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Every day people create and design. Problems are discovered and in turn solutions are found. Lives are intertwined and deeply impacted by these experiences. True North looks to uncover these stories and highlight the testing and research which drives the innovation.

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Master Series - Aarron Walter

Loop11’s co-founder Shefik Bey talks to Aarron Walter, who is currently the VP of Design Education at InVision and before that he was employee number four at MailChimp where he founded their UX practice. Shefik and Aarron dive into topics including common problems design teams face and the internal conflict designers often face when trust into positions of leadership. They also discuss what a VP of UX Education is and is it an internal or external facing role (1:29). The common themes surrounding problems design teams face and possible solutions (4:46). How UX research fits into designing for emotion (8:30) and whether organizations are doing enough research upfront to guide their direction (13:01). The discovery process behind MailChimp Snap and how the ethnographic research process lead to new feature development (15:00). Strategies for ensuring research happens in parallel and doesn’t hold up other areas of a team and is in turn shared with the team (20:21). How designers are often thrust into positions of leadership which often causes them internal conflict (24:40). What attributes are either required or often seen in a great design leader (28:26). How to create a successful UX team and how the process changes depending on a company’s level of maturity (31:11). Helping designers finding the balance between being thoughtful and considered versus productive and frequently shipping (35:20). How convergent and divergent thinking can work together to achieve an optimal result (37:54). How organizations should measure success (39:17). Follow True North on Twitter or subscribe to be notified of new episodes.


23 Feb 2017

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Designing Experiences that Matter (S2, Ep6)

When tragedy strikes & everything you've worked for is taken away from you, how do you respond? In this episode we hear the story of how someone took a devastating event & turned it into a company which changes the lives of thousands. Follow True North on Twitter or subscribe to be notified of new episodes.


18 Oct 2017

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Master Series - Elizabeth Churchill

Loop11’s co-founder Shefik Bey speaks with Elizabeth Churchill, a Head of UX at Google. Elizabeth has also been the Director of Human Computer Interaction at the eBay Research Lab, as well as having held senior research positions at Yahoo and Parc and she is currently a distinguished visiting scholar at Stanford university. They discuss Elizabeth’s background in psychology and path into UX via AI (1:33) then how she moved into he roles at eBay and Google (2:40). Shifting between enterprise and consumer research (5:25) and dealing with data at scale (7:55). Elizabeth explains what she does in her role of Head of UX at Google (8:53). The importance of recruiting passionate, interdisciplinary people to your team (11:55), then exploring the relationship between curiosity and passion (14:45). They then look into what is the appropriate balance between moving quickly, failing fast and ensuring you are moving in the correct direction (19:00) and how it relates to the experience level of the team. Defining the different types of research and how it should be defined (26:15). What designing for emotion means to her (39:00). The recent designing for machine learning systems symposium that she ran and what she found most interesting (47:44). Follow True North on Twitter or subscribe to be notified of new episodes.


4 May 2017

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Sprinting From Google (S2, Ep3)

In 2016 a design partner from Google Ventures (GV), Jake Knapp, released a book called Sprint. The book introduced the idea of Design Sprints, a concept that had existed within Google for several years and was a mainstay in the toolset employed by GV with their portfolio of companies. The beauty of Jake’s book is that it is very specific, there is even a 15-page checklist for when you are running your own Design Sprints. This however did not stop a swathe of folks from appropriating the name, but not the core ideas. What this in turn meant is that acts were being committed under the name of Design Sprint but were not even remotely close to what Jake describes in Sprint. In this episode we dive into what Design Sprints really are, address their detractors and we visit the enterprise giant, Aus Post, where they ran 4 sprints in 5 weeks.  Follow True North on Twitter or subscribe to be notified of new episodes.


29 Jun 2017

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What is good UX?

This is the first episode in a mini series which revolves around the UX Awards, the premier independent awards, which this year will be held in Palo Alto, California on November 8 and 9. To learn more about the awards, as well as how to enter, go to uxawards.org. In this first episode we speak to the awards founder, Beverly May. We learn why they were created, and how this year the awards are focusing on the future of UX. Follow True North on Twitter or subscribe to be notified of new episodes.


20 Jul 2017

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Master Series - Sarah Doody

Loop11’s co-founder Shefik Bey speaks with Sarah Doody. Sarah is one of those people who can make you feel exhausted purely because she seems to be doing so much. In recent times she’s been a director of product development and user experience, a curriculum developer and instructor at General Assembly , an entrepreneur, a popular speaker at conferences around the world and the creator of a popular newsletter, The UX Notebook. Shefik and Sarah discuss how her UX career got to where she currently is today (2:29). The positives and negatives that come with working externally versus internally as a part of a team (4:52). The changing role of the UX consultant (8:09). How Sarah created the first UX course at General Assembly which is now offered all around the world (11:20) and how she found her way into teaching and thought leadership (12:00). They then move into the different ways UX can be taught and communicated to beginners and those more experienced (13:58). Ensuring UXers focus on their soft skills rather than software or other tools (16:41) and thinking like a designer (20:14). Sarah also addresses the misconceptions surrounding research having to be costly and slow (25:57), arming yourself with evidence so stakeholders take your findings seriously (35:33). Finally, they discuss defining anticipatory design and the things that need to be considered when designing for it (37:36). The best way for UXers to learn and forward their career (53:21). Follow True North on Twitter or subscribe to be notified of new episodes.


6 Apr 2017

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Master Series - Kathy Baxter

Loop11’s co-founder Shefik Bey and Kathy Baxter dive into UX research, geeking out in a way that only years of experience can lead to. Kathy covers a lot, including the difference between enterprise and consumer user research based on her time at Google, eBay, Oracle and Salesforce. They also discuss how she got into UX and where her passion came from (2:43), the challenge of realizing you and your peers may not be representative of your product’s users (7:08), the importance of students working on real-world problems (10:23). The importance and challenges surrounding  empathy (13:48), UX consideration for customer support (16:32), the difference between consumer and enterprise research (20:08), the story and motivations behind the writing of her book (26:18) and how UX research has changed over the last ten years (30:59). How to tackle problems associated with recruiting valid participants (33:30), research snobbery (42:02), why UX infrastructure is important (43:38), how generative research can fit into agile environments (48:40) and the importance of pro-bono work and Salesforce’s philanthropy model 1-1-1 (52:51). Follow True North on Twitter or subscribe to be notified of new episodes.


30 Mar 2017

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The UX of Parkinson's Disease (S2, Ep4)

In this episode we learn about a revolutionary dance program which has been liberating Parkinson's sufferers from their symptoms through movement and music.  Where does UX come into this? Well, they received a grant from Google to create an augmented reality application to bring their dance classes out of the studio and into the world of their students. How does you design an AR product which needs to cater for the many and varying symptoms which impose upon a person with Parkinson's Disease? We find out. Follow True North on Twitter or subscribe to be notified of new episodes.


3 Aug 2017

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Saving Our Children (S2, Ep5)

Motivated by the preventable death of a young girl, a group of students set out to design a better solution to anaphylactic allergies and in the process create an award winning idea. Follow True North on Twitter or subscribe to be notified of new episodes.


29 Aug 2017

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Design Leadership: Easier said than done...

How do you lead if you've never been well lead? We speak to design leaders at some of the world's most interesting companies to learn how they think about leadership, and what their major challenges were and continue to be. Follow True North on Twitter or subscribe to be notified of new episodes.


31 Mar 2019

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