have children, your parenting as well. Don’t miss it! A Daddy’s Letter to His Little Girl (about her future husband) Words from a Father to His Daughter (from the make-up aisle)


20 Apr 2017

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Ep.127: Spring Organizing - Tips for Getting Your House in Order with Morgan Tyree

'Tis the season for....ORGANIZING!  Is anyone else getting the spring cleaning - throw it out - organize every drawer in the house- bug?  Us too.  That's why this week the sisterhood is hosting Morgan Tyree, a professional organizer, to talk about tips and tricks for organizing the various sections of our homes.   This organization will help you in countless ways.  Not only will you know where things are and what you have, but you will also reclaim the peace of mind that comes from having an organized, functional space.  Because, after all, house clutter = mind clutter.   Join us as we dive into this healthy seasonal rhythm of spring cleaning / organizing!


17 Apr 2018

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Ep.82: Getting Your Confidence Back (after a difficult season)

Have you ever gone through a season that knocked your confidence?  Or maybe you've never figured out how to harness confidence at all.  Whether you are struggling with getting confidence back, or striving to discover it for the first time, this interview will give you fresh insight into what creates confidence and how we reclaim it for our own, despite our circumstances. Using her own story as a starting place, Tricia Lott Wiliford shares how she lost all confidence and joy after watching her husband suddenly die in her arms.   As a widowed single mom, she was thrust into a two year darkness.  The trauma birthed a deep depression from which she was not sure she would recover. In this interview we discuss how to grieve well, what confidence is, and how we can lean into joy even in the midst of adversity.  We also dig into courage journals, the "I'm too much" syndrome, why it makes all the difference to smile first, what her brother taught her about jealousy, and her unbreakable rule in the dating world.   You will love Tricia's honesty, warmth, and wisdom in this interview!  


10 Aug 2017

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Ep. 39: Esther Emery

Esther Emery and her family just moved...from a yurt to a cabin she and her husband built from scratch with trees from their property. She is a homesteader, working on the skills of homemaking and sharing her experiences and knowledge with her followers. It is an intentional, alternative lifestyle. And one she wasn't planning on. Until life got difficult a few years ago and things needed to change. In this episode we talk with Esther about the heartache that caused some external changes (like going off of the internet for a year), which led to internal reflections and work (her own coming to faith and reconciliation with her husband). We talk through what it means to choose to love your spouse and choose to trust when that very trust has been broken, the benefit of stopping and slowing down as a family, and the determination to make the ordinary count. From homeschooling to canning Esther's life is filled with connection to God's creation.


10 Jan 2017

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Ep.156: Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure has been in the spotlight since she was a girl, but no one could be more down to earth than this mom of three. From her early days on Full House to her spot as a host on The View, fans have been following Candace through every phase of her life. In recent years she has been a voice promoting kindness and civility in all situations. After speaking with her we can see why. Everything about this woman is simultaneously thoughtful and bold. A true sister to watch and learn from. In our hour with Candace we hear why parenting teenagers has been her favorite, how she fits fitness into a very busy schedule (it involves an electric toothbrush), deciding when to say "yes" to hard things, and the power of going first in kindness. We hear how she met her husband (and how he learned English in part by watching Full House reruns), about her new children's book, and when making a way into new territory often is simple obedience to God's call. We recorded our conversation with Candace while she was in Canada taping a Christmas special for the Hallmark Channel. In the midst of long taping days, she made time for the sisterhood. We get the sense that's how she operates. Get your favorite cozy drink, put the Hallmark Channel on pause, and settle in for a great episode of The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast. You will feel you have a new friend in Candace Cameron Bure.


6 Nov 2018

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Ep.89: Sara Hagerty

In a world where bigger, louder, and more seems to be the goal, Sara Haggerty is on a quest to find the quiet, unseen places. Or more specifically, to meet God in those places. It’s hard to do when you have a house full of children. And yet even when we are surrounded by people we can feel unseen. It's these moments of feeling misunderstood, invisible or overlooked that we can find God has not forgotten about us. This interview is in a word: delightful. Sarah’s humor, combined with her earnest pursuit of God’s purposes for her, are both endearing and inspiring. She shares about feeling invisible along her journey of infertility, her adoption story, and then surprise pregnancy process, and her new book Unseen. A beautiful reminder that God knows us and is with us when it feels the world has forgotten our pain. You won't want to miss this sister interview. It is both practical and inspirational, just how we like to do it here at the sisterhood. And don't forget to find Sarah's newest book.


13 Sep 2017

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Ep.115: What Healthy Relationships Do and Don't Have with Gary Thomas

You won't want to miss this inspiring and practical conversation about getting healthy in relationships with one of today's leading voices on marriage and relationships. Gary Thomas offers the sisterhood some ways in which we can assess the health of our relationships and how we can move forward with people who are difficult for us to love. We hear how humility (thinking less about yourself) and righteousness (living according to God's agenda) impact the overall health of all relationships. As we delve into getting healthy in relationships, we naturally uncover some difficult topics.  From pornography to domestic violence Gary offers next steps a listener can take in her family life. From responding to unhealthy people in a healthy way to pursuing holiness over happiness we hear how relationships are often uncomfortable. From parenting kids through hard moments to recognizing the abundant life is the obedient life we are reminded that we often must take the long view when thinking about relationships. There is much wisdom packed into a single hour. This interview goes down as one of our favorites to date. Part practical, part inspirational, it reminds us of the need for healthy relationships and how God directs us toward them. You will find, as so many have, that Gary's voice is one of gentle and unwavering truth. 

1hr 6mins

23 Jan 2018

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Ep.96: Melanie Shankle

Melanie Shankle remembers her grandparents and the way they loved her through the small things. There wasn't a parade or lots of fanfare. It was walking down the street in the afternoon for an ice cream. They made regular moments special because they loved her in them. The small things held meaning. In her new book, Church of the Small Things, Melanie considers the everyday elements of significance that make up a simultaneously ordinary and incredible life. No surprise, we laughed our way through this interview with Melanie Shankle. From grey roots to Chris Tomlin as her college worship leader, to the recent increase in the tooth fairy's payout and overall game, we cover the everyday moments that make up Melanie's life. Her wit and willingness to laugh both at and with her own routines and decisions endear her to us. We are confident you will find a girlfriend, yes a sister, in Melanie Shankle. For the woman who needs a lift in her day. For the woman who finds herself in a life of small things. For the woman who knows a little lighthearted sisterly talk would do her good, this episode is made for you.


17 Oct 2017

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Ep.159: Less Stuff, More Memories - Part #1

No matter how hard we try, most of us struggle to make the Christmas season what we hope it will be.  If you are like us, you may be resolving to make it better than last year.  To do this, we must re-center on what makes Christmas fun and meaningful? That is why we are doing our signature series called Less Stuff, More Memories. In this two-part conversation, we have rounded up some experts to share with you their best tips in two categories: less stuff & more memories.This first part airing today is all about how we can reduce the clutter surrounding the holidays, covering topics such as organization, budgeting, decorating, generosity, and gift giving.   Today’s experts will give you ideas and tools on reducing the “stuff” of Christmas.  The goal here is LESS STRESS, and who doesn’t need more of that? If you are reaching for a healthier and happier Christmas this year, you've come to the right place.  


27 Nov 2018

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