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The Innovators is an interview show from Scandinavian MAN, hosted by editor-in-chief Konrad Olsson.

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01:10 Lawrence Schlossman

”How I talk about clothes is how I talk about music and clothes.” This weeks guest is Lawrence Schlossman, brand director at the e-commerce site Grailed and host of the Failing Upwards podcast. In the early days of the #menswear movement, he ran the legendary blog Fuck Yeah Menswear, which later became a book and paved way for his work as editor of the Fourpins website. To this day, he as an uncanny view of the menswear industry. Enjoy! Thanks to Helio coworking spaces for hosting us in their pod studio. 
The music in the shows is produced by Nils Lundberg.

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5 Mar 2018

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02:4 Simon Crompton

”It’s more socially acceptable for guys to be interested in and spend money on clothes.” Simon Crompton is a London based writer and the founder of menswear blog  Permanentstyle.com which has over 300 000 readers and has been voted by The Times as one of the world's 15 best websites for menswear. Simon has a staggering body of work, having interviewed several hundred tailors and craftsmen around the world. He has also written several books on the subject, most recently The Style Guide. This is a conversation from the archive and took place in his home in south London two years ago. Enjoy! 


31 May 2018

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03:3 Eric Jennings & Erik Ulin

”We like the sensibility of Nordic brands.” Eric Jennings is the former vice president and fashion director, menswear, home and beauty at Saks Fifth Avenue. Erik Ulin is the former CEO of J.Lindeberg US and President of Men's Fashion for UBM. Together they have formed E2 Brand Management, a consultancy firm focused on helping brands establish themselves on the North American market. They have a lot to say about the state of menswear.


21 Dec 2018

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01:11 Glenn O'Brien

”Working for Andy was a dream come true.” The late Glenn O’Brien was a writer covering the worlds of art, music, and fashion. He got his start working for Andy Warhol at Interview Magazine in the 70s and then moved on to host TV Party, working for ArtForum, editing books, and writing The Style Guy column for Details and GQ.  This conversation between Glenn O’Brien and Konrad Olsson took place in his apartment in New York in September 2015, Enjoy! Thanks to Helio coworking spaces for hosting us in their pod studio. 
The music in the shows is produced by Nils Lundberg.


11 Mar 2018

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01:9 Jeremy Kirkland

"Men are very calculated in the decisions that they make." Jeremy Kirkland is a New York-based menswear and tech consultant and the founder of the Blamo! Podcast. On his show, he interviews people that shape the menswear industry (not unlike The Menswear Shift), be he also covers culture and technology. In this conversation, Jeremy talks about his rise within the industry and his thoughts on the evolution of menswear. Enjoy! Thanks to Helio coworking spaces for hosting us in their pod studio. 
The music in the shows is produced by Nils Lundberg.

1hr 3mins

25 Feb 2018

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03:2 Scott Schuman

”I see more going on in Stockholm than in any other city in Europe.” Scott Schuman is a streetstyle photographer and founder of the blog The Sartorialist. Some argue that he has had the biggest impact on menswear the past decade, giving men around the world a completely new way of getting inspired by style. We met with Scott during his visit in Stockholm earlier this fall. Enjoy!

1hr 2mins

7 Dec 2018

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03:1 Jeremy Langmead

"Men now are a lot braver. When you know the basics, that’s when you can experiment and push things in a new direction.” Jeremy Langmead is a founding member of Mr Porter, the men’s style destination that has paved the way for editorially driven e-commerce. Jeremys is the former editor-in-chief of Wallpaper and Esquire, and knows more about content driven retail than anyone in the industry. Enjoy!


28 Nov 2018

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02:6 Pitti Uomo 94 Special — The Magazine Shift with Jamie Waters, David Hellqvist and Erik Olofsson

”There is a different mindset when you are reading a printed product. You are really inviting someone into your world.” Three inside men from the world of international print publishing discuss the future of biannual magazines, how the fashion world is still perfectly suited for print, and where are headed next. This episode was recorded as part of our panel series during Pitti Uomo 94, featuring Jamie Waters, fashion editor of Monocle Magazine, writer and editor David Hellqvist of Document Studios, and Erik Olofsson, art director at Scandinavian MAN.


