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The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut, bring the stars down to earth with practical and empowering horoscopes: astrostyle.com and @astrotwins. They are also the official astrologers for ELLE and MindBodyGreen, and the authors of numerous books, including Love Zodiac, Momstrology, and a yearly horoscope guide. Their classes, like The Astrology of Success and Design Your Dream Relationship, teach methods for applying cosmic wisdom to the areas of life that matter most. Brands including Coach, Refinery29, Urban Outfitters, Zappos and Amazon have featured them as influencers and writers.

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Astrology of Success: Demystifying Sales with Tonya Kellum

“Sales” is often treated as a dirty word among conscious entrepreneurs, but what if that was a huge misconception? Tali talks to Tonya Kellum, a top State Farm agent, about what it truly takes to sell: connecting the product to a customer’s heart. Tonya lays out metrics to look for in an ideal sales representative, and explains why focusing on sales is actually the key to sustaining your mission. If you have an incredible product that not enough people are buying, you won’t want to miss this episode.


1 Aug 2019

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