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The Real Concern When Couples Fight

New research reveals that nearly all fights between romantic partners can be distilled into two fundamental complaints. Christie Nicholson reports


26 Jun 2010

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Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain may be due to an overabundance of a protein, which amplifies the pain signal to the brain. A drug that neutralizes this protein may provide the long-awaited relief. Christie Nicholson reports


21 Mar 2010

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Where Is God?

Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA provides support to the critics of the idea that a God spot exists in the brain. Christie Nicholson reports


11 Mar 2009

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Online Games as Study Tool

An interdisciplinary research group called the "Virtual Worlds Exploratorium" has started to analyze data from the online game EverQuest II, in order to find out more about real-life human behavior. Christie Nicholson reports


3 Mar 2009

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The Difference between Honesty and Cheating

A recent study finds that where we sign a document can influence our tendency to be honest or cheat. Christie Nicholson reports


23 Sep 2012

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Sex Differences in Jealousy

Recent research attempts to provide a more nuanced look at the long-held view that men are more jealous of sexual infidelity than emotional infidelity. Christie Nicholson reports


28 Jan 2010

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Neuroscience Is Everywhere

From literature to architecture, academics and entrepreneurs are using neuroscience to explain everything from why we like a complex narrative thread to why round tables are more social. Christie Nicholson reports


3 Apr 2010

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Early Attachment May Affect Our Ability to Resolve Conflict in Relationships

Recent research in the journal Psychological Science reveals that infant attachment styles might influence our ability to recover from fights with our romantic partners. Christie Nicholson reports


22 Feb 2011

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What Makes an Honest Smile Honest?

What is the telltale clue to a genuine smile? Recent research finds positive correlations with this honest show of emotion. Christie Nicholson reports


11 Dec 2010

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What Fighting Couples Want

Fighting couples don't want an apology, but rather for one partner to relinquish power. Christie Nicholson reports


15 Jul 2013

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First Sex Alters Body Image

A recent assessment of undergrads reveals a gender difference in how the students see their bodies after their first sexual intercourse. Christie Nicholson reports


27 Mar 2011

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Cash Rewards Might Make Us Unhappy

A recent study finds that when we can easily quantify a good we tend to be less happy with it, as opposed to those goods that are less easily quantifiable. Christie Nicholson reports


29 Oct 2012

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Paying in Cash Keeps Us Healthy

Recent research finds that our vices can be held back when we use cash instead of credit cards at the grocery store. Christie Nicholson reports


25 Jun 2011

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Our Friends' Weight Influences Our Weight Gain and Loss

Research finds that who we socialize with can influence our eating behavior. Christie Nicholson reports


15 Jul 2012

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Humans Want to Share Information

Speaking at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Tex., new media scholar Clay Shirky argues that businesses are buckling under the pressure of the digital revolution because of a subtle quirk in human nature. Christie Nicholson reports


15 Mar 2010

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The Quirk of a High IQ

It seems that those with high IQs have a beneficial quirk in their ability to perceive a moving scene. Christie Nicholson


6 Jun 2013

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First Impressions Can Be Quite Accurate

A study about the perception of neighborhoods reveals that our gut instinct based on the physical features of the neighborhood is highly accurate. Christie Nicholson reports


30 Apr 2011

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Remembering That Person's Name

Recent research finds that we all have a tough time remembering names as we age. But for those with early Alzheimer's the decline is significant and includes forgetting biographical information, as well. Christie Nicholson reports


23 Dec 2009

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A Bitter Placebo to Swallow

Research shows that the items surrounding a successful medical treatment, like the type of drink we use to wash down a pill, can sometimes be as effective as the pill itself. Christie Nicholson reports


10 Nov 2008

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Internet Addiction?

As experts organize the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a debate has started on whether to include Internet addiction among our newest afflictions


29 Sep 2009

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