20 Jun 2018

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02:2 No Man Walks Alone

”Guaranteeing the satisfaction of the customer is very important to us.” No Man Walks Alone represents a new type of boutique online store, where great selection and service is at the forefront of everything they do. They are not the big fish, but a niche menswear shop working out of a showroom in Manhattans still active, still unglamorous Garment District. In this interview, founder Greg Lellouche and his buyer Kyle Toman talks about where menswear is headed, and the future of retail. Enjoy!


2 May 2018

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01:3 Josh Peskowitz

”We are entering a phase of fashion in general and menswear in particular where there is no one style. It's become all about self-expression.” Josh Peskowitz is a highly influential figure in international menswear. He was part of the first wave of the #menswear movement that started roughly a decade ago, writing for magazines like Fader and Cargo and Esquire, before becoming the men’s fashion director at Bloomingdales. Today Josh runs the iconic menswear boutique Magasin in Los Angeles, where Konrad Olsson met with him to talk about the evolution of the male fashion consumer. Enjoy! Thanks to Helio coworking spaces for hosting us in their pod studio. The music in the show is produced by Nils Lundberg. Follow us on Instagram: @scandinavian.man www.scandinavian-man.com


9 Jan 2018

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02:1 Nigel Cabourn

”I’ve been recognised more the last two years than I’ve been the last 50 years, and I’ve got Instagram to thank for that.” Nigel Cabourn is a British designer who has been in the fashion industry for five decades. In this episode, he talks about the evolution of menswear during his career, his collaboration with Swedish outerwear brand Peak Performance, and his extensive collection of vintage army clothing. Enjoy!


18 Apr 2018

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01:13 Dan Rookwood

”I enjoy the honesty and clarity of the Mr Porter model.” Dan Rookwood is the outgoing US Editor of Mr Porter, where he has been instrumental in creating a new media/retail logic. Dan was recently drafted to Nike, where he is going to head up their global editorial content strategy. This conversation took place in New York in October last year, and Dan had a lot to say about the how traditional media has lost some of its credibility towards its readers, and how retail can create content that speaks more honestly to their consumers. Enjoy!  Music produced by Nils Lundberg. Don’t miss our other show, The Scandinavian MAN Radio Hour, where you meet some of Scandinavia’s most fascinating personalities within culture, design, fashion, food, and more.  For more news and interviews from the Scandinavian fashion and culture scene, visit ScandinavianMAN.com


3 Apr 2018

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01:4 Michael Hainey

”Unless you have the values of being a good person inside, it doesn't matter what you wear. You will look like a jerk." Michael Hainey is one of the most influential editors of present day. For 16 years, he was the Deputy Editor of GQ Magazine, before moving to Esquire almost two years ago, becoming their executive director of editorial. This is a conversation about the state of menswear today, how men’s yearning for storytelling has changed the conversation, and why we have more style icons today than ever before. Michael had a lot to say. Enjoy! Thanks to Helio coworking spaces for hosting us in their pod studio. 
The music in the shows is produced by Nils Lundberg.


21 Jan 2018

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02:3 Lalle Johnson

”With menswear, we’ve only scratched the surface.” Lalle Johnson is a highly influential stylist, designer, and consultant in men’s style. He has over three decades of experience in the industry, having worked everyone from the smallest boutique stores to the biggest Scandinavian brands. Lalle has seen the world of men’s style grow from a situation where you had to order your special garments over the phone from London to the boiling menswear scene we have today. Enjoy!


16 May 2018

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01:8 Alessandro Agazzi

”The brands that are succeeding are the ones that are forever coherent.” Alessandro Agazzi is a Milan based menswear consultant and founder of the website TheStyleism.com. His background in the industry includes positions at Giorgio Armani, Maison Margiela, and Caruso. Despite being an avid Instagram personality himself, he had a lot to say about the state of social media and influencers in the business. Enjoy!  Thanks to Helio coworking spaces for hosting us in their pod studio. 
The music in the shows is produced by Nils Lundberg.


18 Feb 2018

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