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MTT54: My top 5 productivity tips for busy teachers

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app):   A while ago I asked members of my email newsletter list to suggest topics for upcoming podcast episodes.  If you would like to nominate something, there is a link below to the place where you can let me know any

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7 May 2018

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MTT73: Create Music on Any Device for Free with Bandlab

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): Discover the free, “works-on-any-device” online digital audio workstation Bandlab. Lauren Hendry Parsons is the Associate Vice President of Communications and Partnerships for Bandlab Technologies and she comes on the show to talk all things Bandlab. Links mentioned in this episode Bandlab for


12 Nov 2018

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MTT50: 10 tech things that are working for me right now

We made it to episode 50! I’m celebrating this milestone by talking about 10 tech things that are working for me right now. I’ve been using some of these things for a long time (and still love them!) and others are relatively new, but they all have one thing in common: they make me excited


8 Apr 2018

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MTT68: How to Write an Online Course with Shawna Longo

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): Today we welcome back Shawna Longo - a music educator from New Jersey - for the third time.  Shawna has just finished creating a full online course for Music First and I thought it would be great to have her on to


24 Sep 2018

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MTT63: Publishing Your Own Music Education Resources with Deborah Smith

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): Deborah Smith is an Australian music educator who has a very strong background in the Kodaly method and over the years she has made a name for herself as one of Australia’s leading ear-training and musicianship experts.  Deb self-publishes a series of


12 Aug 2018

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MTT74: Ninja Shortcuts for YouTube

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): YouTube - it’s a tech tool that’s used almost daily by most music teachers.   Today I’ll share some simple keyboard shortcuts that will make your YouTube use a breeze (and make you look like a total tech ninja). There are 9


18 Mar 2019

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MTT84: What’s New in the Ultimate Guide To Free Music Tech Resources 2019/20

Each year I put together a list of free music tech resources – websites, software and more – that you can use in your music classroom. The latest version of the Ultimate Free Music Technology Resources Guide is out this week! So what's new? There are around 40 new listings in this year's


30 Jul 2019

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MTT89: The 2 Software Applications All Music Teachers Should Know

Welcome to another episode in our Back to Basics month. Today I’ll be talking about the two software applications that I think every music teacher should know how to use. The ones I’m referring to are music apps and they are both SO useful in many, many ways: for you to use as


17 Sep 2019

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MTT79: Must-Have Music Accessories For Your iPad

Our theme for this month on the blog and podcast is iPads, and in today’s episode, I’m going to talk about some of the useful accessories and adaptors that you and your students can use with iPads in order to expand their capabilities in the music classroom. In my new GarageBand for iPad


24 Jun 2019

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MTT56: STEAM Lessons for Music Teachers with Shawna Longo

Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app):   Shawna Longo - the Music Educator, STEAM Facilitator and Arts Integration Specialist at Hopatcong Borough Schools in New Jersey - was my guest on episode 53 of the Music Tech Teacher podcast but she’s back to chat about STEAM lessons


25 May 2018

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MTT92: How To Organise All Your Digital Resources

A member of the Midnight Music Community recently asked - how can I manage ALL of my links, resources, ideas, and videos so I can find them easily? I ended up running a live training session to explain some of the ways that I manage to organise my digital “stuff” and I thought


8 Oct 2019

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MTT81: Free Music Tech Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

Our theme for this month on the blog and podcast is holiday PD for teachers AND back to school ideas since most of you in the northern hemisphere are on your extended summer break. I know many of you use this time to do some professional development and start to gather ideas for


11 Jul 2019

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MTT93: How to Find and Use Productive Pockets Of Time in Your Day

Over the past few years I’ve tried very hard to be more productive.  We all have the same amount of time in a day, a week, a year - but it comes down to how you use that time.  Today’s episode is another productivity-related one and it’s all about making use of unexpected


29 Oct 2019

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MTT95: Music Tech Apps for Special Needs Students

The next few podcast episodes and blog posts on Midnight Music fall into our Accessibility theme. In addition to sharing apps, software and other tech gear, I’ll be talking to a couple of music educators about their experiences working with special needs students and students with learning difficulties. I know many of you


12 Nov 2019

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MTT94: How to Use Templates to Stay Productive as a Music Teacher

Today’s episode is the final one in our productivity series and it’s all about templates. I love templates for many reasons and they can truly increase your productivity! I share the benefits of using templates, some ideas for places you can incorporate templates into your everyday life and give some tips on how


5 Nov 2019

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MTT51 Synths, Scratch and Virtual Choirs with Zach Gates

In this episode I catch up with Zachary Gates - a young music teacher I met at the Texas Music Educators’ Association (TMEA) convention that I attended in February this year.  Although Zach has only been teaching for a couple of years, he presented some interesting and innovative technology ideas at the convention. You can


15 Apr 2018

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MTT103: 6 Fun Student Assignments Using Canva

We are continuing with our Canva-themed month! Canva is a fantastic graphic design software tool that is free to use. I’ve been talking about the ways you can use it as a teacher to create your own teaching materials, but it also works really well for student assignments. Instead of giving students a


25 Feb 2020

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MTT55: Getting it ALL done with Elisa Janson Jones

In just a few weeks the first International Music Education Summit will take place.  It’s a 3-day conference which is purely online - there’s no travel involved, no hotel accommodation to pay for and you can “attend” in your PJs. Founder of IMES Elisa Janson Jones tells me why she decided to launch the event

1hr 6mins

15 May 2018

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MTT88: Best Microphone Options for Music Teachers

In this episode of the Music Tech Teacher Podcast, I talk about the best microphones for simple classroom recordings, mics for students to use, and mics for your own teaching purposes. Further reading and listening MTT09: Recording school kids – why, how, where and what to useRecording Rock Band Rehearsals – 3 Simple


10 Sep 2019

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MTT90: 3 Effective Digital Portfolio Options For Your Music Students

For the final episode in Back to Basics month I share 3 apps that your students can use to create digital portfolios. Links and resources mentioned: Midnight Music Monthly Live Training (register here)Wakelet for Educators (includes Educator’s Guide)Seesaw Google Sites Examples of Google Sites Weebly Wix Wordpress The Midnight Music Guide to Digital Portfolios in Music Education (coming soon)


25 Sep 2019

Rank #20