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Episode 22, Macro Tracking

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:14)Welcome back lifting loves and welcome Megan GallagherRecent Lift Big Eat Big ambassador Welcome Sarah from Primal Bites Macro Tracking (2:35)Sarah inspired Stacy to track her macros Viv is currently toying with macro tracking Fueling for performance and how macro tracking can help with that Meg is carb cycling, and does high protein majority of the time Stacy's results from high carb days How Meg tracks macros without driving herself crazy Quest Bars and RxBars Stacy's lunch recommendations for protein Stacy's protein shakes have Healthy N Fit protein powder in them Sarah's history with tracking and lifting Shakes vs. whole food form The confusion with flexible dieting Stacy's goals How to handle tracking when you want to cut When you know it is time to change what you are doing Closing Thoughts (54:20)You can find Sarah at the blog Primal Bites Meg mostly posts on Instagram and she also vlogs - she is just joining the Lift Big Eat Big team of athletes and encourages you to follow along on Instagram Just a reminder we will not be recording for a week or two, but will be back soon Outro (56:43)


26 Mar 2015

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Episode 48, Paleo and Powerlifting

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:16)Welcome back everyone! What Vivian and Stacy have been doing on Friday nights as of late Stacy just started physical therapy and she is hoping it is helpfulThe current plan is two times a week for six weeks Can't tell if she feels improvement yet What she sees in the PT room What her two appointments have looked like so far The homework that she is suppose to be doing in between appointments Getting back to yoga, inversions and swimming Vivian got into programmingHer next show is nationals and she has 12 weeks of programming to help her prep for that She is doing a lot of conditioning The incorporation of ROMWOD Drinking a gallon of water daily Stacy uses the Healthy Human water bottle to help her get all her water in and she loves it Vivian can't record an episode next week, but there will be a stand in for the show The upcoming weight lifting shows that Stacy and Vivian will be attending The crazy gainz that Sarah has made Question & Answer (18:05)Molly - Do you have any tips for Whole30ers or new Paleo eaters who are struggling to get acclimated to their new way of eating? Especially those in strength sports? Any pointers for strongma'ams? I like powerlifting, but I am starting to LOVE strongman implements more and more.The Paleo/carb flu Protein powders that are Paleo friendly (Stacy's preferred protein powder) Stacy likes caffeine as a pre-workout Combining cold brew with protein powder Having almond milk with a banana as a preworkout Your body is missing sugar Plantain chips and sweet potatoes would be good post workout options Focus on nutrient dense food options Check out 3 Phase Paleo or Real Life Paleo for more suggestions on how to handle the transition into Paleo Stick to your basic lifts to keep up with your foundational strength building Add in weekend stuff, conditioning stuff Vivian's suggestion on how to schedule her workouts Things Happening on the Internet (29:04)Lifting princesses Heavy bubbles Starting Strongman Outro (35:48)


22 Apr 2016

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Episode 43, Welcome Jen and JVB!

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:16)Jen and JVB are on this week's show - welcome!Loved having Jen on the show last time, listen here This duo just released the program Unapologetically PowerfulThe program was a blast to launch, it felt like such a feminist move to focus a program on getting stronger and to not make it about weight loss at all What Unapologetically Powerful is?A power lifting program Created with the goal of making the three power lifts very approachable and accessible for anyone interested in getting stronger working with free-weights Anybody can be a powerlifter, and spreading that message was the goal of this program The program is 12 weeks long, with both a beginners and intermediate level, and people can chose their own track Biofeedback, the method of training used at Movement Minneapolis, is incorporated into the program, and this is the only program to incorporate that element JVB shared more on what biofeedback is Stacy had the chance to train with biofeedback testing and was able to feel the difference it makes with your lifts Biofeedback is great for learning to listen to your body, and to push it to gain strength in the direction that is right for youFor more information on biofeedback, see here The risks of strongman training  What happened after JVB competed in her first power lifting meet and the flame that it lit in her Stuff Happening on the Internet (15:44)Vienna Teen Lifts Car Off Father Molly Galbraith body image post gone mega viral Women's Health banned the phrases "bikini body" and "drop 2 body sizes" from their publication Healthy weight checks on models in Paris 'Weight Loss Rage Found' articleStacy's similar experience losing 100 pounds Stacy is no longer staying silent about the crap and this is why! What Else is Going On? (30:03)Jen just got back from Philly working on a shoot for a speed and athleticism program, geared towards women Vivian's latest competition, Ice Queen, and all that happened at the competition Be sure to check out Unapologetically Powerful You can find Jen on her site, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter You can find JVB on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  We won't be back next week, but we will be back with a new show two weeks from now Thanks everyone for tuning in - stay strong!  Outro (48:38)


