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Talking about training, tactics, tools, and more in an uncensored environment, free from bureaucratic red tape so that we can bring you the most possible value.

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Boogaloo Tactics

Disclaimer: I 100% do NOT advocate violence. Period. I only morally agree with violence used in self defense. I am very happy being a peaceful man, and today, I'll be discussion some things to consider concerning guerrilla type warfare and a hypothetical Civil War 2 - Homeland Boogaloo. Other guerrilla wars in history. Literally, the first rule EVER that our own government wrote down, the first paragraph, says "Ya'll can basically tell your government to fuck off" (paraphrased). Gear. Training. Fighting unit sizes. The side with more bureaucracy loses, imho. And much more!

1hr 15mins

14 Aug 2019

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Tactical Lock Picking for Beginners

"Any advice for Lock Picking for Beginners?" is a question I have gotten a lot lately. Today we tackle that, and we drink, and we use adult language. Enjoy! What we're drinking. How people (and me) use the term "Lock Picking" wrong. What is Tactical Lock Picking? What Tactical Lock Picking isn't. What are the first few steps for a brand new beginner? IMPORTANT tips for buying lock picking tools. Great resources for learning the skill set. Some lock picking homework drills. Some talk about restraint escapes. annnnnnd more. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/cDdPg5E

1hr 16mins

22 Jan 2019

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Uncensored Rules for Tactical Operations

I've wanted to cover these rules for a LONG time now. Some of these things have kept me alive and I've very thankful to have learned them from some of the top people out there in their fields. If you got any value out of this show if you could share this content to some more people that may need it, I'd be very thankful. Some great reminders for positioning yourself with other people. A lot about the "when" to act. Repetition, repetition, repetition. SWAT/CQC guidelines. Scenario training tips. And much much more. Note: Our Discord is closed. Looking for other places to build community now.

1hr 39mins

16 Oct 2019

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What makes a government a government?

Matt from The Statist Quo Podcast joins us tonight to ask some very important questions for all of the warriors out there. For, if you are going to be a warrior, should you not be the one that determines when it is righteous to go to war? Or, should you let someone else make your moral decisions for you? Asking some hard questions. Defining "Government". Much history about governments. "If you were lied to your whole life, would you even want to know?" Much on incentives. Learned helplessness. Can you enter someone else into a contract without their permission? And much more.

1hr 24mins

7 Jan 2020

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Boogaloo Fiction Author W.S. Gray

Today we have a fiction author for you, W.S. Gray, who writes zombie fiction and ... BOOGALOO fiction! Woop! Check it out. "Stranded" A Zombie series. "Boogaloo the Beginning" available for pre-order. "Gladiator Games" "Cops and Zombies" Lots of zombie talk. Lots of Boogaloo talk. You can appear in his novel! Email below. WillGray1111@gmail.com Facebook: W.S. Gray Writer.

1hr 6mins

18 Dec 2019

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Home Security Mix

This episode is brought to you directly by a listener who requested this topic, and these sub topics. I'm more than happy to help share this info with this community. Today: Classic alarm systems. Living alarm systems. Modern alarms. Guns. The "Bump Bag". Physical Security. Neighbors, and more.

1hr 25mins

23 Oct 2019

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Apartment Bug In Preparedness

Tonight I do a solo show that covers a lot of bug-in preparedness but is specifically tailored towards the apartment dwellers among us! Thank you to our *Patreon* Subscribers! The Framing of your preps. Food and Water for good times and bad. A Blackout Kit. Hygiene. Security. Entry Tools (of course.) Go-Bags. Medical. Maintenance. And More.

1hr 39mins

16 Mar 2020

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Tactical Knives

Getting back into REAL life tactical talk today we're going to be living on the edge! (I'm terrible at jokes). #KnifeTalk Disclaimer: Adult Language. Adult Content. Fyi. Bullet Points - (Knife Points?) Check out our chat with Ed's Manifesto. What we're drinking! Real Tissue. Deploying Your Knife. Legal Rants. Tip up? Tip down? Just the Tip? Maintenance. Legal. Martial Arts. And more.


2 Aug 2018

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Body Armor - Uncensored

*Tactics* Today we drink, and talk about Body Armor in some interesting ways! The basics and the levels. A few legal issues. Thoughts on choosing your armor. The fit. Big mistakes with your armor. Stories from the field. Advice on swim testing. The "Under the Bed" method. And more!

1hr 12mins

4 Sep 2019

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Thoughts on Rifle Builds

Today's topic was suggested by a member of the community "You know, I never really heard you talk about preferences for how you would set up a rifle..." Here is his answer, and more: What we're drinking. How to comment and give feedback. Focusing on "Battle Rifles" today. My personal requirements. Issues in the field, running your rifle. Piece by piece recommendations. An open question to the audience. And more.