22 Jan 2016

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Episode 41, Avoiding the Slacker Path

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:16)We are back! Understanding the ways of Snapchat Vivian is lifting all the lifts, snapchating, periscopeingThe lifting schedule is three days on, one day off Stacy had to get back treatment, which wasn't a magical wand However, she did stop eating inflammatory foods to facilitate healing through food; she is also walking while at work on her tread deskYou can find out more about Stacy's dietary protocol on The Paleo View here What is Happening on the Internet (7:54)CrossFit invitationalsCamille with the stone Article by Amanda Price on The Barbelle Club blog, "What is You're Already 'Bulky'?" Body image issues Jen Sinkler and JVB released Unapologetically PowerfulThe resources shared surrounding the launch of this program Standing Tall: How Powerlifting Builds Mad Confidence 180 Pound Situation, i.e. the ban of heavy weight woman at a contest in Huntington Beach, California Same Team mentality Motivation (28:50)How to factor in workouts when your schedule is hecticMaking a plan If you aren't feeling inspired, find a new activity and take a break from what isn't feeling right Find a lifting buddy  Everyone have a wonderful holiday Stay strong and we will be back in January with some awesome guests!  Outro (39:58)


23 Dec 2015

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Episode 45, Cutting it Close to Competition

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:16)Vivian and Nicole were recently at the Strongest Southern Bell competition in Kentucky and Nicole is on this week's podcast to share an update from the competition along with some feedback Nicole had decided to compete in this competition somewhat late in the process and went about training a little differently than usual The long break Nicole took after nationals and the injuries she was working to recover during that time What led Nicole to want to jump back in to competing with Strongest Southern Bell Needing to make a last minute weight cut and seeking advice from Gabby, and how a last minute weight cut went How Nicole rehydrated after cutting weight How the competition went for Viv and Nicole Check out Danielle Curry on Instagram This competition was the USS's 100th show and it was the largest all women's show ever Now Nicole and Vivian quality for USS Nationals and USS Women's World What happens when doubt hits during a competition Things Happening on the Internet (46:14)Crossfit Open just started, and Stacy's thoughts on a reset on the leaderboard The Arnold took place the weekend the podcast was recorded and some amazing records were setA woman named Bonica squatted six hundred pounds How to do Kegels Without Getting a Bulky, Manly Vagina Top 100 Plus Strongest Coaches to Learn From Meeting podcast listeners at competitions Thank you Nicole for joining on this week's show and congratulations to both you and Vivian on your competition Stay strong everyone Outro (55:32)


11 Mar 2016

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Strong Woman Radio, Episode 12

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:15)Stacy finished the Real Life Paleo book tour and got to lift with Jen Sinkler while in Minneapolis The cat clan in Stacy's house Viv's next competition will be on February 28 and is also doing Cupid Undie Run - support her at http://my.cupids.org/missvfitIf she reaches her fundraising goal she will make a training video on the 9 fundamental Crossfit movements All the money raised goes to children with cancer Viv also went to the recent Ice Queen Competition hosted by Ladies Lift Here - they are looking to host another one in April so be on the lookout for that Challenges with speed bumps Dear Kates shorts and pants Questions & Answers (22:54)Crystal - how do I pick the right gym? Katrina - what to do after the hypertrophy cycle? Closing Thoughts (38:46)Thank you everyone for your support and engagement! Don't forget to submit those questions, feel free to send them to paleoparentsteam@gmail.com or to send them in via social media We will be lining up more guests for future episodes Some posts from Stacy of note:Self respect Eating challenges and disordered behavior  Outro (44:36)


16 Jan 2015

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Strong Woman Radio, Episode 11

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:15)First time recording in person, may start doing this on a weekly basis when they meet up to lift Dealing with year end feels Lifting hungover The new Friday routine - lift, record, amazing food from Matt and a hot tub soak How to break the rut, especially when you don't have a specific lifting/fitness goalUnsure of where to start Securing support and motivation Coming up with a plan/program Stacy went with Smolov  Self respect - read more here Viv's next competition will be on February 28 and is also doing Cupid Undie Run - support her at http://my.cupids.org/missvfitIf she reaches her fundraising goal she will make a training video on the 9 fundamental Crossfit movements All the money raised goes to children with cancer Outro (29:32)


16 Jan 2015

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Strong Woman Radio, Episode 15, Check Those Goals

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:14)Back this week for episode 15, and brace yourself for episode 16 with a very big guest Welcome to this week's guests Nicole and MeganA bit on how all these ladies know each other This week's show will be about new year's goals and how to refine and focus them a bit as we head into February How Nicole and Megan's goals have changed since they started strength training It is OK to feed your squats! What can happen when you get too restrictive You can't have the goal to both lose weight and get stronger, and successfully obtain both of those goals Stacy wrapping up Smolov and thinking ahead to her next competition Long term goals - work towards it, be patient, make good choices Athleta is where the strong women shop Moment to soap boxBe a leader as a strength training woman, it is ok to be strong and to eat Thanks Nicole and Megan for coming on this week and sharing you stories and tips! Outro (42:28)

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5 Feb 2015

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Episode 23, Training Alone

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:14)From keg carries to keg tosses, evaluating Strongman competitions Congratulations to Courtney on her recent weightlifting competition win! Stacy became a cardio queen while on vacation, walking 2.5 marathons How to Train Alone (17:00)The challenge with finding a programWhy Stacy chose Smolov Finding jeans that fit Drinking gin and kombucha Doing the things you don't necessarily like to do Goal setting and tracking Program suggestions Rest time Q & A (40:14)The question form is broken and we are fixing it, but please send questions to paleoparentsteam@gmail.com How do you know if knee sleeves are necessary? How to prioritize lifting equipment purchases? Thanks all for joining us! More guests and great show topics to come! Outro (49:21)


15 Apr 2015

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Strong Woman Radio, Episode 16, Diane Fu

Episode 16, Welcome Diane Fu!Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:14)Welcome from Diane Fu from FuBarbell  More on Diane and how she got into lifting and why she started FuBarbell Q&A with DianeWhat is it like to train with KStar? What are your warmup and prep recommendations for mobility? Do you see a difference when training men versus women? What should people look for in a coach when determining if they are a good fit to work with? Do you grunt or not grunt in the gym? Cursing in the gym - thoughts? Solution to finding jeans that fit? Who is her favorite tattoo artist and what do you tattoos mean? What drives her as an athlete? Favorite part of your job? How to break bad habits with lifting technique? What is your favorite food? And what does your typical day of eating look like? Find Diane here along with information on how to participate in one of her seminars Outro (1:00:00)


12 Feb 2015

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Strong Woman Radio, Episode 13, Welcome to the First Male Guests

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:15)Welcome to our first male guests, Barry Von Perkins from The Edge and Dustin Payne from Nova Strongman - they will be sharing on what it is like to train women in the sport of lifting heavy things Barry's involvement with Ice Queen How Barry has seen woman come into lifting as of late It's not I can't - it is I have not yet - how your mental approach impacts your abilities Speed bumps and lady lumps How strength training programs differ between men and women The importance of making time for yourself and creating habits What to do when you can't find a good strength training gym in your area The craziest things Barry and Dustin have encountered while training women How empowering lifting can be The most difficult part to training womenThe role of recovery Performance in training vs. contests Training tactics for competitions Find the upcoming Ladies Lift competitions here Find many more amazing resources and information on Ladies Lift Here Outro (1:14:18)