11 Jul 2019

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Interviewing Locksmith @Hkygoli33 from Instagram

Today we drink, and interview a locksmith about: What we're drinking. Guest Intro. What a Locksmith Does. How to become a locksmith. Difference between Locksmithing and Tactical Lock Picking. Ways to improve your physical and home security. annnnnnd more. Discord App https://discord.gg/cDdPg5E

1hr 20mins

16 Feb 2019

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Tactical Scenario Training 101

Waited a LONG time to record this one. I am very passionate about scenario training and tactical role playing mainly because I've had some very good instructors teach me, and some very bad instructors. Let's talk about what we, in this community here, can do about that. The safety hat. The cost/benefit of using real weapons in training. The most common problem in any scenario training. Zombies. The extra mile with uniforms. Instructor tips. Lots of them. Omfg. Advanced Lesson: "Training v Testing". And much more!


3 Aug 2019

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Raeford Davis on the Drug War and Voluntarism

SO happy to have Raeford Davis on again for another FANTASTIC interview about his law enforcement career, becoming a voluntarist, non-aggression, ending prohibition, and more! Raeford's background. If it's okay for you to do, is it okay for me? OMG, "Moral vs Legal" this is SO important! Raeford on his first drug arrest paperwork fail! Neither Pat, Jack, or Raeford are anti-cop. OR "blindly pro-cop". @RaefordD on Twitter. https://lawenforcementactionpartnership.org(LEAP)

1hr 16mins

7 May 2019

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Luke from Biting the Bullet on Mil/LE Perspective

Today you'll hear Pat and our guest Luke from the Biting the Bullet Podcast on a grab bag of topics relating to perspectives learned from Military, Law Enforcement, and more. Rules of Engagement? Lolz. Use of Force Continuum. Fitness. Guns / Gear. Bureaucracy. And more. Please go check out the Biting the Bullet Podcast for more.

1hr 10mins

23 Nov 2019

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8 Tips to Shoot Like a Pro at the Range

Today is NOT another episode in the "Never Owned A Gun" (NOAG) Series. This one is Uncensored and for the usual crowd. Enjoy: Titles don't mean shit. Target shooting is fine, but don't lie to yourself and think that it's combat. The princess and the pea? The alpha boi and the shell casing... and more.


20 Nov 2019

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What does your tactical gear say about you?

What statement are you making and who are you making it to? Is it the 5.11 Tuxedo that tells soccer moms that you're a tactical professional? Is it the extra medium "Thin Blue Line" shirt that says "I'm part of the club, and also probably armed" Disclaimer: We drink, we use adult language, we make adult references and we want you to know up front. We are not grossly disrespectful but we do believe in an open environment where we can be honest and be ourselves and sometimes that includes a few swear words and sex jokes. What Pat's Drinking. Professionals and their gear/armor. Your Vehicle. LEO Specifics and Life or Death Gear Statements. Status Symbols - That are only symbols. Concealed Carry. Lock Picking Tools.


2 Jul 2018

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Situational Awareness for Couples

Some small tips, just tips, to think about for Situational Awareness when it comes to couples, and brought to you in a way that isn't going to make you completely change your lifestyle. Disclaimer: We drink, we use adult language, we make adult references and we want you to know up front. We are not grossly disrespectful but we do believe in an open environment where we can be honest and be ourselves. What we're drinking. Pre-Workout, Summer Pills Sea Salt and Lime Shiner Brewery, Blue Point Toaster Lager. SA for Couples With Kids. Just talk with your SO's. It's free. Separated? Car SOPs. Gas Stations. Door SOPs. And More!

1hr 6mins

12 Jul 2018

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Covert Key Generation with SwiftSilentDeadly.com

Today we have the author of *SwiftSilentDeadly.com* to talk about a course he has been teaching for several years on Covert Key Duplication! Woo! The Four things you need to know to build a key. Getting that info from the lock, or from the key. What kind of tools do you need to get started? A walk-through of cutting a key in a real world scenario. Some defenses for upgrading your security. And MUCH more! *UTAC's Patreon*

1hr 31mins

4 Mar 2020

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5 Tactical Things Rainbow 6 Siege Got Right

As far as Realistic Tactical games go Rainbow 6 Siege is the top of my list for FPS games. 5 things RB6 got right! Number 4 will amaze you! Jk - clickbait. Disclaimer: Adult Language. Adult Content. Fyi. *Editor's Note: There was a LOT more overlap on the 5 items than I expected, so basically it's about 40 minutes of general video game talk. Full Disclosure. :)


25 Jul 2018

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Tactical Lock Picking for Beginners Pt 2

Our second episode dedicated to getting people started in not just lock picking but, Tactical Lock Picking. Today we discuss: Defining Lock Picking & TLP Knowing your experience level Starter Tools, & First Line Gear Techniques to start with Continuing your training in "Bachelors in Tactical Entry" *Patreon*

1hr 1min

1 Apr 2020

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