1hr 14mins

23 Jan 2015

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Episode 10: Catch Up

Episode 10Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:15)Why the long break? Real Life Paleo was released and Stacy headed out on The Paleo View Book Signing Tour Vivian's fitness recommendations for Stacy while on tour How Stacy is going to build consistency with training again and her priorities in life now How Stacy is going to train in a home gym for future competitions Vivian's next competition will likely be in April Vivian is doing Cupid Undie Run - support her at http://my.cupids.org/missvfitIf she reaches her fundraising goal she will make a training video on the 9 fundamental Crossfit movements All the money raised goes to children with cancer Vivian is CRAFTING FOR THE KIDS! This year she will be making arm knit infinity scarves!I ask that for donations of $15+ I'll finger knit ear warmer/headband for donations of $30+ you will get a scarf of my choosing. If you Donate $40+ you can pick your own colors! This would make a great gift and will helpthe kids to #endNF Diet choices to support recovery and goals Questions & Answers (41:08)Sylvia - how to handle cramps while lifting? Angie - how to lift despite previous back injuries? Kristy - more ideas on dealing with stinky training clothes and gearSweat Suckers Sarah - how best to handle weight increase increments to build strength? Outro (1:04:44)

1hr 4mins

8 Dec 2014

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Episode 9: Come at Us, Bro.

Welcome to Strong Woman Radio, a sanctuary free of testosterone (except for a few special guests), where ladies who like to lift heavy things can chitchat about the struggles and success that comes with being a woman in a male dominated sport. We welcome listeners of all sports, be it strongman, Crossfit, olympic lifting or more; but be warned we don't like running very much unless we are carrying or dragging something heavy while we do it.DON'T FORGET TO download, subscribe to and listen to the previous episodes! And as you get familiar with the show, leave those reviews and ratings in iTunes, and send us your questions and comments via the comment form, which can be found here.Enjoy the show and lift on ladies!Episode 9Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:15)Vivian's thoughts on Real Life Paleo Stacy's plans for working out while on The Paleo View Book Signing Tour Love of leggings - Stacy's packing list for the tour The plans for The Paleo View Book Signing Tour Food as medicine Send us your guest requests for this show! If you have recommendations for where Stacy should eat while she is on the tour submit them through the comments form Vivian's deadlift PR Stacy's experience with her lifting ability being questioned Vivian is doing Cupid Undie Run - support her at http://my.cupids.org/missvfit If she reaches her fundraising goal she will make a training video on the 9 fundamental Crossfit movements Outro (57:23)


6 Nov 2014

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Episode 21, Overtraining

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:14)Activity trackers, Viv is thinking about getting one Recent workouts in House of Gainz Overtraining (9:08) With 15.3 coming up, now is the perfect time to talk about overloading and overtraining What overtraining means and the signs The training schedule that is conducive to Stacy's progress Adding in cardio as a form of recovery Listening to your body and what it needs Rest days Deloading  Taking time off before competitions  A YouTube video from Stacy and Viv - find it here What would you like us to cover? What questions do you have? Email paleoparentsteam@gmail.com or leave them here Stacy is getting ready to go to Florida and Viv is getting ready to go to Europe, so the schedule will be a bit different in April If you enjoy the show, don't forget to leave a review here  Outro (38:31)


20 Mar 2015

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Strong Woman Radio, Episode 14, Back Again

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:14)Look - they are back again! Apologies for the sound quality, since Viv and Stacy now record in person it is a little different The need to pull a truck Stacy got sick with a stomach bug Correcting squat form Viv's weekend - visits to the museum, judging Cold War, and piloting Stacy's new Work Place Paleo program Don't forget about supporting the UNDIE RUN!http://my.cupids.org/missvfit If she reaches her fundraising goal she will make a training video on the 9 fundamental Crossfit movements All the money raised goes to children with cancer We are low on questions, so be sure to submit those here or email them to paleoparentsteam@gmail.com Questions & Answers (27:27)Janice - how can I add in carbs without the drastic weight swings?The science Stacy's experience Rob Wolf's thoughts on low carb part 1 and part 2 Thanks again everyone for tuning in - we will be back next week! Outro (42:28)


27 Jan 2015

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Strong Woman Radio, Episode 18, Kalle Beck

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:14)Viv finished Cupid's Undie Run and reached her fundraising goal, which means Stacy and Viv will be recording some demo videos on fundamental movementsThank you everyone for the donations! It was very cold, but a lot of fun This weekend Viv is competing in Strongest Southern Bell in KentuckyBe sure to follow Viv here to follow along Stacy is hoping to go to The Arnold Matt And Stacy just found out that there second cookbook, Beyond Bacon, just got picked up in all Costco US stores - available starting March 3 Welcome Kalle Beck!Starting Strongman How Kalle started and got involved with strongman training The related worlds of CrossFit and strongman and how the movements are running on parallel tracks Starting Strongman will be sponsoring athletes soon What all Kalle oversees with his athletes How Kalle is using social media to boost strongman awareness How Stacy came to the sport and what made her passionate about its reputation  Making time for productive training and properly fueling it The future on Strongwoman  Thanks again to Kalle for coming on today's show! Don't forget to check out his site Starting Strongman, it has lots of great resources Outro (58:42)


27 Feb 2015

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Strong Woman Radio, Episode 17, Ashley Beaver

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:14)Welcome Ashley Beaver!Her protein bars Her blog Her recent guest post on the Paleo Parents More from Ashely on how she got into lifting and made it into her focus The Open Ashely's training schedule and her plans for The Open Lack of weight classes in CrossFit How Ashley decided to go from team to individual competitor with the CrossFit Open CrossFit incorporating Strongman moves into the competition Thanks Ashley for coming on the show! Outro (36:08)


19 Feb 2015

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Episode 20, The Strongest Southern Bells

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:14)Welcome back Nicole, and congrats to both you and Viv on your recent win of the title Strongest Southern Bells Don't forget Beyond Bacon is at Costco, so don't forget to pick up a copy! Thoughts on The Open Viv and Nicole's road trip to the competition and the things they enjoyed along the way How the competition went What Viv and Nicole learning about training in an unfamiliar facility The other competitors and the varied backgrounds The benefit of working your weakness Don't cherry pick contests! Nationals is June 28 in Indianapolis Thank you again to Nicole for coming back on this week's show! Outro (44:44)


12 Mar 2015

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Episode 25, Stefani Ruper

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:14)We are BACK!! Vivian just got back from a trip to Europe and everyone is happy to have her back in House of Gainz Joining Stacy and Vivian this week is Stefani Ruper, the expert on women's health and author of Sexy by Nature Will be discussing the health effects of cutting weight, and how to build body awareness to see the signs when your body is pushing back against changes you are making Stefani's experience from under eating and what happened  How managing your hormones and long-term health go hand in hand Evaluating your goals and making sure your actions truly match those goals Stefani's closing words on partnering with your body and enriching and nourishing it You can find Stefani on her podcast, Paleo for Woman, her site here, and be sure to check out Sexy by Nature Outro (29:25)


21 May 2015

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Episode 24, Entering into Training with Heather and Nicole

Intro (0:00) Latest & Greatest (1:14)Welcome back to a beverage infused show! On this week's show Nicole and Heather will be sharing on their experience from entering into training More from Nicole & Heather (4:44) What was exciting when they first got into heavy lifting?  Measuring your strength against your own PRs, not others How they have built out their own home gyms?  Other workouts that Nicole and Heather do in addition to lifting and when Seeking training and programming, especially when you are new to lifting  Achieving gains Surprises from taking on a lifting regimen  Finding and creating a lifting community  Thanks ladies for coming on this week's show! Don't forget to find Nicole on her blog and Heather on her's If this episode sparked questions, please feel free to email paleoparentsteam@gmail.com - and if you have already submitted a question and it hasn't bene answered yet, please resubmit to paleoparentsteam@gmail.com Outro (53:47)


24 Apr 2015

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